Schools in Gumuruk face shortage of qualified teachers

A primary school class in Panyagor, a town in South Sudan’s Jonglei State, meets in a temporary shelter (Credit: Paul Jeffrey / Alamy Stock Photo)

July 4th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – Schools in Pibor state’s Gumuruk are facing shortage of teachers undermining the ability of the students to learn basic education, teachers who spoke to Nyamilepedia from there said.

Stephen Korok, a school teacher in Gumuruk, said there has been a growing shortage of primary and secondary school teachers in the entire area negatively affecting child education there. He said some students from upper classes are being forced to teach their juniors in lower classes.

Not only in Gumuruk, hiring qualified teachers in the whole state [Pibor] is out of the question. At the moment, upper class students particularly those who studied in Kenya are now the ones teaching their fellow students in lower classes.” Korok said.

South Sudan descended into a brutal civil war in December 2013 forcing government to close down oil production in some part of the country. The closure of the oil production has affected the country’s economy with rising inflation making the govern unable to pay for employees including qualified teachers.

Last year, the Global initiative said more than two million children, or over 70 %, are out of school in South Sudan, putting at risk their futures and the future of the country.

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