Sudan’s military, opposition reach preliminary deal on interim gov’t

Sudan’s military members and opposition forces sit as they relaunch stalled talks in Khartoum (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

July 5th 2019 (Nyamilepedia) – Sudan’s ruling military junta and the opposition Declaration of Freedom and Change (FFC) have agreed to a 36-month transitional period with the sovereignty council led by the military.

Sources told Nyamilepedia that the military and the opposition have agreed to constitute a sovereign council led by five civilians and five military personnel in addition to one person that would be named at a later date by the two parties. That person could be, but not necessarily a military officer.

The current military council will lead the sovereignty council for a period of 18 months of the three-year transitional period and the chairperson will likely be Hemetti or Burhan. After that, a civilian nominated by the FFC will takeover.

The executive will be made up of technocrats under a civilian Prime Minister led by the Freedom and Change Force. but the composition of the Legislature, will be agreed upon at a latter date.

Both the junta and the opposition are yet to name their members to the Council but they are expected to do so in a short period of time.

Based on the agreement, the source said “there will be a “Joint investigation” into the June 3rd crackdown and killings at the Military HQs sit-in site in Khartoum. Anyone found responsible and guilty for it, will NOT be able to sit on the Sovereign Council or the Executive.”

“The Sovereign Council will have limited powers during the transition; and it will NOT run the country’s day-to-day affairs. The Technocratic Executive, & the Legislature, will do that.”

It also said “The 3 year transitional period will primarily be a time to end all conflicts in Sudan; and to bring about Democratic rule towards free and fair general elections in 36 months time.”

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