Opinion: Blue House Assassins Double As Gambling Addicts

By Deng Kuot,

Members of South Sudan national security services on high alert in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: gettyimage)

Members of South Sudan national security services on high alert in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: gettyimage)

Sept 4, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — Being a patriotic citizen and a keen observer of the current affairs, though I don’t live in juba, I have always been averse with all the happening in Juba. I have relatives who have been following closely the activities of duo who are suspected and implicated in the killing of human right lawyer Dong Samuel, Agrey Idriss and many people in Juba.

The criminal syndicate is headed by Lt Col Angelo Kuot Garang Kuot and deputized by Capt Jel Michael Yai Cyer. It is not known what have accelerated their gambling addiction lately, however; their close associates have opined that two probable reasons are the cause of their pycho-machia degeneration. The Criminals were busy intimidating the Members of Parliament who are obstacle to the Minister of Finance in the August House.

The inevitability of the implication in those killings is something causing sleepless night for them thus the reason they have been aggressively looking for scapegoat to divert attention. They have deployed massive resources into propaganda hoping the truth will be distorted and blame is hipped on the innocent people.

The second reason is the show of power and impunity. Capt Jeil Michael Yai Cyer is deployed in the Ministry of Finance where he is extorting millions of pounds and thousands of Dollars weekly from citizens and businessmen. He used the name of Internal Security to intimidate people and for sure, there is no payment that can be made without him taking 20% or more. He takes percentage even a small payment like 2,000 USD for medical. Businessman like Kur Ajing reveals to me that syndicate is terrorizing everyone in the Ministry. These criminals are misleading the incompetent Minister of Finance. They blocked businessmen like Makiir Gai and Lual Aguer from ant payment from the Ministry of Finance.

Crook Capt Jiel Michael Yai Cyer is a career and certified thief in USA; were it not his connection and access to power, he bears semblance of a regular pickpocket. He stole millions of dollars from Dr. Benjamin Bol Mel when he used to work in ABMC and within one year, he blew up everything in the casino between Kenya and Uganda. It was after he went broke that he thought of joining NSS and his criminal instincts came in handy. He is being used as a conduit for organized extortion.

Reliable source have found out that Lt Col Angelo Kuot Garang Kuot and Capt Jiel Michael Yai are spending over 20,000 USD daily in Pyramid Hotel casino. Capt Jiel Michael spends one Saturday a whooping 50,000 USD on Roulette his favorite type of bet.

The duo symbolized impunity and dirty money. They have been given bullet proof vehicles. What are they afraid of? why would Director General of Internal Security Bureau give them these vehicles if not because they are his hitmen?

If someone doubt the crebility of what is mention in this article, visit Pyramid Hotel Casino from 9.00pm daily and you will run into these killers: ask yourself where does these guys get money from?. Even some of well to do businessmen will not afford this flush life at this time of economic hardship.

Lacking basic training of intelligence, the duo knows how to show off their dirty money and crude power at their disposal. The rule of thumb for any trained intelligence officers is to avoid any unnecessary attention to yourself but the crook duo will never have none of that. Their DNAs is programmed for show.

The image of the entire NSS is on the line because of the duo. They are late entrants to the NSS……lacking basic intelligence training, people of questionable characters yet the irony is what exactly impressive the Director General of Internal Security to work with them.The secrets they are boasting of-courtesy of the office of the Director General of ISB are the reasons they are extorting and seducing beauty girls in five star hotels.

Crook Capt Jeil Michael Yai Cyer is using his deployment in the Ministry of finance as a security officer to deny Central government to collect taxes from most of these five star hotels. He tells them to pay him and his associates a half of what is required and he will wave the other half from the government system (headquarters of Taxation). He has gone to the extend of preventing Juba city Council from collecting their rates from these Hotels. The office of mayor of Juba City Council has raised official complain to the Internal Security Bureau but the report will definitely goes nowhere.

South Sudan is technically a feudal State……meaning we have gone back to middle age, thank to Internal Security Bureau. In every government Institution, the ISB deploy an officer or personnel. There is no any business that can be transacted in any ministry without the approval of the security person from ISB/NSS and this officer or personnel will over charge if there is fee involved or demand facilitation when there is no fee required. All these are daily encounters with the system that is supposed to guarantee the proper functionality of the whole government.

The blue house assassins are forgetting the community they come from. South Sudanese people are revolutionaries that is why it is easy to take up arms. No one will take this oppression no more. People are watching up-close. The Director General Lt General Akol Koor Kuc is investing in criminal but that is like making foundation in the sand as mentioned in the bible.He should put attention to polishing his own image and legacy, if has any, before time catch with him, if has any more time left.

The entire NSS fraternity is silent because of fear of victimization but not everyone will be cowed to swallow their testicle so that thugs can roam freely. South Sudanese have been to this situation before and they weathered the storm. NSS/ISB has let down this Country and the History will judge them harshly. How better can you described a failed system if junior and few officers can have these kind of money for gambling when the entire nation is starving…..? How bad can it get?

Deng Kuot is South Sudanese Citizen residing in Khartoum – Sudan and can be reach @ +249912200232

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