Tribalism from Madis and Kukus during job recruitments, other tribes are only saved by expatriates



Anti-nepotism warning sign (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

September 29th 2019 (Nyamilepedia)-BY SINNER LOUD. Many people have failed to talk about this. Is it because one will lose his/her job? But hey, lets call a spade a spade. There is a lot of tribalism and nepotism when it comes to NGO jobs in South Sudan especially Juba.

There are these two tribes which have dominated the HR section of most work place you come across; they are the Kuku and Madi. I am not sounding tribal here, but according to my experience, these are the people who don’t wish any good for other tribes. When they see other tribes have jobs where they are, they feel they want to do anything to make you lose the job so that they can bring their own.

We just wonder if these guys ever enter government, I guess no any other tribe will ever get a chance! If these guys are screening the application received, other tribes will have your applications not even looked at.

They will only select the ones with names belonging to their tribes. Even when their tribe mates are not qualified, they will rather get a CV of non Kuku/Madi person and edit it in the name of their own tribe mate.

They further go ahead and sneak in interview questions to their tribemate who will pass everything. Organizations like IRC, SPEDP, ICRC,WFP, MSF,CRS to mention but a few are all dominated by these guy. For IRC, there are reports that oral interviews are conducted in Madi language! The non Kuku/Madi who have had a chance to be employed is because of expatriates who insist on looking for competent South Sudanese.

Something should be done to stop this tribalism. The saddest part is, even these Madis are from Uganda (Moyo) who are making other South Sudanese to suffer!

The writer is a concerned South Sudanese, he can be reached


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