Outrage as oil spill causes serious environmental pollution in South Sudan’s Northern Liech State



An image showing crude oil seeping into water sources in one of the three areas of South Sudan’s Northern Liech state (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

October 3rd 2019 (Nyamilepedia)-Local authorities and members of parliament representing South Sudan’s Northern Liech states have raised grave concerns about the spill of crude oil, which is said to have caused catastrophic environmental pollution, and killed aquatic animals and birds in three oil-producing areas.

This is not the first time that crude oil has seeped into rivers and water sources, causing enormous suffering to the population and aquatic ecosystem.

Speaking to the media earlier this week, the Undersectretary of the Ministry of Petroleum, Mayen Wol said that the government has no hidden agenda to harm these innocent people Affected by the pollution, noting that they’re citizens who deserve better treatment like everyone else in the country.

“There are no bad intentions against anybody because these are our people, and we cannot drill oil while it kills our people,” said Mayen Wol in a statement.

He stressed that the government and oil companies are ready to address the matter and will be repairing the leaked pipeline soon so that the affected communities do not face such an incident in the near future.

“So, we will make sure that the mess we have created is cleaned, and the pipe is going to be renovated so that nothing of this kind happens again.”

South Sudan’s oilfields are being run by foreign oil company, called the Greater Pioneer Operating Company or GPOC –an oil firm responsible for overseeing four other companies, Malaysians, Indians, Chinese and Nilepet of South Sudan.

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