How to Discover a Cross-Border Estate Planning Professional?

May 23, 2022 – Most individuals seldom consider writing a will, but after the COVID-19 epidemic, people have been increasingly anxious about the future of their loved ones. One thing this epidemic has taught us is that life is unpredictable. Estate planning is essential for preparing for unanticipated events! Creating a sound estate plan guarantees that your family and possessions are cared for when you pass away.

An estate procedure is an assortment of legal agreements that govern what happens to your money after you die or become incapable of caring for yourself and your estate. Estate planning entails writing a will, establishing trusts, lowering estate taxes through charitable donations, appointing beneficiaries, and an executor, directing medical treatment, and making burial preparations.

You may consider making a will but creating an estate plan requires the assistance of a professional. Only a trained estate planning specialist can create these legal agreements and optimize your loved ones’ inheritance by lowering estate taxes.

If your estate is in Canada or the United States, you should seek the advice of an expert who specializes in such matters. To select the best choice for a cross-border estate planning specialist, you must examine several variables. With that in mind, consider the following aspects when selecting an estate planning attorney.

Specialist in Estate Planning

When looking for a cross-border estate planning specialist, you will encounter several law firms that provide this service. However, not all attorneys are experts in estate planning. Ensure that the firm you select works with estate and trust lawyers in the states and provinces where you have interests. Once you’ve identified a few reputable businesses, don’t be afraid to call them and inquire about their area of focus, years of experience, references, and other details.

Only specialists with estate planning experience should be considered. This ensures that the company is competent to prepare Wills, establish trusts, identify guardianship, designate beneficiaries, minimize estate taxes, establish Durable Powers of Attorney and Medical Powers of Attorney, facilitate the probate process, etc.

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Qualifications and Experience.

After limiting your options, think about other aspects like participation in a professional group. When you call the company, inquire about how long they have been in practice, where they obtained their law degree, and whether they are members of any estate planning organizations.

It would help if you also investigated the certificates that trustworthy specialists often hold, such as Accredited Estate Planner (AEP). Membership in an association demonstrates that the company maintains current on estate planning advancements.

Check Charges

Estate planning professionals certified and knowledgeable in estate planning lawyers are the finest. Finding a highly skilled and experienced specialist who specializes in cross-border estate planning, on the other hand, is pointless if you can’t afford their services.

So, find out how much the organization costs for the services you want. Please inquire about whether they charge a fixed cost or an hourly rate with your picked businesses. Recover out whether there are any extra fees and the usual fee.

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