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The Nuer Prophet Ngundeng Bong!

By Mayian Tot, Opinion: Jan 5,2015(Nyamilepedia) — Gift –of Deng, or Ngundeng Bong’ as he is popularly known. Was born into Bong Chan’s family of (Cie-Leak) Bul–Nuer earth-master and Nyayiel Malual of Lou-Nuer toward the closing ends of 1830s. While young, Ngundeng Bong was seized by a powerful Divine Spirit’ later praised by his [Dayoms] or…

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SPLM-IO Must Seizes The State’s Powers To Implement Its Revolutionary Policies!

By Mayian Tot, Opinion Dec 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Power is one of the central phenomenon in governance. It’s the supreme instrument by which’ a desired political ends are achieved. Without power, no revolutionary changes can be attained, and no imperative governmental policies or any other political ends of important can be achieved. Bearing in mind…

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