Is the word “Nuer-wew” a misconception or relevant

Let’s be realistic!

By Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba, South Sudan.

Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba-South Sudan...

Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba-South Sudan…

Oct 31, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— Is the concocted word Nuer-wew which literally loosely translated (Nuer-money) a misconception or relevant?

Nuer is believed to be second larger tribe after Dinka according to the disputed April 2008 fifth population and housing Sudan census and one amongst sixty four tribes that comprised the Republic of South Sudan. They inhabited and found in Greater Upper Nile.

According to some scholarly articles, Nuer were found to have a traditional religious worldview usually called ‘’ animistic’’ but they worship a supreme being called Kuoth who has various manifestations with which some claim to have personal relationships. There are other beliefs in Nuer traditional religious such as prophet Ngundeng Bong and other small gods.

The synonym ‘’wew’’ is dinka term for money which come after Nuer and constitute ‘’Nuer-wew’’ was concocted in the early 2013 by group of facebook fighters allegedly to be from Opposition to discredit the Nuer working class who happened not joined the rebellion one way or another. These groups include private sector like NGOS, Oil companies’ staff and public sector like government employee as domineering slogan replacing the forceful recruitment in the fight against government forces.

The human made disaster which occurred in December 2013 as result of SPLM power struggle which divert to tribal killings angered those who their immediate families targeted and indeed the house to house search or door to door killings happened as appeared in the African Union reports of inquiries.

These targeted killings by itself attracted the attentions of youth from Nuer to fight back in revenge but the 2016 fight which took place July at J1 was purely political, whoever got killed just happened in the cross fire. I couldn’t see the reason why some facebook fighters still misconstrue and dissenting from the very fact why they took up arms in first place in what they called dignified war and engaged in calling names to the groups who didn’t responded violently and fight the war using other means (Non-violent) to be branded ‘’Nuer-wew’’.

The usage of the word ‘’Nuer-wew” attracts all the sympathizers of SPLM-IO to validate their solidarity and faithfulness and in parts or in full you will be automatically recognize and confirm as an hero or heroine no less no more.

Coming to the relevancy or misconception of the word ‘’ Nuer-wew’’ which constitute my basic argument here:

The confusing and disturbing practice of the word “Nuer-wew” looks like others are immune from the money meanwhile they are directly or indirectly beneficiary from fictitious term “wew”. This has shown by influx of SPLM-IO advance team to Juba in the early months of 2016.

With the recent fight in July the SPLM-IO divided into two factions, those pursue peaceful means under the leadership of Lt. Gen Taban Deng Gai and those who resorted to war under leadership of Dr Riek Machar.

I am sure, some will make unnecessary arguments that, the coming of advance team was meant for the implementations of Agreement on the resolution of conflict in the Republic of South Sudan. If that was the case; it could base on merit in the first place. I am wondering and confused with minimization use of the term ‘’Nuer-wew’’ because those who claim to fight for reform are included in the Nuer-wew scenario by then.

With that elaborative argument, the word ‘’Nuer-wew’’ is a misconception not relevant because those who concocted it are involved in ‘’ Nuer-wew’’ drama.

Hence, it is not reasonable out of anger and emotions you just refused what belong to you and leave it to someone you perceived as your opponent.

The Author is a concerned South Sudanese, reachable at

Political Issue Which Are Currently Facing South Sudan

Part one:

By Hon. Aguer Rual


Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

Aguer Rual, the first Military Governor of Lol State, South Sudan(Photo: Profile)

Oct 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Let me brief you about what I felt have been an issue facing our country and the government before and at the moment.

  1.   Leadership:-

South Sudan who has been fighting for their sovereign state has proven to have lacking leaders and practical skill that encircling the ability of an individual or organizational to “lead’ or guide other individuals or entire organizations. For example The current South Sudan political, economical and social crisis which is suppose to define leadership as process of social influence  in which a person could have to take into account the environment which support others in the compliment of the common tasks. Such South Sudan leadership approach doesn’t take into account the leader whose intention has not only dealing with communication goals but also by searching for personal power. For example leaders who doesn’t realized they have trait of situational interaction, function, behavior, power, vision and values, charisma and intelligence, could be consider as fail leader. Riek Machar and Lam Akol are the good example of failed leaders.

  1.   Organizational: – SPLM

The SPLM/A whose basic aim was fighting for Independent to achieve sovereign state have now have overwhelming vote of 99% in a referendum 2011.

It has been realized that the new SPLM organization has been factional without clear policy, clear organizational structure, vision, objective and aim and without basic program, and project as well.

  1.   South Sudan not established:-

Due to lacking skills and statehood the country has not been established its institutions yet.

The question is, how you would provide services across the country, while you have not established the national institutions including census.

How would you punish criminals whilst the country has not yet finished constitution which can regulates the conducts of individuals and defends its sovereignty from external political invasion and internal wars? For example if we would have laws then we recommend that those who wage war in 2013 and 2016 in against the country and its people should have been brought to the book.

How would you make budget without clear financial standing or without knowing your Resources for example: – oil, mining minerals and agricultural and animal’s products

What criteria have been used so far as to determine the appointments of political posts and civil servants, now I can see only something like tribal representation being applied in most of the government institutions for example ministry of Labor and public service from the top to the bottom all staff are fartit from Wau only?

Another good example where there is no national-hood is the SPLA army as from 2005-2013 majority of these army were Nuer nationals only ranging from minister -chief staff down to commanders. This is not true the state national army should not constitute one ethnic group.

Can a state be able to recognize and held accountable those who have taken part in the conflicts and that person was found might have had committed crimes against humanity, state crimes, war crimes and crimes that related to corruptions.

Should the state reward such criminals with big political post and also by promoting criminals into the army high ranking?

Why should the government accommodating and paying these criminals huge of monies while they have contributed to dire humanitarian and forcing people from their homes?

Should the government held these criminals accountable for their crimes they have committed during the time they were warring with government. Good example is General Bapiny. 

It is worthwhile to note that South Sudan has not been able to address its contentious issues on socioeconomic and political aspects that have been seen one of the things which has caused the conflict.

The lack of addressing such an important issue has brought the current political antipersonnel to the current dire humanitarian, insecurity and forced immigration of our population from their homes. Schools, health which are essential and are very important aspect of the lives were been destabilized by the current conflict.

As Equatorian have taken the law into their hands, by massacring, murdering our children and women targeting an ethnic group particular Jieng who liberate them from the Arab for two centuries. We have felt nothing we can do but to condemned the barbaric act as a clear violation of human right laws. A good example is Juba Yei, Juba Torit incidents which has slaughtered more than 30 Jieng children with their mothers in the middle of the road recently.

The current tribal killing on Yei road and Juba Nimale road and ethnic targeting by some Equatorian if it not taken into consideration seriously it will get worth because the situation will be out of control and would contorts. There will be no laws, if the current Equatorian political and military leaders whether in the government or in the SPLM IO, are watching on Dinka children are being slaughters by their native supporters. ‘This is not humaneness way treating Dinka citizens if they are like animals.

Because our government is not protecting our citizens from Equatorian, for this purpose, we are calling all Jieng to take arms to protect themselves from their prominent enemies.

Division of three arms at federal level:-

Under the new federal governance it seems that there was no clear division of the three arms of the federal government in South Sudan namely: – executive, parliament and judiciary systems.

In South Sudan federal system of governance has not been introduced and structured yet. How would the state provide essential services to our people without central government who have  clear division of powers among the three level of federalism such as:- federal government, state government and local council government.

Because there is no central systems that have clear vision, that can effectively and efficiently delivery services accordingly. This central system of governance if establish it can be recognized as body that can hold all parts of the country together. Because there is no such a holding body have been established in the past, we seeing this as a reasons for South Sudan is falling apart now, we have nothing to be referred to, we only referred to people not institutions.

The current political conflicts, which have caused dire humanitarian and economic hardship in South Sudan was seen as because there is “no system holding all parts together created “. Thus we can’t have a nation whereby services are being provided to one people in one nation without body that hold all part together. For example there was plan for establishing federal governance with the agreement to provide services such as schools, health centers, hospitals and infrastructures, security, government institutions as well as national army…

The question is which body that can hold all these institutions together essentially to be establish in the South Sudan?

To my understanding, I think what they country is facing now is the lack of body which can be referred to instead of relying on individuals or elite group. For example constitution, regulations, laws and the government that representing the country is an example of body which can be used to tie up all institutions together.

The failure of the Agreements on the resolution of the conflict of South Sudan.

South Sudan does not respect and honor their agreement they have signed due to the individuals high and personal demands for example Anya -Anya -1 agreement was not honored by Joseph Lagu. Another example is Anya Any 2. Where Riek, and many others have failed to honored their agreement, but choosy switching sides have contribute destruction of dear people’s life and properties.

Who is to be blame on the dire humanitarian, force migration, financial hardship and many lives have been lost and properties damaging?

Author can be contact on for more information.

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The Painful Truth

By Yien Lam,

The mother in law of Lul Ruai Koang who recently re-join the regime of Salva Kiir crawls in front of Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

The mother in law of Lul Ruai Koang who recently re-join the regime of Salva Kiir crawls in front of Salva Kiir(Photo: file)

Oct 15, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– As Nuer myself, it is hard if not bitter to swallow the truth. But as I have been reading the news media since the beginning of this civil war, I have seen Nuers categorically being named with names that are badly now sticking on them. And in fact, we are proving our cousins Dinka right with what they have been saying as “Nuers are temporary brave, Food lover, money lover, haters to themselves and do not like their fellows Nuers to rule them” Are these true or not? To me as Yien, I approved Dinka Messages as true and I particularly appreciate my brother if not distance cousin in the IO by the name Jesus Deng Mading who veraciously telling the Nuer in general the truth. But Some may take Jesus Deng words differently because of who he may be. But his sincere and honest straight talk on Nuers issue is reality in my analytical viewpoint. I sincerely believe there are majority of Nuers if not most who are judiciously thinking like me

In this case I believe for certain, Jesus Deng is rational person who honestly talking from the bottom of his heart and thinking outside the box by expressing what we supposed not to be doing as human being in our lives  as well as his respectful South Sudanese. Believe it for certain, Deng is a South Sudanese that thwart to drown or submerge in the water of tribalism. he is a true friend in this regard because a real friend tells you your weakness. Anyone who takes Jesus Deng words erroneously and out of contact must be considered as a member of the regime encircle because reality must be told as it is.With in this case, I sincerely think nobody could repudiate the said individual words of reality unless one is affiliating with the Regime and its fake IO or one has an issue that needs a medical attention. Other than that, a sober individual cannot bother to ask anything because all facts are being laid out.

With this regard, I would like to remind us with what Kuol Manyang Juk said about Nuers by the year 2014 in Bor town. At that gathering, he said, “Nuers are like your own dog that you beat up and runaway. when it comes back, it will wag its tail and watches you with the same eyes that it has before leaving. They will come back don’t worried about their rebellion.” Not only that, he also said “Nuers are resemble to doeling goat that run up and down, back and forth for the whole day with Bucklings or Billy goat refusing breeding. But at the end of the day, it gives it all up easily.” Are those the true definition of who we are in your view giving the Taban and Lol scenario?  Of course, those are true unless one is retarded in South Sudan crisis. These are  the living reality and I don’t know if Nuers of Taban still know what those words mean at the moment? If no, as I think they don’t? what would prove wrong Kuol Manyang in your rightful mind?

In my view, I would say it is painful truth and there is no logical argument to defeat those facts because the sole living example of Kuol Manyang’s words is Lul Ruach Kong who was on February 18,2015 prodigally returned to Juba and broadcasting around the East Africa. For that matter, if you’re Nuers by nature, what would you say about Kuol Manyang Dog words. was that not a living proves? To me, it is.

Not only that, to make matter worse, on April/01/2015, Lul Mother in-law shamefully crawl as the toddler in front of kiir while lul was watching helplessly on. In this scenario again, if you’re a Nuer as kuol said, what would you say to Jesus Deng Mading as well as Kuol himself? Can you say that was not true or what else can you say in your own judgement? people, Fact must be told and truth must not be blindfolded by hatred and money. Lies can only survive for limited time, but truth lives on for years no matter what it takes.

In addition, the chief negotiator Taban and his friend lol suddenly took a very Uturn that perfectly land them on the regime that jailed Lol, chased Taban and killed innocent civilians in December 2013. Again, can you prove Kuol Manyang wrong with his words? I think not  unless you’re witless person if not psychologically retarded. These are the living facts that cannot be negated by any rational person in this generation of ours.

Furthermore, to advice the Nuers who are bad mouthing their fellows’ brothers and sisters in other side of the coins because of personal gains, I would say this to you, stop bad mouthing us. Believe it or not, you cannot be better than your fellows brothers and sisters by your Cousins unless that cousins of yours is using you for their own benefit. If not so, how can you be better than your siblings? Believe it or not goofy siblings of us, we will not rest until your God father Kiir and JCE are gone. Divided and ruled system was invested in our government  since the Sudan independent will never work in South Sudan. Kiir will only use gluttonous folks who stupidly call themselves “Good Nuers” But at the end of the tunnel, the killers with inject them with poisonous venom if they are lucky of not being killed.

Lastly nowadays, Taban, Lol and the predictor Kuol Manyang are running around the world with suitcases full of money to bribe their own people with the money that belong to them. Can you still disregard Kuol’s words? This is nonsense to whoever deny these facts. I think only Tabanists and regime sympathizers who are so blindfolded  by hatred and money that could negate this reality. Other than that, no living human can be able to say no to these facts because they were broadcasting live.

Finally, as Nuer, we must accept and negotiate our weakness in order to correct our past for the future benefit. Kuol Manyang and Jesus Deng mading are true heroes of my world because they told me exactly what some Nuers of today do in their daily lives. This is the reality and we must live with it until we prove them wrong otherwise.

The author of this article can be reached for further comments at

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Future is the Best! Care much for the better life of Tomorrow

By Simon Both Chiok Guek,

South Sudanese Jonglei youth declare their support for federalism(photo: file)

South Sudanese Jonglei youth declare their support for federalism(photo: file)

Oct 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Dear South Sudan future Youth please think positively and digest your sensitive ideas before it become late. This time we have to value the nation’s interests rather than tribal interests because our youngest nation South Sudan have faced many challenges its reach the worse stage and almost to collapse in the hand of JCE tyrannical regime in the Country who have been mismanaged the national resources using them as the family properties only feeds president kiir and his ministers, officials and top military generals in Juba it does not benefits any South Sudanese Citizens even dinka people.

Furthermore the JCE union spent a lot of wealth for the wrong mobilizations, blindfolds the jieng future youth by misinterprets SPLM/A-IO National Movement to the youth and entire Jieng community inside and outside the country. Because they JCE leaders does not cares for the life of others dinka or dinka’s future. that’s why they are using Jieng youth as the tools to defends their personals interest through innocent blood as long as their close relatives, families and children are safe in the foreign countries follows their normal life as usual while the innocent dinka are facing difficulties in South Sudan hence JCE creates enmity among citizens every life of South Sudanese people become risk as well to the dinka people too they are uncomfortable and not moving freely within jieng lands fear for the certain criminals group known as unknown gunmen to harm them unknowingly.

Meanwhile we should understands the current situation in the country after July2016 fighting at J1 presidential palace in Juba capital which rise up high tensions between both two sides and led the thousands civilians fled their homes in greater Bahr el Ghazal to the North Sudan and one million people fled greater Equatoria region last months to the neighboring Uganda seeking for refuge.

Therefore we must unite ourselves as South Sudan Sons and Daughters and rebuild the spirit of patriotism in our hearts although we have differences between us we can put them aside and take necessarily astute decision to freed the Country under dictatorship of Salva Kiir for the sake of our innocent civilians Children, Sisters, Brothers, Mothers, Father and Elderly in bad situations under death threats of Kiir’s SPLA tribal force across the country day and night.

In fact the SPLM/A-IO movement is the national movement which hold hundreds brilliant objectives that concerns of the South Sudan to be haven and successful nation with the equal rights among its citizens and wants to change bad leadership to bring back peaceful means with the new democratic government that can provide guarantee the safe security to the people of the country. then for you, great future leaders join hands together with your brother and Sister in struggle do not ignore your participation and do not isolated yourselves from the SPLM/A-IO national movement regardless of your background or ethnicity because your participation will make South Sudan peaceful land for all South Sudan people including kiir’s family.

However we SPLA-IO freedom fighters have hopes, believe the South Sudan will be soon change by us and return to the owners all 64 tribes by the name of one people!! One nation!! Because “always change come through few intelligent people”. If you think SPLM/A-IO is tribal Movement like JCE government in Juba definitely you are wrong. Indeed the SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of H.E Dr. Machar Teny is the national basket full with the thousands of services to fulfil the Citizens needs in order to achieve the developments in the world’s youngest nation. We still urging you as individuals or many people to quit your past wrong decisions and choose the right side at appropriate time for the better South Sudan of tomorrow, we offers this opportunity to all South Sudanese to join the struggle willingly without fears the SPLM/A-IO Movement recognize you as its own Sons and Daughters who wants to bring the positive change to the country.

God bless you all struggle continue………….

Viva Freedom Fighters!

Viva South Sudanese!

Viva SPLM/A-IO Leadership!

KiirJCE regime must go!

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Political Issues Need a Clear Mind Rather Than Absolute Extremism!

By Malek Cook-Dwach,

Juba-South Sudan.

Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba-South Sudan...

Malek Cook-Dwach, Juba-South Sudan…

Oct 07, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– The political divisions of SPLM-IO have generated hullabaloo and unconstructive debate between semi-literates, literates, scholars and political scientists. In this scenario I observed the mere glorifiers of what is so call Prophet Ngundeng Bong and the liberal minded who doesn’t believe in myths and approach the political realities as they are happening.

What is so funny about this debate people confused between politics and community, it has been made worse by absolute extremism by those seemed to know little about political life but in fact know nothing than using community as their protective base.

Criticizing other people on their decisions using an insult not only exposes your stupidity but it shows the degree of your stigma infection. The community is an independent entity presumably innocent till used by selfish individuals to achieve their political interests.

It has been for sometimes; I didn’t respond to those who proclaimed and called themselves heroes or heroines either by default or whatever the conditions therein. I took and employed silent as the workable tools to demonstrate my civility due to the fact that not every dog that bark hurts.

Low self-esteem people are not necessarily consulted when dealing with national matters but not withstanding their contributions during the polling day vote (election) where they mostly needed.

The words betrayal, money lovers, heartless, night clubbers and puppet (stooge) could have opposite and equal in practices. I don’t want to indulge myself on those terms because they are equally shared and those terms fall in the categories of private life. When one engage in such critics it amount to personal assassination or personal defamation which is punishable by laws. Or sometimes he/she who uses to attack personality not an idea is always considered insane by others.

I am not silencing you who assumed to be well vast in directing people on what political life one to live by. One is convinced that, decision is made base on some political readings and critical analysis which could not temporary be the case to the general populace till it bear fruitful results.

Blames and condemnations are always everywhere but consider healthy because any emerging leadership has its challenges. One of its disadvantages is; it threatening the survival of some individuals who believe in status quo for the reason best to known to them. The question which poses itself is; will the national agendas on South Sudanese political, economic, social reforms achieve through one tribe? e.g Nuer, which I squarely doubt.

I am sure that lack of clear political road map victimized this beautiful community on the ground that blind bravery is the main setback. There are things which are sacred by norms and traditions as taboo when you talk about you are regarded an enemy to the community.

In the nutshell, the community must be differentiated from politics because no community will unite under one party umbrella to pursue and get their share in the national cake through that organization. 

The Author is a concerned South Sudanese Citizen and a writer, reachable at

The statements, comments, or opinions published by Nyamilepedia are solely those of their respective authors, which do not necessarily represent the views held by the moderators of Nyamilepedia. The veracity of any claims made are the responsibility of the writer(s), and not the staff and the management of Nyamilepedia.

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Argent Action: My Life is under threats from South Sudan National Security

To Amnesty International and East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project

By Ter Manyang Gatwech,

Human Rights Activist.

Mr. Ter Manyang Gatwech ...

Mr. Ter Manyang Gatwech …

Oct 06 2016 —–The South Sudan Government send some members from South Sudan National Security on 1st October 2016 in order to look for 30 people [human rights activists] here in Kampala-Uganda. One of my best friends I called me around 2:20PM and told me that, the South Sudan National Security are looking for 30 people and your name is appear in the list. They were looking three things; your palace, your best friends and your University if you are the student.

He said do not move in Public places like High Table in Kampala. Their main target was; 12/10/2016 African Youth Action Network (AYAN) will organize peace conference together with International Youth for Africa (IYA) here in Kampala in order to get me there plus the rest of the members. International Youth for Africa is working in the area of human rights, refugee’s rights, Youth’s rights and peace and reconciliation among communities; which the South Sudan Government does not want to those hear issues of human rights violations in the country.

I have got the opportunity to attend different workshops organized by different international organizations. In these workshops I have had to interact with different members from different organizations which have similar programs though from different countries namely; Kenya, Rwanda Tanzania and Uganda. In these trainings and interactions I have acquired new skills and also have improved on the way how things are done namely as regards to human rights; collection of data on the victims, reconciliation process, analysis of data, storage, documentation on human rights abuse, data storage, personal security etc. with this international exposure and interaction it has given me confidence to carry out different projects on human rights abuses documentation in South Sudan and Diaspora.

Details of threat

On 2nd October, 2016 at 7:00 AM East Africa local time; I received life threatening calls from unknown people whom I suspected to be security personnel. The suspects used hided phone numbers but one number appeared to be this +211956321261 and they speak Juba local Arabic/Dinka language. With this regards, the statements they told me were, we will eliminate and kill you one-by-one if you cannot stop writing and that of reporting government challenges to foreign sources as human rights activists. He told please don’t come to South Sudan because we are control everywhere.

They said, you Nuer human rights activists, have exposed south Sudan to externals. This came in as a result of one day workshop organized by South Sudan Engagement Day and Public Dialogue on 26/8/2016. The public Dialogue organized by South Sudanese civil Society organizations include; South Sudan Human Rights Society for Advocacy (SSHURSA),International Youth for Africa(IYA), African Youth Action Network(AYAN), Africa Centre for Transitional Justice (ACTJ) and Young Adult Empowerment Initiative (YEI) in collaboration with Makerere University Convocation ,Konrad-Adenaur-Stiftung(KAS), and University Forum on Governance (UNIGOG).

I request the following organizations to intervene in my case;

Amnesty International,(AI) East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project(EHAHRD),Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG),UNHCR and Inter-Aid Uganda. I want to go out of the country.

To conclude with; there are countless life threats to me and some of my colleagues in the advocacy in Uganda. Since the regional rights’ bodies and the international defenders have so far in viewed the general human rights situation. There are a lots of fear and bad-negative conducts by South Sudan Army forces, and other security personnel who are taking law into their hands to kill or to innocently arrest defenders/activists, journalists, humanitarian aid workers without charges. My human rights works in South Sudan is committing self-suicide because no one bear it in mind that human rights promotion is the only source of democracy and peaceful co-existence in any society.

Best regards,

Ter Manyang Gatwech

Human Rights Activist and The Executive Director of International Youth for Africa (IYA)


Co. To Amnesty International

Co. To East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project

Co. To Public International Law and Policy Group


Co. To Inter-Aid Uganda

Co. Uganda Government

Co. American Embassy in Uganda

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Riek Machar Was Not Overthrow, He Was Dismissed

By Dak Buoth,


Machar's residence caught fire after being bombed by government gunships on July 11th, 2016 at Jebel Kunjur, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Machar’s residence caught fire after being bombed by government gunships on July 11th, 2016 at Jebel Kunjur, South Sudan(Photo: file)

July 31, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– When I did ‘thoughts check’ a while ago, I spotted an error in my last opinion pertainings the recent events in Juba South Sudan. You would remember, on 25th July, when Riek Machar was dislodged militarily and subsequently replaced with his erstwhile comrade Taban Deng by Salva Kiir, In reaction to the same, I jotted a post on my Facebook page saying ‘’Riek Machar overthrow’’ Today i realized It does not fit to say Riek Machar was overthrow, even if it was Salva Kiir who was forced out of Juba the same way he did to Riek, still we won’t say ‘Salva Kiir overthrow’; the duo are too small to be overthrow.

I hereby withdraw this statement because I don’t want English men and political pundits to have issue with me. Bear with me, it was not my wish to write and speaks in English nor was it my passion to involve in any political discourse. I got myself into these things under duress. Now I learned to write and speak English because they say it was an official language of instruction, and not my mother tongue; and there isn’t little I can do to reverse these phenomena. On the same vein, sometime I involve in politics of South Sudan because it continues to affect my life in one way or another, and there is no any other way to escape it.

On the same note, Dr. Adwok Nyaba, the Minister of Higher Education Minister came on Aljazeera’s ‘inside story’ expressing venom terming Riek Machar’s replacement with Taban as ‘coup d’etat’ orchestrated by Salva Kiir and his cohorts. I think Adwok and I had defined this political event wrongly.

If I was eloquent and good English communicator, I would have said ‘Riek Machar dismissed. There is thin line between these two political terms ‘overthrow and dismiss’, these words are commonly used in ‘dictatorship’. In any case, Coup d’etat is not use for junior politician who was kicked in the face; and it not use when an inept President with tainted legitimacy and credibility has been ousted from power.

When authoritarian President like Blaise Compoare of Burkinabe was removed by force in 2014, his removal was not described as an ‘overthrow; the reporters and analysts only announced that he was ‘unseat’

We can use the word ‘overthrow’ at the time when ‘popularly elected president’ is deposed from office by small cliques with an intention to grab and maintain its iron hold on power, in such a case, we can say, the president has been overthrow and violence is inevitable. In nutshell, only elected leader of country is overthrow. In other words, coup d’etat or overthrow is preserved for a seizure of a democratically elected government using military mean.

In contrast, Dr. Riek Machar happens not to be the President of South Sudan neither was he an elected one. It is on this account that I found it improper to liken his brutal purge as an ‘overthrow. I think he was just dismissed. On the one hand, to dismiss someone from office is undemocratic. The word ‘dismiss’ or ‘sack’ does not exist in a democratic norms. These terms are frequently use where a rule of person prevails against the rule of law.

In any democratic country, when public officer have had issues touching on his conduct or accused of any impropriety, they use the term impeach, recall, resigned and suspension and so on and forth. No decree, no dismissal and no sacking of public officers randomly as it the case in South Sudan.

Even leaders with constitutional prerogatives to appoint individuals into public offices, they’re exempted from dismissing their appointees at whims. When one is alleged to have wronged in his place of work either by his superior or coworker, s/he ought to be informed of the allegations and the next cause of action before hand; on hearing the claims, the accused can tender his resignation pending the resolution of the matter in question

If you read between the lines, I used the words, ‘popularly elected leader and not mere imposed leader who ascend to power through dubious means. It was true that Salva Kiir was once popularly elected in 2010 by all south Sudanese from all walks of life; however, in less than two years later, he betrayed the social contract and instead turns the government against the people of South Sudan. Of late you heard that his soldiers are ordered to rape Nuer girls and women en mass as form of payment for war. Let those who are reluctant to accept the truth click and Google www: Www: daily Www: New York and other media. So far hundreds of thousands innocence people have died and more 2.5 million others displaced from their homes.

In view of the foregoing, the day when Salva Kiir’s brutal reign shall be brought down as many yearned for; you will not hear us saying that he was ‘overthrow’. The news would read that he was toppled or dethrone period. The SPLM seizure will not be described as an ‘overthrow’ or coup d’etat but rather liberation.

In the year 2011, when Laurent Gbagbo, the former President of Cote D’ Ivoire was deposed from office, his deposition was not termed as an overthrow, the news read that Laurent Gbagbo who refused to step down had been captured and arrested at his bunker in the capital Abidjan. Our situation will soon resemble that of the Ivory Coast.

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God Created Dinka People As Human Beings But Gave Them Evil And Devils Hearts

By Gatwech Kuan,


The Dinka culuture show in Juba South Sudan .....

The Dinka culuture show in Juba South Sudan …..

July 31, 2016( Nyamilepedia) —— If human being can blame God, I think I would be the first one to blame him ( God) for creating Dinka on earth, but no way I can’t do that because no one is above God. He is the creatures and no one knows his plans, only him and his son Jesus. He created Dinka, but gave them nothing, only lies, fabrication and distortion. I can’t believe why Dinka community can go on street, rejecting the called for all south Sudanese and international community for intervention forces?

This third forces is good for the country at large because their mandate is to protect the lives of innocent civilians being lost everyday and furthermore to stop the bloodshed. South Sudan is the part of international community, therefore if we are struggling to solve our own problems, regional and international community have obligations to intervene to prevent more violence, but that is not the case, Dinka just go on street in Melbourne, Victoria Australia, demanding international community not to intervene while more than 2.5millions already left the country and the looming famine threatening the lives of South Sudan population who remained in the country.

What is wrong for the intervention of third forces? It is clear that, their mission is to protect civilians and the leadership which is now running the country. Since the Transitional government of national unity was formed, nothing has been done so far, parliament has not been reconstituted, states government have not been formed, security arrangement stuck in between because Juba, the capital city has not been demilitarised as stipulated in the agreement, among others.

If the leadership has not provided anything as I have mentioned above, why would somebody should think that, the intervention of third parties is wrong?

Kiir has driven out Dr. Machar from his residential area which was built by international community’s and it did cost them millions of dollars from their citizens taxpayers  and the August 2015 agreement of the conflict resolution of South Sudan has costs international community a lot money and their aimed was to bring peace to South Sudan.

If the devil work day and night for the collapse of this nation , God of our creator is there and will see who is destroying this land which claimed 2. Millions lives to get it. I can’t imagine why someone or some people like Dinka would have a desire to destroy this  land? Our great and grandparents and father fought for this land before these  current generations were born and then continue by this generation and the aim of the struggle is to have country called South Sudan.

International community will come by all means because south Sudanese people failed to address their own issues and as we are part of international community we need help from outsiders.

Viva South Sudan
Viva Dr. Machar

The author, Gatwech Kuan, can be reached at

Salva Kiir “Wants The Head of Riek Machar In Silver Plate”

By David Athorbei,

Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, met Salva Kiir in January 2014 to see how Norway could help in South Sudan. Today Salva Kiir's government rejects TROIKA in the mediation process, also restricting their visits to the country(Photo: Astrid Sehl, MFA)

Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Børge Brende, met Salva Kiir in January 2014 to see how Norway could help in South Sudan. Today Salva Kiir’s government rejects TROIKA in the mediation process, also restricting their visits to the country(Photo: Astrid Sehl, MFA)

July 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– While South Sudan peace agreement is struggling to survive, President Salva Kiir Mayardit is the main suspect behind the death of the Compromised Peace Agreement, he wants the head of his First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The president has killed the peace agreement and he is now haunting his First Vice President, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

The president does not have the nation at heart. He has his own personal ambition to be in power for life.He refused to sign the peace agreement; he refused to discuss the root cause of the conflict; he refused justice and accountability and he also refused the return of Dr. Riek Machar Teny to Juba. Can the South Sudanese really trust such a president any more?

On Friday, the plan was to start the war at the government stronghold in J1 to kill all the bodyguards of Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Riek Machar himself. Then Kiir would later come out to claim that Riek Machar’s bodyguards started the war just like Makuei lied yesterday on Television and then claim that “we lost the First Vice President in a crossfire. That plan did not succeed because the bodyguards of Machar fought back until their reinforcement arrived.

This did not happen because the bodyguards of Riek defeated the bodyguards of Kiir and took control of J1 until they escorted Riek back to his residence later at 9pm. Kiir did not have a chance to kill Riek because Machar’s bodyguards inside would have fought first and both the two leaders could have died. It was a risky plan.

All these are just good tactics and they have been failing since Friday. They lured Riek to Juba and lured him to J1, which is a government stronghold, where all his bodyguards were killed, and then continued to play Riek in the name of peace after they failed at their first attempt. Salva Kiir cannot be trusted, any more.

After he failed to kill Riek at J1, the enemy had plan again to pursue him at his residence and kill him there but again his bodyguards fought and defeated Kiir’s soldiers and captured many parts of Juba.

From the language of Michael Makuei Lueth and Taban Deng Gai yesterday, you can tell that there was something fishy. They said the president will come out today to make a “unilateral declaration” to end the conflict. People asked, where would Riek be? The unilateral declaration is meant to announce the death of Riek and the end of war. That is their evil plan.

Makuei was very confident because according to their plans, their army would have overran Riek’s residence within 3 to 4 hours on Sunday and kill the first vice president before the sunset. This is when Kiir was going to come out and address the nation as the president of the Transitional Government and try to convince everyone to work under him like Garang did to Gai Tut and his supporters in mid 1980s.

That is the plan. It is unbelievable that the war has taken the whole day when the SPLA soldiers tried very hard to overrun jebel and Gudele after closing at the exit routes.

In other words, this war is framed to kill only Riek Machar and the rest of the politicians are free to work under Salva Kiir as the president. In fact, Gen. Taban Deng has already understood that principle and he has already taken his position to work under president Salva Kiir even when Riek is eliminated.

The three men who briefed the media yesterday were sent by President Salva Kiir to go to buy time and calm down the civil population while the soldiers continue to hunt for Dr. Riek Machar.

If Dr.Riek was captured on Sunday afternoon, the soldiers would have killed him on spot and come to Kiir to declare the end of the war.

Kiir would come out to report that his First Vice President was killed in a crossfire and order the army to stop fighting or else any soldier who continues to fight would be crushed by all means possible. Kiir would then declare Gen. Taban Deng Gai as his First Vice President to calm down SPLM/SPLA-IO and the bitter Nuer community.

Gen. Taban is being used by the enemy to play a good-guy role to calm down the situation and confuse supporters of SPLM/A-IO because as he said, he negotiated the peace agreement and therefore he would be understood and respect by the loyalists of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition.

The plan has failed on Sunday but they will keep trying until they succeed or until the SPLM/SPLA-IO defeat them.

May God save South Sudan.


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International Youth for Africa called on South Sudanese Men to Respect Girls

By Ter Manyang Gatwech


5th July, 2016(Nyamilepedia) — The International Youth for Africa is a South Sudanese non-governmental organization and non-profit making organization. IYA is working on the following areas Transitional Justice, documenting and reporting human rights violation against women, children’s rights, working with community groups to promote women’s rights through increased participation of women in local government, promoting the education rights of girls, and raising awareness of women’s rights through public campaigns and Refugee’s rights.

IYA carryout the research from Kiryandongo District in Uganda Camps settlement for refugees and our finding indicate that 1671 girls has been dropout from the school due to lack parental care, cases were reported since January 2016. The girls’ abuse is common in many ways through forced married; the reports further put child marriage at 70 per cent in South Sudan which very dangerous to our society. “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” Brigham Young.

Ter Manyang Gatwech probation IYA’s executive Director said there is need for urgent action to save young girls from abuse in difference camps in Uganda. “Give a girl an education and introduce her properly into the world, and ten to one but she has the means of settling well, without further expense to anybody’’. Jane Austen

IYA called on United Nations High Commission for Refugees (NUHCR) to construct more schools in camps so that young girls will continue with their education. Said Manyang urged South Sudanese communities not to used girls as ‘’property at home’’. Let our girls go to school. Women can help the society in various ways. They can engage in social activities and work for the betterment of the society for today and tomorrow.

Young educated girls can get engaged in a profession of her choice. We need more doctors, engineers, software developers, and social workers. The world cannot grow at good pace unless women come forward and take initiative for the development works. Stopped stereotyping about women in South Sudan. ‘’ My mother is a woman, my girlfriend is a girl’’ said Ter Manyang and let us respect our mothers, girls in order we can change our society from stereotyped.

According to feminist analysis, in all cultures, girls have been socialized into gender roles, although the degree to which behaviour is innate or environmentally determined is greatly debated. In most cultures and time periods of the world, girls have traditionally played with dolls and toy cooking and cleaning equipment, while boys prefer toys and games that require more physical activity or simulated violence, such as toy trucks, balls, and toy guns. Girls are less often encouraged to pursue sports, with the exception of sports that might be considered “feminine,” such as figure skating or gymnastics; or those considered “gender-neutral,” such as tennis.[1] They may be prevented from participating in many of the same activities that boys participate in at the same age, as a matter of protecting them from perceived outside dangers, such as boys and men, or anything that may cause physical injury. Sometimes boys are presumed to be more responsible than girls, except in the cases of caring for younger children, which is sometimes thought to be instinctual in girls. Girls, as a group, may be perceived as being more docile than boys, and as being less capable of rational decision making and more governed by emotional responses.

Measures taken
“We have initiated every possible means to ensure that our girls must go back to school.
Mr Manyang said “end child marriage” aimed at creating awareness on the danger of child marriage. The IYA blamed the rise of child marriage on poverty among parents, which she said compels them to marry off their underage daughters to get bride price. We strong laws in South Sudan which can protect girls from being abuse.

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What Are The New South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (NSSRF) waiting?

By Yien Tot   Lam

South Sudan army walked away with school children "back to school" bags in January near Mathiang(Photo: supplied)

South Sudan army walked away with school children “back to school” bags in January near Mathiang(Photo: supplied)

June 2, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— It was confirmed by our intelligent that the Uganda People’s Defence Force (UPDF)’s combatants were transported back to South Sudan in order to involve fully in the massacring of unarmed innocent Nuer civilians in the South Sudanese Capital Juba and related areas. The source said that the Uganda troops were hired for the second time by the (SPLA-IG) to eliminate all the Nuer who reside in South Sudan and the non-Nuer who distanced themselves from Mayardit’s reckless authoritarian leadership. The (SPLA-IG) which is led by Gen. King Mayardit has already fired the first bullet of the second phase of the South-South civil war against the New South Sudan Revolutionary Forces (NSSRF). The big question is what are the true freedom fighters waiting for? Are the Dinkas created by almighty God to reign forever over the people who are called second, third or fourth-class-citizens of the newly founded country? Was Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA-IG) blessed and sent to be worshiped by the non-Dinkas in South Sudan? Was Mayardit born to be the true king of the newly created nation? Is Mayardit the long-bearded man of God or (Tik-yual-kuoth) who was predicted by late Prophet Ngundeng Boong many decades ago?

The late Prophet Ngundeng Boong will not come back to rescue the marginalised ethnic groups in South Sudan; the enslaved ethnic groups have to liberate themselves from their new masters through the barrel of the gun and maximum political mobilisations of people via media. The freedom will be achieved through constant military campaign and not through peaceful dialogue. The marginalised ethnic communities have to re-unite themselves strongly and permanently to dislodge the (SPLA-IG) and the (SRF).

The Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC), Inter governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), African Union (AU), European Union (EU), NATO nations, Arabs League (AL) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) totally failed to prevent the redeployment of the lawless foreign armed forces into South Sudan. The (UPDF) and the (SRF) are currently operating in South Sudan in order to disperse the freedom fighters and also to hijack the present regime in Khartoum. The (UPDF) and the (SPLA-IG) keep on delivering the advanced military hardware into Darfur Region, Southern Kordofan and Southern Blue Nile State to grab the presidency of Sudan through the use of maximum force.

Finally, the true freedom fighters of South Sudan have to mobilise themselves urgently to confront the (UPDF) and the (SRF). It is not too late for the people who are addressed as second, third or fourth-class-citizens of the youngest nation to free themselves from their new maters through formal uprising. The Compromise Peace Agreement (CPA) that was signed by the (SPLA-IO) and the (SPLA-IG) on 17th and 26th of August 2015 was deliberately dishonoured by the so-called Dinka National Council of Elders (DNCE) to keep Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA-IG) in power for more than 50 years. The SPLM/SPLA-Dinka-extremists told the local and the International Community (IC) several times that the Dinkas are made by God to lead the non-Dinkas and not to be ruled.



Yien Tot   Lam Padiet is The author is an Advocate for Situational leadership theories and he holds Asso. Dip. of Sustain., Asso.Dip. of Admin., Dip. of Bus., Dip. of HR., Dip. of Mgt., and Post Grad. Leadership Degree.

The writer is also the President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-Chief of the (SSNDF

South Sudan, Liberated   Area. The author can be reached at

On African Libration Day

By Both T. Bikot,

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of North Rhodesia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, and Dr. Milton Obote of Uganda at the East African Heads of Government Conference, 1964(Photo: Trip Down the Memory Lane)

Dr. Kenneth Kaunda of North Rhodesia, Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, Jomo Kenyatta of Kenya, and Dr. Milton Obote of Uganda at the East African Heads of Government Conference, 1964(Photo: Trip Down the Memory Lane)

25th May 2016(Nyamilepedia) —–  this day deserves to be celebrated and commemorated by all African nations. Its the day on which the Africa leaders united themselves and formed their – organization of Africa Union (OAU). Fifty three years ago, African leaders signed a charter in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia and committed themselves to call for total independence of Africa. lets honor the visionary leaders of Africa and the Pan Africanism champions and among them is the late Ghanaian President Dr. Nkwame Nkrumah who once said in his speech on the celebration day of the independence of his country on 6th March 1957 that ” The Ghana independence is incomplete till all Africa is independent”.

Why Celebrating African Libration Day?

Did Africa really achieve its total independent? the vision was to build a total free united and stable Africa. Total independence means total freedom, free in everything, economically, socially and politically.

According to my opinion, Africa is not totally free, Africa is still struggling against the imperialism ideology, philosophy and domination, that’s why there still wars in some African countries and we should not forget that the western imperialism ideology caused death for some visionary African leaders.

For our new born African state, the Independence of the Republic of South Sudan was part of the call for total independent Africa, and that of the pan africanism vision that has been achieved, what our country lacks now is total libration and unification of our people in one united and clear vision. Yes, we librated ourselves from the colonizer, but yet not liberated from our inner destructive illnesses e.g tribalism and corruption which are preventing development progress of our country..

On this day, we as one nation have to reaffirm our commitment to the development of our country so that it takes its share in Africa continent developments. We must struggle and take whatever risks to achieve sustainable development, economy, politically, socially and in security. let’s resist negative elements that do not support achievement of our interest..

Once more, as we celebrate the African Liberation Day, lets remember and honor all the African freedom fighters who risked their lives to liberate Africa. We remember late Dr Nkwame Nkrumah, late Mwalimu Nyerere, late Patrice Lumumba, late Jamal AbdulNaser, late Dr. John Garang among others.

The author can be reached at for further comments