Sorrows overwhelm the street children as Mother’s Day approaches.


By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Street children in South Sudan

Street children in South Sudan

March 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—They lay helpless and hopeless along Konyo-Konyo Street, basking in the morning sunshine infiltrating through the dirty corridors in the city.

This group of ten street kids that comprises six boys and four girls is already up to their daily routine of begging from passersby.
According to them, it is a normal day and they just live with a feeling that by sunset they will have enough money to take them through the night.

A few meters from their “God given habitat”, stops a V8 -Land cruiser. A young boy alights before joining his mother who is pushing a trolley into the supermarket. A couple of minutes later, the two come out. During the process the young, healthy looking boy encouraged his mother to hurry up since tomorrow is Mothers’ Day. Perhaps they need to prepare for the special day. These are indeed two different worlds. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and many will be rejoicing.

Some children will take the opportunity to honor their mothers with gifts, flowers and cards. Or it is the other way round, mothers take this chance to show their positions in the family through spoiling their loved ones. Whatever happens, Mother’s Day is a special day to both mothers and children.

But to the street kids it is indeed hell in a cell. The day passes with many of them unaware. But the atmosphere is indeed worrisome and tormenting as they see some kids doing a lot for their mothers or vice-versa.

In an interview with Nyamilepedia press agent in Juba, some of the street kids professed ignorance over the day “What is that? I am not aware of that day, again I do not have a mother,” said one street kid who identified herself as Nakolo before others laughed.
Another street kid Peter Mawut echoed the same sentiments.

“There is nothing like Mother’s Day, you are the first one to tell me that and how can you mention Mother’s Day while you know we belong to the streets?”

Some of the street kids, however said they know of the day, but their situation was a thorn in the flesh.

“Yes, I know of the day and I remember quite well when my dad would take us out to John Garang Square and Nyakuron Cultural center to celebrate the day. On the day he would present some flowers, but it is now history. I lost both parents and it is something else,” said 11-year old Pitia Jakana whose parents were overran by war tank at Khor William residential area last year.

Another one who identified himself as Gatwech said he is now living with the memories of the day.

“I am aware of the day, but since I ran away from home I forgot about it. To me the day was something else, my mother would do it the other way. She would spoil me and my brother and it was so nice,” he said.

Some of the mothers who spoke to Nyamilepedia Press agent in Juba Market said they felt pity for those women who have lost their children to the streets.

“The day means nothing if you know that you lost a child or miss one. It is a good feeling to celebrate with your family. It is a pity that some children are out there without mothers and they are going to miss a lot.

“Mother’s Day can strengthen a bond between a mother and her family,” she said.

Mother’s Day is a celebration meant for honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March or May. It complements Father’s Day, a similar celebration honoring fathers.

Cde. Sirir Gabriel is the SPLM-Youth League Chapter Chairperson in Arab Republic of Egypt, He can be reach through, Skype Cde. Sirir.

To be a good Leader, you must accept reforms.

Everything in South Sudan needs renewal, starting at Parliament.

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

March 14, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-As Winston Churchill once remarked: “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

We have seen in South Sudan that our leaders, despite stumbling upon the truth that it’s time for political change, continue to hurry off as if nothing is urgent.

Our leaders actually fear reforms and the battle in my country is really about the reformist challenging the bunch of dictators.
The dictators continues to dominate simply because of its access to arms of war and control of the security sector and, therefore, they will always pose a potential threat to destroy or expunge those of us who wish for substantive reforms.
That does not make them legitimate or right.

It also does not mean we should give up or cower at the first sign of intimidation, but rather we should be strengthened by their resistance knowing that all we want, all we aspire to be, is a better society that lives under better life conditions. That is not impossible.

Resistance to reforms seems a common factor in our society; whether in government where we have old dogs that really have no capacity to create the South Sudan we want; our private sector which has become less competitive and more internally focused on surviving without any leadership change; and in our public institutions where we have seen incompetent and overpaid leadership that is arresting progress and development.

We even have resistance to change in our community and social organizations where leaders claim positions for life despite the lack of results.

All are seeking to maintain lifestyles and are afraid of the pain of the social transformation which we desperately need.
Because of our unchanging and anemic political leadership, South Sudan is stuck in a time bubble of the past.

We can hardly progress were we are continually reminded that the past matters more than the future. That is indeed a tragedy.
Societies that progress focus more on the future and most are fast progressing as we remain stuck in the past that has no benefit to our people at all.

Our neighbor’s economies are fast advancing and even surpassing ours as we bicker about what happened yesterday and who did what.

As leaders, our responsibility must now be to change this narrative. We have to renew everything that we are about so that we may see social progress. We must embrace reforms and continually renew how we operate and how we seek to change our circumstances. If we do not do that, we will regress as a society as we have seen in the last 9-10 years.

What has gone wrong?

If you ask me that my answer is simple: Our politics is regressive and enervating. We have personality-based fiefdoms that seek to maintain a status quo of the same people at the top and the rest of society following even where we cannot see the results.
President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his crew of yesteryear praise singers are now moribund and hugely irrelevant to the future we want to create.

Anyway, as we all know; nothing lasts forever and the chickens will one day come home to roost.
Despite the sporting talent of many South Sudanese, our institutions are unable to harness and showcase new talent simply because of vested interests of those that have led our sports organizations to the ground and yet today they remain at the helm steadfast in their foolishness.

The heartbreak is that some of us accept this trend as normal. How pitiful.

Yet our people continue to suffer because of non-delivery of services. Nothing will change until we have new leaders whose concern is our country and its people. The cancer continues to be treated like a mild flu.

Everything in South Sudan needs renewal, starting at Parliament and including our opposition political parties[SPLM-DC, UDF, among others] who must now lead with a new narrative and strategy; there is no doubt about that.

That is where our only hope for positive and substantive recovery lies; anything else will be us merely postponing the inevitable.
Our challenge is, therefore, to be proactive fearless change agents who embrace the new and avoid complacency and the false comfort that comes with it.

The future is in our hands!

I have spoken my words and may the gods of land hear my voice…………….

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through Skype Cde. Sirir or +201115133229

AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT KIIR. Your Highness, may you have mercy on your people

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

President Salva Kiir Myardit of South Sudan {photo supply}

President Salva Kiir Myardit of South Sudan {photo supply}

March 01, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—-Where there is little or no public opinion, there is likely to be bad government. Witch sooner or latter becomes autocratic government—William Lyon Mackenzie King

Your Highness,

The day 15, the month December and the year 2013 had been an extraordinary moments for South Sudanese, people around the globes and you in particular. People had view your style of leadership in different perfection. Your credential, your personality and your human virtues altogether drop to lower degrees and they are still on the verge to fall and fall.

Your Highness.

I will suggest you sit down on your rocky throne full of skulls and skeletons of the Dec-15/2013 victims and on your wetly bed wet by bloods of young children, old ages and disables who got murdered in the mention date by your insurgencies for no reasons but just because God chose them to be from Nuer tribe.
Your Highness.

If you humble yourself and think about the atrocities committed by your forces who took the orders into their own hands, you will automatically come to your normal senses to apologize and quit the throne because you will come to realize how disastrous you had been from the turmoil happening now in your country.

Your Highness.

Just recalled your reception in all the states and particularly in Unity State currently Liech State in 2010 General election. Comrade, you will surely know that there was no different between you in comparison with Jesus Christ of Nazareth when entering into Jerusalem. But after a year later, your charming characters of being an example of shining star for all the SPLM/A cadres turn vividly deem, you starts to change your clear color which was dazzling white symbolizing peace for all and you started to produce some complicated colors that nobody, not even your wife the first Lady Mama Ayendit could interprets.

Your Highness.

You started your Mandates by threatening journalists, starving our gallants forces SPLA by deducting their monthly salary, to make the matter worse your instructions to all ministries to cut all the employees working in all ministries’s money on the list were; Doctors and Nurses, Teachers clerks, civil servants and among other groups.

Your Highness.

Let’s talks of our own roads the physical infrastructures of our country, you will be annoyed by the images of our roads. South Sudan never enjoyed the development you promised to it peoples in Yambio during the CPA anniversary celebration. Your highness, I know you will quickly rush and remind me of Juba-Nimule road which was constructed and tarmacked by our international friends. But if you had actually made it yourself, I will surely say thank you. But I am afraid you weren’t the one.

Perhaps our international friends whom God touches their hearts constructed for us the so called Juba – Nimule road probably in 2011-2012. But your Highness you didn’t waited for the tar that cling the soil and rocks to hold, but you swiftly order for its opening before it dries off to transport military equipment and war tanks to kill your own people. Do you think you are still preserving your promises? Do you think your name, your reputation and the image of your leadership is still shining in south Sudan and its neighbors? The space is enough for you to answer.

Your Highness.

Let me draw your intention to look at education system in south Sudan, our youths don’t have access to our local universities, our primary pupils and secondary students lack quality education in our country. Our teachers are incapable to pass their best knowledge to our kids for they lack teaching materials, facilities and other needs and yet you continue to put your hand at your chin and give a deadly smile to a situation that you can control in a minute.

Mr. President, will I be wrong if I say give somebody a chance? Will I be a bad analyst to say you have failed our country? Shall I be called an opportunist to highlight the truth about your governance? Too many children had drop out last year and more are going to dropout as well this year…

Your Highness.

Let’s have a trip toward health sector; I know you will also agree with me from all the difficulties and challenges that face our Doctors and their Patients. Hospitals and Health Care Centers in South Sudan don’t have enough tools for our domestic Doctors. Therefore, our people died each day because they lack all the necessary medicines for treatment while you always keep traveling abroad to get proper treatment.

Mr. President.

Young mothers are dying every day of Labor pain, and their infants also perish as well for lack of Maternities personals in our country South Sudan. And you blame it on others, do you have consciousness?

Your Highness.

I will advise you to practice flexibility as a good quality in leadership to think twice and not to stick to one ideology, be a good person who fear God and value other people’s lives. The wounded heroes in different Military Hospitals are now nursing deep wounds because of you. Should you forget them as you normally do in the pass…than time will come for you to fight for yourself.

Your Highness.

Unemployed Youths are roaming in the town looking for jobs and starving to death in Juba thinking things might change in your leadership, but still the dawns comes and go still the same president and the same cohorts. South Sudan Youths are adapted to idleness because of you. They spend most of their days sitting in Tukuls thatched with grasses and unfinished buildings sipping on tea for the whole day till evening. Do you thing these youths will one day vote for you?

Your Highness.

I am taking this initiative to remind you of your strongholds of failure and your weaknesses. South Sudan need you no more, they need changes, Peace and reconciliation with you not in your current position as the President of the Republic of South Sudan.

Your Highness.

If you need to restore back your reputation, peacefully step down and apologize to your people, believe me you will be forgiven by them all. And maybe when your time come for you to visit our ancestors maybe your statue will be raise somewhere in the country. Won’t that be the legacy any leader would want to leave behind..?

South Sudan is not for you nor for me but for all the Nationalists who works in good faith.

Wish to hear from you soon.

Sirir Gabriel can be reach through

South Sudan continued to sideline war veterans, wounded heroes and heroines

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

SPLA- Department of of wounded heroes (photo supplied)

SPLA- Department of of wounded heroes (photo supplied)

Feb 20, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)-Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger popularly known as John Commando

In this article, I will clearly state that the contradictions within the armed struggle would likely play themselves out after the struggle, resulting in struggles after the struggle that would compromise the achievement of the ideals of the liberation struggle.

I intend to write this article about our war veterans, wounded heroes and heroines on different issues affecting them at the moment under President Salva Kiir leadership.

Especially given what happened in the bush and after independence where we saw the ruthless elimination by any means of any potential rivals to President Cde. Salva Kiir Mayardit. These men have not moved an inch in their minds from the past.
It is my contention here that a lot of issues that arose during the struggle were never adequately dealt with after the struggle and, as a result, SPLM never really transformed itself into a democratic political entity.

This, of course, includes the plight of genuine war veterans who never really received legitimate recognition and honour for the sacrifices which they made, but were sidelined after the struggle by the so-called nationalists who usurped power and, therefore, its benefits post-independence.

Only those war veterans who will dare not challenge President Kiir’s hegemony and sing his praises have prevailed.
In my opinion, SPLM has remained, throughout the years, a liberation struggle political party that happens to possess a State and has proceeded to abuse that State and its resources to meet its narrow political objectives without adequately attending to the contradictions that it carried over from the struggle.

The line between State and party never existed in their minds and to this day, there is this inherent and pervasive entitlement to power and State resources. SPLM has also failed dismally to address the economic and social agendas after the struggle and has, instead, relied on a patronage system that has fed a predator cabal.

This patronage system is underpinned by fear, intimidation, violence and false loyalty as a means to an end.
The misleading prediction of “Seek ye first the political kingdom and all else shall be added onto you” by Kwame Nkrumah has been a big lie. Instead, “Seek ye the political kingdom first and plunder all” is a better reflection of the truth whose consequences we have borne for the last 10 years.

Our situation has been worsened by Salva Kiir’s leadership style and the tendency within the party to suppress dissent, purge dissenters, kill ambition, and rule by stealth, while pretending that the party is a broad church of revolutionaries glued together by a common history and objectives and is by right well-endowed with skills and competence to run a democratic and inclusive developmental State. Nothing can be further from the truth!

In my opinion, SPLM is a broad church of cowards brought together through fear, intimidation and greed without any intention whatsoever of creating the South Sudan we want. It is a cesspit of personal ambition for power and status without responsibility. Unfortunately, the masses, like sheep, continue to be duped that the revolution is still alive.

The unresolved struggles within the struggle and the struggles after the struggle that we are now seeing as succession battles are in essence the consequences of the assassination of Dr. John Garang De Mabior which started SPLM’s race to the bottom. It is quite funny, if not ridiculous, for SPLM to, therefore, claiming that they brought democracy to south Sudan and yet there really has never been democracy within SPLM.

Instead, we know that only Salva Kiir has been its  abstract. This, he has managed, not through exposing himself to fair democratic selection, but rather through political intrigue, manipulation, threats, violence and the purging of potential rivals. History is repeating itself. Rule by fear and elimination, not through persuasion and building consensus, has been the practice; this is exactly what many feared most.

Make no mistake; I am not shedding any tears for those underlings who are being purged from SPLM nor am I at all sympathetic to the plight of those leaders who now face corruption accusations. They have all been active participants and beneficiaries of a tyranny and must now reap what they have sown.

Throughout the years, SPLM cronies from all walks of life have taken advantage of the brand to steal, cheat and intimidate in order to gain economic advantage. Some of its leaders have clearly abused their positions to steal land, abused State resources and plunder. Our country, South Sudan, has been a victim of their interminable and unbridled greed. The chickens are coming home to roost.

The danger we face is that we are not fully backing up this unified alternative [SPLM-IO] to SPLM-IN JUBA. I remain hopeful that South Sudanese will realize that we need to put our support to the new alternative political system [SPLM-IO] that is inclusive and is based on a new narrative and new values that respect our dignity, rights and ambitions as free citizens.

We all want to create a new narrative, but we can never move on until we address the pain and loss of the past. More important, the truth about our history must be exposed so that we may not repeat the same mistakes. Only then shall everything else surely be added unto us.

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is Chairman of SPLM-YL chapter in Egypt, Writer, commentator, staff at Nyamilepedia; He can be reach through

What I know about my people ‘the Nuer’

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut Chairman of SPLM- Youth League in Egypt

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is a Chairman of SPLM- Youth League in Egypt

Feb 19, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Nuer is one of the largest tribe among the 64 other tribes of south Sudan famously known for bravely and physical fitness whether in term of negotiation or in term of fighting.

Nuer where squeeze into three states under President Kiir government and now they are happily in five states under Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s proposal of 21 federal states. Nuer are unique type of human beings that has thy own ways of handling disputes and dealing with personalities of serpent among themselves.

What I really know best about my fellow Nuer as one of the seed which germinated from the middle of ‘Raan Kuoth’s farm’ are;
• Whenever you turn your back to my fellow Nuer community at large, you risk being rejected.
• Once you cited an abomination that is affecting the norms and directly hurting the image and the entire reputation of the whole tribe, you will immediately face rejection.
• When you want to apply slavery on Nuer nations, you will face resistance.
• Don’t try to change Nuer’s minds to hate what they love the most, for they will promptly point their fingers on you.
• You should not discriminate Nuer and shit on them for so long thinking they will enjoy your disgusting stool, for they will not withstand the smell for long period of time.
• Once you kill young children, women and old ages people, you will face revenge.

And the list accelerate …

My fellow country men and women misunderstood my tribe members [Naath] for quite a long time and the only odd character they have pointed out is that; “Nuer are wild! And their best hobby is to fight everywhere any time.” No…! That isn’t what we are good at, Naath are peace loving people and God fearing body. They coexist peacefully with their sovereign inhabitants.

However, Nuer are people of principles and people of strong unity and believes though few might not agree with me on this, but I insist. You can live with Nuer, interact with Nuer, and coexist with them peacefully and gently till the end of the two of you. But honestly whenever you crossed your border of your social life and attack their feeling hurting them and after long tolerance and hindrances of your nonsensical acts, they will not tolerate you any longer they will react vigorously like an atoms mixes by unprofessional chemist hence it will reaches to full scale conflict and persistent disagreement between Nuer and those who oppresses them.

And one important think I know about my lovely Nuer is that went you value them, they will always love you and sticks to you no matter what circumstances you will always be remembered and that is the novel gift won by Dr. Riek Machar. “We always said value us we will value you, love us we will love you and stand with us in time of difficulties and we will carry you on our shoulders” the Nuer.

Moreover, when you decide to change from your good characters and betray or reject them, the repercussion of your hatred will be taken very highly and your recent reputation and your shining name will be easily got erase and permanently deleted from their hearts and you will be thrown behind bars and your names will be the daily message used by gossipers in and around the community though you have been feeding them, education their children free of charge, leading them well they will quickly forget you and they will focus on your new characters. Definitely you will be cursed for polishing bad image to the community.

To prove me right, take a look at the former NCP Icon Dr. Riek Gai Kok Diang the current Health minister in Salva Kiir government, He was once a patriotic man and the only man of people who value education and give a green light to desperate youths who were not capable to sponsor themselves by then. He showed the inner heart of a true nationalist but now is he stills the people choice? You will probably answer it by yourself.

There are more people of these kind on the list but few to mention is: Pagan Amum Okiech, Rachael Nyadak, Simon Kun Puoch, Kok Rueh, Nguen Monytuil, Baranaba Mariel Benjamin and Timothy Taban Juc without forgeting the young General Lul Ruai Kong who have just defected yesterday.

Lul Ruai Kong who gained popularity so quickly due to the crisis of Nuer victim had been known globally by reporting war crime committed by genocidal regime of the Nazi Kiir government against our civilians. “The man who was been on our shoulders for all that while is peacefully at his own feet today”.

In conclusion Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon is still the people choice and he is what occupied their minds. There is nothing, absolutely nothing anybody else can do to stop the Nuer and the rest of the citizens from following his visions and missions. Not even the US dollars and starling pounds more people desire to have.

All in all Nuer as a society are God fearing people who allows any person to intermarriage with them, lives with them, coexist with them without discrimination. The allegations that Nuer are harsh, rude and tough with short tempers are all baseless propagandas which will only instigate differences and incite doubts toward the Naath nation.

My personal warning to the SPLM-IO cadres from tops ranks to last ranks, politicians and other credentials is whenever anybody forget the root cause of Nuer genocide He will also face rejection as we did to those who [Lul Ruai] forget the Nuer victims. May their souls R.I.P.

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is Chairman of SPLM-YL chapter in Egypt, Writer, commentator, staff at Nyamilepedia; He can be reach through

South Sudan: A moment for youths to wake up and called for Kiir to quit the throne.

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut

South Sudanese nationals turn out in mass number to celebrate the independence of South Sudan in 2011(Photo: file)

South Sudanese youths turn out in mass number to celebrate the independence of South Sudan in 2011(Photo: file)

Feb 18, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)— No fundamental political, economic or social transformation can be expected unless we the people act. history never conforms to principles that can be calibrated exactly by theoretical or scientific political analysis. if we intend to be successful in creating the circumstances that we want, we must always attempt to identify and understand the fundamental forces that are driving change in our life time, but we must always be prepared to be surprised by events.

The surprises have come and gone indeed, but we must expect more as we move towards 2015-2016. SPLM cannot create the south Sudan we want and the purges we have seen make it no better. We must expect more contestation in the political arena in the coming years, but whether this contestation will result in fundamental political changes in south Sudan is doubtful.

All in all, 2014 has been a rather disappointing year in that, nothing fundamental has changed except the surprise recalibration of internal SPLM politics and the merging of the SPLM-DC and other political parties’ outfits.

Unfortunately these events will not necessarily result in wholesale political, economic and social change that we seek. Politics is failing to transform our society. We are going round in circles and it is up to us to now break that circle. as we have gone into the New Year, it is necessary that we reflect and ask how we ourselves can become the change agents and break the cycle of mediocrity and resistance to change.

How do we, for once, take the responsibility of leading the social change that we want to see? this is because if we do not do that, we shall once more stand disappointed and hopeless at the end of the coming year.

Our economy will not recover as long as the fundamentals are not addressed. These include wholesale institutional renewal, constitutionality including the respect of private property rights, attracting foreign investments, the revival of agriculture, infrastructure rehabilitation and, more important, leadership renewal.

Clearly SPLM has no incentive for a wholesale recalibration of institutions which continue to present it with an unfair political and economic advantage. It has no urgent appetite to encourage fair political competition, freedom to associate, a free media sector simply because it knows that it will be rendered irrelevant. The changes we want in South Sudan will certainly not emanate from a predator liberation struggle political organization, let’s be clear on that.

In the last year, our opposition political parties on top of them is the SPLM-DC have been consumed by restructuring and renewing themselves and we may expect them to be more active in the coming year. I anticipate nothing new except the usual politicking and continuous press conference condemning SPLM’s failures. No fundamental political, economic or social transformation can be expected from those quarters in the coming year.

This of course leaves us the citizens of south Sudan as the only people who can really make a difference. This gives us who want to see fundamental transformation the responsibility to lead the change we want to see without expecting others to do it for us. My contention here is that, any sustainable social change in south Sudan will need a new narrative from those that make the majority of our population; youth and women.

This narrative need not necessarily be only on the political front, but must be a narrative that seeks social justice as contemplated by the liberation struggle. It must include the total emancipation and empowerment of the masses specifically the youth and women.

To date we have mistakenly assumed that political parties will empower us and this has been proven wrong. We have in the past been told the lie that we were emancipated by SPLM through the armed struggle and that has turned out to be even a bigger lie. We must emancipate and empower ourselves first. It will pay us to wait to wait for the youths to wake up; we must create the change we want to see.

As I say this, I know there are millions of young South Sudanese out there who have tended to divorce themselves from politics because, throughout the years, they have been abused and then forgotten by politicians. Most have just given up with no hope that they will see the change they want in this lifetime and yet it is not impossible. As we look forward to better years ahead we must know that they will not come without sacrifice.

They will not come from inaction and expectation but from a concerted effort for us to change the game. This will require that all young progressive south Sudanese must first admit to themselves that change can surely come. It is with this in mind that I invite the young south Sudanese who desire a better life to unite and create a force for change that ignores our politicians as change agents or shapers of the future. It is time for organization and action by youth for youth.

Young south Sudanese must now aspire to empower themselves and begin to be actors in creating the life that they deserve. So as we reflect on the past we must do so with the knowledge that history now requires us to shape it. Our history can never really be shaped without our consent.

I sincerely hope 2015 will see young ordinary south Sudanese citizens come out of their slumber and begin to act to create the south Sudan we want. The adults will continue with their old stories and with their fights to hold on to power and privilege without offering us a better and it’s you and I that can bring change to the young Nation future.

And it’s you and I that can bring change to the young Nation

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut who is Chairman of SPLM -Youth League Chapter in Egypt, can be reach through

Why the SPLM-IO choose federalism.

By Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

The SPLM in Opposition leadership meets in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on 19 October 2014

The SPLM in Opposition leadership meets in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, on 19 October 2014

Feb 11, 2015 [Nyamilepedia]—-According to Cornell Law School; Federalism is define as a system of government in which the same territory is controlled by two levels of government. Generally, an overarching national government governs issues that affect the entire country, and smaller subdivisions govern issues of local concern. Both the national government and the smaller political subdivisions have the power to make laws and both have a certain level of autonomy from each other. The United States has a federal system of governance consisting of the national or federal government, and the government of the individual states.

The amount of power exercised by the federal government is dependent upon how the various provisions of the Constitution are interpreted. For example, the United State of America Supreme Court expanded the powers of the federal government when it construed federal powers to include those “necessary and proper” to effect the legislation passed by Congress.

Perhaps, for the case of South Sudan, we have seen what have been the so called Democratic Republic of south Sudan under the regime of Cde. Slava Kiir Mayardit. Someone could be tempted to ask are we really a democratic state?
Then one will be sillier to say yes we are……and thinking that South Sudanese are united as it has been always unstoppable advert in the national television [SSTV] on its daily programs is misleading, “One people one nation”

The killing that was decorated by our leader instigated differences among the citizens of our beloved Country making them categorized themselves and regroup thy-selves into uncontrollable tribalist of which is us to be blame for… Too ridiculous as it sound.
South Sudan have change to a dictatorship country.

Features of Dictatorship of which President Kiir cling to:
1. One Party, One Leader and One Programme:
In dictatorship only one party is allowed to exist and it is the dictator’s own party. Other political parties, associations and organizations are not allowed to function. These are banned. All opposition to the dictator is ruthlessly suppressed. Hitler used to say, “Swastika or gallows”.
One Leader:

Under dictatorship, leadership is given to a single man. Full faith is to be concentrated in the leader. The leader is supposed to represent national unity. He is considered to be a symbol of national prestige. He is the final authority in every matter and his word is supreme. {Salva Kiir’s Rule of decrees}
One Programme:
The whole country is supposed to have one political programme and it is the programme of dictator’s own party.

  1. Absence of Individual freedom:
    The individual does not enjoy any freedom or rights under dictatorship. Maximum obedience to the laws is equated to the maximum freedom. People are not allowed any freedom of speech, association and press. All agencies of education and propaganda such as schools, colleges, radio, papers and films are controlled by the state. In the words of Mussolini “people do not want liberty but they want law and order.
    “No criticism against the dictator is tolerated. People are supposed to believe and obey. Democratic slogans of liberty, equality and fraternity are replaced by slogans like duty, discipline and sacrifice. Mussolini asserted, “Liberty is a dead carcass, I kick it.”
  2. National Glorification:
    Dictators glorify their nations to an illogical extreme. A mad sense of patriotism is inculcated in the minds of the people. They are made intensely nationalistic.
    The state is regarded as the march of God on earth. The state is considered to be the end and the individual a means to that end. People are supposed to sacrifice their lives on the altar of state.
  3. Glorification of War:
    Dictators glorify war. War is considered to be essential for the normal health of body-politic. The state is all powerful and it must enhance its prestige. The dictators adopt a war-like policy and glorify brute force as the means for achieving national greatness. In the opinion of Hitler, “In eternal warfare, mankind has become great; in eternal peace it will be ruined.”
    To quote Mussolini, “War is to the man what maternity is to the woman.”

5. Totalitarian State:
Dictatorship is a totalitarian state which controls each and every aspect of human personality, and takes into its fold all human activities in the social, economic, political, educational, religious and cultural spheres.
No margin for individual liberty is left behind. “Nothing against the state, everything for the state, nothing outside the state” is the basic principle of dictatorship.

6. Racialism:
Dictators preach racialism. The Germans under Hitler regarded themselves to be superior to the people living in the rest of the world. They claimed that they belonged to the ancient Aryan stock. As such they regarded themselves to be superior to others.
Similarly, the Italians claimed that they belonged to the race of the ancient Roman conqueror and that they had a divine mission to conquer the world. In south Sudan there is Dinka misconception of born to rule.

Dictatorship was a mad doctrine. World War II was the direct result of these dictatorships. Democratic camp led by U.S.S.R., England and America uprooted dictatorship from the world and gates for the growth of democracy were again opened.
If President Salva Kiir Mayardit want to practice dictatorship, He will also end up being uprooted as it was done to the founders.
Moreover, it’s up to us to accept Federalism as the only system of governance which can be necessary for our people. And also we should also think of this vision and to relies it future effect on us and unto our children whom will be the primary beneficiaries of this system of governance. The entire communities of south Sudan needs to promptly rush for it call and it implementation as the Peace blare in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian capital.

There are no side effects in installing Federalism to be our current system as some intellectuals misleads their inmates contrary to what we really know federalism for.
However, there are advantages and benefits toward the practice of this system not to the government Icons alone but to the entire country.

Advantages of federalism:
 -It provides a barrier to the dominance of the majority. For example if the majority of those in power represented a conservative coalition.
 -Local Interests Reflected: National Government provides and regulates “national needs” which would be too difficult or expensive for any one state to handle alone such as national security, social security and welfare programs, national transportation and communications.
 -It ensures that government remains close to the people. The State governments argue that they are more in tune with the daily needs and aspirations of the people.
 -Includes increased flexibility among regional governments, which allows policy experimentation such as differing laws across states

There are a number of ways to show you how effectively or efficiently federalism tackles problems which the SPLM –IO have come up with.

• The SPLM under Dr. Machar and his comrades chose federalism rather than a centralization because they had tried centralization. They had found that it created a central government that was too weak to really do what was needed.
• The Resistance leaders chose federalism rather than having a unitary system (all power given to the central government) because people did not trust central government. They had just fought to become free from a centralized Kiir government that, they thought, was too oppressive.
• The SPLM-IO chose federalism also as way of preventing tyranny. They wanted to split the power of government between the states and the central government so that neither level of government could become too powerful. They felt that splitting power up was a good way to protect the people from government tyranny.

The SPLM-IO should be given a chance to return us back to our happiness and to eradicate the educational paralysis, Carnage state of our own roads, filthy/disgusting images of our hospitals and health care centers in the country and Looting culture of our subordinates salaries in all public and private sectors as it has been inherit to us by our Ugandans friends. Kiir government is a mixture of all unwanted cells.

Oh yes! Federalism has been welcomed with open arms by the greater Upper Nile region and by the entire Equatoria region but due to manipulations and silencers, the mighty Equatorians and some few traitors from Upper Nile region have not been able to made it up to the peak. But hopefully heart failure will surprise our oppressors one day at a time.

Applause to the people party the SPL-IO for the tireless struggle and resistance of the tyranny. We are all behind you and I can assure you the citizens are all yours.

I have spoken my words and may the gods of the land hear my voice………

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through

Have We Accepted Our Fate?

By: Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Sirir Gabriel

Sirir Gabriel

Feb, 5/2015 [Nyamilepedia]—-Once upon a time, an African story goes, Tortoise fell into a deep pit latrine. For 10 years he lived in there and gave up any hope of rescue. But one day he heard voices passing by. “Get me out of here!” he shouted at the top of his voice, “I can’t stand it any longer!”

Imagine how Tortoise survived those 10 years in a deep, dark and filthy place. He got used to the stench of human waste and all that comes with it. He got used to the darkness.

He most likely survived on the filth. He very likely began to eat the filth itself and the low life that thrives in filthy places such as worms and algae. How else could he have got his daily sustenance? It was, therefore, quite dishonest of him to claim he couldn’t stand it any longer.

South Sudanese have lived in a deep, dark and filthy place for a long time. Some were able to escape; we call them the south Sudanese Diaspora. But the majority were not able to. They didn’t have a choice, so they chose to get used to their place.
There are many things that South Sudanese have chosen to get used to; so many bad things they now take as normal. These have now become so much a part of their day-to-day living that anyone among them who tries to point them out is taken as someone who has been smoking something.

They have even fashioned a catchphrase to go with it.They cynically say “a goat tethered to a tree must survive with what it can get around the tree” justifying their inertia.

South Sudanese have forgotten what democracy is, so they remain quiet when their civil liberties are trampled upon. They have accepted they have no power to demand accountability from their government. So when they see all the corruption, the nepotism and the tribal killings that goes with our daily living, they take it as normal.

They have been made to forget all the important pillars of democracy. When they see their leaders removing an elected official for self-interest and looting government funds, they are not moved. In fact, all they says: “who are we to talk.”
All those women who agree to be abused by singing the praises of despots at political rallies; all those opportunists who bribe people to forget their direction and intimidate them into toeing the party line — they are all a sign that some people believe it is all right to live in filth.

We have accepted mediocrity. Our leaders don’t have to be achievers; all they need do is sing the loudest slogans, pummel into submission anyone who raises an eyelid and use State organs such as the police to keep people on leash.
The state of our hospitals is of no concern to them because they and their kith and kin get preferential treatment getting access to medicines that the ordinary people are denied. If they can’t get these, they have the wherewithal to go anywhere on the globe to access world-class healthcare.

Our education system continues to decline because of poor priorities; the ratio of textbooks to pupils is a joke.
Schools in some communal lands look like pigsties. The children don’t have the most basic of resources.
Needless to say the majority of our children do not have a chance in heaven to succeed.
But the state of our roads is the most glaring example of national failure.

The scale of road carnage shows just how primitive our transport system has become. But it seems our government thinks that declaring one traffic accident after another a national disaster is an achievement.

Government ministers seem to even cherish the occasions where they have to dish out “help” to bereaved families. This they do, not because of their compassionate nature, but to entrap people into their scheme of things – it’s a show of artificial benevolence meant to dupe people into supporting them during election time.

Analysts from across the globe are agreed the trouble with South Sudan is its leadership. Granted, politics is about contestation for power; one group fighting another or others to lay its hands on the reins of power. But when such contestation becomes an end in itself it becomes destructive and, therefore, fails to move the country forward.

In the past 9 years South Sudan politics has been about holding on to power by a ruling elite that feels a sense of entitlement that it has to hold on to the levers of power to eternity. This became its only motivation even when it became clear the country was going to be fragile because of it.

In the period of old Sudan, South Sudanese have seen how politics is not a life-giving force. The most disillusioned have begun to compare the present and the past and have yearned for a bygone era when, in spite of the political oppression, they seemed to thrive better. Of course this is a result of the irony that their liberators have often behaved worse than the oppressors of the past.

This feeling is now almost all-pervasive and has deadened the people’s political consciousness. When people cease to believe in hope they reach a stasis that enslaves them. Some who seem to succeed in the cocoon give the others a false sense of optimism that all will be fine when it is clear the only way to move forward is to break out.
Do South Sudanese need a passing voice to remind them they can’t stand it any longer?


[Part Two]

By Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut Thijoak,

Sirir Gabriel at the centre; South Sudanese in Cairo, Egypt, commemorate the genocide carried out in Juba(Photo: Sirir)

Sirir Gabriel at the centre; South Sudanese in Cairo, Egypt, commemorate the genocide carried out in Juba(Photo: Sirir)

Jan 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — With so many people purporting to be leaders these days, how do we recognize a true leader? To answer that question, we must step back and ask: What is it that a leader is really trying to accomplish?

A true leader wants nothing more than to make people stand on their own, as leaders in their own right. Instead of trying to blind us with his or her brilliance, a true leader reflects our own light back to us, so that we may see ourselves anew.

Moses was the quintessential leader. We see in Exodus that he was a shepherd – a rather modest beginning for the man who would speak to God. He kept watch as thousands of sheep wandered the fields. Moses noticed that one sheep was missing and went off to look for it, finding it at a distant brook. When the sheep had finished drinking, Moses lifted it onto his shoulders and carried it back to the flock.

When God saw this, he realized that Moses was a man of reason, empathy and selfless devotion, a man truly worthy to lead His people. After all, no one was watching Moses; he could easily have thought to himself, why be concerned with one sheep when there are thousands?

In our secular society, we tend to think of a leader as a person who is well-connected, who is powerful or charismatic or wealthy. We judge our leaders by what they have. But a true leader should be judged by what he has not — ego, arrogance, and self-interest.  A true leader sees his work as selfless service toward a higher purpose. As the sages say, “Leadership is not power and dominance; it is servitude” This does not mean that a leader is weak; he derives great strength from his dedication to a purpose that is greater than himself.

Each generation has its Moses, a leader who inspires absolute trust, who is totally dedicated to fulfilling his unique role. He understands and appreciates each person’s role in perfecting this world, and guides him or her accordingly; he rises above any individual perspective to take a global view, seeing how each person and issue fits into the entire scheme of the contemporary world.

A true leader shakes people from their reverie and tells them, “No, you don’t need to live a life of desperation and confusion. Yes, you do have the ability to find meaning in your life, and the unique skills to fulfill that meaning. You are an important link in a chain of generations past; you have a legacy worth preserving and a future worth fighting for.

A true leader shows us that our world is indeed heading somewhere and that we control its movement. That we need not be at the mercy of personal prejudices or the prevailing political wind. That none of us are subservient to history or nature — that we are history and nature. That we can rid the world of war and hate and ignorance, and obliterate the borders separating race from race, rich from poor.

Centuries ago, kings and queens ruled the world, but we are today far removed from the very concept of absolute leadership. Indeed, leadership would seem to contradict our democratic tradition, which has taught us not to subordinate our lives to another human being.  But we cannot afford to be so literal-minded: If the ideals of democracy were followed to the extreme, if the public demanded a referendum for even the smallest piece of legislation, society could not function. So our current political makeup is a pragmatic and acceptable compromise, allowing individuals a role in choosing their leaders while holding the leaders responsible to society.

Still, many people have lost faith in contemporary leaders. The solution is not to resign yourself to this sad state of affairs, but to search for and demand a leader of sterling character. The ultimate goal should be to have all the benefits of democracy and the benefits of a visionary leader.

It is important, especially today, to distinguish between leadership and demagoguery. A demagogue may inspire people, but his motives are impure and his expectations unrealistic. It is wise to be a bit skeptical when assessing a leader: Is he truly devoted to his mission or just seeking glory? Is he truly interested in the welfare of others or simply building a flock for his own aggrandizement?

A true leader does not want followers; he wants to teach others how to be leaders. He does not want control; he wants the truth. He does not impose his leadership on others, nor does he take away anyone’s autonomy. He inspires by love, not coercion.  When it comes time to take credit, he makes himself invisible; but he is the first to arrive at the time of need, and he will never shrink away in fear. He is so passionate about your welfare that when you consult him for guidance, it is like coming face to face with yourself for the first time.

A true leader must be a living example of his teachings. When we see that a leader’s personal life embodies his philosophy, we too are inspired to learn that philosophy. Conversely, if we see that a leader does not live by his own words, we cannot trust him.

Until went we understands why we are being elected by our beloved citizens, henceforth our own voters and the land we vowed to develop will be free and smile back at us….

I have spoken my words and may the gods of the land hear my voice……

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through

Analysis On What Make A True And Competent Leader!

The purpose and intent of a true leader shall be to elevate mankind’s faith, and to fill the world with justice — Maimonides, Laws of Kings

[Part One]

By Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut Thijoak,


Courageous and charismatic leaders are in in demand but short of supply ran South Sudan to the edge of its worst(Photo: via forbes)

Jan 10, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — At some point in our lives, we have all had a relationship with someone — a parent, a teacher, or employer perhaps — who greatly changed the way we look at life and the world. Someone who had high standards and truly stood for something. Someone who inspired and motivated us. Someone who taught us to set goals and instilled the confidence and spirit to achieve them. Such a person is a true leader.

Today, we are surrounded by people we may call leaders — in government, in business, in education, in the arts. But we are suffering from a scarcity of genuine leadership. Where are these people really leading us, and why?

After witnessing so much deceit and such frequent abuse of power, many people have stopped trusting their leaders. Still, no matter how cynical we may grow, we resign ourselves to the fact that we need someone to keep our various houses in order. Since we are so preoccupied with our own lives, we are willing to elect or appoint officials to manage the affairs of the land.

But is a leader merely a manager? What should we expect from our leaders? And do we really need leaders in the first place?

Yes, we do need leaders. On our own, we lack the vision, direction, and strength to reach our goals. We all begin our lives in need of guidance – even the most precocious child could not possibly be expected to make certain crucial decisions. Once we become adults, with the capacity to reason for ourselves, we are so overwhelmed by the pressures of daily survival that we rarely find the time and energy to focus on life’s larger issues. And when we do, our emotions and inherent subjectivity limit our vision and constrict our movement.

A leader provides a new perspective, inspiring us to abandon our narrow field of vision.  When we are preoccupied with our self-interests – be they petty or great – a leader sends out a wake-up call, alerting us to seek the true priorities in life.

This sense of urgency is just as important in a leader as a sense of vision. Leadership today is sorely lacking the quality of urgency. Many of our leaders are effective managers, and some are even inspirational; we have CEO’s who can direct thousands of employees toward a single objective, and politicians whose rhetoric inspires millions of citizens to support them.

What these leaders don’t provide is simple – and essential: a vision of life itself. Genuine leadership must give people a long-term vision that imbues their lives with meaning; it must point them in a new direction and show how their every action is an indispensable part of a purposeful whole. It is not enough for our leaders to teach us to be productive or efficient; they need to inspire us to change or improve the world in a productive, meaningful way. And this creates a compelling sense of urgency: to fulfill this vision of life.

To be continue……………………………………………..

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through

It’s our priority to educate the children

By Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

A shoe-less child repairing a shoe of an adult in South Sudan capital, Juba(Photo: supplied)

A shoe-less child repairing a shoe of an adult in South Sudan capital, Juba(Photo: supplied)

Jan 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The number of children who do not get excess to schools in my country is as much as the number of young children living on streets today, South Sudan politicians have no interest in empowering and encouraging them to go school as it’s done in different angle of the world.

While I was there back home before the crisis of the present day in south Sudan, little boys and girls are found almost everywhere in Juba city loitering and working as shoe polishers, sellers of boiled eggs, walking along these dirty roads selling groundnuts and also as bus conductors. Instead to be busy attending their classes my brothers and sisters are working harder to keep our leaders smart and nothing, absolutely nothing is being done to this hopeless kids.

Where is child right?

It’s the right of the child to go to school and if his or her parents are incapable to afford their school fees, it’s the government role to create policies for free education in the country not to watch them spoiling and becoming irresponsible children.

We cannot keep looking at our boys and girls in the hot sun of Juba polishing our shoes, selling us boiled eggs, watching our cars, and selling us groundnuts and we continue to smile and keep silent as if we are giving birth to Goliaths and Sampson. That is too ridiculous.

South Sudan is as fragile as a rats infested house, the educational system in our young nation is completely poor and weak and nothing is being done about this obvious abomination by the ministers concerned. Very unfortunate.

We cannot often keep taking our children to our neighboring Countries .e.g. Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and among others; for just a mere basic primary foundation which can be done in our country by our domestic teachers. This is ignorance.

Our children needs proper care and guidance, they should not be encourage to continue to be men and women of their own………. No they are kids and they needs our supports so that they will develop interest and concentration to love their books.

South Sudan needs millions and millions of graduates so as to eradicate this chronic illiteracy in our country South Sudan.

I have spoken my words and may gods of the land hear my voice……………………..

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through

Rachel Nyadak Paul’s Statement to Take Tea in Uror County Next Week is a Mere Dream in a Daylight.

By Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut:

Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting(Photo: supplied)

Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting(Photo: supplied)

Dec 30, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Hon. Rachel Nyadak Paul who serve as the deputy minister for information and broadcasting in the current government of President Salva Kiir Mayardit is in the shoes of puppet Gordon Buay Malek who is well known of issuing baseless propagandas which does not hold water to the Media outlets thinking Lou Nuer White boys, the mighty Silva and Golden army ever can be frighten and got scare by words coming out from a human mouths. Of course not, our white army cannot be shaken by propaganda from a woman mouth.

For Christ sake who do Nyadak think she is….? Ok…………… So it is true that went a woman lost her husband earlier, she will be entitled to all ups and downs, shorts and longs, big and larges, better and worse, hot and colds, strongest and weak, but let me tell you clearly and very nakedly (Nyadak) that; your Chinese troops, Uganda mercenaries, your boys (Mathiang Anyoor) to whom you are their Sugar Mummy, the entire SPLM- Juba Politicians including them SPLA Generals whom you have reluctantly decided to open your two legs to, might not and will not take Uror ‘Mun Loal’ within a week. True must be told.

I can’t imagine a person borne in the same area where her umbilical cord was buried still keep wishing the same destination more destruction and bad lucks? how can we term this person? Well, I will call this extreme madness, selfishness and a person who think not of the people who voted for her or the land she vow to developed, but Money as everything in her life. Period.

Moreover, it is always good to think twice before you leave, Rachel Nyadak Paul should think of refuting/dismissing or apologizing to the public and particularly to greater Lou Nuer immediately or as soon as possible because the more she lay low the more thing will falls apart on her side.

Hon. Nyadak Paul who force her way up through do or die intercourse and through no retreat no surrender kind of sexual sacrifices to reached where she is today cannot listen or fears any man, except the man who employed her.

But Nyadak should also put in her small medulla of langata (brain) that wherever you comes from always matter in politics, Politics considered your strong hold mostly during any election. Now that you want to destroy your County, which constituency will you come from probably went time comes for election? And who will vote you in once again?

Too bad to imagine your fateful ending honorable……………

However, your days are numbered. It is useless for us to waste time responding to your fake statements that you stated to get your daily earning. You are no more but a morning dew that always evaporates went sees the Sun start showing his eye……..

I have spoken my words and may gods of the land hear my voice……..

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut, is a writer and commentator and He is the Chairman of SPLM Youth League Chapter in Egypt he can be simply reach through