The Nuer Supreme Council Calls on President Barack Obama not to allow President Kiir Mayardit to set foot on American Soil

Salva Kiir, the South Sudanese president finds himself in an empty boats as his political allies are deserting him(Photo credits: Kulan)

Salva Kiir ….

The Nuer Supreme Council

President Barrack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington D. C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:


July 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — While we are appreciative of your efforts to bringing a lasting peace to South Sudan in the midst of man-made crisis, which caused thousands of civilians dead and millions displaced, we are writing to you to express our strongest opposition to your invitation to President Salva Kiir Mayardit to United States (US) for US-African Summit.

The Nuer Supreme Council has learned that Pres. Kiir is invited along with others African leaders to attend the Summit hosted by Brooks Institute comes August 4th, 2014. We feel Pres. Kiir’s invitation is misplaced and uncalled for considering the magnitude of the crimes against humanity he has helped committed. Based on these atrocities, we, the Nuer Supreme Council kindly asked your high esteem office to reconsider and revoke Pres. Kiir’s invitation.

Briefly, the Nuer Supreme Council is the highest organ and intellectual body of the Nuer nation. Its mission is to advocate, devise, develop policies and implement solutions of societal and national issues. In principle, our motto is nonviolence and peaceful resolution of societal matters and state of affairs. Thus, serves as our core value and golden rule. Nonviolence is our guiding principle and a philosophical approach to issues of importance as an organization.

Since the Nuer Juba Massacre in mid-December 2013, the Nuer Supreme Council didn’t release any press release condemning the massacre because, as an organization, we were dumbfounded and shocked by the magnitude of the crimes committed against one ethnic group by Pres. Kiir’s government.

In this regard, we are cognizant of the fault lines and its heinous outcomes and we held those who committed these crimes fully responsible. We strongly condemned all the atrocities committed in the strongest terms possible. In the investigation, we highly recommended the involvement of the international community in order to bring the perpetrators to book and face full force of the law.

Mr. President,

As referenced above, we, the Nuer Supreme Council is saddened by the fact that your office has extended an invitation to Pres. Kiir. We found this invitation terribly disturbing and indeed disrespectful and miscarriage of justice. Not only that, the invitation exceptionally undermines your stand on the side of justice and humanity.

As such, its betrayed global justice and right to life. In many respects, it’s counterproductive to what you stood for but disgraceful insult to all voiceless South Sudanese whose love ones were murdered by Pres. Kiir’s private forces between December 15th -20th, 2013. Lastly, it’s an appalling insult to peace loving Americans and friends of South Sudan globally.

On the other hand, it’s an open secret that Pres. Salva Kiir is a vicious killer and a ruthless dictator who murdered his own countrymen and women based on their ethnicity. In our view, Pres. Kiir and his cronies deserved nothing than to pay for the
crimes they have committed from your administration and international community and not dine with world leaders. The least, the Nuer Supreme Council expects from the White House and the international community is a diplomatic isolation of Kiir’s government due to the following reasons:

  1. Between December 15th – 20th, 2013, Pres. Kiir’s government targeted and killed between 10, 000- 20, 000 innocent Nuer civilians in Juba alone on a door -to -door search summary executions.
  2. Nuer’s young girls and women were gang raped with broken sticks and brutally killed afterward.
  3. Innocent Nuer civilians (women, men and children) were forced to feed on their dead relatives and had to perform oral sex with family members (daughters, wives, mothers, and the uncles) regardless of their ages.
  4. Dr. Machar’s hometown, Leer was ransacked and its hospital was torched to the ground; and water wells destroyed after cessation of hostility agreement was signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. In the attack, innocent civilians were targeted and brutally killed by dismembering them.
  5. Also, in Leer, chiefs were fired squad; infants were killed by striking them against trees; women and young girls were gang raped with broken sticks; and innocent civilians including women and children were tied up dumped into the wells alive and afterward died from suffocation.
  6. On April 17th, 2014, more than 145 innocent Nuer civilians, majority whom were women and children killed and many other more wounded in the UN Base in Bor, Jonglei State by government troops.
  7. One thousand unarmed Nuer trainees were food poisoned in Pariak, Jonglei State and another 200 more were fired squad in Mapel training camp, Northern Bahr el Ghazal simply because they were Nuer.
  8. Pres. Kiir lied to the people of South Sudan and the world about fabricated coup attempt which led to current crisis.
  9. Pres. Kiir’s government has used an international banned cluster bomb between Juba and Bor, Jonglei State early this year
  10. Pres. Kiir’s government defied the world leaders for the last 7 months of conflict he created and spent $14.5 million dollars on weaponries from China (100 anti-tank missiles, 1,200 rockets, 9,000 assault rifles and hundreds of grenade launchers).
  11. Pres. Kiir’s government has paid $ 1 million dollars to three Washington D.C.’s lobbying Groups, which include the KRL International, the Podesta Group and the Diplomat Inc. while people of South Sudan are starving to death on a daily basis.

Mr. President,

As far as humanity is concerned, Pres. Kiir has lost touch with human’s feelings and doesn’t deserve even a handshake with the world leaders let alone meeting them.

Based on the evidence presented, we believe permitting Pres. Kiir to come to the US will be a grave mistake and will send a wrong precedent that your administration (Mr. Obama) condones savageries and leaders who kill their own citizens in cold blood. To avoid this practice Mr. President, Pres. Kiir must not be allowed to set foot on the American Soil.

Besides, allowing Pres. Kiir to dine with the world leaders in the U.S. will stains America’s good image, which promote global justice. Pres. Kiir’s acts resemble deeds of Adolf Hitler of German who killed 6 million Jews and Osama Bin of Saudi who murdered 3, 000 Americans on 9/11.

If no single world leader would ever invite Adolf Hilter or Osama Bin Ladin to his/her country for the heinous crimes they have had committed, Mr. Obama, why are you inviting a man who murdered more than 10, 000 innocent civilians in cold blood? Is this not an intelligent insult to the American people? And what kind of message are you sending out to the world regarding those who took laws into their own hands?

In closing, based on the reasons presented, we are confident that you will reconsider your invitation to Pres. Kiir. Certainly, this will send a very strong message that leaders who committed heinous crimes against humanity are not the US’s friends but foes.

J. Nguen
Secretary General,
The Nuer Supreme Council
+1 306 261 9575

South Sudan: Deteriorating Security In Barh El Ghazal Region!

Updated at 2:45Pm, July 18, 2014(Pacific Time).

Soldiers from the South Sudanese army (SPLA) soldiers at Jonglei’s Bor airport in after they re-captured the town from rebel forces in January 2014 (AFP)

Soldiers from the South Sudanese army (SPLA) soldiers at Jonglei’s Bor airport in after they re-captured the town from rebel forces in January 2014 (AFP)

July 18, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Defections and ambushes are raising panic in Bahr el Ghazal, a region that has been relatively calm despite intense battles in the other two regions. Latest reports from the ground reveal that armed youth and generals are defecting the government in Northern and Western Bahr el Ghazal states.

Sources believe that more than 300 armed youths have defected in the last two days to join the rebel movement under Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the former vice president.

“Our decision to join the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement and Army in Opposition is essentially rooted for our desire to preserve national pride and one identity. It is a decision borne out of our resolve to rescue the country from disintegrating into tribal units and restore hope and foster peaceful coexistence [for] our people through the restructuring of the country under [a] federal system,” Abdullah Kuot, the group’s spokesperson said.

Northern Barh el Ghazal, has been relatively peaceful, but not until mid April this year.  Military sources from multiple counties believe that the defections are threatening peace in Aweil and neighboring counties.

“The fighting erupted in the county headquarters of aweil west between the the splm spla forces and the government, I talked to them yesterday and the casualties is about 28 appeared dead and several other wounded the situation is now clam and any other attack can happen soon because are still around town” Chuai confirmed to Nyamilepedia.

Sources obtained by Sudan Tribune, put the death toll at about 60 people. The exact number of casualties is yet to be verified.

“More 60 comrades have lost their lives because in our battalion alone, we have sent 120 people and what remained is now less than 40 people. Some were killed and others wounded. This demoralised the fighting forces because they were sent with only light weapons. They went with Kalashnikov rifle machine guns, forgetting that these defectors were carrying heavy machine guns with them. That was why many were killed”, a military officer said.

The defection from Northen Bahr el Ghazal state, which begins in April, is attributed to the appointment of the current Chief of General Staff, Gen. Malong Awan, the former governor of the state and the defection of Gen. Dau Atorjung, who constested against Malong Awan in 2010 election.

While Malong is accused of having ruled the state with an iron fist, supporters of Gen. Dau Atorjung, the former division 6 commander, who were recruited earlier this year to quilt rebellion, are switching sides.

Most have cited government negligence to support their family, or care for the widows, orphans and wounded soldiers. Most abandoned their defense positions, allegedly due to government failure to pay them salaries as promised during the training.

Two weeks ago, the loyalists in Kwajok and Rubkhona fought among themselves over salaries, a trend that has been witnessed at the end of the last few months. Juba promises the angry forces to expect a double payment at the end of subsequent month, a promise that temporarily restores peace without solving it.

The salary issue is believed to have immersed pressure on the Ministry of Defense and the office of Chief of General Staff. The two offices struggle to carter for their own army but also for the Ugandan army.

The Uganda People Defense Force(UPDF) was contracted in December last year, initially to evacuated Ugandans nationals from South Sudan. That mandate has changed overtime. Today, the UPDF is limited to protecting the strategic town of Bor and Juba.

While Malong would prefer his home boys, the SPLA, paid the defense minister allegedly gives priorities to the Ugandan army.

Gen. Malong, the Chief of Staff, who recruits forces from his own home states, is believed to have been hit by the defection of the army.  Believed to have been working hard to avert this unfortunate incident, Malong has allegedly over stepped his COGS mandates, sidelining his boss Gen. Kuol Manyang, the minister of Defense, to seek solution from Salva Kiir.

This has allegedly created rift between the former governors, who are managing a newly recruited undisciplined army, to quilt rebellion and restore calm. Manyang, however, has denied the rift.

In lake state, these type of problems are handled differently. While teachers and other government employees are joining the army citing the diversion of their salaries to carter for the overwhelmed army, the caretaker governor, Maj-Gen Matur Chut Dhuol, removes thousands from police service, citing the same reason, lack of budget.

Last month, while the newly recruited soldiers returned from the front lines in Jonglei, Maj. Gen. Matur removes 3,800 polices from service due to lack of budget. Contrarily, those who abandoned positions were confronted, although they cited the same reason, salary.

The caretaker governor, whose predecessor Chol Tong Mayay is currently weighing war against the government, explains that the polices, despite that they served for more than two years, were only helping the the state government to quilt cattle raids and ethnic feuds.

“These forces were helping, working in they counties as organized forces – that was their duties,” Dhuol told the state government-owned FM-98 radio.

“They were not real police, but they were to help in clashes in the counties. They were to join the police but police have no budget to pay them,” he added.

Within the same week, however, governor Matur, ordered the commissioners from the 8 counties to forcefully recruit youth to join the army. Precisely, the governor ordered each of the commissioners to recruit 800 youth or face his government.

“Those chiefs who will fail to bring me their youth to join the army will be sacked – you are mandated by the governor’s order to recruit youth,” the power governor said.

“Anyone who will not apply this order will lose his position before I lose my position,” Mature clearly convey his message.

Some chiefs and commissioners, however, heeded the call and instead distanced themselves from the state government. According to the online Hope For Africa authorities in Wulu, Rumbek East, Yirol West, Yirol East, Cueibet and Awerial counties have distanced themselves from the state government.

Unlike Norther Bahr el Ghazal’s Aweil county, where Chief Deng Geng defected to the rebels and create panic, the chiefs and youths in Lake state are peacefully demanding that the Major General must step down or be removed by force.

“This imposed caretaker governor must step down, otherwise force will be used against him to step down,” Lakes state youth activist Moses Ater said.

“I hear president Salva Kiir talking about peace and not about war. Where is this governor getting orders of recruiting youth to join the army from?” he continued.

Lake state remains calm, in spite that Rumbek North commissioner was ambushed a few days ago by unidentified gunmen, allegedly to prevent him from visiting the capital, Rumbek, where Salva Kiir was expected to visit.

Sources believe that Salva Kiir toured the state in a UN charter to avoid similar incidents.

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Despite, The Forced Agreement Is Still The Best Solution For South Sudan

By Deng Elijah,


Former Primer Minister of Kenya, Raila Oding holding discussions with Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir of South Sudan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

Former Primer Minister of Kenya, Raila Oding holding discussions with Dr. Riek Machar and Salva Kiir of South Sudan in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia(Photo: file)

May 13, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The peace deal that was signed in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, by Salva Kiir and his former deputy was unexpected for so many reasons, however, the two principles couldn’t help signing it for a reason Kiir believes was a threat.They did, which was a good news to many people, however, not to the president and the team he represents.

The deal has to be implemented, as demanded by the Ethiopian Prime Minister. The IGAD and the international community are watching!

The major components agreed upon by the warring parties are:

  • Forming an inclusive interim government as preconditioned by IGAD, TROIKA, G7, G4 and SPLM-IO. Based on the earlier reports, neither the president nor his deputy would either want to step down or give powers to a Prime Minister or a co-president. The item does not favor the government.
  • Cease Hostilities as partially accepted by SPLM-IO and demanded by IGAD, G7, G4, TROIKA but not the South Sudanese government. The government has temporarily gained momentum and is determined to fulfill its promises of “crushing” the rebellion.
  • To open humanitarian corridors; a demand set forth by all the parties except the South Sudan government. The government denied humanitarian access to parts of Unity and Jonglei state. Other reports alleged that government officials have physically harassed the aid workers in the town of Bor and other areas. The government has denied UNMISS access to investigate the reported destruction of Leer, Machar’s home town. The latest reports from Leer are disturbing.
  • Reform the country as demanded by Dr. Riek, his colleagues and other parties. The government has tries to reform the country but differently.
  • Write a new constitution; a shared dream to many parties but a nightmare to the current government. Kiir’s forces claim to fight in defense of the transitional constitution despite the rampant violations of the constitution. A new constitution would curtails the powers of the president.
  • To ensure the inclusion of all South Sudanese stakeholders in the transitional process as called for by many political parties and civil societies but impeded by the government.
  • To prioritize national reconciliation; a case that was attempted by Machar in 2013 but dissolved by the Kiir.

The above items are the main objectives of SPLM [in opposition] and other stakeholders. The agreement favors all the parties, including the civil society, religious groups, other political parties, and Machar’s SPLM; however, it hurts the current government. This begs the question of whether the government will commit to its implementation.

The document takes away the extra powers that are endowed on Salva Kiir, leaving the regime with no other objective to fight for, other than power. The regime will only be defending its status quo, the powers of Salva Kiir as the elected president.

According to Salva Kiir the two leaders were threatened and forced to sign the document, however, the document gives Machar’s SPLM-IO an upper-hand. Therefore, it is very unlikely that Machar was threatened like Kiir.

With the exception of withdrawing the foreign troops, Machar’s preconditions were all met. Besides, the allied foreign forces would have no influence in the internal affairs if the warring parties commit to this agreement. Mercenaries are only needed to fight wars. When the peace returns, they would have no mandate to occupy the country.

Both parties have alleged to commit to obey the document they signed, however, they continue finger pointing at one another. Machar reiterates his commitment to implement the agreement on the BBC Hardtalk and urges the government to show similar commitment.

Kiir signs the agreement to avoid Prison:

As Kiir said in Juba, the Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn told him that “I will imprison you here” if he doesn’t sign the ceasefire.

Although Salva Kiir throws his opponents to jail, a threat of prison  was enough to force him signs a document that trims off his 21 powers. The prime minister, all of a sudden, turned brutal against Salva Kiir.  So Kiir cooperated, at least, to avoid prison.

As seen in his speech, the president had no other option, even “inu” was not quoted in the transcript, one of his best speeches in years.

Kiir only had to remind the prime minister that in “the country called South Sudan, he is [i am] the president to everybody,” which is true but not to Ethiopians.

To persuade the prime minister, Kiir added that, in fact, he is a president to those who are against him as well. Another truth, but was still irrelevant.

“Those who are against me, and those who support me. I am the president of South Sudan, and I must always remain in that position as the president. The leader of that country.” Kiir said.

He believes that he has no term limit and must always remain in that position, contrary to the agreement he just signed . A new constitution would be drafted against the will of Salva Kiir. The new constitution, although it is yet to be written, will have term limits.

All these developments worry the government of South Sudan, however, the hard-earned agreement comes at a threat.

The prime minister sends off the warring parties with “make no mistakes,” the world is watching!

“Make no mistake, that the region and the international community will not sit idly by, while killing scores” Hailemariam Desalegn, the Prime Minister, warns.

Whether the world watches or not is yet to be seen but the United States has threatened to impose more sanctions.

The Way Forward:

On his arrival at Juba, the president released very intense pressure accusing the west of supporting “rebels”.

“we thought we had friends in the west but after 15th we learned they’re friends only to certain sections.” Kiir reiterates his usual blame game.

The west has been accused on other occasions, including government planned policies like delaying elections.

The president was right. South Sudan government has invested many resources to gain western support but bears very little. The government of South Sudan has hired US firm and constantly sends diplomats to the west to improve foreign relations but that didn’t help either.

The government has approached the Arab Leagues and many African countries to gain support but also did very little. After all these options dwindled, the government had its last hopes in the mediating IGAD, however, the latest development is disturbing.

The government of South Sudan double deals IGAD members among themselves and as well against their regional rivals. The principal examples include Uganda against Sudan, and Egypt against Ethiopia.

South Sudan government has also tries to fit China and Russia against the United States and her allies like Israel. The government sends delegations to China during the 2012 Heglig war and also last month.

South Sudan is, of course, a sovereign state to choose her partners, however, mending relations that inflict conflict of interests is very controversial.

Sources that include the mediating Prime Minister of Ethiopia have warned of rationalization of conflict, however, the latest developments reduce the chances of regional conflict.

It is yet to be seen if the South Sudan government will work to improve her foreign relations with IGAD members despite the imminent threats.

Other than committing to IGAD mediation, Juba may resort to military solution. However, with the looming rainy season, the government has a limited chance of securing a military victory.

The combined governments forces have failed to defeat the armed opposition before its establishes its ground. Today, more than 70% of the national army has defected, foreign forces are exhausted and aiming to defend only Bor and Juba or withdraw. Yet the conflict has affected 8 of the 10 states despite the advantage that the government had during the dry season. The military option for the governments may not be that optimal either!

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Executive: Agreement to Resolve the Crisis in South Sudan -IGAD

Deng Elijah, Vancouver, British Columbia, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at dengsimon2000 at yahoo dot com

Nasir, An Eminent Target In South Sudan Civil War

Ayod-Ulang SouthSudanMay 01, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Despite the strong warnings and threats of war crimes by the United Nations representatives and the threats of sanctions by the United States to avert genocides, South Sudan civil war has intensified in five of the ten states within the last one week.

The latest offensives, led by the government troops, are ongoing in the town of Ulang in Upper Nile state and Ayod in Jonglei state.

Report from Ulang and Nasir allege that the  South Sudan government has burnt down Doma, Langnom, Muon, Joklita, Ying, Uriang and Unpieu.

As of late, the local source reports a major offensive in Ulang targeting Nasir. The war in Ulang is reportedly intensifying and continuing.

In Ayod county, Jonglei state, the Gawaar-Nuer white army have allegedly contained two battalions from advancing to the neighboring Uror county.

Sources on the ground believe that the government and Ugandan troops, equipped with more than 7 tanks, heavy artillery and a full convoy, have ran out of supply and are expecting further reinforcements from Juba.

The youth from Ayod have fought the government troops for 10 consecutive days from Kuechdeng to Ayod, with very little reinforcement from the opposition . Sources from Lankien hospital have reported a growing number of wounded patients from Ayod battles in the last two days.

enggonocideAlthough none of the warring parties has release a clear estimate of casualties, sources from Ayod county are reporting deadly clashes, with estimates of between 500 – 700 killed from both sides. One government tank was reportedly destroyed over the weekend.

Ayod was captured on 27 April by a major offensive led by several generals, loyal to South Sudan and Ugandan governments. The exhausted allied troops are seeking a safe exit from Ayod after youth claim to have surrounded the town. However, the closest safe havens in Duk county are occupied by rebel forces, led by Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual to the south and by the Lou-Nuer white army to the South East.

The Gawaar-Nuer white army, coming mostly from Wau and Mogok Payams, north of Ayod have reported deadly battles with the government troops at the North East of Ayod in Palith suburbs, leaving the only safe exit to the west, toward Canal and river Nile.

The government troops are, however, threatening to match to the neighboring Uror county. Uror is a viable target to weaken the oppositions, however, it is not clear if the allied troops would advance past Uror if they penetrate Ayod with their current force.

These latest violations of the ceasefire agreements, in Ulang, Ayod and Rupbuot by the government came before the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay and the UN Special Envoy for Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng left Juba.

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Government Troops Matching To Uror

Machar Welcomes The Release of Political Prisoners, Urges Foreign Troops to Leave!

Interviewed by Fred Dove.

Dr. Riek Machar, with his troops in Nasir (Photo: supplied)

Dr. Riek Machar, with his troops in Nasir (Photo: supplied)

April 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — While Dr. Machar, the former vice president, believes that his senior colleagues would have been released three months ago, he welcomes their release. He, however, asserted that their release was expected because the cases were weak and would have been thrown out of the court.

“However, nothing is too late, we welcome their release. It also indicates a lot because they have been under trial, it means the charges they were tried on are baseless and we have been saying that these people are innocent, at last Juba has proven that. So we welcome their release” Machar said.

Machar believes that the government was loosing the court case and if the case was left to the judges, the court would have trash it but because the government did not want that embarrassment, they decided to squash the case themselves.

Machar believes that the foreign troops from Sudan and Uganda must leave to give peace a chance.

“This is when we will know the government wants to discuss peace and wants to dialogue but as long as our country is still under occupation through the invitation of Salva Kiir, I don’t think he is serious.” Machar added.

Machar regrets any incident of targeted killing of civilians and pledges to institute a team that would investigate the incident.

“But however, if there is an incident of civilians that have lost lives, we regrets that, and I have decided that I will institute an investigation to this matter” Machar reaffirms

Machar further asserted that he would attend the peace talk in Ethiopia if required to show his willingness.

“Oh definitely, today I had discussion with the IGAD members, the mediation team. I also had discussion with the TRIOKA, and the European Union representative, and also with South African envoy, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa. And I promised that if the talk starts, if it needs even my present, I will be present. This is to show that we are serious about reaching towards political settlement ” Machar confidently added.

BBC: listen to “Riek Machar welcomes treason suspects release” on Audioboo,