Mac Paul Nailed Himself

By Heskey Dzeng


Gen. Mach Paul Kuol, Director of Military Intelligence, South Sudan (photo: supplied|Nyamilepedia)

March 31, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Who is Mac? did he sure enough to says this was not coup attempt, did he speak without liqueur in his mind, was he not among the people/politicians/ army senior officers who want to change President Kiir regime before the 2015 election.

It is ridiculous as the head of South Sudan military intelligence, Gen. Mac Paul Kuol, has rubbished the alleged coup attempt of December 15, 2013, who was called as a government witness to testify against the detained 4 political prisoners (Pagan, Oyai, Majak and Gatkuoth) who are charged in court, charged with treason.

You can fool uneducated persons but hard to trick elite’s person, they can judges you from head to toes, even before you open your mouth, from your starting point of words to the last words, but here the chief military intelligence did not convince me and maybe others to extend.

Instead to say those four political prisoners are not part of mid-December violence or coup plotted, it would be sound good, then rubbished everything, while there are fact-finding or evidence behind the violence, even from his junior officers.

By the way, give me break, I’m not supported the governments or President Kiir’s alleged failed coup attempt or saying it was not coup, but I need fact to be says because this violence has claimed many lives, then I want someone to be hold accountable of it than trade it.

Guys let get Mac Paul correctly on his recent court testimony and judge him, Mac said that he was alarmed by an incident on Dec. 13 when a Nuer officer tried to steal the key for an ammunition store in Gieda, and then he ordered the arrest of the officer. After arrested, Mac said he received phone calls from the former Unity State Governor Taban Deng, inquiring about the whereabouts of the officer. Mac said that he was nervous about ‘politicians’ interfering in military affairs. In response, Mac said he called a meeting of all security organs to discuss this issue which he deemed to be a threat to national security. Then the December 15 violence broke out. Mac revealed that Taban Deng was the mastermind of the violence.

The question here, why Nuer officer want to steal the key? And what brought in Taban Deng to inquired and interfered in military affairs, let speak the truth to set you free than trying blind a people that means there was something behind it but we do not want to penetrate it.

And then as military intelligence, why he did not detect and quell it before it grew big to that extend, Mac must be question again, maybe he was part of groups and he was caught up at wrong time. There are lots to say about this Intelligence Chief of our Country.

Someone, may wonder, how Mac denied this tangible fact behind our Country chaos, whenever he even revealed it that former Unity State Governor Taban Gai was mastermind of violence, Violence can be started as coup, why did he come out again that there was no coup.

Ironically, Mac said, it was a misunderstanding among the soldiers of Tiger Battalion, which was then mishandled till it escalated into a countrywide rebellion. Was Riak Machar, Gatdet, Taban Deng, Hussein Mar, Lado Gore and more others’ members of the Tiger battalion….pliz let speak the true.

On my best knowledge, Mac was not clean, he had been accused of trying to stage coup in past years, but he did not come out publicly to condemn it or to clear himself from accusation, why? So it was indirect reprisal.

With no doubt, Mac was not out of suspect chains, if he was loyal to president Kiir’s government, after he was alarmed by first incident on December 13, he would have tied the security, keep an eye on former Governor Taban’s activities, but because he was a part of coin, he gave them go ahead, warns military intelligence junior officers not to brought any report cases among his groups and that why Riak, Taban, Lado and others make it to escaped arrest on that night.

Truth can be right or wrong, it depend on how you defend it, it is not right time to say Mac has said the truth, and even addressed him as a great hero. As some put it Mac doesn’t worry about his job like other folks in South Sudan.

Whoever says it is failed coup attempt, he/she is/was right and then whoever put it as misunderstanding among the presidential guards or Tiger battalion is/was also correct, we are all correct, simply we divided along our tribal politicians’ supported, just defending unknown truth but we know the truth.

It will be blow to President Kiir for appointed a man, who just want to make himself rich, doing his interests, not nation interests, slept at his office while planning are going on…painful! Just sitting on junior military intelligent’s reports, watch out.

  1 comment for “Mac Paul Nailed Himself

  1. South Sudan woman
    March 16, 2015 at 6:31 pm


    I’d like to point out that you are greatly misled by your personal rating agenda and to point out that your writing is appalling. Who is Mac- it looks like you’ve answered your question. Posts like these are a case for defamation and tarnishing one’s reputation. If Mac Paul was not deemed capable of his duties, I doubt that he would have been appointed in the first place. I say please verify your information before posting.

    Thank you!


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