Nasir, An Eminent Target In South Sudan Civil War

Ayod-Ulang SouthSudanMay 01, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Despite the strong warnings and threats of war crimes by the United Nations representatives and the threats of sanctions by the United States to avert genocides, South Sudan civil war has intensified in five of the ten states within the last one week.

The latest offensives, led by the government troops, are ongoing in the town of Ulang in Upper Nile state and Ayod in Jonglei state.

Report from Ulang and Nasir allege that the  South Sudan government has burnt down Doma, Langnom, Muon, Joklita, Ying, Uriang and Unpieu.

As of late, the local source reports a major offensive in Ulang targeting Nasir. The war in Ulang is reportedly intensifying and continuing.

In Ayod county, Jonglei state, the Gawaar-Nuer white army have allegedly contained two battalions from advancing to the neighboring Uror county.

Sources on the ground believe that the government and Ugandan troops, equipped with more than 7 tanks, heavy artillery and a full convoy, have ran out of supply and are expecting further reinforcements from Juba.

The youth from Ayod have fought the government troops for 10 consecutive days from Kuechdeng to Ayod, with very little reinforcement from the opposition . Sources from Lankien hospital have reported a growing number of wounded patients from Ayod battles in the last two days.

enggonocideAlthough none of the warring parties has release a clear estimate of casualties, sources from Ayod county are reporting deadly clashes, with estimates of between 500 – 700 killed from both sides. One government tank was reportedly destroyed over the weekend.

Ayod was captured on 27 April by a major offensive led by several generals, loyal to South Sudan and Ugandan governments. The exhausted allied troops are seeking a safe exit from Ayod after youth claim to have surrounded the town. However, the closest safe havens in Duk county are occupied by rebel forces, led by Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual to the south and by the Lou-Nuer white army to the South East.

The Gawaar-Nuer white army, coming mostly from Wau and Mogok Payams, north of Ayod have reported deadly battles with the government troops at the North East of Ayod in Palith suburbs, leaving the only safe exit to the west, toward Canal and river Nile.

The government troops are, however, threatening to match to the neighboring Uror county. Uror is a viable target to weaken the oppositions, however, it is not clear if the allied troops would advance past Uror if they penetrate Ayod with their current force.

These latest violations of the ceasefire agreements, in Ulang, Ayod and Rupbuot by the government came before the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay and the UN Special Envoy for Prevention of Genocide, Adama Dieng left Juba.

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  3 comments for “Nasir, An Eminent Target In South Sudan Civil War

  1. May 2, 2014 at 6:23 am

    We blams such acts by government that stills continue killing women and childrens, and burns down their house ,hospitals, and schools. The Salva Kirr now introduce his force to rule this Nuer by force not with their will , but we will struggle untils we defeats him.


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