Updates: Mundari White Army Clashes with Government Troops -SPLA!

A white army on stand by with his big to protect and defense community and property(Photo: past file)

A white army on stand by with his big to protect and defense community and property(Photo: past file)

July 3, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A report released by the SPLA in Opposition Spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, confirms that the heavy fighting that broke out in Juba last night (July 1, 2014) were simultaneous attacks, launched on loyal forces by the Mundari White army.

“Last night, Mundari White Army engaged Kiir troops in multi-fronts. Simultaneous attacks were launched on SPLA’s positions in New Site, Bilpam Barracks, Eden and Gundele northeast of Juba town” Brig. Lul reiterated.

Gen Lul believes that the Mundari White Army launched an attack on the government forces to prevent a “crack down” on the Mundari’s local population by the government troops.

“The Mundari White Army, as peoples last line of defense were forced to launch pre-emptive attacks to thwart SPLA’s attempts to advance on their villages under the cover of darkness in order to kill and loot properties.” said Brig. Gen. Lul Raui Koang.

Lul believes that it was the second consecutive day that the Mundari youth clashes with the government troops and the tension remains high in the national capital.

“Several medical centers in Juba reported receiving dead bodies and wounded government soldiers. This is the second consecutive day of clashes between Mundari’s White Army and Kiir’s tribal outfit. Tension is very high in Juba with limited movement.” Said Brig. Lul.

Sources from within Juba report that the government is reinforcing its troops to normalize the disturbing insecurity in the region.

four truks full of civilian dinka youth from Aweil and Warrap have arrived Juba to reinforce the protection of the government in juba, and that heavy dinka deployment is now taking place at nesitu junction” Said Gulong Riek, a resident of Juba.

Government Report:

South Sudan army spokesperson, Philip Aguer, confirms that four soldiers and a woman were arrested in connection with the shooting on Tuesday night in New Site suburb of Juba.

Aguer believes that the shooting at New Sites was instigated by a family dispute, a fight between a wife and a husband, but later joined by other “drunk soldiers” in the neighborhood.

Aguer reports that the flames seen by the resident of Juba and accompanied by shooting was a hut set on fire by a drunk husband, after a quarrel with his wife.

According to Eye Radion FM, Aguer said that the drunk soldiers recklessly fired bullets into the air, causing fear and panic at Bilpham and its outskirts: “After smelling the smoke he started shooting into the air and the wife ran away.”

“Then some of the drunken soldiers who are in the same area of New Site who were guarding the SPLA stores started responding to that shooting.”

Loggerhead With The People Of Greater Equatoria.

Juba government has been at a loggerhead with the people of Equatoria for the past two weeks as the president Salva Kiir criticizes the people of Greater Equatoria for supporting federalism.

Ateny Wek Ateny, who was appointed by Salva Kiir last year, shortly after criticizing the former press secretary for releasing sensitive information, warned the people of Greater Equatoria to stop calling for federalism last Monday, as demanded by the president.

In a different report on Sudan Tribune, however,  Ateny reports that the president does not oppose the popular demand, federalism.

According to an insider, the government plans to eliminate or silence the governors of Greater Equatoria. The source believes that governor Clement Wani Konga, who is from Mundari ethnic group, fled the country to escape assasination after receiving intelligence on the closed-door meeting, a report that has been denied by the government officials.

Governor Konga has not responded to the allegation since Friday, although the government believes that he has gone to visit his family in Uganda. Ateny Wek reports on Wednesday that Clement Wani, the best friend to the president, had a phone conversation with president Kiir on Monday morning.

“The allegations that the president wanted to kill Clement Konga are untrue because Konga is the best friend of the President and they were in touch on phone yesterday morning,” Ateny Wek said.

Report from the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR) stressed that the governor “is safe and sound with the opposition”, and he is expected to respond any time he deems fit.

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  4 comments for “Updates: Mundari White Army Clashes with Government Troops -SPLA!

  1. July 3, 2014 at 11:59 am

    Rebels, from front fighters to lies fabricators. Rebels are waiting for witch full incident which will never happens and this is forcing them to fabricate lies which they earnestly which to see happening. You are always not historical people and what are doing or wishing to happen is the best you can offer. Once a thief, always a thief. Once a militia always a militia. Once a betrayer, always a betrayer.


    • July 3, 2014 at 6:48 pm

      Daniel Deng What a gainsay ya son of Jeenge/slave?

      Who are known for being lies manufacturers, fabrications reports, unfounded allegations, gossipers and baseless claims carriers? Who concocted fake coup attempted rather assassination attempted against Dr Machar and his SPLM colleagues which led into this turmoil,anarchy,chaos, or abyss ? Is it not your killer Paramount Chief Salva Kiir and his tribal men/women at Dinka owned SSTV?

      Is it not your barbaric,rude,cannibals,gluttonous and selfish- tribal mindsets and power hungry Dinka thugs whose failed South Sudan due to your rampant corruption,chronic hatreds, tribal tendencies, nepotism, clanism, bourgeoisie behaviors where national resources are use as pockets money aimlessly?

      Who are historical people? Dinka ,Nuer or greater Equatorians ?
      Please, Dinka thugs refrain from stealing our oil money and national armed struggles which has got four phasses:

      ( 1821-1955) Nuer and Zande Resistance movement against colonial slave trade bussines, invaders forces Turko-Egpytian Regime and Anglo- Egyptian regime.

      1955-1972 Anya Anya One Movement dominated by Equatorians and Nuer in Upper Nile.

      1975-1983 Anya Anya Two mostly dominated by Nuer tribe led by late Vincent Kuany Latjor Raan deputized by Gen Gordon Koang Chuol,

      1983-2011 SPLA/M led by late Dr John Garang De Mabior from Twic East of Jonglei deputized by late Keribino Kuanyin Bol from Twic West of Dinka Bahr el Ghazal but with strong iconic General Chief of Staff William Bany Machar Lual from Fangak Nuer.

      Moron Which movement did Dinka fought alone beside 64 tribes in South Sudan plus our African brothers from Abyei, Nuba Mts in South Khordafan and Aghsna of South Blue Nile State? Thievery tactics for stealing collective struggles right? Waw! Dinka thugs whom do you want to blindfolded, brainwashed, blackmailed or misled? Non than yourselves. Lol History can’t be stolen idiots.


  2. July 3, 2014 at 6:21 pm

    Daniel Deng. We know. that you are a supporter of the dinka regime in Juba. We do not think many dinka-government supporters will never tell the truth because they are worse than murderers, killers, blood suckers and terrorists. They kill, intimidate people every day here in Juba and they go on telling lying and lying. You have killed very many thousands of Nuer people but today you are lying that you killed only 10,000 of them. Now you want to kill Equatorians who are minority to protect themselves. You forced their governors to surrender and silence them at gun point to lie about the killing of their people in Juba. What will you people gain if you kill the 63 tribes and take all the powers? All of you are complaining about this newspaper because it hurts you seeing Nyamilepedia telling us the true. Your government has confiscated newspapers and put curfews in Juba so that the world do not know the evils killing of our Equatorian brothers in Juba. South Sudanese know that their nation is hijacked by illiterate born to rule dinka bahr el ghazal. The president is a dinka, the chief of staff is a dinka, the defence is a dinka, the information minister is a dinka, the bank governors are dinka, the SSTV is a dinka…Such greedy people. When will you learn to live in peace and share with other people?..You betrayed 12 millions South Sudanese by bringing Ugandans to protect your fake kingdom.


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