Collo Resistant Front Supports 21 States Proposed By Dr. Riek Machar

Updated at 11:40Pm, July 17, 2014(Pacific Time).


Shilluk (Collo) people: Ancient Nilitic Warrior, people of Upper Nile, South Sudan (Source: Via Trip Down Memory Lane)

July 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A report released by Gwado Ador, the second in command of  Collo Resistant Front(CRF), throws an overwhelming support for the new proposal to double the number of states from 10 to 21 in order to deliver services and speed up development in the world’s poorest nation.

“Ranks and files of Collo Resistant Front (CRF) in the SPLM/A in- Opposition, hole heartily congratulate Cde, Dr. Riek Machar, SPLM/A Chairman and Commander –in-Chief for his wise and courageous stand to step forward with the decision to upgrade the old impoverished districts and centers into full pledged States.” part of the report reads.

The CRF leadership believes that the decision is the beginning of social healing, reconciliation, development and prosperity.

“The decision, which was hailed by almost all the people of South Sudan as the essence of true peaceful coexistence; marks the beginning of social healing, reconciliation, development and prosperity in our young nation.” the report reads.

Gwado reports that the popular decision will promote federalism, a system of governance that was reintroduced by the armed opposition in April this year.

“This popular decision would certainly promote the long awaited Federalism as the only way to bring peace, tranquility, and harmony to our myriad society” Gwado stated.

CRF reiterates that developing 21 administrative centers in 21states, simultaneously, will bring services to the people according to Dr. John Garang’s idea of taking towns to the people.

“Surely it would translate the late Dr. John Garang’s vision of “taking towns to villages” practically. It would on the other hand discourage forces of corruption, nepotism and tribalism, which was commonplace in the last Ten years.” CRF reports.

According Dr. John Garang, the government should build the nation from the grassroots, instead of crowding millions of people in the capital cities.

Analysts argue that the system will engaged the citizens in decision making and also in production. Studies show that 80% of South Sudan population lives in rural areas with agriculture, forestry, and fishery providing primary livelihood for majority of population.

Despite 50% of the arable land supports agricultural production, only 4% of this land is currently cultivated for small scale consumption.

According to the 2014-2015 fiscal year budget, over 80% of the national income would be generated from oil industry, however, studies show than oil production would have reached its peak next year, 2015, after which it is expected to decline.

To develop agricultural sector to feed the 12 million population and to catch up with the rest of the region, the new system, if adopted, would build a strong foundation for economic development. The system would paralyses centralization of powers and reduce rampant corruption in the country.

The resistance front, CRF, in addition expresses their confidence in the opposition, under Riek Machar’s leadership and urges their supporters and sympathizers to move forward with the landmark decision.

“As Collo Resistant Front set to defeat forces of darkness, disunity and backwardness in the Republic of South Sudan, we would like to renew our confidence and support to the leadership of SPLM/A in-Opposition for this landmark decision. Forward, never backwards.” the report concludes.

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