South Sudan’s Armed Opposition Prosposes More States, In Addition To Federal Democracy.

Source: Wikipedia.

Source: Wikipedia.

July 17, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The grounded armed opposition, SPM/SPLA has tabled a breathtaking proposal to expand the 10 states Republic of South Sudan to 21 states Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan.

While the government struggles to contain the popular debate on federalism, Dr. Riek Machar’s leadership is appealing to the public to scrutiny and adopts this new proposal.

James Gatdet Dak, Machar’s spokesperson, has reveals that the SPLM/A is planning to restructure the country to partly fulfill service delivery, what late Dr. John Garang referred as “taking towns to the people”.

According to Gatdet, the new proposal will transform the former colonial districts to formally establish 21 states in the country.

The new systems is expected to employ 21 independent governors, elected for certain period of time to serve their people as constituted in the national constitution.

The new proposal is intend to speed up economic development and political stability in the country.

Dak believes that the new 21 states will observes the 1956 boundaries within the country and with the neighboring states.

Unlike the current 10 states, proposed by the Khartoum government to limit and rule the South with the old Sudan system, the 21 states under new system is expected to enrich interstate sport and cultural diversity, among others.

Dak said the proposal is open to other stakeholders and general public to inspect, debate and validate it to be cooperated in future agreements.


The 21 states, adopted from the colonial district will be as follow:

Former Districts Proposed States Proposed Capital City
Aweil Northern Bahr el Ghazal Aweil
Akobo Akobo Waat
Bentiu Unity Bentiu
Bor Bor Bor
Fangak Fangak Fangak
Gokrial Gokrial Gokrial
Juba Juba Juba
Kapoeta Kapoeta Kapoeta
Kodok Fashoda Malakal
Maridi Maridi Maridi
Pibor Pibor Pibor
Raga Raga Raga
Renk and Akoka Northern Upper Nile Paloich
Rumbek Rumbek Rumbek
Tonj Tonj Tonj
Torit Torit Torit
Wau Wau Wau
Nasir and Baliet Sobat Nasir
Yambio Yambio Yambio
Yei Yei Yei
Yirol Yirol Yirol

As suggested by the SPLM/A elites in 2005, the capital city, which is currently Juba, would be transferred to Ramciel.

Currently, many South Sudanese are catching with Federalism debate, an idea that was reintroduced in the historic Nasir conference in mid April.

Federalism continues to get approval from diaspora and as well within the country. Mixed reactions are still being echoed from Salva Kiir’s home region of Bahr el Ghazal.

The president stands against the adoption of federalism as Equatorian governors downplay threats and intimidations. The governors continue to loudly advocate for federalism to be established in the country.

Machar pledges that he will use this unfortunate occurrence to transform the country into an economic hub for the region and continent. To ensure this, however, the country has to be stable and peaceful.

South Sudan has been held hostage since it independent. The politicians have delivered very little, if any, as the country dominates the fail ranking on global index, in peace and corruption.

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