The Guiding Star, Dr. Riek Machar, Will Lead South Sudan To Prosperity,

The 21 States Federal Democratic Republic Of South Sudan!!

By Jul Khor,  Article N0 2,

REVISED, updated at 17:45, July 17th, 2014(Pacific Time)

Former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, at the state Palace In Djibouti(Photo: By Hatim Cuei|Nyamilepedia)

Former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, at the state Palace In Djibouti(Photo: By Hatim Cuei|Nyamilepedia)

July 14, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dear South Sudanese nationalists, allow me to give you facts of why only Dr. Riek Machar fits as a president of the 21 states Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan(FDRSS).

The democratic icon, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, is the most fascinating visionary and remarkable leader in South Sudan with magnificent ideas to develop a vibrant, peaceful and a prospering Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan. Dr. Riek has reintroduced federalism and more states to deliver services and build a competitive nation to catch up with the rest of African countries. Machar is on an extraordinary mission to serve his people, and preserves their diverse cultures and resources while restoring and strengthening the foundation, the hopes and honors of this nation and his people, politically and militarily.

After Dr. Riek championed the call for self-determination in 2011 — which he sacrificed his life for while living with an enemy in Khartoum to revise and amend the rigid sharia constitution to allow secession of his people — he was set to champion the remaining essentials such as unity, peace and reconciliation for a prospering South Sudan. His main goal was to preserve unity among the south Sudanese people as he demonstrated in 2004 when he successfully reconciled the rebel leader Salva Kiir Mayardiit with the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the founding chairman of SPLM/A. If Dr. Riek and his colleagues did not succeed, the enemy of peace would have ruin our independent in 2005, not in 2013 as he did in the name of a coup.

Riek had to give up his political quest for 9 years and locked up his brilliant ideas for him to please the non-political animal for his country to get her independent and be in peace. But the enemy of peace never rest. Salva Kiir declared war on Riek Machar and Nhial Deng Nhial during 2008 SPLM National convention when the two leaders tried to challenge him for chairmanship of SPLM. To Salva Kiir political and scholarly debates are nonsenses. In his small world, they are coups, which he never want to tolerate. That is why Machar and his team are generating hundreds if not thousands of brilliant ideas to transform the country. They were silenced to never say anything for all those years, but now without them, Salva Kiir has ran out of ideas and resorted to defying everything as kokora, dooms and witchcraft. The brainless son of Mayardiit only cares for “I must be the president of this country”. While innocent children starve of hunger Kiir starves of power.

Machar has demonstrated that he was set to bring peace and democracy within the region by negotiating a peace talk between the Lord Resistance army (LRA), which has terrorized the region and South Sudan for more than 2 decades. It was after Dr. Riek had mediated Joseph Konyi with the Uganda government that peace returned to Northern Uganda and Equatoria region of South Sudan. Unfortunately, dictator Museveni failed to signed the peace deal and wanted his junior counterpart, Salva Kiir, to arrest Joseph Konyi in Juba. After Dr. Riek refused to shed blood of Ugandans in Juba and asked Konyi to peacefully leave the country, Museveni started accusing Dr. Riek of having links with Konyi when the only link was the peace loving and charismatic qualities in Dr. Riek.

Machar was set to reconcile the South Sudanese, the Dinka and the Nuer, the Dinka and the Murle, the Murle and the Nuer etc, but Salva Kiir and Kuol Manyang hijacked the peace and reconciliation from Dr. Riek in May 2013. They put it in dustbin because they wanted to revenge old grudges.

They tried to character assassinate Machar but failed terribly. They tried to remove his powers but Machar transposed in other political platforms such as Parliament and SPLM party, again, they failed terribly. They tried to rob his legacy, intimidate his friend and forcefully retire him from politic, but again, they failed terribly. Finally, they used bomb, grenades, tanks and missile to kill him, but this time by the grace of his creator, they once again failed. Defeated, they resorted to massacring of innocent children, women and vulnerable populations, and they succeeded.

But that is not all, however, they ruined the peace and reconciliation that Machar helped trained over 200 qualified nationals. Salva Kiir was jealouse that Dr. Riek is building a bright legacy when that of Kiir is tainted.

Dr. Riek utilized his unique diplomatic skills  to persuade peace icons to facilitate what would have been the foundation of peace and tranquility in the country.  It was Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, among others, that Salva Kiir’s leadership denied the opportunity to cement peace in the country. Kiir took away the peace and reconciliation program and give it to the same Bishops his government later accused of being rebels and the enemy of peace in the country. But that never deter Dr. Riek from continuing what he does best, establishing political ideologies.

Dr. Riek posses unique charismatic personalities. He is the only South Sudanese leader with character of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. God inspired Machar to gather courage to challenge New Sudan vision for which Salva Kiir accused him of staging a coup and went ahead to embark suicidal genocides that later spiral beyond his control.

Because of his exceptional abilities, Machar convinced many leaders during the conferences in Abuja, Nairobi, Frankfurt and many other countries. It was because of these initiatives that led to the two IGAD meditations that brought Khartoum Peace Agreement (KPA) and Naivasha Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). The two agreements, with the later being a copy past of the former, are the pillars of South Sudan independent, achieved in 2011.

Despite that the crooks who rely on this incompetent, visionless leaders may not agree with some of these concepts, just because the truth threatens their barbaric gains, loots and hegemony from the man-made failures, we will move on. So, continue reading!

Dear compatriots, it is no longer debatable that we have lost thousand of lives, properties and many more are likely to be lost but we will never settle for a patched peace deal. History has revealed that shortsighted peace agreements never last.

Children are dying of starvation, school and clinics are destroyed but all this was because the SPLM elites made a grave mistake of recommending an incompetence, self-trained military leader to lead the nation. The only solution, however, is not to sympathizes with the dead and destruction but to correct the fateful mistake such that it never resurface again.

Without doubts, Salva Kiir Mayardit will be held accountable and pay the price, no matter how long it will take. In the mean time Kiir can buy guns, but he will never protect himself from the people. Mercenaries and Chinese guns are just a waste of lives and resources. If Salva Kiir was wise, he could save this money because he may need them in the next few months.

Dr. Riek is innocent and would one day be proven innocent. This is the main reason that Machar is now red-carpeted in the countries he visits although Salva Kiir was never accorded such respect, even before the crisis. The world knows that the learned philosopher, was only seeking for a peaceful change to rescue South Sudanese people from dictatorial system, imposed on them by current regime, under President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

We will one day remember that during Salva Kiir regime South Sudanese were living on squatters in Equatoria and Upper Nile region. Kiir failed the country, and South Sudan was the number 1 most failed state in the world.  Salva Kiir brews corruption in the country. His office is the corruption machines that sucks South Sudanese money. He accepted that 4 billions US dollar were stolen under his watch and he knows the culprits, but was helpless to restore integrity. The 4 billions could mean 14 or 24 billions US dollar but even 1 dollar stolen through corruption is a big lost to the nation.

Kiir sets himself up, and even worst, he does so in front of television or world media like BBC, because his literacy and civilization reads the world as such.  He believes that he does the right things for his people but the poor military general get surprise when the world ranks him or his country near negative.

Kiir cried “Famine, famine” on BBC Hardtalk but he invest billions of dollars on guns. As if guns prevent famine but again you can’t blame him. That is how he reads the world.

The country is loomed by insecurity from within the government strongholds because an incompetence president is incapable of looking after his own BODY GUARDS. The presidential guards fought themselves twice and sometimes the Nuer unit captures the whole headquarter but still forgive this heartless dictator, who kill their mothers and children. Kiir militia have continued to murder Nuer and Equatorians, whenever they can,  thinking that they are the strongest but for how long will they continue?

Salva Kiir has collected all the rebels (Yau Yau, Puljang, Uliny, Gelweny or Dotkubeny militia) and combined them with Sudanese rebels and Ugandan mercenaries to protect a few individuals who are busy looting resources and alienating lands, while calling themselves Government of South Sudan. But they must know that their terrorism and blood thirst will be quenched and quenched soon. Any wise opportunist like Lam Akol and Bashir Gandi, if they are wise, must leave and leave as soon as they get a small window to steal a few dollars. The time of salary ended on December 15, 2013, the remaining is bribery or stealing.

We must acknowledge that the compatriots and nationalist are not those who are serving to be paid but serving to be remembered by the poor and those in need. The patriotic sons of this rich country, have willingly abandoned huge salaries at the United Nations and within their own regions and states that are relatively peaceful, because they never wanted their names to be tarnished by the greed of money and dictatorship. Dr. Francis, Dr. Adwok, Dr. Richard, Dr. Ayet, Riek Machar, Dr. Dhieu, Gen. Dau, ….., and many others, the world will remember you like Mandela and Martin Lurther for your priceless sacrifices. A wise man would rather die poor than living in riches that poison his soul and legacies.

As a nation, we must put the interest of our people first instead of money and positions. South Sudan is a blessed nation with plenty resources, which can enriched all of us but such would remain a dream if we keep these rotten cliques in power. We must act collectively to remove these few greedy individuals for the next generation to benefit from our current resources, otherwise, our resources will all end in China by the time Salva Kiir decides to step down.

Let ‘s works together to change this dictatorial regime into a democratic one, where all citizens will have equal rights and opportunities to enjoy the fruit of Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan. Machar knows very well that having 21 able and hardworking governors in a free Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan is better than having 10 governors that are paralysed by dictatorial tendencies. This is self-explanatory.

Jul khor is a South Sudanese citizen living in Juba, he can be reached through this email address You can reached Deng Elijah who revised this article through dengsimon2000 at yahoo dot com.

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  1. July 17, 2014 at 1:28 pm

    i hope those nuer and the rest of south sudanese who are with kiir would have read this message so that the can have clue if the have forgotten who brought this independent to them.


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