South Sudan: Government Delegation Arrived In Washington!

James Kok Ruea and Gordon Buay Malek traveling to Washington(Photo: Buay)

James Kok Ruea and Gordon Buay Malek traveling to Washington(Photo: Buay)

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — An advanced team dispatched from Juba to prepare ways for Salva Kiir, the president of the war-torn Republic of South Sudan, has successfully arrived in Washingtom, DC.

The advance delegation is expected to meet the South Sudanese communities and friends to brief them on the ongoing conflict in the country and how the government plans to resolve it.

The advanced delegation is led by the president minister, Awan Guok Riak, with the former minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management, James Kok Ruea, John Khor Diew and Gordon Buay Malek, the member of the other armed groups integration committee.

The president is expected to arrive in Washington in the next few days with a huge delegation that include the Foreign Affairs Minister, Marial Benjamin, the Deputy Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Rachel Nyadak Paul among others.

“Kiir’s advance team arrived Washington, DC headed by Minister Awan Guok Riak with James Kok Ruae, John Khor Diew, Gordon Buay Malek and others. Kiir will be arriving with Marial Benjamin, Nyadak Paul and two Nuers Security Officers plus his own team and security officers, a total of 32 people” reads the report.

According to the insider, president Salva Kiir may only attend a White House Dinner that invites 45 African presidents. The report alleges that the South Sudanese leader may not meet president Barack Obama in a separate private meeting.

“He will only attend White House Dinner with all the 45 Presidents of African Countries. No meeting with President Obama.” said the insider reports

The source believes that president Salva Kiir will meet the Congress but the official schedules are yet to be confirmed.

“Salva Kiir and a few members of his delegation will have a few meetings with Congress. The official dates and times are are being arranged and we will update the South Sudanese communities once they are out” the report continues.

According to the report, the heavily tasked delegation is expected to mobilize South Sudanese in Diaspora to curb the growing support of revolution against Salva Kiir government on the ground. Many law makers, armies and Diasporas have switched allegiance in the last 7 months, leaving Salva Kiir with a skewed balance of powers.

“The trip seems to be to mobilize the South Sudanese in Diaspora. Kiir’s supporters has mobilized 400 South Sudanese to receive him but many South Sudanese-Americans are preparing to demonstrate against their activities in the States.” The report said.

Local Populations Protest the Coming of Salva Kiir To America

South Sudanese demonstrating at the United Nations Headquaters in Washington(Photo: Shared by Peter Kuel)

South Sudanese demonstrating at the United Nations Headquarters in Washington on 8th July 2014(Photo: Shared by Peter Kuel)

For the last few weeks, local South Sudanese communities demonstrated in Washington and other parts of US to protest the coming of Salva Kiir and governor Simon Kun Puoc of Upper Nile state to America. Others have submitted reports to congress as others prepare to demonstrate when Salva Kiir arrives.

Local South Sudanese populations have rallied across America, Canada, Europe and Australia demanding that Salva Kiir “must go” for peace to be realized in the world’s youngest and most fragile nation.

The ongoing conflict broke out among the president guards in December when a unit of presidential guards from Salva Kiir’s tribe allegedly attempted to disarm their fellows guards from Nuer ethnic group. The government believes it was a coup, however, the report has been widely denied due to lack of substantial evidence.

The presidential guards with  “Gelweng” or “dotkubeny”, a militia group recruited by the newly appointed Chief of Staff, Gen. Paul Malong Awan from Salva Kiir’s home town to protect the president, two months prior to the incident, have been accused of conducting a house to house raids that targeted the Nuer Ethnic group.

Over 250 civilians, according to the UN reports, were allegedly confined and killed in one room in December, 2013. The commander in charge of presidential guard, Gen. Marial Chanoung, is sanctioned by the United States in connection with the incidents.

More targeted revenge killings across the country have followed suit, and two other generals have been sanctioned by the United States and European Union. 10 of thousands have been killed and more than a million people displaced from their homes.

According to the United Nation, more than 4 million, a third of the population, could be affected and over 50, 000 children may die of starvation for what started as a political crisis within the ruling party, SPLM.
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