Letter: A response To Mandak G. Rundiaal By Luk Jiath Riek!

Decision Making in Communities: Why Groups of Smart People Sometimes Make Bad Decisions

From: Luk Jiath Riek

To: My dear Lt Col. Madak .G. Rundiaal,


Othnyang Luka …

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This is my small portion of a letter my names have been indicated on since two weeks ago, to whole readers, popular wisdom and an old intellectual tell me that two heads are better than one, and leads us to think that when more than one person contributes to the process, together they make a better decision. Does that imply that the more people involved, the better the decision? That seems to be the popular perception. Consider, for instance, the mutual fund raising for purpose to help young revolutionary in our country it so call resistance army groups that emphasize in their fight against the government of fail regime in South Sudan,

We do have people in some community associations also share the perception that group decision making is superior. For instance, one condominium community association board was determined that all decisions not one community to control others to put their wrong ideas into active power to dictate some people in community to pursue their right blaming and kicking on air looking for money thru or begging ideas as a supporters the regime, but they’re fail supporters and they goes behind the point even those regarding the most minor issues, be ratified by the entire seven person board or more than people on board doing nothing. They refused to call the board president a president, or even a chair, adamantly insisting on “point-person,” as the acceptable term. They specified that this person would be a mere conduit for communicating with the community leaders, because they accuse community leaders for be paid by failed government and would have absolutely no leeway for individual decision making even in the most trivial matters.

But if groups make better decisions than individuals, why is individual decision-making a highly valued social function? For instance, why is it that the more decision-making power associated with a given job to be a leader, the better the compensation?

How Do Groups Influence Decision Making?

Let’s just assume for now that groups do make any better decisions. What is better? To answer that, let’s also assume that “better decisions” are those limiting risk and increasing caution. To find out if groups actually make decisions that are cautious and relatively risk free, social psychologists have conducted experiments and found that interestingly groups make decisions that both limit risk and increase risk, and that both effects are valid and are to be expected as outcomes of group decisions. To contusing like that is to make more destruction rather than step downs

Lt Col. Madak G Rundiaal, indicated that some people have been promise to maintain their rank or position in government, yeah south Sudan belong to and son of south to get his/her job accordingly his qualification, some when Machar will control the government every person have right to work.

Once again, decision-making within the group setting had risk taking outcomes. Most of us are familiar with this people indeed we talk about it every day. We say we’re “throwing good money after bad,” when we have too much money we pretend as a supporter? Or we “get out while the getting’s good.” And, if the getting out isn’t good; we “cut our some people” It’s likely we’ve all experienced it at one time or another as private citizens, professionals, or members of a Nuer community association board. For instance, a condominium association board had hired a superintendent, who, after his first eight months of war in our county, no peace settles yet now,

However, Mr Rundial some leaders they receive their money from James Oth Mai it is not true, I knew Mr Rundial in community very wall is a money beggar he when to Hoth Mai for help to bought a car, but the answered he got from James was no money that why he took action to accuse some relatives Oth give them some money, from that development Nuer Community in Australia two years back James Hoth and Simon Kun Puoch give them $200,000 in cash in witness that development, the entire community had a complain where those money goes?

Mr Rundial and his groups, they accused Oth relatives of supporting his brother and it is a negligence and the power struggle began with them. I think this is probably true because I was struck in my conversations with the some people with in community

What Causes Group within community?

We have established that group as so called Nuer Community and Crisis management committee is a real what happening in South Sudan and part of our life in a community, but what makes group Nuer community a reality? Simply stated two things information and a desire to be accepted one another; Social psychologists refer to these two influences as informational and normative. Informational influence “results from accepting evidence about reality,” while normative influence is “based on a person’s desire to be accepted or admired by others not to crisis some vital members whom are participate in community activities. The argue that “informational influence implies that people could make their judgments, whether before or after discussion, are based on information about the issue. If judgments shift, it is because one has incorporated new information that was provided during discussion. This information can be provided forcefully, through persuasive arguments, or passively, via information sharing.” Because two of family members talk to two or three discussing their private issues, from that time no body listen to them what happen but unfortunately Rundiaal mention this communication he “She has personally made some phone calls (threats) to those who opposed Hoth Mai visit to Australia” this called is private between three people It follows that processing information is a very relevant part of the group decision-making processes. However, groups may not process all information equally.

First, as group discussion ensues, it “elicits a pooling of ideas, most of which favour the dominant viewpoint. Ideas that were common knowledge to group members will often be brought up in discussion or, even if unmentioned, will jointly influence their discussion.” It’s easy to understand why the dominant viewpoint will attract more ideas to rest of the world and their groups unconsciously strive towards harmony; and, once a position dominates, it becomes an easy reference point that frames and colours the view of the group members. So what can a community association do those not relevant things creating fails document and same as a leaders, because their leadership is not function any more.

If a person relies on the power of the informational influence, and provides information to the group, he or she can shift the group position away from the dominant viewpoint. However, how one goes about providing relevant information is very important. Because they work as Kiir’s government agent there is no doubt about that,

Mr Rundiaal indicated that Luk Jiath Riek pretended that he is supporting SPLM/Ain Opposition by writing some negative comments about Kiir’s failed regime in Juba, before the creation of SPLA/M since 1983 when John Garang have a meeting with some leaders on 27/05/1983 in Marol (Marɔl) I never support this such movement, I was Anya nya two supporter till SPLA/M loose power in Nasir area after Anya Nya two control all territory on 29/04/1986 SPLA/M lose their headquarter in Bukteng (Bukte̱e̱ŋ)

How to Understand Why People Do Bad Things

Sometimes people might do bad things and it can be confusing by others why. For some people these acts seem incomprehensible and hard to believe that the acts were in fact committed however if you’re willing to go the distance and investigate on each individual, then let this article is your guide. I will help you understand more about these vicious behaviours.

On my belief some people have no family knowledge about culture since we’re in South Sudan before we catch up different cultural and their diversities, some people grow in western and eastern and around African city changing language follow non south Sudanese culture, when two or three culture emerge should bring war between them for misunderstood who is the best. On other hand relative is belong forever never change, James Oth Mai is relative it never change me politically, he has his opinion I do my attitude to look things far of my view.

Who is James Oth Mai. Oth he was born in Mancɔm at Ulang county with his family of Mai Nguth together are very respectfully family, and his mother Nyakhor Deng Reath is grew up in wech rang in Nyangore Payam, Ulang county.

I am Luk Jiath Nyathuol Reath Jong, “ Luk Jiath Nyɛthuɔɔl Rɛth Joŋ.” with Nyakhor Deng Reath Jong “Nyɛköör Dɛŋ Rɛth Jong.” This is a blood relationship not a simple be divided by politic, Mr Rundial it is good comment very best challenge ever, politic cannot differ from family affair, well The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed like what you did today and hence clamorous to be led to safety by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary. Kept informed public with fails ideas and nonsense information carried out to mention people names and family affair this is a non political awareness, I am a man of a conservative who two perfectly good legs who, however, has never learned how to walk forward, you mention all James Hoth Mai families, yes we’re family in blood I cannot denied that ever and forever as you got relatives and friend rather with rebel or in government. I know that I’m not the easiest person to live with. The challenge I put on myself is so great that the person I live with feels himself challenged. I bring a lot to bear, and I don’t know how not to. I went before you brother you in different parson name to be know Madak G Rundiaal, yes I asked your best friend and give your full name including where you live and your address, but I don’t mine keep post challenges what you like, but next time put your really name because you’re in politic not to fear for.

It’s kind of like a challenge to me to be able to hear somebody else’s hooked and kind of interpret the words. Because my own hooks, I already know what I mean when I write them. I pretended now but in future you will see me what really can do.

Luk Jiath Riek pretended that he is supporting SPLM/Ain Opposition by writing some negative comments about Kiir’s failed regime in Juba. These are all lies because this guy never supported SPLM/A in Opposition. And he was paid $60,000-70,000 and ongoing paying in which we don’t know how much and how long. Also he is James Hoth Mail associates as well as a brother-in law of Simon Kun Pouch where he was promised lucrative deals. He provided Simon Kun and James Hoth Mai with lot information and he was one of those who provided intelligence to enemy to captured Ulang and Nasir. Also he and Gatkuoth Majiok, Wal Gatluak Rangdiit with alias Wal Gatluak Thong, Paul Bak Puot Mut, John Paleak Puot Mut, Nhial Puok Leek, Dordeng Puoch Mar and others personally bought some Satellite Phones (Thurayas) to some traditional chiefs in both Ulang and Nasir. Luk Jiath Riek,Nyoat Mut and Wal Gatluak Rangdit or Wal Gatluak Thong were in the community meeting to record the entire meeting in which they did and played the recordings at James Hoth resident where they talked through who said what about James and all of those recordings were sent to security services in Juba.

It is very important to generate a good attitude, a good heart, as much as possible. From this, happiness in both the short term and the long term for both yourself and others will come.

Know your current mood and their situation

Before I prejudices it helps that you those responsible for writing that letter you know what they are experiencing currently for their situation is very too tall what they are knowing they’re hanging up in Noble Park doing politic crises has so called Nuer Community and supporting rebel, it better to go to the frontline and then talk, it helps me to ask: what mood are they currently in? What could have caused them to act this way? It need for money or not it helps me if I can inquire about his situation through a little chat. If I talk to them about it, however I will be carefully to kow the point at which they are am willing to share with them this situation should be in two accounts

Their current mood can be signs of their mood at the time he did it and more importantly it shows what emotions the persons is currently feeling after doing “bad things”. Guilt can be signs that the action was unintentional or forced. Any emotions could be clues linking his personality and the events.

Take into account their situation. Ask yourself what would you do if you were in his situation? Would you repeat his mistakes or would you consider different. Take into account the pressure he could have been through. Maybe his actions were unavoidable; take into account every variable and every factor available

Know their personality.

Mr Rundiaal and his groups are they usually like this? Do they show concern for what they have done? Are there signs of hem having a “cold blooded attitude”? Does he have a personality disorder? You must take into account all the sides of his personality

One things everybody should remember that people are fighting government of south Sudan have a relatives in government side, this current situation it circling around me and you, Mr Rundiaal whom responsible wrote this letter are groups 2 people from Maiwut county a knew by name, 3 from Nasir county, 3 from Ulang county, 1 from Lou Nuer, 2 from Pangak, 3 from Bentiu. Those people I know them by name as my one of best friend give me their names.

They do have right because they have deepest situation in danger looking after money to buy house her in Victoria, but some of have no job.

Remember to have an open mind in your judgment. Remember that nowadays nothing is impossible, people are more than capable of committing unforgivable acts, however you should also take into account that not all people are evil, we should take into account our own human nature, our survival instinct, everything is a factor.

Remember that it is in our human nature to do bad things every now and then. However always remember that there are limits in life where bad things are not just your everyday bad things.

Remember that attempting to understand people is very hard, if you have experience in psychology (even if you don’t) you know that even with years of experience and training nothing can quite prepare you for each individual.

Remember that when doing an inquiry or accusing them for nothing about money, respect their privacy, sometimes it’s best to leave some people alone. It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”

Once again sorry for Mr Rundiaal saying about money I have receive from James Oth Mai, but apologetic for that. I didn’t receive any kind of this amount, maybe has been transferee unto his account via net bank or by cheque, now am not pretending to pass my people’s information to my enemy, am stood firm writing some articles against failed regime, and killer government. This politic or war not between Nuer and Dinka it is between groups of people whom tried to be in powered for their life, everyone should understood that, Kiir’s regime must go, not all Dinkas are bad is some of them, therefore, not all Nuer are good accept Riek Machar is fighting for right of his people.

Yours in faithfully

Luk Jiath Riek



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