South Sudanese Ambassador Lying To Students To Please Rotten Government in Juba!

By Gai James Kai,


South Sudanese ambassador to Uganda Samuel Luate Lominsuk addresses the press in Kampala(Photo: Eddie Ssejjoba)

South Sudanese ambassador to Uganda Samuel Luate Lominsuk addresses the press in Kampala(Photo: Eddie Ssejjoba)

July 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Following the late dramatic commemoration of the third anniversary of the Republic of South Sudan by the South Sudanese Students` Union in Uganda on July 26 2014, It was extraordinary useful for us because it was an evidence to show to the entire South Sudanese students in Kampala and common people that Samuel Luate, the South Sudanese Ambassador to the Republic of Uganda position on this conflict is not rational.

Double standard from the start, complaining about criticizing the illegal president Salva Kiir and then disrespecting our legal rights of freedom of speech and expression, the undiplomatic Diplomat just seem like bad manners to me. I wish all the potential and the actual readers of this article were there at the function; we could have had so much fun with his remark quoted “Anyone in Kampala who talks bad about the government shall be look critically and observe with care, Furthermore, he also went ahead saying “what happened in Juba was a coup planned by Dr. Riek Machar and the people who called themselves political detainees or the third block!. They are killers and not peace-makers in the new nation!” He shouts, screams and hurls, dragging the audients into a matter that is wholly irrelevant to the students.

No diplomat of his/her normal senses makes these sorts of comments without having first considered his position. It seems obvious to me that he wishes be “replaced” as the ambassador to the Republic of Uganda. I suggest Samuel Laute returns under the cloak of diplomatic immunity because there is no record on the internet that he is “officially” an ambassador, so he is at real risk of being taken in for questioning – especially if he has had any earlier dealings potential or actual terrorists in Juba.

He was trying to provoke, not especially bright trying to match his undiplomatic history he posed for the last few years. It is true that he is pretty prattish. But it has been for many years now that the ambassador says those stupid threats. We are used to them. Every so often they get us given a smart kick on the balls to remind us those sides we are supposed to be on. If that failed, we get posted to somewhere dangerous. Where the critics can get kills but we can still express our dissatisfactions without fear or favors.

Am very much aware that the South Sudan government is trying to use him and make political hay out of him. When another of the mad president`s schemes failed, he look to intimidate or even murders those who criticize them on their horrible failures. In a normal country, any ambassador who publicly intimidate, threatens, or plan of murdering those who exercises their constitutional rights of freedom of speech and expression in the country he/she is working in would be recalled. But South Sudan is not a normal country. Does he honestly believe that intimidating us will succeed where empty threats have failed?

Luate is a diplomatic disaster, though it plays well to the stupid South Sudanese public who have exactly the politicians and economic cataclysm they deserve. He, think he is funny and clever yet the world sees him as stupid spoiled old man. I don’t think every South Sudanese in Kampala and Uganda at large of importance is ignoring him. Day in and day out he falls further and further out the real world.

Personally, I think the South Sudanese in the republic of Uganda and Kampala in particular have totally given up on this so-called South Sudanese Embassy in Kampala. They realized that they stand a snowball chance in hell of every getting what we fought for, and like a sullen old ambassador, they now cover their faces, crouching in the corners hurtling insults and trying to strip up troubles. It is pathetic. It manifests itself in the actions of their horrible ambassador, their manacle President, failed foreign minister and even the trolls on here – a load of sullen useless ambassador spitting bile.

As far as ambassador Luate is concerned, he should be clear to us; the South Sudanese citizens living in the Republic of Uganda. I wonder how Ugandans would react in the event the Uganda Ambassador to the Republic of South Sudan was to behave in a similar way. There would be loud and threatening crowds outside the Embassy building. Surely, he and his serviced dogs were trying to provoke emotionally wounded Nuer into an angry disproportionate reaction. Otherwise, it just lacks sense!

Every citizen is entitled to his/her opinion and as I, as a private citizen do consider myself to have knowledge enough criticize government of South Sudan on its failures to delivers services to the populaces. One amassing thing is that Ambassador Luete seems completely unaware that South Sudan and Uganda are democratic nations where governments are subjected to criticisms and citizens` participation in public debates.

This is so embarrassing! Doesn’t South Sudan posses diplomatic service? It also inaccurate that Ambassador, Samuel Luate did insults Dr. Riek and the entire Nuer ethnicity. That`s ridiculous and must be treated unacceptable.

What happened when he met South Sudanese Students` Union in Uganda in February at the very Embassy? He said nothing, absolutely nothing about students suffering, nothing about establishing the link between the Embassy the Universities. He gave no support to many students who are stranded over tuitions. He merely obsessed about the false “attempted Coup” which he even failed to sell in and outside Uganda.

He is such a disgusting diplomat with odd comments. Students can hardly be held responsible if the South Sudan appoint an incompetent, rude and ill educated witch to represent them. What support and influence has he provided to the refuges, business people, students and artists living here in Uganda?

I guess on a positive note, if South Sudanese doesn’t kick him out of that turned “home Embassy”, he will keep making diplomatic mistake after mistake, so no real threat, in fact, an asset to Uganda.

The author is a concerned South Sudanese living in Uganda. He is also an independent writer who has written numerous articles on democracy, human rights, Law and order. He can be reached through,

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