By Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,


Dr. Marial Benjamin, South Sudan's Foreign Affairs Minister(Photo: supplied)

Dr. Marial Benjamin, South Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Minister(Photo: supplied)

August 19, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin Bil Lual whose father is believed to be originated from Lou Nuer in Uror county Jonglei State has been a wolf in sheep clothing for all this while. Dr. Marial the current minister of foreign Affairs saving under his uncle’s murderous regime Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit the Awan Chan clan chief. Suppose.

Dr. Barnaba marial Benjamin whose history came to existence in the year 2010 went He was denied to represent a certain constituency in Lake State. He got segregated, humiliated and disappointed too in the hands of Dinka in Lake State. Went He tried to compete with indigenous sons of the lands, prompting Him to ask for where His descendant descent from, luckily enough He was told that His lineage were from Lou Nuer in Uror county and the exodus began……….

Blood is always thicker than water.

Went Dr. Marial Benjamin felt that He is no longer important as He always thought, He left Lakes State and flee to Lou Nuer where He was received like Jesus Christ in Jerusalem; cows and goats where slaughtered and a great ceremony was held to welcome the lost sheep among the present flocks. All people in greater Lou Nuer were happy and gave thank to God, Glorifying His name for the returned of their son. Although none of his family saw Uror up to date.

Just two days latter, Dr. Marial Benjamin summoned all chiefdoms in the county and told them that He wanted to represent them in the national government which everybody accepted without thinking of why so quickly did He want to lead? It’s always an old broom that sweeps best. My clansmen refused to vote for Hon. Gabriel Yoal Dok simply because Dr. Marial Benjamin deceived them by hiding the truth from them. He could have told them that He had come to ask for their supports to lift Him up. Instead of reunification.

Better a devil you know than an angel you have never met before.

Went Dr. Marial contested and secured His seat in the government of south Sudan. He hardily have time to discus with his clansmen, no time to associate with chiefs who mobilized people to vote for Him but frequently visiting Lake State on daily basis. This show Dr. Marial didn’t come to reunite with his uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters but to fool them and snatched away their leadership. This is funny.

Dr. Barnaba Marial‘s secret of cheating us came to be clear during the time of this crisis when He was interview in the Media. He seriously refuted that there was no Nuer men, women, children and old age killed in Juba by SPLA forces. Confirming to the whole world that there was no massacre in Juba carried out on tribal lines by Dinka ethnicity. This is ridiculous.

Dr. Marial Benjamin who claim to be from Nuer together with His uncle send an Ugandan military jets to carryout bombardment and drop barrels bombs in Pamai cattle camp in Uror county this is a village where Mr. Bil Lual, Marial’s father believe to have been born and raised. The aerial bombardment conducted by UPDF inflicts more harm to both the civilians and cattle. This is evil heart.

Perhaps he has revealed his hidden spot that He has kept in secret for long. More especially somebody like me and few would have not been shock and surprise by Dr. Marial’s wickedness toward His father’s community I hope Ustaz Bil Lual himself can not do this to us if He could have been alive today. But always “a father is not a biological father, but the one that raise the child”…. Say Arabs.

I wanted to send this vital piece of information to Dr. Marial Benjamin Bil Lual that the Lou Nuer you fooled in 2010 are now wise enough to know that you didn’t came to reunite with them, but to take away their leadership. They also understand that you have strongly denied their death to be known world wide.

Dr. Marial, we have become victims just because of our generosity and kindness, all this we have done for you the only feedback is barrels bomb and mercenaries to kill us?

It is always silly to cry over spilt milks, but I can assure you in the names of our gods Lou Nuer withdrew their support from you event if peace come. You are nothing but a cheap hopeless traitor sucking the blood of people whose sin is to born south Sudanese.

I have spoken my words, may gods hear my voice…….

The author is student of political science living in Egypt; you can easily reach Him through his Email address: or +201115133229.


  1. August 19, 2014 at 7:19 pm

    This is very good to expose Dr. Marial dirity game “Sheep in wolf” to Lou Nuer.


  2. August 20, 2014 at 8:50 am

    Truly brother, all words that you expressed are reality, Marial will never be forgiven in any mean and the bloods of our innocents brothers and sisters will be counted upon him. Without Marial- Kiir is useless, he cannot be able to convince even a single nation to come for assistant,


  3. Tor Kuol Dieu
    April 20, 2015 at 3:16 pm

    What you said’ all brother are truths, let us be aware this time.
    We nuer our kindness always is a vain.
    Thanks for your wise words.


  4. April 20, 2015 at 6:15 pm

    Mariel benjam. Luk Joak, Riek Gach, Nyadak Puol, these people are truly traitors to Lou Nuer Community.


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