By David Shang,


UN IDPs protection sites in Bentiu Unity state

UN IDPs protection sites in Bentiu Unity state

August 27, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — To Salva Kiir, your domestic, regional, and international lobbying or conspiracy against the Nuer Society won’t rescues your genocidal regime from demising. Whether you import those mercenaries from Ugandan Army (UPDF), Egypt, China, Russia, African Union Peacekeepers Forces and four groups of Sudan’s rebels ( JEM,SLM,SRF & SPLA-N ) to shield your cowards tribe/ brutal regime against mighty Nuer warriors in pretext to prevented their retaliatory revenges won’t prevent our causes of fighting for freedoms ( expression/speech/worship/movement),democratic federal system, good governance, equality, human rights and to bring responsible/transferable/accountable Government in South Sudan.

Hence, IGAD member’s countries must refrain from being dogmatic rather than being mediators for resolution of 8 months conflicts. The IGAD members are not neutral so far because their boss bossy Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had already interfered or meddled in our own affairs by sided with brutal government of his mentor/puppet Salva Kiir Mayardit. Moreover, IGAD members went so far by imposed Salva Kiir’s painful leadership against the wills of entire South Sudanese people minus blind supporters of rude regime.

I am appealing to globe peace lovers, friends of South Sudan TROIKA, EU, USA, Norway, UNSC, African Union plus our international community to strongly condemn and denounce such regional lobbying against one ethnic group the Nuer by South Sudan President Salva Kiir, his stooge cabinet and opportunist IGAD bloc and to view the IGAD’s imposed document dominated by Museveni of Uganda ideas.

Therefore, I think, IGAD member’s countries should facilitate the peace negotiation between SPLM in Opposition and SPLM pro government but not to decide on behalf of two warring parties if they want to resolve peacefully the feudal war in South Sudan.

Therefore, comrades in struggles, Salva Kiir’s government is illegitimate for the following reasons:

First, Salva Kiir is illegal President who came to power by accident when our hero Dr John Garang de Mabior died in helicopter crashed on 30 July 2005. Hence, Kiir Mayardit had lost his legitimacy as the President after he had ministered a genocide against his own citizens the Nuer whom elected him into incumbent Office. Thereby, Kiir massacred 20,000 Nuer civilians due to political struggles within the ruling party SPLM with Dr Machar who hails from Nuer ethnic group.

Secondly, Salva Kiir was not legitimate elected President within the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) but within GOSS during interim government, he was elected without strong challenger when two Sudans were one as the means to implement CPA and not to interrupt the South Sudan referendum at the time. Dr Riek Machar Teny whom Salvatore hates to death today was his running mate in 2010 national election but due to his insincerity, incumbency or dishonesty, he had dishonoured their gentleman agreement by stabbed him at his back mercilessly.

Thirdly, Salva Kiir had unconstitutionally dismantled the main organs of ruling Party SPLM without informed the executive members from SPLM Politico- bureau, National Liberation Council (NLC) and SPLM Secretariats at grass roots levels which is the main genesis of this current feudal/tribal/political/economical war in South Sudan fuelled by disarmament of Nuer boys in SPLA by their colleagues from Dinka tribe within Tiger battalion on 15/12/2013.

Fourthly, he lost his legacy as former freedom fighter, liberator and founder of SPLM/A after violated South Sudan Constitution by betrayed SPLA combatants in which his painful regime imported illegally the hired mercenaries from neighbour countries like Uganda, M23 of Congo, Darfur JEM/SLM rebels, and SRF of Nuba Mts and Aghasna SPLA-N of South Blue Nile to defended our national Constitution, territorial integrity, and its sovereignty instead of our gallantry South Sudan National Army SPLA.

Fifthly, Salva Kiir ordered Museveni’s UPDF air forces to use forbidden dangerous weapons against his countrymen/women/children who believed to side with SPLA in Opposition as the way to silent Dr Machar ‘s loyalists- the gallantry SPLA in Opposition and White Army Nuer warriors or meant to eliminated or wipe out Nuer tribe from South Sudan map

Sixth, Salva Kiir regime since day one in office had establish Dinka dominated institutions which badly failed to tackles rampant corruptions, overwhelm widen insecurities across the country for instant wanton killings around cities and cattle rustlings in remote rural areas, growing tribalism, nepotism, clanism,chronic hatreds, imbalance in government where his own clan are dominance. All these factors led level South Sudan as a failed State number 1 globally.

Finally, Salva Kiir because of his incapability, incompetency, flip flop, puppeteers, alcoholic addicted, arrogance, and lack of leadership skills, vision, value, mission and political determination had made him incompetent either politically, militarily and diplomatically.

Warning! My message goes to bribed IGAD member countries dragged by notorious killer Yoweri Museveni of Uganda whom hold meeting in Kampala with President Uruhu Kenyata and their puppet Salva Kiir whereby the three corrupted leaders draft the damn imposed agenda against our freedom fighters. Who will buy that illegal document? None.

I am hereby also giving a strong warning to our cousin Dinka Bahr el Ghazal and others to refrain from importing foreigners whatsoever it may takes to fight Nuer warriors on their behalf. Otherwise it will backfire later when the Nuer got power in the future.

The author is a concern South Sudanese who can be reached for comments at davidshang705@gmail.com

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