Kwara, Your Mabaan Defense Force Must Refrain From Attrocities of Salva Kiir!

By Peter Chot Deng
Maban soldiers (Julien Bahal GOAL)

Mabaan soldiers (Julien Bahal GOAL)

Sept 03, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — This article responses to Kwara, the official from the Maban community who twisted the formation of the so call Mabaan Defense Force(MDF), confirmed by members of South Sudan’s national legislative assembly as a “legitimate force”. We understand that anything that keep illigitimate president in power is legitimate. Salva Kiir has lost control of the country and only hire rebels, militia, Gelweng and foreign mercenaries to defense his illegitimacy. Why would a leader from the largest tribe be so unpopular like this?

Accordingly the chairman of the so call MDF, who are responsible for  the massacres of Nuer civilians as evidenced by UN Security Council and secretary-general, who condemned the killings last month as a war crime and crime against humanity. This is a death penalty that no legitimate leader would want to associate himself or herself with. The Mabaan Defense Force are bringing curse to Mabaan people and the minority tribe in the country. Although it may sounds as a threat, the truth is the white army may revenge against these illicit crimes by these small tribes within Jonglei, Upper Nile and Unity state, unless Salva Kiir has a salvation for each of these tribes. From Dinka Bor to Murle and Mabaan, you should never take advantage of the fact that Nuer is currently fighting the region to liberate all the minority tribes from marginalization. So the Mabaan people must stands with freedom fighters instead of fighting against their own freedoms.

The world has recorded the incident that took place on 3rd of August 2014 after the defection of several soldiers of the national army deployed in the areas. This fact should never be politicized or legitimized in any possible way.

David Unyo Demey Kwara, who represents Mabaan in the national house, now carries the influence of dictator Salva Kirr, who led his Gelweng militia during the Juba massacre in December and shamelessly came out to call for “one people one nation” to prove that his militia was a “reserve force”.

David Unyo deliberately announced publicly, claiming that in Africa, the local communities in unruliness situation would organize themselves into a force that would defend their lives and property in the episode the national army is “overreached or unsuccessful to defeat the rebels” but SPLA/MiO Freedom Fighters understand with no doubt that Maban defend Force has now become number one for supporting the genocidal regime.

David Unyo Demey Kwara  claims that MDF militias was formed to fulfill up security gap. They must first ask themselves, for how long will they fill in this “security gap”  when Salva Kiir government is crumbling and the gap is widening? Mabaan Defense Force is fueling massacres and helping the serial killer Kiir to kill as many people as he can before he is killed like Gadaffi of Libya.

Such a force is not meant to fight a war against a sovereign state but will fight against the civilians of Nuer,  Kwara said. If members of MDF are real men, why don’t they face the Nuer wariors in the battlefields instead of resorting to killing of armless humanitarian workers, women and children? They are just as coward as Dinka Bor Defense Force. These forces must burry themselves before Kiir’s government is overthrow otherwise they will bring curse to the whole communities around them.

According to Sudan Tribune, the legislator argued that South Sudan has allowed such situation because it is the only way the local populations can protect themselves from other communities in control of weapons. This is a blatant lie. The white army has had its guns for more than three decades but they respected all the small tribes that respect them. If the white army wishes to exteneminate any small tribes within the Greater Upper Nile even when there is a government they will do that. The white army is made up of brave warriors. No other community can fight Uganda and Sudanese rebels group but still control their territories. So this puppet of Kiir must learn to think and reason properly.

Kwara is the first official from Mabaan who has come out to claim responsibility for training this genocidal militia. We Nuer community from all over the world will watch the next step of this mad man and any single drop of blood of innocent Nuer civilian that will be shed by this militia must be revenged by the remnants Nuer white army. The war with Salva Kiir and Museveni will be brought to an end and our brave white army will never banished. Instead it will grow stronger and stronger until all these opportunists are brought to account.

This article serves as strong warning to Kwara and his Maban Defend Force. Refrain from atrocities and give our communities chance to live in peace!

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