South Sudan’s Juba Teaching Hospital Went On Strike Over Unpaid Arrears

By Emmanuel Modi, (witness).
Patients sleep on the floor of the out patient department waiting for their malaria test results at the Juba Teaching hospital which has a shortage of beds

Patients sleep on the floor of the out patient department waiting for their malaria test results at the Juba Teaching hospital which has a shortage of beds (Photo: Zimbio)

 Sept 03, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The staff working in Juba Teaching Hospital went on strike  over unpaid arrears which were cut off during the austerity measures which came as a result of leadership incompetence demonstrated by the ruling SPLM Party.When Dr Riek Gai got appointed to the post of the Ministry of Health, the employees in the ministry became hopeful that things would improve because the guy, who has a wealth of working experience, has got a reputation for being a hard working person who can not mistreat his people.

However, to astonishment of many,  when he came to address the hospital staff along with Hon Minister of Labour and Public services, he  became so authoritative and hostile towards the striking employees of the Hospital, and in quote:

“I know of no money meant for you except the infection allowances and house rents which were returned already. I am not a Minister of Juba Teaching Hospital. Makur is not an Undersecretary of Juba Teaching Hospital.Your line manager is Dr Wani Lolik and Richard . Do not come to the Ministry again”. Said Dr. Riek Gai.

The Honorable Minister of Labour was so polite and said that Hon Minister of Finance will come to set the record straight.

In simple terms, the Minister of Health is a wolf in sheep skin confusing effects for the causes. He defended Makur, who has more enemies than friends in the Ministry of Health but who can never be touched because of his relation with some strong circles close to the presidency.

His removal is a “red line” and can cost some people including the Minister of Health their positions. Another interesting thing is that the Minister of Finance who was expected to give a solution was busying lecturing to a group of gloomy-looking and despondent staff in English thru a Translator . He was lecturing about how things went wrong under their watch and how they are up to now unable to stabilize the situation which is out of control.

It was embarrassing that the Hon Minister of Finance was talking in English as if he does not know Arabic. His colleague Dr Gai was more unfriendly and never pitied the condition of the staff who spent the whole day without food or water. The whole thing ended up in a fiasco. He concluded by ordering that work begins at 8:00 AM and if any one fails to turn up, he/she will be considered absent and be dealt with according to the laws and regulations of the public service.

Hon Riek Gai is a trained  and an indoctrinated NCP cadre who is very good at not keeping his words. The author is not surprised that these innocent health staff will never get an iota of truth  regarding their claims. The NCP live with the motto of not doing what they say and the vice-versa.

Finally, I am calling upon the staff of  the Hospital to continue to work for the sake of the suffering people of South Sudan. These are the same people whom you voted for who are now making you to suffer. The South Sudanese have now  had a bitter experience for electing these people and I hope they will not repeat this  gravest mistake again should there be any election because the proof of the pudding is in the eating( An English adage).

Let me conclude with a prayer:

God, the Almighty father, our country is bleeding in the hands of its own sons who have opted not to seek your kingdom first but to amass wealth at the expense of helpless ordinary South Sudan.The country is torn apart. Help us God. Amen!!!

The writer is a concerned citizen, and can be reached on

  1 comment for “South Sudan’s Juba Teaching Hospital Went On Strike Over Unpaid Arrears

  1. Flavia
    May 9, 2015 at 12:50 am

    hi. does any1 have an idea of how i can apply for a paid medical internship in juba hospital? i am a medical student in uganda


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