South Sudan: Another Senior SPLA/M Officer Joins The Armed Opposition!

Updated at 10:30Am, Sept 5, 2014(PST)

The former SPLM/A officer, engineer Aguer Rual (Photo: Aguer)

The former SPLM/A officer, engineer Aguer Rual (Photo: Aguer)

Sept 04, 3014(Nyamilepedia) — A senior South Sudanese politician, Aguer Rual, declares his allegiance to the armed opposition under the former vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny.

Aguer Rual, who currently resides in Melbourne, Victoria, and formerly of SPLA/M officer is a South Sudanese citizen from president Kiir’s home region of Warrap state.

“I, Aguer Rual, presently resident of Melbourne, Victoria, and formerly of SPLA/M officer (engineer) and a southern Sudanese by nationality of Warrap state, hereby commit my full support to the opposition army/politics in South Sudan led by Dr Riek Machar.”

The well educated senior officer holds Masters of Law, Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Legal Studies, Advance Diploma of Criminal Justice System, and tone of political and military experiences.

Lawyer Aguer is currently pursuing another Master’s degree in International Security and Counter-Terrorism, and further studies Juris Doctor (Master of Law or equivalent to law degree).

The former SPLM’s engineer is a founder of MERCY and UNITY BASIC SCHOOLS AT MAYO CAMP KHARTOUM SOUTH FROM 1990.

Aguer founded the above mentioned schools under non-governmental schools in Khartoum for displaced camps, established and registered both schools with ministry of education of Khartoum State as private schools.

Among other educational experiences, Aguer has acted as school principal and head of board and general management. Aguer taught and provided training for teachers annually in Sudan.

In addition, Aguer has led, achieved or contributed the following to communities in Australia and in Africa:

  1. African Community Development Centre-Melbourne from 2006-2011
  2. Jieng General Union of Australia- A community based organisation for Jieng people- from 2003-2012
  3. Musa’adeen Refugees Advocate group based in Egypt-the Sudanese Organisation from 2000-2003
  4. Established Sudanese Refugees settlement program and family issues including you persons
  5. Provide financial and legal referrals for Sudanese people to the main service providers
  6. Provide legal referrals for family violence
  7. Community panel program dealing with family issues
  8. Visit young African in person
  9. Attending interview of the young African person at police station.

During his studies, Aguer has closely monitored the progress of his people and SPLM party, at home and also in Diaspora, to find and improve conditions, politically and non-politically for the South Sudanese communities and SPLM.

Aguer, as an intellectual, attests that he may not condone all aspects and behaviors of the rebels, however, compared to dictatorial tendencies and behaviors of Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardiit, the lawyer opts to overthrow president Salva as the last resort to restore peace, install federalism and enact a new constitution for the people of South Sudan.

“I have become increasingly concerned about actions taken by the GOSS, especially by President Salva Kiir. While I do not condone all aspects of the tactics and behavior of the rebels, I can see no other way forward for South Sudan but for the rebels to achieve their goal of removing the current president from office and establishing a new federal government and a new constitution with strong institutions” Aguer stated.

“I believe South Sudan is a country whereby human rights is not respected and not valued. Therefore, war orphans, widows and disables are not being cared properly as they are being neglected and their concerns are not taken into consideration by the Salva Administration.” Aguer continued.


Aguer calls on all South Sudanese, from all walks of life, to support the popular uprising regardless of their tribes, religion and location.

“I strongly urge all people of South Sudan regardless of their tribe, religion and location for their fully support to the opposition under Riek.” Aguer said.

Aguer calls on all political parties, students, teachers, union workers, civil society groups, law societies, trade unions, women, youths and children to arise and declare full support to Dr. Machar’s leadership, under SPLM/SPLA in opposition.

“Also I appeal to SPLA/M and all South Sudanese political parties, students, teachers, worker union, civil society’s organisation, law society, government departments, national trade union, women and youth organisation for their full support and public uprising against directorship (Kiir) and Declaration by joining South Sudanese SPLA In Opposition”

Aguer believes that it is important for the South Sudanese to stand together and support a system that will reward all citizens equally and that will establish structures and solid foundations for federal governance.

“My aim is to encouraging the system that will reward all people of South Sudan and thrill by establishing department of veteran and social service in the coming federal government” Aguer said.

Aguer further calls on the people of his home state of Warrap to stand firm behind him and his comrades in SPLM/SPLA in Opposition.

“Thus, my appeal will be directed to people of Warrap State to stands firm with and in supporting me and the SPLA In Opposition.” Aguer said.

Aguer joins the list of other senior politicians and army generals from Bahr el Ghazal region who declared their full support for SPLM/SPLA in opposition.

The sixth division’s overall commander, Maj. Gen. Dau Aturjong, from Northern Bahr el Ghazal state, who defected the government in May, commands thousands of troops in the region.

Other generals, who defected from Warrap in April, following an attack on civilians in Mapel, are also commanding thousands of troops in various parts of the region.

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