Australia: Declaration To Join SPLM In Opposition

By Deng Mading Deng

To: SPLM in Opposition

Dear Comrades,

South Sudan Australian chapters(Photo: SPLM-Ausi|Nyamilepedia)

South Sudan Australian chapters(Photo: SPLM-Ausi|Nyamilepedia)

Sept 25, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — Please accept my heartfelt congratulations for the formation of our democratic voice (SPLA in Opposition) that by now had my full support. I’m Deng Mading Deng, born in the inner city of Bor-town from Jonglei, with academics background of Bachelor of Business (Supply Chain and Logistics Management) by distinction at Victoria University Melbourne, Diploma of Agriculture, Diploma of Logistics, Diploma of Management at TAFE N.S.W, Australia and currently pursuing a Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism.

I was a South Sudan Customs officer, former S.P.L.A/M sergeant Jeec al Ameer (Red Army) Nov 1987-1994, former Sydney Australian Bors’youth leader and former M.S.F Holland logistics officer. Dear comrades and friends I would certainly appreciate your highly understanding with endurance, to allow me to express my individual views with pledged of my support. As a citizen of a new nation (South Sudan) I congratulated all my comrades and friends for the hard work of selves’ scarification to fight the S.P.l.M/A war that had caused people lives and fortune.

I supposed my comrades, uncles, cousins and friends’ died shoulders to shoulders whether they were Nuers, Dinkas, Nubia and Equatorians fighting a prolonged war with hope and desire to exercise their political rights without unreasonable resistance or harassment from Sudan at that point authorities. Their hope was achieved through a CPA which is the mother of South Sudan independence. Then again that hope is forsaken by a corrupted and a scavenged regime in Juba. Who have had denied people freedom: to seek public office (unless you are initiated by them), to vote (only when you agreed with them), of expression, of association, assembly, communication and religion.

Without constitutional debated laws to protect citizens for their rights as we all known in Juba, what do we need to be done? This question is for all of us in doubts of what should be done logically as everyone expected. My dear comrades should we obey governments that are corrupted and bad? Well according to Romans 13:1 says, “Let every person be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.” so if this is the case, what about the bad corrupted regime in Juba who killed thousands of citizens because they are their critic e.g. Isaiah Abraham (Chan Diing Awoul) who was killed because he criticised the dictatorship and abusive Government of human rights in South Sudan.

The regime that denied you a freedom to vote or seek public office e.g. our late Lt. Gen. George Athor, David Yau Yau, General Dau Aturjong Nyuol and Dr Riek Machar leading to the current imposed war by Kiirs’ regime. So if God is the one who use faithful people to sets up governments, are we supposed to obey those bad governments? My answer is no brothers and sisters comrades, we obey governments only that does not violate our rights. If the regime in Juba declared to kill all their critics and oppositions, should we obey them? As such Government has proved beyond reasonable doubts that it is run by dishonest authorities who don’t even care to leave good legacy behind them.

As a result, enough is enough; I have thoughtful withdrew my support for the self-sentenced South Sudan Government in Juba and has pledged my full support to the South Sudan S.P.L.M/A in Opposition. Making democracy work requires informed and active citizens like myself and others, who understand how to voice their interests, act collectively and hold public officials accountable for their alleged act. Merely I believed that S.P.L.M/A in Opposition are the healthy democracy choice for our new nation and I’ll makes sure that my fully support and contribution is with my leaders and our political party as we are the key to bring our community to have equal right and access to the political process.

I have without doubt for my leaders and comrades who are politicians and good at their jobs but their alleged crimes in Juba was their rallied against scavenged bad regime in Juba who tried to kill them instead they killed and yet are killing uninformed brothers in the country. My message to all of you who may perhaps have some concerns in South Sudan, I simple ask you to make up your mind; join us and don’t be going blind in vain react to protect you interest, as your interest could be central for our people right.

Best regards

Cc: Secretary of External Affair of SPLM/A In Opposition
Mr Dhuil Mathok Diing

Cc: SPLM/A In Opposition Representative to Australia
Mr Aguer B. Rual

Cc: SPLM Australia Chapters Coordinator, Comrade
Mr Gatluak Puok Puoch

Signed by:

Deng Mading Deng

For more contact SPLM Australia Chapter at

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