A Message From Lt. Gen. Ladu Gore and Dr. Wani Tombe to Fellow Equatorians!

Dear all,

With the deputy Commander in chief Cde Alfred Ladu and the chief coordinator Cde Ramadan Hassan and the deputy spoke person and director of media in my office Cde Nyarji jermlili and others

Dr. Riek Machar, the Chairman of SPLM/SPLA(centre) with the deputy Commander in chief, Alfred Ladu (left) and the chief coordinator Ramadan Hassan(right) and the deputy spoke person and director of media in Dr. Machar’s office Nyarji jermlili (in military uniform) and others

Dec 24, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — In my recent communication with both the Lt. Gen. Ladu Gore, who was together with Dr. Wani Tombe in Addis Ababa, they have asked for the following message to be passed on to our fellow Equatorians as well as the rest of the Southern Sudanese countrymen, friends and colleagues in the struggle.

Gen. Ladu’s visit to Dr. Wani was after his [Wani] discharge following a brief admission to one of the hospitals in Addis Ababa because he was feeling unwell. Dr. Wani was immediately discharged and he has now resumed his duties after finishing the medication. He has fully recovered from this minor illness.

The two brave politicians, Gen Ladu and Dr. Wani, started by wishing all the South Sudanese countrymen and women, friends and colleagues in the struggle within and outside the country, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2015. They admit that it has been a difficult year after they both joined the liberation struggle, following the massacres of many South Sudanese on December 15, 2015 by Salva Kiir’s own militia in Juba.

The two leaders have been working in separate capacities or fields, on different views, which was terribly misunderstood by many people as a division amongst the ranks of the Equatorians in the opposition.

As a matter of fact, they have known one other for ages, and have equally contributed to the liberation struggle. They never had any personalized or political grudge between them, other than having distinct views, which is normal in politics. Therefore, for the interest of Equatoria and South Sudan at large, the two brave sons of Equatoria have settled on one objective, and that is the liberation of Equatorians in Equatoria.

The two heavy weights will work jointly, side by side, with the rest of other Equatorians fellows, and above all with the entire leadership of the armed opposition to liberate South Sudan from the self-inflicted unnecessary suffering brought about by the current regime with tendencies to exterminate anyone making a quest for change to a better system of governance in South Sudan.

Lt. Gen Ladu and Dr. Wani have strongly emphasized that the Equatorians have never been bystanders in all the liberation struggles that took place on our soil, ever since the Southern Sudanese started the wars of liberation. For this reason, they said Equatorians cannot and will never leave their fellow Southern Sudanese to continue dying in the battle fields of South Sudan without their participation. “We must join the front lines” they said.

Lt. Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore further emphasized that this current war, which started in December 15, 2013 , and triggered merciless killings of fellow South Sudanese on ethnic lines must be blamed squarely on Salva Kiir, who boldly imposed himself on the people of South Sudan as their president by rigging and intimidating the people of South Sudan.

Gen. Ladu Gore himself said, he had been a victim of that system; and the fact that he became a Federal Minister of environment was a call from his supporters to be part of the system, so as to make reforms from within; an effort which became difficult to achieve, simply, because they were dealing with self centered, corrupt and incapable leader like Salva Kiir, who only listen to his tribal cohorts that want to rule South Sudan callously with tribal directives to impose tribal hegemony, void of any vision to develop the country.

Gen. Ladu Gore said, despite the difficulties he encountered together with the rest of his colleagues who were in the then system, they decided to remain as a part of the broken system so as to put it in the right track that would have followed the legal channels within the SPLM party, which lost directions under the poor leadership of Salva Kiir. When Kiir realized the danger that was brewing through these legal channels, he made a complete reshuffle, which was not a surprise to anyone as many people were already aware of how dictators like Salva Kiir can resort to violence to resist change in the country.

Lt. Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore and Dr. Riek Machar Teny welcomed during Pagak Conference in Pagak, South Sudan (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Lt. Gen. Alfred Ladu Gore and Dr. Riek Machar Teny welcomed during Pagak Conference in Pagak, South Sudan (Photo: Nyamilepedia)

As Lt. Gen. Ladu explained, they all accepted the reshuffle of the system, which Salva Kiir and his cohorts thought was necessary; however, such dictatorial act never invoke any of the politicians to even think of waging a war against Salva Kiir’s regime. Instead, the democrats peacefully organized a very transparent convention, which was attended even by the government mouth pieces, such as Micheal Makuei Lueth. The conference, as witnessed by South Sudanese and the International Community was intended to restore the SPLM to its roots to champion the vision of democratization and realization of the dreams and aspirations of the citizens of South Sudan, who  have suffered long enough despite the huge deposits of many natural resources in our blessed country, South Sudan.

Sadly, due to dictatorship and incompetency of Salva Kiir, who has sold the country to foreigners, our people continue to die in all parts of South Sudan as the country continue to fail. Gen. Lado regrets the suffering of our people emphasizing, in the strongest terms possible, that Salva Kiir must be defeated, and for this reason, Equatorians must take an action.

Lado explained that after Salva Kiir failed to heed to their call, and instead, decided to craft a coup, he and his comrades Dr. Riek Machar, Gen. Taban Deng Gai and others who refused to die in Salva Kiir’s prisons or die as refugees in foreign countries, were forced to run for their lives and resist Salva Kiir’s dictatorial regime that has brought this continuous killing and suffering of the people of South Sudan.

Though what has been narrated is already a history, it is important to remind us because Southern Sudanese are currently in the bushes of South Sudan, not because they are accustomed to it, but because there is a genuine call to rescue the country from dictatorship, and to avoid plugging of our natural resources, and their misuse to maintain a leader like Salva Kiir who has already loss his legitimacy to rule the nation. As we speak, Salva Kiir has contracted out our gold in Eastern Equatoria to be exploited by foreigners to fund the suffering and death of our people, like we are currently witnessing in Upper Nile region. Should you allow this to continue you would have betrayed your grand-grand children and the generations after. These resources would rather remain in our soil than being exploited by foreigners and Salva Kiir who marginalize and kills our people.

On another note, it is important to point out that, the current SPLM/A-IO under the leadership of Dr. Riek Machar in which Gen. Ladu Gore is the deputy is fighting for the total overhaul of the system so that not only the rights of the citizens of South Sudan be protected, but their dreams, resources and aspirations that they have struggled and suffered for to be realized.  Instead of a very few minority benefiting from the country’s coffers at the expense of the general masses, SPLM/SPLA is fighting for the benefits of all 64 tribes and subsequent generations. But this liberation will not be achieved without meaningful contribution from our people of Equatoria.

Gen Ladu also reiterated that as a resistant movement, they are not only dealing with SPLM issues, but as well listening to the calls of the senior field commanders under the opposition, and nevertheless listening to the calls of other political parties, civil society groups, different church leaders, and all South Sudanese involved directly or indirectly with the opposition. For this reason, it is important that while Lt. Gen. Ladu contribute to higher decision making, Dr. Wani will continue to contribute within the chambers of SPLM and also through GRECOR.

Those who joined them in the recent major conference convened in the liberated area of Pagak under the opposition have witnessed these and many of them have aired their various views, which are currently being intellectualized and polished by the top leadership before they are fully put into practice in the next few weeks.

Furthermore, the leaders have clarified that not even a single individual was arrested or detained like what Salva Kiir in Juba because the main motto of the SPLM/SPLA in opposition is that the will of the oppressed people of South Sudan, regardless of their political affiliations or tribes, need to be considered for the total success of this second liberation struggle.

Both Gen. Ladu Gore, the deputy chairman of the SPLM/A-IO and Dr. Wani Tombe, the leader the Greater Equatoria Council of Rights (GRECOR), who have been given the formal assignment as the leader of the Civil Society in the peace talks have categorically stated that, they both wish for a peaceful settlement to bring the suffering of the people of South Sudan to rest, and have passed a message to Salva Kiir to desist from making the country to be directed by the tribal elders and the politics of rubber stamping in the parliament, but instead listen to the call of the South Sudanese people through what is being tabled at the current peace talks.

Should Salva Kiir failed to do so and still has illusions that he can win the war through the barrel of guns, Equatorians are already united within their ranks and files, together with their field commanders, and as a united block under the opposition, to bring to an end the current regime of dictator Salva Kiir.

Their message to the sons and daughters of Equatoria, both in South Sudan as well as in Diaspora, is that the Equatorians have suffered enough under the current regime and therefore, they need to continue to organize themselves and avoid any form of divisions among themselves so as to continue assisting the liberation struggle.

Please Read an Important Message below:

As per the lengthy meetings between Dr. Wani Tombe and Lt. Gen. Ladu Gore, they both arrived at the conclusion that, there are no problems between them, and they will work together for the greater interest of our people in Equatoria. However, the following facts ought to be taken into consideration by all:-

  1. GRECOR is still in charge of coordinating and mobilizing human resources in the next phase of the struggle;
  2. GRECOR shall continue to pioneer the mobilization of Diaspora resources for the common interest of the peoples of Equatoria;
  3. GRECOR’s structures shall continue to be used for the advancement of the interest of people of Equatoria;
  4. GRECOR shall continue to support the efforts of Gen. Ladu Gore as the most senior political and military leader in Equatoria within the current political struggle being waged in South Sudan;
  5. GRECOR’s overall political and military objectives do not contradict those of Gen. Ladu Gore in particular and those of other Equatorians who are in the struggle;
  6. GRECOR shall continue to stand by Gen. Ladu Gore until peace is attained in South Sudan;
  7. While standing by Gen. Ladu Gore, GRECOR’s structures shall remain intact as the foundations for the political mobilization of the youth, women and men of Equatoria; and
  8. GRECOR has complete political independence which is to be protected.

For further developments, a joint teleconference will be convened at a later date as soon as it is confirmed so that Equatorians in Diaspora can interact in a teleconference and have some of their questions answered.

Regards with my best wishes from myself and my colleagues for a Merry Charismas to all.

Justin Demetry, GRECOR,


Contacts: tombelodemen@yahoo.com

  7 comments for “A Message From Lt. Gen. Ladu Gore and Dr. Wani Tombe to Fellow Equatorians!

  1. Buzy King
    December 25, 2014 at 8:27 am

    This is senseless to mobilize the Equatorians People to join in the senseless war created by power thirst Dr. Riek Machar who is always the suffering of South Sudanese. I thought you had been in the struggle and you have known how painful it was to achieve the independent of our Republic of South Sudan. I believed in Equatorians, they are not simple like most of you who are struggling for power. Lobby somewhere and vision how the modernized world aired out the political difference.


  2. alex
    December 26, 2014 at 6:01 am

    in any thing you need to do ask god first , if its have been a right things t to do , unity is always not easy attain by wars, let us know who we are in the presence of our maker ,our purpose here on this earth, and where are we going after this life, let all our leader knows that , power,or riches can not bring us happiness, but misery to us individual and as well as our nation as a whole ,let the youth be mobilize to to preach peace and not take part in any leader who plan to fight ,the time of war is over , we need peace ,the the peace is started with you , your family ,your com minty and city then the entire nation than the whole world will know that we are peace,


  3. December 27, 2014 at 12:42 am

    This fool called Lado Gore and likes of wani Tombe, think that people will join them to fight for their salary. None of Sons and daughters of Equatoria and whole South Sudan are still sleeping. The days of rewarding traitors is numbered.Face it alone ya Lado Gore.


  4. True Equatorian
    December 28, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    Mr “South Sudan Voice” You talk on behalf of Equatorians like as if you know them, all your narrow mind can think of is that Ladu Gore is fighting for salary, How pathetic and naive of you. Am not surprised with your conclusion since its a norm for you dinkas. What you should know is that these are visionary leaders who think for their country and people, not their tribe and stomachs.This is a genuine call for the sons and daughters of the Equatoria land to stand up to this mindless, visionless regime headed by the ignorant Kiir and defend the land and their loved ones from being killed by the dictator regime…


    • Nikalongo sanduksanduk
      December 29, 2014 at 9:24 am

      In Equatoria Generals follow people not the other way round. Gen. Gore, Tombe, etc represents their own interest and not of Equatorians. That nonsense of sheep following is a Dinka and Nuer thing. Where is the peace that the blood of the war dead was suppose to bring? Bure kabisa! Fight your wars in your backyards because Equatoria remains a no go zone area. Dinka and Nuer are millions strong. You do not others to fight for you. Nikalongo


      • December 29, 2014 at 9:14 pm

        This is vey regretable to see Gen.Lado and Dr.Wani are pleading to Equatorians youth to join war.We south Sudanese we needs our leaders to work for peace.The political differences between Salva kiir and his dissents can be solve through national dialogue rather than people compaigning for the war.


  5. Gabriel Matur Malek Kachuol
    December 31, 2014 at 1:35 am

    People whom we thought were thinking icons of our youngest nation in the world and whom we thought would help spearhead the development of our virgin social and vast economic resources, are now in the front lines of destruction and destablization of our cherish dreams of political stability and peaceful development. President Salva Kiir Mayadit might have made mistakes which were drawn up by people who are now leading SPLM/DC, SPLM/Armed oppositon and SPLM/Group of 11. The leaders of the above mentioned groups were the architects of the poor political judgements which are now ruinning our nation. The establishment of the government of SPLM/A, by the SPLM/A and for the SPLM/A in stead of laying down a strong foundation of the government of the people, by the people and for the people,was responsible for our present day political crises. 2013 was simply a caried over of the bush events of 1991. Though SPLM/A liberated us some thing for which we thankful, but if they do not chech their greed for political power and wealth, they will unwitingly distroy their own handiwork.


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