Rachel Nyadak Paul is a Living Ghost in Juba!!!

By Wiyual Ding Lual,

Ms Rachel Nyadak Paul, the deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Dec 31, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The famous woman whose popularity faded away like morning dew or water evaporated from the lake Victoria has just lost it as the matter of second and would never refurbish it ever again. Rachel Nyadak who hails from Uror County that she deems to destroy soon and will remain a day dream is a true daughter of Lou Nuer community coming from trio-Daak Yien section of Lou Nuer clan. Her noble birth from Mai-kir Jaak is not disputable and no question about that.

However, nature is a powerful phenomenon that influences all living things and has made Rachel Nyadak to be a different human from the community where she originated. The Lou Nuer people are cool and dignify people who live in their truth and defy anything related to shame and taboo. Their daughters whether young or old do not embrace the culture of greed, crimes and prostitution, Rachel Nyadak is very peculiar among thousands of her mothers, sisters and daughters in the Lou Nuer Community.

The recent statement that you ( Rachel Nyadak) posted on your Face book Timeline in favor of your recent adopted bridegroom ( Dinka) to come and destroy Uror County the heart of “Mun Loal,” has outraged many Nuer sons and daughters and tainted the feelings of Lou Nuer community in particular. You could not blame us my sister if we are exposing your wicked characters which we concealed for the century. It is your unrelenting lust and rampant greed which brought and will still bring shame on you.

Please prepare for the worst now and on wards. We are going to resist you Mrs. Traitor and you are the living Ghost in Juba.

Rachel Nyadak Paul a widow with multi-husbands. If you ask who her real husband is, it may be tough for her to tell you the exact name of her former and the current husband. She could be like Samaritan woman who was in dilemma to tell Jesus at the Well who her real husband was among the seven she enjoyed the sex with them ( John 4). Rachel Nyadak could be the first who came at the last after the wife of seven men, she is in the circle of hundreds. Nyadak believes in the power of die or live intercourse as the mean to earn living. All of us including Nyadak and Sirir hail from Uror County, but we will expose her wicked deeds because she has made us lost our patience which we held for the century.

Rachel Nyadak was initially brought up by the Lou Nuer priests in the Presbyterian Church of Sudan in Nairobi during the liberation time. The church priests found her in a dirty business brewing and distilling the local alcohol call “arake” as the mean of earning the incomes for the survival of her kids. She was also used as maid and satisfied the lusts of some male masters who did not fear God. The church priests lifted her from those dirty jobs and sent her to language school in Nairobi and learned through adult education session. Now she is able to speak fragile English with poor pronunciation.

The Church priests sympathized for the best things which were done to the community by her late father Paul. The Nuer famous proverb states that, stomach have a lot of corners. That proverb becomes true with the case of my sister Rachel Nyadak. If she accepts to live in her father’s legacy, she can be one of the best women in the Lou Nuer Community today.

Though Rachel Nyadak later turned against their households and snatched some of them away from their beloved wives through her sweet and private matter between the legs, some of the priests did not relinquish their commitments to bring Rachel to the stage that she is now enjoying to destroy the very people who brought her up to the then level.

After the Lou Nuer Presbyterian priests done their part and brought her to the surface of the public realm that enabled her to be seen by many people as human being and cable widow who could be supported through her potential, the Uror Community uplifted Rachel higher and nominated her to represent them in Jonglei State Legislative Assembly. Nonetheless, Hon. Rachel used the public position to sell herself to the powerful personnel in the state and climb the ladder farther. Through her sweet relation with Comrade Mayian Angor who produced her the 14th child, she was able to secure the position of Ministerial post and did not do anything for the people of Uror County and Lou Nuer at large.

In contrary, Hon. Rachel Nyadak turned against her community using the potential she obtained through the efforts of the Nuer community against the Nuer people. The same people who shaped her future become the today preys of her wicked actions.

Please take a look at the wicked and unforgiveable things which Rachel Nyadak Paul did against her own Community ( Nuer and Lou Community in particular)

  • Nyadak diminished the reputation of church priests in Nairobi by selling her own body to some priests and created division among the church leadership circle in early 2000s.
  • Rachel Nyadak fought hard in favor of retaining the Jonglei State capital to Bor town, the current location which cost the lives of several innocent Nuer. The Nuer Mps proposed the relocation of the state capital to Ayod or her own County Uror, but she resisted it.
  • Rachel Nyadak rigged 2010 election in favor of Bernaba Marial Benjamin against Hon. Yoal Dok. Hon. Marial is the Dinka born guy who pretends himself to be Nuer, but cannot even pronounce the famous word of Nuer greeting “Male” appropriately.
  • Rachel Nyadak was the part of the conspiracy that removed Dr. Riek Machar from the position of Vice President and was one among those who doctored the coup plot against Dr. Riek Machar. The unfounded coup cost the lives of 20,000 innocent Nuer civilians who had fallen preys in the hand of genocidal regime in Juba.
  • Rachel Nyadak ordered the confiscation of the Nuer personal vehicles parked at the gate of UNIMISS in Juba. She went farther by ordering the demolishing of the IDPS latrines and denied them from their natural right of releasing themselves.
  • Currently, Rachel Nyadak is implementing a dirty project through IDPs in Juba. She has been given a huge sum of money by the parents of “Mathiang Anyoor”   who have fallen the victims of Nuer White Army in Bor and Malakal.   The Nuer people who usually return from UNIMISS camp in Juba to their houses are the main targeted of Nyadak’s plan. Nyadak shared the plan with one of her Dinka Master minder and told him in August 2014 that she has succeeded to kill 5,000 Nuer who returned from IDPs camp to their houses and disappeared subsequently. Most of who are Bull Nuer and other Nuer who returned from Khartoum and fought against their fellow Nuer during the liberation period.
  • Rachel Nyadak is now beating the drum of war to invade the Lou Nuer land and destroy every creatures there if succeeded, but would remain a day dream. If Rachel Nyadak and bridegroom thugs (Dinka) will try to make mistake and invade the Land of “Loal”, it will be the end of Kiir and his concubines including Rachel Nyadak.

Finally Rachel Nyadak is a dead horse that just awaiting her fate. Her days are numbered. The dirty money she gets through the blood of her people who shaped her life from nothing to something will remain in vain sooner than later. “Rachel Nyadak Paul is a living Ghost in Juba.”

This article is the New Year message to Rachel Nyadak Paul and will be continued…………………

Wiyual Ding Lual the author of this article hails from Uror County in Jonglei State. He can be reached through electronic mean as: wiyualdieng@yahoo.com

  4 comments for “Rachel Nyadak Paul is a Living Ghost in Juba!!!

  1. January 1, 2015 at 4:23 am

    indeed Hon. Nyadak was the best woman ever in Naath Community enlarge not Lou Nuer a lone, but Hon Nyadak Has changed her gears even she is reached beyond her expectation simply because in the all world, there is no any body that can stayed without where you came from even though a girl is married by a different tribe she will still knew where she came from originally. she will remain in her husband house forever but still remembered her sisters, brothers, mothers and as well as her father as we all knew. but Hon. Nyadak days are actually limited in God name because you cannot accept your fother and mother home to be destroyed just because of food why do you remembered the first day you was born there was no Money and your father grew you up without the money we are talking about now. Lou Nuer are great people in the Nuer Land if they are going to be destroyed by prostitution, the spirit of homeland of Lou will cut you short.


  2. January 1, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Wiyual Ding Lual,
    Nothing fact I do understood here in your article then that you are merely jealous on Mrs Hon.Rachel Nyadak,what treachery she have done to her people Lou-Nuers? Hon.Nyadak warned her constituency to do the right thing in order to protects their lives and properties however you are trying to taints her but your malicious act toward minister will do no harm at all!.


  3. January 3, 2015 at 7:19 am

    Wiyual, a real Nuer man from Mun-Loal never lie. But now, you, even you know that you are lying to your nuer audience who can drink sand thinking that it i water, just because they hate Nuer in government. My friend, peace is coming and we will see who will be telling who about which lies! Be a man…I hate it when Nuer people lie and i am associated with them. Shame! Nyaluak


  4. January 3, 2015 at 2:29 pm

    In reality the message that Rechol Nyadak has sent to her social media should not hesitate smart people to that point unless someone is mad in their own thinking. A person who alert you of what is coming should not be leveled as real enemy, but a good informant. Rechol Nyadak does not command any army to go to Lou Nuer, that we should worry about, instead her words are only alerting us and should make our youth stay strong and vigilant to the target. In my opinion, I think she indirectly informed his community about the upcoming ambush. Well people have different ways of viewing things, but to me she just informed us and she should be attributed with that.


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