The SPLM/A Chapters In United State Of America

“We should neither give up nor allow the problem to defeat us and enforced us to give in”


January 3, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —  Minnesota Twincities USA: We endorsed the SPLM in opposition leadership arrangement, this way our leadership will work very well in coordination with the central command

The SPLM political wings in the united state of America are very pleased of this action; months and days had gone by without breakthrough in Addis Ababa peace, we cannot longer afford to wonder between IGAD and inferiors Kiir regime to bring peace to the people of South Sudan. We came half way with our proposal to achieved equitable peace to save lives in the South Sudan but juba doesn’t care.

Juba Government is not ready for peace, how hard is it to accept peace that would save thousands of suffering citizens who found themselves in this untold war of kiir regime?  Kiir government has totally failed and it’s not fixable, some time it easier to accept responsibility than complicating it. The death of 20,000 people with no blameless reason as to why they are killed is serious matter. Our common sense would tell us why the peace is impossible to reach a deal, that is   because the felt of guilt is contradicting with the consequence of accountability   and there is no joke about it, when thousands of lives vanished in matter of a week.

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the commander in chief of SPLM/A has given the best he could offer at this very difficult time of our country. Playing politics around it, it making it so difficult and which would lead to the very first thought of our revolutionary demand that President Kiir must step down and let the country have peace in his absent. Many are saying, if they were kiir they would have taken advantages of Dr.Riek Machar Teny Kindness in accepting his peace offered but instead Kiir chosen to let loose and leave the country to go chaos.

We echo’s to the White Army and SPLA revolutionary military commands to go ahead and finish the fragmentary business President Kiir cause us. regardless of IGAD peace talk, President kiir knows better how to bring peace to the country and the people of South Sudan, he shouldn’t play political games over this crisis. As he always said when passing decrees, “With the power conferred on me by the constitution of the country” why not use it now to save his country from failure or to bring an end to the war.

The Pagak resolution was well received by us in Diaspora and we ask the leadership to implements it without a second thought because it’s spectacular. We understand we have been caution too many time in the past about carry on our duties required by the war. In this case we are not reserving anything hoping that Kiiir & counterpart IGAD leaders may make up their mind in bringing peace to the country. The international community has not help enough to give killer a pressure to relinquish power in order for country to thrive this difficult time, they are busy doing what may bring us down at the end, hence then we cannot afford to fault play with their delaying tactics.

The leadership of the SPLM Chapters in the United states of America would like to assure you that we are hundred percent behind you, let the struggle continues. SPLM/A OYEE.

In behalf of the entire SPLM-USA Chapters

Gondar Timothy Tutlam

Chairman of the SPLM/A- Minnesota Twin cities.

The Chairperson of the States.

  1. Achor Achor             South Dakota
  2. Gach William           Washington St
  3. Julius Dima               Kansas
  4. Tor Gach                   Alaska
  5. James Deng           Portland Maine
  6. Geidon Abraham     Colorado
  7. Simon Tongyiek       Tennessee
  8. Bol Dey                     Arizona
  9. Simon Puk               Iowa
  10. Gondar Timothy   Minnesota
  11. Chuol B. Tang       North Dakota
  12. Makuel Wie           Nebraska
  13. John Lado               Texas
  14. Gatluak Nyang       Utah
  15. Peter Gak              California

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