Mr. President You Lied to Your People, Pack and go in peace!

“Mr. President you lied to your people and what you swore to do you did not do.  So you have no legitimacy at all. Pack and go in peace.”

By Timothy Tot Chol,

Former MP National Assembly, Juba;

Current Chairman, Committee for Federalism and Good Governance;

National Leadership Council, SPLM/A .I. O:

Salva Kiir, displays the transitional constitution after forcefully signing it into law in 2011(Photo: Reuters)

Salva Kiir, displays the transitional constitution after forcefully signing it into law in 2011(Photo: file)

Jan 6, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Mr. President Kiir, if I can remember very well what you swore to do after your ‘fishy’ and doubtful victory over the more visionary and charismatic leader Dr. Lam Akol, allow me to remind you that you swore to do the following:

“I want to offer public amnesty to all those who took up arms against the people of South Sudan. Let them lay down these arms and help us in building this new nation”.

By this time two rebel groups were active mainly in Jonglei state, one led by Major general George Athor and the other one led by Yaw Yaw. Both were candidates in a recently concluded elections, for governorship and territorial seat respectively. Both claimed they were cheated by the SPLM elections officials.  while you offered an amnesty, you were also doing your dirty clandestine secuity to have some of the leaders of these rebel groups murdered. With the help of your friend Museveni of Uganda, Major General George Athor was murdered in cold blood in one of the hotels in Kampala and his body dumped on the road in Morobo, South Sudan. Major General George Athor was in Kampala on the invitation of President Museveni in his efforts to mediate between President Kiir and Major General Geoge Athor. The death of Major General Athor should have been investigated by the UN Human Rights or the AU Human Rights Commissions.

In your public address marking your inauguration as the first President of the Republic of South Sudan, and the declaration of independence on July 9th 2011, you said,
“You may be a Zande, a Kakwa, Lotuho, Nuer, Dinka, Shulluk but first remember yourself as a South Sudanese. You appealed to citizens of the new Sudan to focus on unity based on cultural and ethnic diversity which (is) a source of pride for south Sudan.  There will be equal access to existing opportunities for all”.  Yes Mr. President our diversity is our strength and unity but did you put this strong policy statement into practice after taking over your office and duties? Look at the list (since 2005), of your ministers, advisers, senior civil servants, (including ambassadors), judges, senior officers of the organised forces and leaders of the parastatals, is there equal access opportunities to all or are these opportunities given on the basis of nepotism and tribalism? No one knew Mr. President, that those nice words were rhetorically rubbish lies and that you did not mean what you were saying. This reminds me of that famous song (I forgot the singer),……. “he is a man of many words, what he says he never do……”

Corruption has been the foundation stone of your government since 2005 until you surprised your audience during your speech whose extracts are quoted below: “My government would remain commited in the fight against corruption and all forms of graft, transparency and accountability shall form the foundation of the new leadership”. Excuse me Mr. President! are you serious? Since 2005 how many scandaluous cases in your government were exposed and how many investigation committees were formed?  Corrupt cases like the famous or is it infamous “Dura Saga”, the Wau – Meram road, the 60 million dollars case between ministry of Finance and SPLM, the road and bridges corrupt cases involving your cousin ABMC company, the planes, the military trucks, the collapse of the Nile Commercial bank, the Parliament unfinished buildings, the thefts in the Palace, Dollars in coffins and so many others. These corrupt cases amounted in your own words to 40 billion dollars. South Sudan should have been next to non in East Africa if this money was used for development. But you refused to take the culprits to courts of law and wanted to be smart by asking the very thieves who stole the money to return them to an undisclosed account in Kenya. This was itself a double jeopardy for who knows the owner of this ghost account. When Parliament wanted to take over the case and summon the culprits, you threatened to close the Parliament. Was this your version of fighting corruption and graft and being transparent and making everybody accountable or was this not a cover-up by someone who is a co-accused in the corruption case? Was this the meaning of your much publicised 100 days program that you bragged about in your address of the Parliament?But let us not feast that these cases are closed, they will be re-opened when the time is riped. So bad lack for the culprits and good luck for the people of South Sudan who own the resources.

Another interesting issue is your down playing of the deep divisions within the South Sudan communities particularly within the SPLM. You accussed those who cautioned you about these internal conflicts of being ” detractors of peace, security and political stability”. You failed to be proactive and visionary in detecting the coming dangers ahead of time and find amicable solutions to them. But in dismissing these internal conflicts, you knew it was real and you were preparing stealthly to go on the offensive against those you precieved as your enemies. This was why you recruited, trained and armed your tribesmen who carried out the genocidal killing of thousands of Nuer people on December 15th 2013.

Last but not lest Mr. President, you promised working with international development partners and abide by international covenants. Surely Mr. President I am amazed by the way you manipulate people and organizations but as the Arab proverb goes, “habil el kazib geseir” meaning, the rope of lying is short, (you can not go for long decieving everybody). How can you work with international development partners while they are aware that your development budget is rendered zero by corruption, how can you abide by international covenants while your jails are full of prisoners of conscience and while evey morning over a hundred dead bodies line the streets of Juba, murdered the previous night by your security forces and while there is no respect for any kind of human rights including the right to life itself!

As you well know Mr. President, there has been flowing from Juba and all other stats capitals in South Sudan these many years since 2005 nothing but a devastation of peoples lives and souls and public resources. All is an open secret and the SPLM, once a revered political liberation movement bcame the most lcentious den of thieves. Juba, our capital, became home to the most shameles of all prositution and brothel. It became the kingdom of sin, murder, death and corruption. In general South Sudan has beome so bad that even Antichrist himself, if he should visit the South, could think of nothing to add to its wickedness.

Meanwhile, Mr. President, you sat as a lamb in the midst of wolves and like Daniel in the midst of lions. But even so beautifully compared to that bibilical story, every one knows that you were part and parcel of this kingdom of death, corruption and evil in South Sudan.

In conclusion, the SPLM has already lost its once heroic role as the vanguard of our liberration not only from our enemies but from hunger, disease, illiteracy and underdevelopment. Our people’s wrath has fallen upon it as is optimised by the death of thousands of unsuspecting and innocent members from the Nuer ethnic group in the hands of their comrades in struggle. Our once mighty movement detests party liberation congresses and councils to consult, it fears reformation and can not allay its own corruption. It was your duty Mr. President and that of your miinisters and advisers to remedy these social evils within the government and within our party “but the gout of these evils makes a mockery of the healing hand, and neither chariot nor horse responds to the rein”. So Mr. President it is better and safer that you re-sign. The sooner, the better.

Timothy Tot Chol,
Former MP National Assembly, Juba and Current Chairman, Committee for Federalism and Good Governance,  National Leadership Council, SPLM/A .I. O

  1 comment for “Mr. President You Lied to Your People, Pack and go in peace!

  1. Chief Defender
    January 7, 2015 at 6:36 am

    Kiir don’t even remember these words because he was struggling with English. He just memorize. If he did know the exact or real meaning of “swearing in ” or the last statement “So help me God” when becoming a president why violating? Did you ask God to help you butcher the innocence blood? I wish at that time we had ability to see through your super-dumb thoughts. After failing to develop the nation or just renovating old ones put up by Khartoum government, you turn to your own people. Be reminded! Two wrongs doesn’t make right.The nation had enough of your incompetency. pack and go!!


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