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Caretaker Governor, John Kong Nyoun (Photo/ nyamilepedia)

January 28, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — More than two weeks ago,a highly classified material from an insider who is among President Kiir cohorts at the hub landed on Nyamilepedia Editorial desk. Though to Editorial Team astonishment, the information just as any other loose Juba common talks leaked prematurely beyond expectations. However, this did not hinder a publication because a belief was, “it is still in closet”and no one was vehement, bold and got gut enough to tumble it public.

The collusion was the unconstitutional removal of Unity State Caretaker Governor Nguen Munytuil and a proposed alternate made to be General Buay Rolnyang, who somehow purported as President Kiir’s nephew. This caught many in utter disbelief. “How in the world a stalwart loyalist as Munytuil be removed in such a despondent political situation?” that is the question many of his right hand armed men within the Juba faction continuously ask. Most of his supporters are still sick to stomach having gotten wind of it while some do not buy it and believe, calling it a propaganda that will never happen. Well, whatever the case may be, time will tell.

Before the conspiracy against Caretaker Governor Nguen Munytuil could be fully digested, outlaws and thugs from Mading Bor community overmastered with “Down! Down! John Kong, We Do Not Need Nuer’s sloganwith astounding passion of hatred and zeal.” This is what would have been a popular justified uprising against one more imposed Governor by President Kiir from Nuer; if the act was not partially condemned by Twic East Diaspora. Thanks to Greater Bor inter-clans and sectional clashes and squabbles over leadership subjects. Concierge Governor of Jonglei State, John Kong Nyuon dishonor was almost gone without being condemned by any person. His chief, President Kiir perhaps did not want to lose the little popularity leftby defending himjust in words. “Why shielding unsolicited who will shortly be a political residue, Governor anyway?” The presidential mentors could barely miss asking such a question. It is quite an embarrassing trading indeed!

Swallowing this for him was never an option. Just like many other similar scenarios he had to chill and just take it easy. Reasons are best known only to him. But he has to withstand those unbearable barbaric behaviors from resentful and infuriating Mading Bor community without aback off. And the question is; how long must this go on? In an opinion, Governor John Kong should have abandoned the system long before Mading Bor outrageous misbehaving. The regime does not deserve a person of his caliber.

Reassessing the following well analyzed reasons, I think Hon. Kong Nyuon has to walk out fast or else always shall suffer humiliations,ignominies and disgraces if not demise itself.

  1. He is militarily susceptible and vulnerable though highly ranked. John Kong Nyuon from the inception has been a SPLM/A intransigent who diligently served the movement. He walled the two decades struggle with mighty efforts and entire life. For this reason he always gets his bread buttered as indebtedness to his loyalty. But due to absence of command and gallantry, he is always hijacked even by his juniors. What had happened in 2013 when the same Mading Bor youth who were maliciously armed to blow up his office before attacking the IDPs,clearly exemplifies the point. Instead of putting the unruly youth under control by every mean as a governor, he had to abscond to the airstrip to board to Juba for his dear life. Good enough the rioters did not reach for him at the airstrip and absurdly ended up butchering helpless IDPs.
  2. He is not a dictator. The old English saying “birds of the same feathers flock together” to some extent applies. Hon. John Kong can never be compatible with the overbearing and tyrannical arrangement of President Kiir, though unconsciously being dragged by those who benefit from his engagements. Almost both former and current military governors for instance, Matur Chut of Bhar el Ghazel, Former Governor Paul Malong Awan of Nothern Bhar el Ghazel, Former Governor Kuol Manyang Juuk of Jonglei, Simon Kun Puch of Upper Nile, Nguen Munytuil of Unity state, Former Governor Taban Deng to mention just a few had reigned with iron fist. But Governor John Kong is an odd man out who allows all sorts of nonsense done under his nose.

  3. He has no robust support from both from civil population and army generals. When the President Kiir was conspiring against Munytuil, he and the Dinka elders had to contemplate on myriad possibilities. ”they know quite well Commanders like Mathew Puljang and Bapiny Munytuil will not just sit if Governor Munytuil is relieved. They may join the rebellion under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar, if Kiir sacks Munytuil from being a Custodian Governor.” The source reiterates. But who can possibly take arms if Governor John Kong Nyuon is unlawfully removed? I cannot cite a single army general who can risk not even from Fangak or even Jonglei state where he hails. Hon. John Kong should better leaves before the wind grows any stronger because he is on a shaky ground.

  4. He is naturally humble and politically unreasoned. Having appointed him as a defense Minister in ministerial reshuffling in 2011, his office affairs were all being coordinated without his knowledge by his witty deputy, Dr. Majak D’Agot. Hon. Kong Nyuon was too humble then thus he could hardly question wrong doings, nor old lag, rebuke and make a lawful commanding in his ministry until it was time for his removal. The same scenario is now happening in his current state Government where few individuals from his camp run the government like private business. He is too disadvantageous enough to always suffer the selection pressure. He is too very fragile and unstable to fit without enduring inflicted pain in societies as in South Sudan.

In recap, Governor John Kong Nyuon should have left the regime before it was too late but alas he has to bear with humiliations always. Today’s protest slogan is “we do not want Nuer.” “We want one of our own!” The next time the chanting may be “we want you out of Bor now!” No offence tribalism is deeply rooted though we are all denying it.

Gatwal Augustines

Associate Editor/Nyamilepedia

Chief Moderator/The Snoop Magazine



  1. January 29, 2015 at 4:07 am

    for all these as an English saying that” don’t count your money before the gambling is over’
    John Kong initially knew that even if he is with Kiir he will never be comfortable enough unlike Nguen Monytuil is in Nuer dominated residence
    but all in all they deserve uprooting since Kiir govt isn’t stable


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