Attack Lou-Nuer Areas At Your Own Risk, What Salva And Museveni Must Know!

By John Chuol Bol,

Revised, Updated at 2:10pm, Feb 9, 2015(EAT)

The reformed white armies, after aquiring weapons from the battle fields and unknown sources(Photo: file)

The reformed white armies, after aquiring weapons from the battle fields and unknown sources(Photo: file)

Feb 8, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — We, the Lou-Nuer sons and daughters have learned that the Genocidal Regime, comprising of weak and incompetent Dinka President Salva Kiir, who sold our country to Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is now preparing to attack you, the Holly land. Lou has remained the biggest threat that will one day topple these dictators but before they do so, the regime has prepared to attack you first. Lou Nuer will be attacked anytime from this week of February 2015. Therefore you must be prepared to discipline them, defeat them and pursuit them to banana Republic. You have defeated them and captured their Bor many times but they have never captured our Holly Land. This time, if they dare, you must pursue them beyond South Sudan – Uganda border. Never again should you compromise capturing Juba, enough is enough!

Under the able Maj. Gen. Cde Dor Monjur and under the over all command of Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual Hoth, A.K.A. Gatwech Loka, the Living Lion, I and others at home and in Diaspora have trust in your mighty  powers. You have defeated Britain, Anglo-Egyptians and Khartoum regimes, what are cowards Bor, Gelwengs and Bananas food soldiers to you?

Your capacity to defend our children, women, and elders is proven beyond reasonable doubt. You did it and you have always made us proud. The biggest war that you fought and won between December 24 – January 18 was and will always remain the biggest war of all times with these cowards. This is because by December they trained and armed 15, 000 Gelwengs when you train or armed nothing; they brought more than 25, 000 Ugandans, Rwandans, Congolese, Egyptians and many battalions from Lake, Warrap, and three states of Equatoria, thinking that they will crush us to ashes and burn down our Greentown of Akobo and the rest of our God-given motherlands. We proved them wrong!

Although you were not prepared and equipped like now, you defeated them and killed all their generals with spears, sticks and eighteen (18) century “bochuors” (guns). Now, you are prepared and proven to the whole world that you are men, better than them. The propaganda that was preached on BBC and CNN that you are untrained school boys has disappeared to no trace and forgotten by the world media. They thought you were naïve on the battle fields but after they tasted and found that you have superior skills, despite your lack of weapons, the world has shut-up and the poor Ugandans mercenaries have withdrawn from all the frontlines. You must congratulate yourself our freedom fighters. Without your heroism, there would have been no South Sudan, the country is hijacked by opportunists from Bahr el Uganda. But because you are as brave as lions and strong like mountains, we still have identity and hopes for a free and independent Federal Democratic Republic of South Sudan.

For centuries the world has never witnessed what it has seen in South Sudan. One year and counting, you have defended yourselves and defeated battalions of modern troops from more than five countries, who were trained and equipped with chemical weapons, Russian-made ming-Jets, bullet proof tanks and other superior weapons but to our surprise you burned down the bullet-proof tanks and defeated the enemy. Didn’t you? in Dolleb-hill, Phom el Zharaf, Malakal, Pariang, Bentiu, Renk, Bor, Jemeza and the list goes on and on? Congratulations, we must fight to win! Our land will never be colonized and destroyed by poor cowards, who are begging the entire world to fight us. If they are men, why don’t they face us as them on the battle fields, instead of hiring Chinese, Arabs and Poor Ugandans mercenaries?

SPLA (in Opposition) chief of staff, Maj.gen. Simon Gatwech Dual with his generals at Pagak conference, December 2014(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

SPLA (in Opposition) chief of staff, Maj.gen. Simon Gatwech Dual with his generals at Pagak conference, December 2014(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

To walk you through our history, Maj. Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual Hoth has contributed enormously then any commander, not even coward Salva Kiir, during South-Sudan Civil War or South Sudan’s struggle for our hijacked freedom. He was the one who received and took hundreds of thousands of unarmed men and women who came along way from Bhar el Ghazal via Bor into Lou Nuer Land. Gen. Gatwech Dual led them through Lou Nuer areas to Bilphaam, Gambella Ethiopia. He did that because he was a real son from the area who earned respect from his people. As most of you know, Maj. gen. Gatwech Dual, Maj. Gen. Gabriel Tangiye, Maj. Gen Both Teny, among many other top Generals in SPLM/SPLA(IO) have been members of Anya Anya movements, and SPLA, and therefore, they have accumulated intensive military experience than coward Salva Kii, who was bussy butchering his colleagues in SPLM/SPLA as Garang’s Chief of Military Intelligence. Kiir fought less wars at the frontline than these battle-hardened generals and that is the reason he fears them to death.

Salva Kiir jailed and humiliated Simon Gatwech Dual, Mabor Dhol and Gabriel Tang multiple times right after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed in 2005 and keep them under long detention until November/December 2013. Kiir took advantage of having our late hero Paulino Matip Nhial and Dr. Riek Machar at his side to revenge his old Anyanya grudges with these heroes. The Nuer took this slightly until he gathered these generals(25 in total, all Nuers) at Jabel, Juba in early 2014 for him to kill them after Juba has been secured. When they were finally attacked at their residence in Juba, they all deserted and protected by our braves sons who took them out of Juba by force.

If my Nuer people did not learn from this hatred, they should have learned from the case of James Otong Liah, who was used to fight Murle insurgence for more than three years. Being a nuer, Otong was arrested and charge for war crimes committed by Kuol Manyang Juuk against the Murle and Lou-Nuer. Otong was just a scapegoat to please the international community. His 39 body guards were also sentenced by hanging for show, may their souls rest in peace.

Kuol Manyang was allowed to play proxy game to reduce the population of Bor’s enemies, which are the Murle and the Lou-Nuer. To kill these two tribes, Kuol disarmed the Lou Nuer first and armed Murles at the same time. You must also remember that the disarmed provoked the white army to self-defense from unwanted humiliations, rape of women among other atrocities in 2006. More than 2600 innocents Lou-Nuer were directly killed in this proxy disarmament.

Now, all these brave former prisoners, Maj. Gen. Gatwech Dual, Mabor Dhol, and James Otong are in Lou Nuer with thousands of our sons who joined them to defend our civil population, lives and property from the Dinka terrorist regime of Salva Kiir and his bloody Museveni. These heroes are ready to die defending our natural rights on our own land of Lou-Nuer unlike those cowards politicians, generals and their body guards who are siding with the killers.

The Lou Nuer Community members have never witnessed South Sudan Independent in terms of development leave alone any basic services. What are those cowards supporting in a tribal leader who never respect their views? Rather, those politicians who claim to be representing the Lou Nuer constituencies have prayed for Kuol Manyang to survive. If you look closely the selection of the three illegal commissioners, two of them are the Member of Parliament (MPs) representing Uror and Akobo at the South Sudan National Government. Now they are mobilizing UPDF and SPLA of Juba to come and kill Lou Nuer children, women, elders, and disabled persons. It is our hope that we must fight to death and make sure this planned attack against our people becomes a turning point in this conflict. Use what you have and deal with them accordingly.

White armySince 2005, Greater Lou Nuer areas have never received developments under those criminals in Juba, the like of Kuol Manyang, Paul Malong Awan, Malual Ayom Dor, and the three illegal commissioners who claim to be in the frontline towards Lou Nuer Land. My message to all Lou Nuer Sons of Gojam Division is this. This is the last battle that will turn the page in the hisory of South Sudan. If you capture Ugandan People Defense Force (UPDF) Mercenary soldiers, do not waste your bullets. Just use the spears and sticks that our great grand fathers used when fighting against colonizers. Malual Ayom and Kuol Manyang are the ones who have killed our Lou Nuer since 1984 till now. Now it is their time to face it. This will be another battle of Pading of Nyirol, which traumatized the Dinka Ngok and forced them to lose all the subsequent wars for ever against our people.

Salva’s Illusion to conquer Lou Nuer Land will make another powerful History, Watch!

As you prepare to defense our Holy land from the genocidal terrorists, remembers that the God, who created Lou-land for Lou people, will never abandon you. He will be with you. Whoever comes to attack you in our blessed land will confess in a matter of time, if he/she survives. In 1984, Lou Nuer was attacked from multiples fronts by the same enemies of today to destroy Prophet Ngundeng Bong’s historic sites at Wech Deng. All of you may still remember what happened during that battle. The numbers of fighters at Wech Deng, at the time, was really small, compared to the large invading troops, but the Gods of Lou Land miraculously initiated an heavy and foggy rain out of a blue sky. What followed, mostly on the invaders, was a mystery. The invaders were confused, killed, scattered and lost in our Holy Land. The remnants that survived never returned. In conclusion, our elders all over the world must give their spiritual support to our Gojam Division and ask the owners of the land, the creators, to guide our warriors.

Lou Nuer will never be abandoned to invaders!

The author is a veteran of SPLA, former chairperson of SPLM Chapter who led the defection from the genocidal SPLM Juba to SPLM-IO, and formed the SPLM-In Opposition Chapter of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 2014. He is now a senior SPLM-IO Member & a Political Analyst in Canada. He is reachable at:

  11 comments for “Attack Lou-Nuer Areas At Your Own Risk, What Salva And Museveni Must Know!

  1. February 9, 2015 at 12:23 am

    Ngundeng will depend this Land! Many Thanks for reminder, they (Kuol Manyang and Paul Malong) will run for their dear life


    • February 9, 2015 at 5:34 am

      Be reminded that malong never run away from arabs NIF AND it millias let alone foolish nuers. You talk of lou nuer but their ass have been kick in nuer heard land. Keep dreaming until your grave over take you. Anyone that back riek must be a target.


    • February 10, 2015 at 12:06 am

      thank for your wording,but when will the above mention two leaders run for their life,do you mean,what you said, or do you just it for matter of saying it.this will mark the last end date of what so called white devil rebel of your but paid the price for it.


  2. February 9, 2015 at 1:27 am

    He also said, “Ken jiook ka ci kena ngar-ngare…caa goola yoac mac ci goola de riaw, wec jiath da thiele coah, coah ni coa ran…gaat ji hook e mo ca ngaai.” Translation, “My dogs have played against me; they have dragged my family (nation?) on to fire; my family almost got destroyed; among our trees have no other bones; only the bones of humans; my children, I don’t know why.” And he continued in another portion that “Mi waa rode thaac luak ba gaat ka ciol…ba gaat ka col I bia luaak bi rol kon ben jiek ni rey luak, e luak Deang yith puar.” Translation, “When I reach (control) all the corners of my luak (South Sudan) I will call my children to come so that Jalaba will get us in our land; let the Luak reach to the skies.”

    Another one says, “Ba yioku yiath, ba yioku yiath luak Ngundeng cie jen kuaa Nguene, me kua nguen bia kule we ni yicia widun guandong.” It says, “I will use your weapons, I will use your weapons because Ngundeng’s nation has been envied; where will you go as it has been envied; return to God as the last choice.”

    Ngundeng also predicted the return of his dang (rod), which was taken to South Sudan from Great Britain after 80 years, when he said in his song, “Mi ciaa thuok ke ruac noonge dang, en mac thok eni nyuura.” This translates, “If you have finished with the talks (debates) bring my rod (dang); I, the language grabber, am still seated.” Elders say the timing of return of Ngundeng’s rod was in accordance with his prediction. Some say the talks could mean the Naivasha peace talks in Kenya. Others think it means the current debates going on in the implementation of the CPA. But they all agree that the return of dang symbolizes the return of power which they said was lost since 1920s, or acquisition of modern weaponry. This, like others, is also a food for thought.

    He also said “Kuar dang nguan ngot ni joor jal ke jur ti kur ke bathdor …bi wang cuec de a cang kene pay.” It translates “Four leaders are yet to come with hundreds and thousands of strangers (forces)…on my right eye will be sun and moon.” Elders think that these hundreds and thousands of strangers that are yet to come may mean foreign forces of aggression against South Sudan by about four countries. But Ngundeng said they would also be defeated. Again, this is a food for thought.

    Another prophesy which elders thing is directly related to the people of Southern Blue Nile is when Ngundeng said in his songs “Lare Funj ci maar e dan daak, kua lar Funj, lare je co nyal kua lat ke leer.” It says “Tell the Funj that the past relations have ended; tell Funj, tell the son-in-law; continue to discuss it over.” This to elders is also confusing. Some think the prophesy talks of ending past relations between Funj and Jalaba or may be ending relations between Funj and South Sudan. And who is the ‘son-in-law’ in this case, is also confusing. And what does it mean to say ‘continue to talk it over?’


    • February 9, 2015 at 5:45 am

      Only primitives will believe in ngundeng fictitious prophecies. Since God does not exist, notion of prophecies would definitely be regarded as child play. Only mentally incompetitive people still believe in God or prophecies. The laws of the universe are straight forward. A star cannot appear out of blue get it in your thick head.


  3. February 9, 2015 at 1:53 am

    Following is another plausible interpretation of the Holy Ngundeng verses:

    He also said “Kuar dang nguan ngot ni joor jal ke jur ti kur ke bathdor …bi wang cuec de a cang kene pay.”

    It translates “Four leaders are yet to come with hundreds and thousands of strangers (forces)…on my right eye will be sun and moon.” Elders think that these hundreds and thousands of strangers that are yet to come may mean foreign forces of aggression against South Sudan by about four countries. But Ngundeng said they would also be defeated.

    Again, this is a food for thought.

    Who are these 4-guys?

    I think these 4–kuar are:

    1) Salva Kirr
    2) Kuol Manyang
    3) Malong Awan
    4) Marial Noor or Tela Ring or Aleu Ayiny or even Bona Malual

    Kuol Manyang has just the renewed the new 4-month contract for the Ugandan & Ruwandan Mercenaries ( jalke jur te kur kene bathdori = 16500 troops ).

    There you go the exact prophesy has just came true!

    ” Rol Mach ” is = Salva Kir’s SPLM-Juba no doubt about it.

    Now you do the Spiritual Math and the stage is set for the month of “Duong” – March, 2015 the schedule for the final movie showdown as far as the future status of Addis Ababa Peace talks is concerned!!!


  4. February 9, 2015 at 11:11 am

    It,s true John Chuol Bol, those who will attempt to attack Lou Nuer land will one day regretted, Lou Nuer land did not invaded by British during the colony, instead of uncivilized soldiers of M7. To be frank, those who are dreaming to destroy our land will fail and feel shame.


  5. Comrade
    February 9, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    these are just a light weapons, compare to ones SPLA-Juba has now….government has acquired more sophisticate weapons than the rebels has, lou nuer is going to be deserted area soon when the government forces come to take over the lou-nuer land and to occupy it for ever.


  6. February 9, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    Government forces will be defeated badly. Merciful God will not fail you Lou Nuers Youth. Kiir is currently confuse & once he marches those forces on to the battle field towards Nuer land. They will be surrounded wiped out. Kiir himself will be arrested due to this confusion. Lou Nuers must continue to stand their ground & defend their land.


    • February 10, 2015 at 1:13 am

      John Chuol thank you for the battle words you won against Genocidal Regime Dinka Government
      Chuol Am happy that you are still pure Lou Nuer not affected by the climate you are
      being remember your PATERNAL ANCESTRY Characteristics for whatever they done when their neighbor become greedy to post their possession unjust and to seek destroyed Lou Nuer properties even two men of Lou Nuer will stand with thousand men of that tribe and the Lou Nuer will said we are Lou we couldn’t be treated in that manner for that reason Lou Nuer will fight to that mightier until they liberated their right and subdue that enemy.
      Chuol you inspire the whole entire nation that our eyes wet our pillow with unceased tear for your strong words.
      we tear not b/se our Holy land become ash for these foreign troop, it is our mighty feeling that we will lost those enemies not to see the Sun-ray again if they will come. We are not ordinary Nuer we are Nuer with something that will be seen when our Enemy invaded our Land.
      You Dinka you will see who we are for the lesson you will be received
      Chuol we are proud to have you our good feeling for you will reward you for any kind you need you are worthy to have it


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