What I know about my people ‘the Nuer’

By: Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut,

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut Chairman of SPLM- Youth League in Egypt

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is a Chairman of SPLM- Youth League in Egypt

Feb 19, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Nuer is one of the largest tribe among the 64 other tribes of south Sudan famously known for bravely and physical fitness whether in term of negotiation or in term of fighting.

Nuer where squeeze into three states under President Kiir government and now they are happily in five states under Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s proposal of 21 federal states. Nuer are unique type of human beings that has thy own ways of handling disputes and dealing with personalities of serpent among themselves.

What I really know best about my fellow Nuer as one of the seed which germinated from the middle of ‘Raan Kuoth’s farm’ are;
• Whenever you turn your back to my fellow Nuer community at large, you risk being rejected.
• Once you cited an abomination that is affecting the norms and directly hurting the image and the entire reputation of the whole tribe, you will immediately face rejection.
• When you want to apply slavery on Nuer nations, you will face resistance.
• Don’t try to change Nuer’s minds to hate what they love the most, for they will promptly point their fingers on you.
• You should not discriminate Nuer and shit on them for so long thinking they will enjoy your disgusting stool, for they will not withstand the smell for long period of time.
• Once you kill young children, women and old ages people, you will face revenge.

And the list accelerate …

My fellow country men and women misunderstood my tribe members [Naath] for quite a long time and the only odd character they have pointed out is that; “Nuer are wild! And their best hobby is to fight everywhere any time.” No…! That isn’t what we are good at, Naath are peace loving people and God fearing body. They coexist peacefully with their sovereign inhabitants.

However, Nuer are people of principles and people of strong unity and believes though few might not agree with me on this, but I insist. You can live with Nuer, interact with Nuer, and coexist with them peacefully and gently till the end of the two of you. But honestly whenever you crossed your border of your social life and attack their feeling hurting them and after long tolerance and hindrances of your nonsensical acts, they will not tolerate you any longer they will react vigorously like an atoms mixes by unprofessional chemist hence it will reaches to full scale conflict and persistent disagreement between Nuer and those who oppresses them.

And one important think I know about my lovely Nuer is that went you value them, they will always love you and sticks to you no matter what circumstances you will always be remembered and that is the novel gift won by Dr. Riek Machar. “We always said value us we will value you, love us we will love you and stand with us in time of difficulties and we will carry you on our shoulders” the Nuer.

Moreover, when you decide to change from your good characters and betray or reject them, the repercussion of your hatred will be taken very highly and your recent reputation and your shining name will be easily got erase and permanently deleted from their hearts and you will be thrown behind bars and your names will be the daily message used by gossipers in and around the community though you have been feeding them, education their children free of charge, leading them well they will quickly forget you and they will focus on your new characters. Definitely you will be cursed for polishing bad image to the community.

To prove me right, take a look at the former NCP Icon Dr. Riek Gai Kok Diang the current Health minister in Salva Kiir government, He was once a patriotic man and the only man of people who value education and give a green light to desperate youths who were not capable to sponsor themselves by then. He showed the inner heart of a true nationalist but now is he stills the people choice? You will probably answer it by yourself.

There are more people of these kind on the list but few to mention is: Pagan Amum Okiech, Rachael Nyadak, Simon Kun Puoch, Kok Rueh, Nguen Monytuil, Baranaba Mariel Benjamin and Timothy Taban Juc without forgeting the young General Lul Ruai Kong who have just defected yesterday.

Lul Ruai Kong who gained popularity so quickly due to the crisis of Nuer victim had been known globally by reporting war crime committed by genocidal regime of the Nazi Kiir government against our civilians. “The man who was been on our shoulders for all that while is peacefully at his own feet today”.

In conclusion Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon is still the people choice and he is what occupied their minds. There is nothing, absolutely nothing anybody else can do to stop the Nuer and the rest of the citizens from following his visions and missions. Not even the US dollars and starling pounds more people desire to have.

All in all Nuer as a society are God fearing people who allows any person to intermarriage with them, lives with them, coexist with them without discrimination. The allegations that Nuer are harsh, rude and tough with short tempers are all baseless propagandas which will only instigate differences and incite doubts toward the Naath nation.

My personal warning to the SPLM-IO cadres from tops ranks to last ranks, politicians and other credentials is whenever anybody forget the root cause of Nuer genocide He will also face rejection as we did to those who [Lul Ruai] forget the Nuer victims. May their souls R.I.P.

Cde. Sirir Gabriel Yiei Rut is Chairman of SPLM-YL chapter in Egypt, Writer, commentator, staff at Nyamilepedia; He can be reach through sirirgabrielyiei3@gmail.com

  8 comments for “What I know about my people ‘the Nuer’

  1. February 19, 2015 at 8:59 am

    Cde Sirir,
    Your narration is in place. Nuer are people who do not take action easily against other. They counting down all the mistake committed against them before they take further action. Second, Nuer do not like somebody who shit them and threats them at the same time. It is where Nuer would say enough enough.

    Our brother Salva Kiir was not wise enough because leadership and food can not be grabbed to gather, give one take one. If he like leadership too much, he could take it and leave the food for the rest of South Sudan.

    There was a sign that shown very clearly that there would be a problem in the government of South Sudan because whenever Salva Kiir visit Warrap, he came back with government reshufling in which he (Salva) was trying to fits all his home boys to the government positions. What about the rest who were not from Warrap state?

    This signal I mentioned avbove, was indicated that there will be a problem in the regime of Salva Kiir because he turned national things to his home fair.


    • February 19, 2015 at 7:17 pm

      First of all, I would like to correct author Mr. Siri Gabriel Yiei maybe he did it by mistake or he doesn’t real know the different of two words. He said, one important think and I belief he did mean this one important thing. Please try to know the different of these two words in your future.

      To respond to Mr. Bol Deng. I think your hatred on Salva Kiir Mayardit should not be attached with others Warrapan residences, they have nothing to do with this politics. There are about 78000 Nuers Bul cattle keepers living in Northern Warrap State with their cows and I want you just to call anyone from your people in Warrap State to get more details if the citizens of that State are benefits in the currently leadership or suffering like others citizens a cross the young nation. There is no good road in Warrap State, there are no hospitals in Warrap State, there are no enough school in Warrap State I mean you can name it. In Warrap State, many Dinkas do not like Salva Kiir Mayardit, this is why he doesn’t visited Warrap State frequently but we can not change his government by violence this notion has been rejected by most of the Dinkas young people.Please keep singing about Dinkas are getting benefits from South Sudan’s government but in the end of day, you will find that we are in the same boat.


  2. February 19, 2015 at 11:58 am

    Many Thanks mr .Serir Gabriel, It is written in the Bible Isaiah 18 that Nuer are tribe of Norms and laws, God fearing and brave people whose whole world fear them. To reflect what i’m saying, any one live by the laws is hated by other who don’t bind by the law. Take Israel as example the whole world hates them it is the same to Nuer, they do have some thing called ultimate solution to a problem whether by one person or by many. This word ultimate solution mean if you refuse talking convince through advice then they will apply war or fight to solve that problem. even among themselves if some body advice you when in fighting and you refuse, that person will take initiative to immediately fight you.


    • Alier
      February 19, 2015 at 2:54 pm

      What’re you talking about ? ‘Nuers’ are not known even in Sudan not the whole world. There’s no where in the bible prophecy about Nuer in particular.


  3. Raan
    February 19, 2015 at 12:44 pm

    If you had little arithmetic I could tell you to do the math. Under kiir, Nuer 3 states out of 10 states of s.sudan is 30%: 3/10100=30%.
    But under Riak, Nuer 5 states out of 21 states of s.sudan is 23.8%: 5/21
    100=23.8%. Nuer enjoyed more under kiir than they would under Riak. Math didn’t lie!


  4. February 20, 2015 at 1:19 am

    Mr. Sirir,
    You and many like you in the Nuer community who write here are caught by tribal emotions. That is why you see things only as black and white. Look at the wrong pronouncements you are making: That Dr. Riek Machar is people’s choice. Which people? The Nuer? Riek does not value Nuer or South Sudanese. He is a power hungry person. You don’t know him because you are young, but one day, you will realize. People who went to bush did so because of fear for their lives in Juba; it is not because they like Riek. However, majority of Nuer like Riek because:1. Riek is quick to emotionally react to political triggers without a plan. The Nuer like someone who say that the Dinkas are oppressing us even without proof. Look, how can the Dinka be said to oppress us and the government belonged to us: VP, Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Minister of Defense, Chief of General Staff, just to mention the most powerful ones. Now, if you are a rational Nuer, how can you say that the Dinkas oppress and dominate us in government while facts speak against you? 2. Riek was the only PhD holder in Nuer community in SPLM in 1980s and he continues to enjoy that light even after there are countless PHD holders. 3. Ngundeng prophecy which mentioned the family of Riek in reference to Nasir declaration of 1991 and now his usurpation of the rod of Dang of Ngundeng which he carries a round with him. The Nuer now see him as an agent of Ngundeng because he has taken the Ngundeng relics from the rightful family of Ngundeng.
    Now, you are insulting Lul Ruai. He was just talking at that time without knowing the facts. When the war started I was here in Juba and he was in school. How can he know more than I do. In fact, Nuer ear witnesses are more powerful than Nuer eye witnesses. I don’t know what is wrong with you my community!


  5. Hoiloom
    February 20, 2015 at 6:32 am

    Nyaluak, do not pretend to be a Nuer. Please rest assure that this is not Dr. Riek’s problem. If the president of the republic did not order the massacre of Nuer in that dreadful December 2013, no one would rebel as you rightly put it. How do you then blame Riek Machar for all the mess that was created by the president? I think some of us are writing for the sake of argument and not interested in facts. Abusing Riek Machar will never solve South Sudan political crises. Time will come when we the citizens will vote for our candidates and that is what the SPLM-IO is fighting for. As for you greedy Nuers in the government, keep sucking the blood of our people and I assure you that your time will come..


  6. February 21, 2015 at 4:13 am

    Dear Hoiloom:
    Thank you for responding to my piece. Let me ask you a question: When did the crisis in south Sudan start? It started between April and March 2013 when Dr. Riek started insulting Salva in the media about what he termed as six failures of Kiir. I don’t need to mention them, you know them. Did Salva insult Riek in the Media? No, he never did. And where in the world did a vice president insult the president and will still be working with him? Only in South Sudan can this thing happen. Then, the Nuer started to campaign for war especially, Taban, Ezekiel Lol and Riek mobilizing the Nuer youth (white army), the Nuer elements in the SPLA and other units that he wanted to be president and Dinkas were preventing him to take our turn as president. Most Nuer intellectuals in government advised him to stop this unnecessary campaign, He refused to listen. Finally on December 15, after it became clear that he was not going to win the arguments in the National Liberation Council of SPLM where he had the support of only 8 votes with 126 against his proposals. He had to use plan B. My friend, who fired the first bullet at 10:30pm on December 15? It was a Nuer officer in Tiger by the name of Lok Tang when he killed his colleague Akol who was on duty in order for him to open the ammunition store and give guns to the Nuer members of Tiger who were not on duty in order to fight. It was the same Lok who ran the house of Riek and rush Riek and his wife plus Taban Deng to Luri road where they waited for two hours for government to fall so that they could return to Juba and announce their government. My friend. These are facts for history. The only mistake Dinkas did was that they killed innocent Nuer who had nothing to do with Riek. Otherwise, if they killed only Riek and his supporters, we would not be having this conversation today.
    Anyways, as for the Nuer in Government, why is it not blood sucking when it is Riek in government and it is blood sucking when Riek is not in government? I want you to know that Nuer leadership is no longer under Riek. He may lead the white army and our mentally retarded Diaspora, but no the Nuer leadership in government any more. We will fight him to the end. Take it from me!


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