General Structures of SPLM Leadership in United States of America

TO: H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny

Chairman & C-IN-C of SPLM/A

c/o To. Reath Muoch Tang



Feb 24, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We would be more delightful and congratulate your esteemed office for the enormous courageous effort you have invested on resolving the crisis in our Country. We would like to inform your leadership that, the office of the elected coordinator in United States wants to forward the following general preview structure of United States offices. The following are the structures

Newly Appointed Coordinators of Four Regions:

  • Cde, Gatluak Pouch Regional Coordinator of Midwest region
  • Cde, John Paulino Lado Regional Coordinator of Mid South
  • Cde, Samuel David Albino Regional Coordinator of East coast
  • Cde, Othow Awang Regional Coordinator of West coast

Women Leadership:

  • cde, Nyaduer G, Jock Chairman of women League
  • cde, Thiel Kier   Chairman of youths Leagues

SPLM Chapter Leadership:

The following names are the leadership of SPLM chapters in United States, they are

  • Cde, Makuil Wie Chairman of Nebraska State chapter
  • Cde, Simon Puk Dak Chairman of Iowa State chapter
  • Cde Gondor Timothy Tutlam Chairman of Minnesota state chapter
  • Cde, James Deng Kuol Chairman of State of Maine
  • Cde, Bol Dey Lual Chairman of Arizona state chapter
  • Cde Gidien Abraham Chairman of Colorado State
  • Cde, Chuol Buro Tang Chairman of North Dakota state
  • Cde, Gach William Wie Chairman of Washington Seattle
  • Cde, Julius Dima Chairman of Kansas State
  • Cde, John Paulino Lado Chairman of State of Taxas
  • Cde Peter Gak Chairman of state of California
  • Cde, Tor Dojiok Gach Chairman of Alaska state
  • Cde, Achor Achor Chairman of South Dakota state
  • Cde, Gatluak Nyang Bidit Chairman of State of UT
  • Cde, Michael Gatwich Jock Chairman of State of Tennessee

As conclusion, we would be delightful to forward the above mentioned lists as a finally of a SPLM leadership structure current exist in United States of America and hoping your confirmation should highly be appreciated and thank for your anticipation.


Signed by:

Simon Tongyik Nguth Dahel

SPLM/A Coordinator United States of America

Cc’’ Gen, Alfred Lado Gore Deputy Chairman / C-in-c SPLM/A

Cc: Dr. Dhow Mathok Woll chairman for External Affairs

Cc: Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth

Deputy for external relation Affairs

Cc: file

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