The Ten Commandments of South Sudan

By Thok Philip,

The Ten Commandments Stand ....

The Ten Commandments Stand ….

March 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — When one think about the south Sudan’s political bewilderment, there subsist some of the things made either to let other laugh or individuals shy away to talks about them. Many people indeed would prefer living in the deep of illusion since it is almost forbidden for some unknown respectable facts to talks about. If that mean fear then let it be. For months if not years, I came to learn something valuable. If this is the covenant that bond south Sudanese’s political games separately together then I am far wondering from the reality.

The entire nation is built on political Ten Commandments. Here as follows find the Ten Commandments of South Sudan;

  1. You have no other leader except the incumbent, until he/she dies. If this is the case, then I would be fine to say so, many believed it is the voice of considerable born to rule ideologists. They imposed this traumatizing idea into the minds of so many that can’t even understand what exactly is going on in this country. The man in uniform himself is proclaiming this truth to the nations of the world put aside south Sudanese.
  2. Pray and be loyal to your boss the most, rather than your God and the Nation
  3. Only one tribe shall rule the Nation forever.
  4. Never say a word on media or any where against the incumbent regime and its leader, no matter what happened. This is very interesting. Daring doing so, you either risky your life or some others.
  5. Glorify the President/ Leader and the First Lady for you to grow in both politics and business.
  6. Wear expensive cloths, look old, kill, or else be relative or friend to a boss for you to be respected and trusted. Whatever knowledge, skills, vision, or loyalty you have for the Nation is not recognizable. Mixing up a professional doctor to work as an engineer
  7. Killing is right for you, as long as your tribe man is on power.
  8. Loot as much as you can, as long as you were a member of struggle which achieved the incumbent regime. No other person then we the liberators which fought for this country shall speak against us.
  9. Create negative fabrications against your colleague and set him/ her up whenever it is possible, for you to win.
  10. A good leader must be womanizer and alcoholic.

The secret

That’s the secret of what made The Republic of South Sudan a failed state in 2013 after three years from the year it got her independence from Republic of Sudan. And if it shall not be changed, it will still keep it underdeveloped.

South Sudan is one of the oil rich countries in Africa and one of the youngest independent states in the world, and also currently ranking number two of the failed states on the planet.

South Sudan has been subjected to dictatorship by some of the fathers of its foundation under the leadership of its incumbent leader as a result of the practice of the Ten Commandments mentioned here above.

South Sudan has 64 tribes but most marginalized by few, it has high production of oil as the main national source of economy. However, the oil fields are in rural areas but the pipes are connected directly to pockets of some individuals – political elites who live in urban areas building their houses outside the country. They stored up riches in the neighboring countries, sound shocking.

Political culture of South Sudan has taken a tribal line since its independence, whereby nepotism has been rampant in both governmental and non-governmental institutions, whereby people use ‘’who knows you’’ rather than ‘’what knowledge or experience you have’’ for you to get employment. The manifestation of this is the current war which started in Dec 15, 2013 in Juba as a result of ethnic cleansing launched by the president on innocent people, which turned out to be witnessed as genocide by the whole world. Lack of good governance is a great factor, the only governance principles practically ‘’MISLEADING’’ but not LEADING the Republic of South Sudan is so called DINKA-ELDERS’ PRINCIPLES, which is dreaming and working to eliminate Nuer and other tribes from South Sudan and subject them as second citizens, and in-fact it tries as well to enslave Equatorians. The questions are; who made the making of what is now called Republic of South Sudan? Have people ever asked themselves whether South Sudan will be peaceful without, Nuer, Dinka, Equatorians, Luos, Murle…..etc?

I have a believe that Dinka Council of elders will ‘wither away’, and South Sudan shall be ruled by principles of DEMOCRACY which accommodates freedom and justice for all, but not by principles of ‘Jieng’ism’ – the Dinka oriented discriminative ideology, nor ‘Nuer supremacy’, and not by the will of Uganda and those who have their straws in the oil at the expense of innocent people’s blood, nor by ‘’ favor for minority’’ who sometimes claimed to be clean from killing.

The Political Analyst, Thok Philip, is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at

  3 comments for “The Ten Commandments of South Sudan

  1. ater
    March 19, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Thok Philip
    I wonder what type of a political analyst you are, given the fact that the level of grammar is so appalling ,check the way you use tenses in this piece of opinion you presented.Your writing is typical of trash,leave alone the concocted futile ten commandments.On critical note,Riek is using you (Nuerfolks) as firewood to cook his presidential meals.He (Riek) will never mind how many Nuer died in the quest for power,as long as he achieves his dubious ambition, which is a far cry.


  2. Isaac Bith madut
    March 20, 2015 at 8:35 am

    I want to say one thing. I have seen each and every one who wants to defense his own tribe according to
    false he/she heard from his community especially false information . i have been in libration since young’ kiir is not a wr
    ong person. you as MPs ‘ ministers and those who think learned enough think they want to eliminated kiirby force or politically which is not true God knows who you are. they said whatever God fastened no body unfastened it. whatever you dovit will come to you after you achieve your
    intersest in different ways.


  3. April 24, 2016 at 7:59 am

    dearest friends and people of south Sudan let us not focusing in our internal difference, let us compare ourselves with others country.


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