What is Future and Destiny of the Nuer Wew or Nuer of Money in South Sudan?

By Lual Magok,

President Kiir and his Loyalists in Juba  2014(Extracted Photo/Nyamilepedia)

President Kiir and his Loyalists in Juba 2014(Extracted Photo/Nyamilepedia)

March 19, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — When you observed the current stigma and discrimination directed toward the Nuer who opted to remains with the Salva Kiir genocidal regime after the ethnic cleansing of the Nuer population in Juba by President Kiir private militia known as Dut Ku bany ( Rescue the both ) , Gelweng and Mathiang Anyor who are mainly recruited from Northern Bhar lgazal and Warrap States under command of Paul Malong Awan , the former Governor of Northern Bhar lgazal and current Chief of General Staff for the Kiir tribal militias forces in Juba.

You can really confuses and ask yourself many terrible questions without genuine answer and the common question in the mind of many Dinka, Nuer and other South Sudanese citizens is that. Why the Nuer Senior officials whose community had been ethnically cleansed by Salva Kiir regime opted to remain within the same system that is killing their own people?

The testimonies from the people who were in Juba when the crisis started in December, 2013 indicated that all those Senior Nuer government officials and politicians lost their close relatives and brothers in the hands of the Dinka militia during the ethnic cleansing campaign in Juba simply because of their tribal affiliation and they could not do anything to protect their people from being slaughters by the same regime they claiming to support.

The finding clearly indicated that, majority of the Nuer civilians who lost their dear lives in Juba were victims of their natural ethnic identity and have nothing to do with political affiliation because majority of them are not politically affiliated to any party to conflicts.

The summary of Juba victims statistics and testimonies from the witness of Juba ethnic cleansing clearly shown that all senior politicians who opted to remains with Juba regime lost their brothers and close relatives during the massacred. Good samples are as follows

Tut Kew Gatluak, the advisor to president Salva Kiir (Photo: Gordon Buay Malek)

Tut Kew Gatluak, the advisor to president Salva Kiir (Photo: Gordon Buay Malek)

Rt. Hon Manas Magok’s office secretary was killed by the government militias during the ethnic cleansing campaigns because he is from the Nuer and Rt. Hon Magok could not protect his own family who ran to UNMISS protection facilities for their safety and opted the same regime.

Gen. James Hoth lost his best cousin who was at the same time a member of the National Liberation Council and die heart supporter of Salva Kiir regime and other four relatives at hands of the Salva Kiir militias and Gen James Hoth who was in charge of the South Sudan army could not do anything to save their lives. I also learnt that James Hoth even hides his mother and father in the house of the Equatorian out fear of being killed in his own house and he still opted to remain with the same regime.

Hon. Kuong Donhier Gatluak, the Minister of Road and bridge lost six of his brothers and cousins in his house during the ethnic cleansing campaign and he opted to remain with the same regime that killed TWO of his own blood brothers.

H.E. Joseph Nguen lost his own body guards during the ethnic cleansing campaign in Juba and opted to remain with the same regime.

H.E. Simon Kun lost his own brothers and body guards in the hand of the Dinka forces simply because they are from the Nuer and he also opted to remain with the same government.

Hon. Elijah Liech lost his brothers and relative when he was attacked by the Dinka in Baliet and was survivor of the killing and finally opted to remain with the same regime that killed them.

Hon. Yiey Puoch lost his sister and four children in the hand of the Dinka regime and he killed some Dinka in Malakal as revenge and later on chosen to surrender to the same regime after one year.

Hon. James Khan lost his colleagues and relatives in the ambush in Baliet including his office manager and later on chosen to surrender to the same regime

Hon. Martha Nyamal and Hon. Reat Gony lost their brother Koang Toang during the ethnic cleansing campaign in Juba and opted to remain with the same regime.

Gen. Johnson Gony lost most of his body guards at the hand of Dinka militias during the conflict and opted to remain with regime.

Gen. Lual Chuol was forced to run away from his division out of fear of being assassinated by the Dinka forces in division seven and opted to remain with regime.

Gen. Charles Lam and Nhial Batoang lost their best boy Dang Yien in the hand of Dinka militias in Malakal and opted to remain with the regime.

Hon. John Khor lost six family members comprised of his cousins and brother’s sons including one Australian citizen in the hand of the Dinka militias in Malakal.

The burning question is after all those losses and ethnic target killing of their brothers and relatives by the same regime simply because they are from the Nuer not their political affiliations.

What obliged those politicians to remains in support the Salva Kiir regime? Why the same people who lost their relative can chose to remains with the same people who killed their brother and sisters?

To me the sincere answer was offered by our fellow Dinka who term them as the Nuer Wew or the Nuer of money in English. This Nuer of Wew/Money only knows money and forgets about their people.

The other question is what shall be the future of the Nuer Wew or the Nuer of money in South Sudan?

Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting(Photo: supplied)

Rachel Nyadak Paul, the Deputy Minister of Information and Broadcasting(Photo: supplied)

To me the future of the Nuer Wew/Money lovers is a big question mark from both sides to the conflicts. The Nuer community views at them as betrayers of the community simply because of money and the Dinka views at them as the Nuer of Wew/Money lovers who sold out their dignity and liberty due to money.

With the drainages of money which was motivating factors for them to remains in the wrong side of the history and potential disintegration of the country on tribal basis. The question is where will this Nuer of Money Wew/money go to? And what will be their final destiny. The reality is that Only God knows the future and the destiny of the Nuer Wew/Money in South Sudan

The writer is concern South Sudanese Activist and can be reached via lualmagok@yahoo.com

  18 comments for “What is Future and Destiny of the Nuer Wew or Nuer of Money in South Sudan?

  1. Goikuach
    March 20, 2015 at 12:01 am

    Lual Magok.
    The death of Nuer civilians in Juba should be blamed on Riek Machar. Why did he started the fight and fled instead of staying put in Juba? What a coward devil worshipper!!! A real leader would stay with his people no matter.

    And for that reason I respected the Nuer leaders that remained in Juba despite their loses. When time for accountability comes they will see justice served fir their loses to whoever was responsible for the killing of their people be it Malong or Kiir. They have showed that you don’t have to react like brainless and wild animals whenever a tragedy happens.

    No Dinka called them “Nuer wew” but rather a rebel coined phrase to humiliate and bully these patriots for not reacting like animals and bringing down their own country. The Nuer rebels wanted to punish them for not supporting power hungry Riek Machar. What a shameless people.

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  2. Pierano
    March 20, 2015 at 12:10 am

    The writer is tribalistic Nuer, those Nuer who are not defecting are the only wise Nuers in South Sudan, what you disgruntle Nuers are always crying for is not Nuer killed in Juba but rather Riek Must be president at all cost, wise Nuer never join Riek for what Riek did, History will judge,

    After all Riek started killing south Sudanese way back in 1991, in 2013 / 14, Riek killed more than Salva Kiir, Am a Nuer but the truth must be told here, Riek Massacred in Bor, Akobo, Bentiu and Malakal. Keep crying and if you think can over throw the Government through Media Propaganda then you are wasting your time, most your rebels are coming back after coming to their senses that War is not solution, Riek Killed Dinka Bor and was forgiven and returned to Juba, who are you not to forgive each other, you are outside this country and advocating for an impossible war, innocent are the ones dying minus your self who has hidden in foreign country with you family waiting for Position.

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    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa
      March 20, 2015 at 10:39 am


      Go away liar. Stop making a fool of yourself. You’re not a Nuer. If Riek was the problem, why murdered innocent Nuer civilians when you could simply go after Dr. Machar? We are not born yesterday to be lied my friend.

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  3. ater
    March 20, 2015 at 12:16 am

    Lual Magok
    You should know that whatever piece of opinion,you are writing on this website,is extremely further traumatizing people which has no psychological cure,it is better you moderate in your writing styles stating many unfounded lies may leave people in jeopardy,more specially those in the civilian protection camps,why would want to overstate the massacre beyond imagination by stating all nuer in juba ,are finished.Report objectively with moderation, otherwise those will die of heart attacks would be your case to answer.

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    • Nuer-Another Israel in East Africa
      March 20, 2015 at 10:40 am


      Truth is truth and it is necessary to be told like it is. Why are you denying the fact that the whole world knows?

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  4. March 20, 2015 at 12:47 am

    Goikuach your question is invalid, who make a coup since December last year?? South Sudanese are across road since 15 of December when president Kiir order the Tiger Butalion to close door to door at night time, Dr. Machar have no plan to do so, if Dr. Machar make acoup why the international government Kill innocent civilian?? And What brough civilian to politic??

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  5. General Thoon -Anyar Auien
    March 20, 2015 at 1:10 am

    Extra Invented deceptions from certain Mr. Lual Magok, a frustrated, hatefulness and tribal instigator who belong to blood thirst worshippers of the, Prophet of Doom (Machar).

    First of all not all Nuer are supposed to rush after personal ambition of your uncle Dr. Riek who want to ascend to power either by crook of force, secondly nobody give you that right to generalized about the NUER or DINKA, because there are now Dinkas with Dr. Riek even though so many Dinkas were been slaughtered in Bor, Akobo, Bentie, Malakal back to 1991 by the same Nuer & Riek followers, nobody held all the Nuer accountable for those Killings but specific individuals. Therefore stop that Naive & stupid publicity of demonizing the Nuers who are not loyal to your Prophet.

    Mr. Lual Magok cheap threat and I QUATE “The question is where will this Nuer of Money Wew/money go to? And what will be their final destiny”. End of QUATE.

    My question to Mr. Lual Magok, Where did those Nyigats Supporters of Khartoum regime went after CPA, the answer is that they all scramble to Juba, obtaining big positions in both army & government civil servant, did anybody question them or their final destination, of course no, even some of the diehard SPLM/A where protecting them and buying some good & bad advices from them.

    Did you know what happen to the Junior SPLA/M freedom fighters after CPA, most of them were left out in cool, some drink themselves to dead out of frustration, others died of curable dieses because of financial constraints. Their widows and children are left helpless in areas of Mogiri, mangalla, Malau, Kapoeta, Awingkibul, Camp 15, and etc., they almost have nothing to live for, no humanitarian support, no education for Children, Continues hunger and darker or no future.

    So believe me or not, be careful not to enjoy sullying peoples reputation for merely pleasing your prophet camp. One day after peace and reconciliation you will find yourself begging, licking plates and accommodated in the houses of the same people you are now naming Wew/money Nuer in Juba, Malakal or Bentiu. I am sure you will have a case to answer by then, who Knows maybe it will be the same Prophet you are ready die for, will be the one presiding over your case, God knows!! You also know how schemer he is. As put by himself two decade ago, that if devil can help him to defeat his rival, he can likely allied with that devil.

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    • GatNor
      March 20, 2015 at 7:27 pm

      Notice that this hypocrite Jang and many other actually refers to Machar as a “Prophet” is that stupid or what?

      I know some idiots will response to argue the “Doom” part of the whack catchphrase. If you are trying to tarnished Machar’s character person, you are doing poorly. This coward General Thoon -Anyar Auien is a believer. That is pretty messed up.

      You Jaang are like the shiit and sunis that are fighting over Mohamed and his assistant. Now you are mixing up Ngundeng and Machar even though Machar was not even born when Ngundeng was around nor is he anything holy. You really need help.

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  6. March 20, 2015 at 4:21 am

    Thanks to all brothers for your valuable comments and for your information am not against anyone whether in Juba or in the bush but it was just personal opinion based on the social research am doing . Mr.Goikuach i don’t know the Dinka dialect but i heard the word Nuer Wew which referred to Nuer of money from insiders in Juba . It is good to know that this name does not exist in Juba because it destroyed the liberty and dignity of the Nuer in General. Mr. Pierano my apology for terming me as tribalistic and I don’t deserve that category in South Sudan . My aim is to share my social research fact with all South Sudanese at all walk of life . I am not member of the rebel movement or having any connection with it but decided to live outside because there is country to return when all people live in fear . I will revised my posting not hurt the feeling you people like you and wish all the best in Juba .Mr. Ater thank you very much and you look someone responsible and have love for this country . We should not do thing that divide us but unity is better than divission .Mr. Kobi we are all free to interpret Juba event the way each of us want. I believe my Goikuach was with president during the event and should not know that people were killed outside . It is good for him as person. Gen Thoon am sorry that you look angry and assumed to categorized me as rebel . you need revised your temper because people who lost their lives in Juba was through false assumption that all Nuer are Riek Machar. The President killed even his own supporters from the Nuer who should assist him on that war. I wish you should you not forced all people to rebellion because of their personal opinion. I know the frustration you are in and as south sudanese we all live that life for long but it should be little bit different now because we are killing each other for no genuine reasons. We should not stopp activitism because what your stated in your message can save this country from total collapsed . The matrys , fighters , disable and orphans were abandoned by the regime and these issues may contributed to what is happening today because we did not honour our promises with heros and heroin who pay their dear life for better south sudan. I urged you to join me on the fight for better South Sudan .

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  7. GatNor
    March 20, 2015 at 7:49 pm

    The heat is rising and all the cowards have informed themselves to start reasoning well which typical nature of an oppressor(s) who eats it own vomit like a dog. when you corner a dog its tail limbs and coils what happens to chest thumping monkeys or do I need to go back to past comment and pull them up. You are labeled as terrorists and you start reasoning like real humans because you all know very well that this will not end simply as a name calling match some of you will have to report to ICC and that is a looming fact.

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  8. Wad Abuk
    March 20, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Those Internet rebels who are beating drum of war day and night and agitating for tribal haters some are enjoying their food, drinking in UN camps in Juba, Malakal, Bor, Bentiu. In the day time they come out from camp doing their business in Juba and Malakal local markets and no body bosser them, when they go back to their beloved fathers home the starting posted nonsense and unless war propaganda.
    Some internet rebels supporters are diaspora who run away from South Sudan when the current conflict erupted in Dec 15, 2013 in Juba. the flee to Juba airport, most of them were facilitated to board the planes , some of them were carring like women, they distance them selves to be South Sudanes nationals, calling them selves western, USA and Australian nationals?
    I have two important questions to two groups those who are in UN camps and those who flee to aboards.
    Question no (1) for UN camps rebels, why do you choosed to remain behind in UN camps when your rebels overrun Malakal and Bentiu early in 2014?
    Question no (2) for rebels so called dual citizens who run away from Juba, Why do you boarded the plane to neighboring countries instead of joining your rebel movement to th bush leaving your beloved one enjoying bush life alone.
    my advice to you, belive me or not, for sure Internet will never ever defeat SPLA gallant forces who defeated SAF and many militias groups including most Commanders of so called SPLA-IO during liberation time.
    No good war and no bad peace, let us agitate for peace to come to our country.

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  9. March 20, 2015 at 9:42 pm

    Lual Magok:
    I will not comment much because you have been answered adequately by other brothers. The only thing I can say is that in 1983/84 when the SPLA and Anya II fought, James Hoth Mai, William Nyuon Bany, Nhial Batoang, Charles Lam, Johnson Gony Bieliw, remained in the SPLA. They didn’t join Anya Nya II, were they Nuer Awew then or what was their motive to remain in the SPLM/A?
    In 1991, Dr. Riek made a coup and SPLM/A split. The same people mentioned above remained in the SPLM/A and William Nyuon, when he was overwhelmed by the killing of Nuer soliders in Equatoria by Dinka Bor, defected to Riek and then later returned to SPLM. Were they called Nuer Wew or what was their motive for remaining in the SPLM?
    In 2013, after the unfortunate events, the same Generals remained in the SPLM/A. With the exception of people like Magok, Nguen, Yiey, Lieach Bany, Yiey Puoch, Nyamal, Nyadak who were either in Khartoum, Nairboi or America who didn’t serve in the SPLM/A, but found it worthy to stay in the government despite the killings. At this time, you call the Nuer who decided not to rebel as Nuer Wew. Is it because South Sudan government now has money. If money is the determining factor for remaining loyal, what could have been the motive for their loyalty before South Sudan was born?

    Then you have another elephant in the room…the Dinka with Riek Machar now. What do you call them? They are Dinka what? Dinka poverty? Mabior Garang, Dhiew Mathok, Khamis abdallatheif, Gen. Dau Atorjong, etc…They are Dinka what? Ho, what about Equatorians with Riek: Alfred Lado Gore, Henry Odwar, etc…they are Equatorian What?
    Anyways, the point is that until you talk to the Nuer senior leaders who remained in government, you will never be able to read their minds…All we can say is that we thank God for them for keeping the National Character of the Government of South Sudan. May be the death of their relatives is less important when you compare it to the disintegration of South Sudan for which we lost more than a million people to acquire its independence. May be someone with some brain left could think of that too as a motive to stay in government. Have you ever heard Riek Machar come out and insult or condemn them? He knows why people stayed as he was advised profusely before he set our country on fire. People must rip what they saw and Salva and Riek will do so.

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  10. Madong Kuoth
    March 21, 2015 at 2:55 am

    Who advised him and for what? Are you really knowing that Ms Nyaluak Lual so Dr.Machar was one started this war? You might come out clearly what you knew so far and tell the readers knowing it. Otherwise, you have no different with those who used to claimer about made coup in which whole World denial including M7 who is protecting love money asses in Juba having to say that M7’s powerfully air and ground troops involvement and other allies that is why you guys still get payroll in Juba because of that this war should finish last in February 2014.

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  11. March 21, 2015 at 3:48 am

    Madong Kuoth,
    Let me surprise you. I don’t have a job with the government of South Sudan or any other agency in South Sudan. I am just obliged by the truth that I know. Riek mobilized the Nuer people for war against the Dinka from March 2013. This is a fact. Any one in Juba knows this. Even newspapers in Juba reported it, especially citizen news paper in April called Riek a tribalist when he and Angelina started tribal mobilization for taking over presidency in his house calling Nuer women, youth, MPs, alliged Ministers in government, etc. We all advised him to stop mobilization. That was the reason why Nuer formed committees to meet and advise him in April. The committees were formed as follows: Bentiu, Fangak, Lou and Jikany. The petitions were written and their copies are on record advising him not to mobilize the Nuer elements in SPLA to fight, not to involve communities in the war,etc. While he was talking and the Nuer took up mobilization in Churches, tea places, hotels, etc, the Dinka thought that their government was finished. They also had to organize themselves. Knowing that the SPLA was Nuer dominated, they had to train their own army in Bhar Al Ghazal and they had to bring Uganda forces to assist them. Anybody including you can do that if you know that you cannot fight your brother. I always blame Riek because he mobilize and didn’t organize himself and then he was the first one to flee when Taban ordered Lok Tang to start fire on the evening of December 15 because he knew that James Hoth returned from Australia at 5pm that evening, As he (Taban) put it, if we don’ start fighting now, James will tell the Nuer soldiers tomorrow not to fight..we must do it tonight. This the reason why I blame Riek. This are facts and everyone who really was here during the fighting will repeat it as I narrated it.

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    • March 21, 2015 at 5:12 am

      Nyaluak has no tribe but south sudanes who does not care about who kill who . I know we should protect our money to insult your own tribes . Good luck dear

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  12. March 21, 2015 at 6:38 am

    Lual Mangok,
    My dear Lual, I am like James Hoth Mai. I liberated myself from tribalism since the days I joined the SPLM/A in 1985. I see all South Sudanese as my responsibility and I will never tell a lie to protect someone because he is a Nuer. Neither will I protect someone from another tribe because he is running the government. I convince myself that the best way to govern in South Sudan is to tell the truth! If we deviate from the truth, we will end up like the way we are now. I love my people the Nuer and I have sacrificed myself for them many times over, but I cant lie on their behalf. That is not my place. My friend, the issue of money which all of you in Diaspora use to discredit Nuer leaders who refuse to be tribalists will never deter them to do the right thing. After all, where is the Nuer leadership really? Is it Taban and Riek? where is 99% of the Nuer leaders? We will see very soon who will lead the Nuer in South Sudan after the upcoming SPLM meeting.

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    • March 21, 2015 at 11:05 am

      You are really like Dr Marial Benjamin who stated that if I become a nuer i will died . You another Gen Gordon Buay Nuer problem and i wish you will one day see the Nuer power


  13. mabior
    March 21, 2015 at 9:31 pm

    don’t think nuer were only kill what of some officials who are in nuer regime did the not lose their relatives example Nyandeng, dhieu ma thok , majok a got. ,mabior garang,dau , chol tong , take and many more . take example how many dinkas were kill in bor , malakal, bentiu, akobbo, nassir, and many areas control by nuer . politics is the interest of individuals . ordinary people are the victim of war on both sides. the problem is we common men we like to be pushed around by anyone who is big enough what is the benefits if riak take power what will he give to nuer ? or what will kiir gives to dinkas. ? I know the are using us like condoms nothing else their families are not affected up to now have you heard that son of kiir or Machar had been killed in this fighting? to me no the are in Kampala, Nairobi and other good places.

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