Contribution and Responsibility of Nuer Community Worldwide Under one Umbrella in Order to Maximize the Revenue

The Unification, Contribution and Responsibility of Nuer Community Worldwide Under one Umbrella in Order to Maximize the Revenue As to Help the Affected Nuer Population Back Home from the Imposed war of Salva Kiir Mayerdiit.

By Paul Tethloach Dak

Date: March 26, 2015


Paul Tesloai Dak posting with Brig. Gen. Gawar Manyok(Photo: supplied by author)

Paul Tesloai Dak posting with Brig. Gen. Gawar Manyok(Photo: supplied by author)

March 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — Since the eruption of war in December 2013 after Salva Kiir alleged a self-Managed coup detet the position and respond from the Nuer communities worldwide have been so positive and meaningful. Inter-alia; some of the trapped elderly people, women and children in the UNMISS compounds are bailed out to neighboring countries, Thuraya phones for communication purposes on those on the ground are being credited with units, wounded civilians are taken to hospitals, and the least but not the last the internet warriors clumped and browsed webs to preach and educate the world about what is taking shape in the Federal Republic of South Sudan (FROSS). If the world has ear, I believe then it gets the message right about the genocide the dictator and notorious president Salva Kiir Mayerdiit has committed upon Nuer nation. A credit that must be applauded!

Nevertheless, with the war now in full scale and with coward Salva Kiir importing lethal weapons from China, Russia, and Egypt, coupled with the bilateral military cooperation agreement signed between Juba and Kampala, it’s high time for Nuer Community worldwide to expediently revisit its strategies and existing policies to come up with a coherent mechanism that can pool and maximize whatever little resources this community may have in Diaspora. This is to encounter the balance of resources against Juba government.

From December 2013 many branches of Nuer Communities and Sub-Communities have been contributing to help the affected population independently, and from that experience it is noted that only some mini-projects have been achieved. Now with the war raging everywhere in Nuer land, should the same community pulls itself together under a unified one umbrella, then, let alone anti-Tank destroyer but even a short range missile may be purchased with the income generated through the unification of this community.

This article will touch some of the strategies that may be employed by the Nuer community leaders across the globe at its helm in order to fight this regime of Salva Kiir successfully with the exception of Nuer community in Juba runs by Ex-Chief of General Staff James Gathoth Mai Nguth. James Hoth Mai had failed the entire nation before/after the current crises happened and no need for his Juba led community to add any value to the core objective of this project.

USA, Australia and Canada being the countries with sizeable number of Nuer populations are used as case examples in this study, and that being said doesn’t exempt other countries with good number of Nuer population to adapt and implement the same objective. And the objective is the unification of Nuer community in Diaspora. Canada specifically will be dealt in several areas of this study.

Some of the major cities in Canada are Toronto, BC, Calgary, Edmonton, Kitchener, Saskatchewan , Ottawa and so…on. All these cities have got Nuer communities under independent leadership which makes them respond to the current crises back home in their own ways, and in their own times. These cities make money from organizing fundraising parties as well as through individual’s charging fees. But with these leaders acting on their own realms then the monies collected are not financing big projects pertaining to this war, and as a result a unification technique must be developed to bring these communities under one umbrella.

Fundraising Parties:

Its norm in Western world that these Nuer communities have been collecting funds before the current crises emerged, and most of these monies are locked in bank accounts with little achievement to be realized; for instance, the city of Calgary Nuer community may organize a fundraising party, and assume this event generated a 5, 000 dollars. Let’s pretend the same fundraising technique is organized by 10 cities across Canada, this means 5000 dollar multiply by 10 cities= 50,000dollars that may be generate in just over one weekend. Extend this process for another four weeks of the month; this arithmetically will look as: 50,000 dollar multiply by 4 week= 200,000 dollars just in one month from Canada. And if the USA and Australia committed to the same path, then, a total of 600, 000 dollars may be generated in one month period. And continuing with this project for another six months would bring to this community 3, 600,000 Million dollar. Bear in mind this money is only from fundraising and what about from individual’s monthly contributions?

I believe in six months an amount projection to do with 9,000,000 Million dollar may be generated by Nuer communities worldwide. What this implies is that Nuer community worldwide can balance the power of resources against Juba government which is in its economic woes. This project can acquire all sorts of logistics to fund this war.

Yes, not all Nuer are supporting the just cause why we are in war but we can’t deprive ourselves because of few cliques hanging loosely with Juba government. Roll up your sleeves folks!

Challenges Attributed to the Failure of this Project:

Identifying some of the setbacks that may impasse the normal process of completing this project is so worthwhile to mention, and this is normal to any project’s life span. Identifying some of these challenges will help the community to address the underlying obstacles, and among this challenges are:

The Question of Leadership:

History tells that the Nuers are generous and have good hearts to contribute should there be a need. But when leaders act independently in a crisis like this, then, it makes it difficult to achieve a planned goal. And when leaders are resort to this type of environment it gives a possibility of less chance of success, hence, all efforts may be in disarray. However, bringing the Canada Nuer Community under one umbrella may allow the Nuer of Canada to channel all their resources together whereby a meaningful and tangible achievement is an absolute. All Nuer community leaders across Canada should come together and form a one executive body that shall oversea the completion of this project. The board shall be responsible to pool together all revenues generated by their respective localities/cities. For instance, if Calgary city generates 8,000 dollars a month, then the newly formed executive board may decide to take 80% of this money from Calgary locality to its account and leaves only 20% to Calgary Nuer community leadership for the sake of running this office.

The Nuer leadership of USA and Australia may adapt the same deduction formula, and doing so the money people are contributing in the Western world can finance some of the mega projects demanded on the ground.

But the looming question is; are these leaders ready to face the challenges and act together under one voice? As long as the leaders have the feeling, hearts of doing something tangible and above all, willing to rise above their self interests and ego, then this unification process is simple to attain. It’s all about them (leaders) making phone calls, convening and arranging their ranks in the newly established office. Since people have already entrusted and elected them from their respective constituencies, and as such they don’t need to call people again to elect them into this new office. These leaders can just call an election by themselves unless if and only if a body that can help them to ensure the election is conducted fairly is suggested.

Remember Dr.Riek Machar Teny and people like Gen.Taban Deng Gai or Changson Lew Chang will not come and organize your house in Diaspora. So it’s up to the people in Diaspora to come up with a thoughtful system that can result for a better future to our community.

Small Sub-Communities and Individuals:

Given the magnitude of the current situation back home, it would be wise to suggest that the other small sub-communities and individuals who sometimes call for fundraising parties must stop this and all efforts be rally behind the Nuer community alone. In other words, one project at a go! Reason being is to maximize this project without hindrance. However, Sub-communities have rights to collect money from their members should there be an urgent call from such a specific locality.

In Summary: The Nuer community is blessed with man power, people of good hearts and talented individuals that enable it to finance any project they think worthwhile. It’s just a matter of mending this house together.

Achieving this though, the existing leaders must move beyond their supremacies and unified under a responsible umbrella. Like the old adage says: “One hand never claps itself”. Revenue that is generated by individual city’s leadership will not finance some of the mega projects and this will only bring a subsistence kind of living, but for how long we go like this?

Paul Tethloach Dak Lampuar is a freedom fighter and a Political attaché in Canada for SPLM/A –IO. He can be reached at: The Content of this article is a sole responsibility of the writer.

  3 comments for “Contribution and Responsibility of Nuer Community Worldwide Under one Umbrella in Order to Maximize the Revenue

  1. GatNor
    March 27, 2015 at 11:11 pm

    Women & Men lie but the numbers don’t lie. One can prove how much money they can make in a given time period. Thank You Mr. Tethloach for bringing this issue to the forefront of other matters being discussed.


    • March 28, 2015 at 11:26 pm

      GatNor, Stupid old man from Lou ,Nuer I Know you physical , in Juba Jebel Nuer Church , Nuer never contribute for Arab war , now contributing to fight Dinka, we are not relatives again, hell to that relatioin, contributing destruction money , to reduce the whole country to ashes, If Nuer win this war,,, who would have food in South Sudan , That contribution will not succeed, the cows, rape, killing you have don’t will make you be defeated forever , and you are going to be down for ever, Gawar Monyok is A Dinka man from Duk and marry my sister , and change himself to be Nuer curse on him, my sister in Juba, jebel will prison her , she is not in Unmiss because she is Dinka. Tethloach Dak , you will not make that contribution, God will punish you .


  2. Bentiu Home
    March 28, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    Dear Mr.Tethloach! It is my pleasure to read your article and I believe most of our communities in Western World know the difficulty our people are facing in this period of time in our home land. You bring up wonderful idea but it need you influent and push it a head to see it crops. I know for sure we have one problem which how to organize our self that the big disease need to be treat it. I am really appreciating your thought and god blest you.
    Son of Bentiu


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