South Sudanese Diaspora In Malaysia Dismiss As Voices For “Corruption And Interests’’.

By Kalany Tekjiek Nyany,

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Kalany Tekjiek Nyany ....

Kalany Tekjiek Nyany ….

March 27, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — For those who petitioned the UN,AU and the world’s major powers to call off targeted sanctions and treat kiir’s govt as legitimate.

‘’Legitimacy is not a presumed right of any government. It is conferred by the people, and it is sustained only by demonstrating leadership to protect and serve all citizens—responsibilities the government has neglected,” The U.S. made its position very clear on south Sudan’s illegitimate government

A team of what our Diaspora community would like to call as ‘’security guards for government’s embezzlement and loots’’ petitioned the international community to spare Kiir’s govt to continue its behavior of killings,rapes burnings and public funds embezzlements to funds its imposed war on south Sudanese people.

It is with a capital disgrace and disappointment for a few south Sudanese who identified themselves as SPLM-Diaspora in the office the president, Republic of South Sudan to have petitioned the international community on the pretext that they represent the voices of south Sudanese people in diaspora which is not only a lie but a serious desperation to find an excuse from getting sanctions on the expense of the downtrodden people of South Sudan. It is unfortunate that there still a group that doesn’t recognize this argent need for international community to act to save lives of south Sudan people rather than putting interests of maintaining Kiir’s government that has caused all these devastated destruction to both lives and country economy.

To bring our position to your attention dear fellow countrymen and women, we fully recognize these sanctions as argent needs to stop this proxy war by the international community as means to punishment Juba for its arrogant and obstruction to peace. South Sudanese are fighting a regional war that is using Salva kiir as a field commander since he has surrendered South Sudan to Uganda as a protectorate. In that regard, Our voices can never be in a favor of a stagnant government that has lost its legitimacy since the on set of its imposed war on the state of South Sudan.

As a concern south Sudanese community in Malaysia, we would like to make it absolutely clear to the international community and the long standby friends of South Sudanese people that we welcome sanctions on those individuals obstructing peace to come back home. These individuals are the war criminals who fear prosecutions for their crimes they committed against the innocent civilians. Let their language of ‘’sanctions would hurt the ordinary people’’ not be paid attention to.                            The entire population of south Sudan is already serving a sanctioned life as the country wealth is grabbed from them by 1/10th of the population headed by president Kiir. These sycophants in Juba are starving the whole populations leaving them depend on nothing but food aid from donors and instead funnels the country’s wealth to Uganda to funds the UPDF and many other regional rebel groups to fight their war and keep them hung in power which they have abused.

As the world watches, the clock is ticking, we call upon the citizens loving leaders around the globe to extend their love beyond borders and reach out to the people of South Sudan to save them from this tyranny government. South Sudanese people tearfully await Sanctions as a payback to these group in Juba claiming expired legitimacy as well peace enforcement to the country.

This position paper reflects the community views on south Sudan conflict and how it could be arrested and put to an end.

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