Unity State Youth Union And Development Progam-South Sudan Electes New Interim Leaders


Nuer dancers from Unity state during Sunday's declarion of cultural activities in Bentiu Independent Stadium 10 November 2013 (Photo: file)

Nuer dancers from Unity state during Sunday’s declarion of cultural activities in Bentiu Independent Stadium 10 November 2013 (Photo: file)

April 1, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The unity state youth development program is a new none governmental organization which was formed by all nine counties to promote unity and to address the grievances among the youth of unity sate, encourage permanence inter-relation with neighboring states .

0n Saturday the entire youth of unity state called press meeting at south sudan hotel 1 buluk and nominated interim leaders who will overrun the program activities before calling general elections below are the name interim leaders

  • Makuei Ruot Gang, interim President
  • Gabriel Yik Manyuel Bunga vice president
  • Justice, Gabriel gatkuoth tut secretary general
  • Guet Daniel Riek speaker
  • Ruei karey Gai guer deputy
  • Peter Wal Dar finance minister
  • martin koang bol ter deputy finance minister
  • Stephen kalany chuol , information minister and publication
  • Anthona makuel nyuot deputy minister for information and publications

The leadership of newly formed union focusing on some keys main principal issues it aims to address the problem of employment opportunity to the youth because most of our youth especially those who were graduated are now on street due to unemployment

Our aims is to encourage educational, cultural and natural heritage and to preserve human rights with long fundamental freedom

Unity state youth union development program-south sudan pursues its objectives base on technical and teachers training , intellectual cooperation and promote fostering cultural diversity

The promotion of independent media and freedom press, the others priorities this youth organization will include attaining quality education for all lifelong learn, addressing emerging social and ethical challenges , culture of peace building inclusive knowledge society through information and communication

The youth organization shall also address issues of hunger and promoting food security in state of unity , supporting nutrition and re-build livelihoods in fagile settings and following emergences , One of our principle to fight micronutrient deficiencies, reduce child mortality and shall improve maternal hearth and combat disease including HIV/AIDS and help promote environmental an economic stability and agriculture production


The unity state youth development program shall aim in developing and implementing the reconstruction and development program address the immense socioeconomic problem brought about by the consequence of this current struggle The our program shall oversee many major advances base on all about standard of housing clean safe water , primary health care improvement encouraging more additional clinic healthcare facilities under polio hepatitis vaccination program and successfulness of land reform policy and agricultural reforms ,The leadership of USYUDP-S.S shall mobilize shall fund from local and international organizations and government to cover all above cited principle or objective.

The new leadership also blaming caretaker governor for falling our state We the youth from unity state demanded the removal of Dr. Nguen Manytuil the caretaker governor of unity state who completely failed to fulfill our expectations and to address the grievances among the entire community of unity state since the current political crisis started in 2013 he never call any kind of peace and reconciliation meeting among the people of unity state he only aim to divided people in to many group due to poor system of governance , nguen leadership is characterize mainly base on divisionism that is why we are being divided under his leadership movement, we people of unity state we need to ask ourselves for this division ; what policy shall we use so that we can remain united ? we shall unite again unless president kiir take a legal action to remove this care taker governor out from his position and then peace will prevail and will that mark the end of rebellion in unity state because Dr. Joseph Nguen block most defectors who wanted to come back to join government since president of the republic of south Sudan H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit declared amnesty to all those who rebelled against government to be freed if they re-join but , due to lack of poor mobilization in our state it s impossible   Dr Joseph nguen manytuil ‘ does not event care for suffering   of the citizen   of unity state , there is no access treat people are dying daily in unity state because no   primary health care improvement our people suffering of hunger they defend on water lily, they have no enough food due to over flooded   which destroyed agricultural production since last that result in to poverty now, we the entire youth of unity state beg the president of the republic to consider the following suggested candidate one of them fit to replace Joseph nguen manytuil governorship

  1. Col John Maluk Matai former unity state ‘s security adviser

2 .Col Mabek Lang Bilkuei current deputy care taker governor of unity state

  1. Col john Madeng Gaduel Nhial former commission of Mayom county

4.Maj.General Stephen Buay Rolnyang


these above mentioned candidates can able to unite our people and once can bring a peace full mean in unity state


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  2 comments for “Unity State Youth Union And Development Progam-South Sudan Electes New Interim Leaders

  1. April 1, 2015 at 2:05 am

    Salva Kiir Supporter are not unity state Youth Union leaders.They are money lover,we don’t know them any more.Who are they? Where they came from?what do they know about 15 Dec 2013?Why they love money more than human life? Those were decieved by Kiir I know you all one by one and it is important for someone to refuse blood money and it’s leaders if you wish to be future leader of Liech State make what I say as an advise.


  2. Bentiu Ramaran
    April 1, 2015 at 4:45 am


    I agree with you those Nuer youth are figurehead and money seekers.


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