SPLM/SPLA Welcomes The Invited Nations, Warns Of Total Collapse If the IGAD-Plus Fails!!

Leaders of SPLM/SPLA, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman and C-in-C with his deputy, Alfred Laod Gore and Capt. Mabior Garang de Mabior(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Leaders of SPLM/SPLA, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the chairman and C-in-C with his deputy, Alfred Laod Gore and Capt. Mabior Garang de Mabior(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

April 2, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan’s SPLM/SPLA [in Opposition] commends the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the Chairman of IGAD mediation, and partners for expanding the mediation process to allow more African Nations, members of TROIKA and the United Nations to participate in the next rounds of peace talks.

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has added Algeria for North Africa; Chad for Central Africa; Nigeria for West Africa; Rwanda for East Africa and South Africa for Southern Africa to South Sudan peace mediation.

According to SPLM Chairman for Political Mobilization, Dr. Oyet Nathaniel Pierino, “the expanded forum of IGAD is a welcome development because the friends of South Sudanese people are included.”

“We commend the Ethiopian Prime Minister for his wise leadership of IGAD Block and for this wise decision” Cde Oyet said.

The opposition regrets that the regional block, IGAD, could not deliver peace agreement in 15 months when the country continues to bleed indiscriminately, however, the IO believes that the inclusion of TROIKA nations will bolster the peace process.

“The inclusion of Trioka countries will reinvigorate and bolster the peace process. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement was hatched in the USA White House by President George W. Bush and delivered in Kenya. USA, Norway, and Britain stood with the people of South Sudan until CPA and independence was achieved.” The SPLM/SPLA-IO statement reads.

SPLM/SPLA Condemns GRSS For Unfair Attack on the West Powers

The rebel faction condemns Salva Kiir’s regime for unfairly aggravating the western powers, claiming that the government aims to isolate South Sudan to further violate the human rights of the citizens.

“The recent government of South Sudan unfair attack on western powers and friends of South Sudan is an attempt to isolate South Sudanese from world community so that they can implement further their barbaric acts of genocide and all sorts of human right violation.” Oyet explains.

“They know the International Criminal Court is there, sanctions and armed embargo are there and so they want to evade justice and accountability. This act means the government is hiding something.” the Chairman continues..

The opposition affirms that Salva Kiir government is making all attempts to evade justice and accountability for the crimes committed in the country.

“Kiir and his cohorts are now pursuing the logic of evading justice and accountability at the expense of peace process this means the war will never stop.” the SPLM/SPLA -IO claims.

The SPLM [IO] urges the African Union to immediately release its overdue Commission of Inquiry report reiterating that the continental body shall bear the blames for impunity in South Sudan should they continue to withhold the AUCISS report.

“The African Union should not delay the AUCI Report whose content is already in public view. Everybody in the world is calling for the release of this “Kiir Report” and African Union has no reason to delay the report for any more days.” the former head of political science department of Juba University reiterates.

“They stand the risk of shifting the war against impunity and for accountability from Juba to African Union if they continue withholding the reports.” Oyet said.

SPLM/SPLA Warns of Collapses and Dis integrations

The Chairman of Political Mobilization reiterates that the IGAD plus is the last hope for the South Sudanese people believing that if the region and the international community fails, then the South Sudanese people will be forced to take up arms on full scale to overthrow the government of Salva Kiir.

“The IGAD plus peace forum should not fail because the country will decent into total disintegration and anarchy. There will be new political and military configuration which will further complicate the conflict.” Oyet states.

“Any collapsed of the peace forum, I mean if no agreement is delivered then it means the regional, continental and international community has failed and so South Sudanese are left on their own then the law of survival and winner takes it all will apply and people will suffer. This means the worst will then come.” Cde Oyet said.

Oyet said the SPLM/SPLA will adopt strategy of survival and success for its goal to remove Kiir’s government by all means and launch reforms and democratic transformation should the IGAD, TROIKA and UN fail to deliver a Comprehensive Peace agreement.

“In his March speech, Kiir has declared war and now he says he wants to negotiate peace. The government is never sincere and serious about peace. There only wants to cling to power using illegal means and the SPLM/SPLA is ready to tackle such indiscipline at all cost.” the Opposition concludes.

“The government has already missed the opportunity of bringing peace through negotiation when it failed to reach peace in 15 months. In the last round of talks the greatest opportunity was presented by IGAD and out rightly Salva Kiir rejected it without explanation.” Oyet explains.

According to the armed opposition, president Salva Kiir has lost legitimacy and deserves no more term in office beyond July 9th, 2015.

“In South Sudan now everything depends on comprehensive peace settlement. Salva Kiir has lost legitimacy and squarely bears responsibility for the current crisis and do not deserve to hold power for one more day after July, 9” the SPLM-IO statement reads.

The Oppositions have rejected the recent extension of Salva Kiir’s term in office and calls on all South Sudanese to overthrown the government as its term expires.

“The decision to extend the term of a president is illegal and anything illegal is null and void. In lieu of the abrogation of transitional Constitution of South Sudan and should the IGAD-PLUS Peace Forum fails, SPLM/SPLA, National Committee for Political Mobilization, hereby call on all South Sudanese from all works of life, internal front and those residents outside South Sudan for popular uprising against the regime and mass action to overthrow the dictator and his regime illegally in power.” Oyet explains.

  7 comments for “SPLM/SPLA Welcomes The Invited Nations, Warns Of Total Collapse If the IGAD-Plus Fails!!

  1. GatNor
    April 2, 2015 at 6:06 am

    Juba’s ethnic regime has turn South Sudan into a war zone of proxy wars. N-Sudan Vs Uganda, Egypt Vs Ethiopia and Machar Vs Kiir and Jaang elders Vs MNW.


  2. April 2, 2015 at 8:07 am

    Once you are on the wright side of
    history you have absolutely nothing
    to hide. And now that democracy is
    what South Sudanese wants, the tides
    Will soon be turned in favor of the
    ” rebels”.
    Uganda needs democracy also and
    it’s time for Mussevini to go.


  3. bothkueth
    April 2, 2015 at 9:01 am

    kiir must go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. April 2, 2015 at 1:47 pm

    The world is watching what is unfolding in South Sudan with much interest. And was convinced that the only dose that could heal South Sudan is IGAD.
    The sickness is lack of transitional democracy and political reforms. And each time the dose was administered to enable South Sudan to be healed, Mussivini of Uganda was there to undermine the healing process. Now that the new dose is IGAD PLUS and is meant to give South Sudan democracy. Uganda will need it to prevent Mussivini from ruling for life.
    IGAD PLUS will not allow Mussivini to rule for life. And any leader who is part of IGAD PLUS negotiations and wanting to rule for life must send someone to represent him. Otherwise, he will be less relevant to the peace process.


  5. April 3, 2015 at 3:01 am

    We now know who is obstructing the peace process. How can two elephants be fighting and one of the elephants decides who can stop the fight? And the only reason for wanting to stop this fight is to prevent the grass or the people from suffering.
    The world knows that the elephant that doesn’t want the fight to stop is losing the battle. The economy is dying and the country is on the wrong path to the liking of Mussivini who believe that democracy in South Sudan Will undermine his own legitimacy.
    Perhaps it is time for both Kir and Mussivini to go.


  6. April 3, 2015 at 8:06 am

    All the MPs who voted to extend Kiir’s unconstitutional stay in office, are on record. They deserve the people’s retaliation when the dust settles.The Current constitution is overdue, since a permanent one was to be written. Kiir should prepare to step down on July 9th.2015 period. There will be bloodshed and Kiir’s cohorts will regret.


  7. A.T.Madut
    April 11, 2015 at 5:13 am

    It is my informed believe that our cousins the Nuer are good warmongers and at best at disinformation. The Nuer are known to be good
    warriors but not propagandists.


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