“If it is about compensation, did Riek compensate Dinka he killed in Bor in 1991”? What a Weird Comparison?

By Deng Turuk Liem

South Sudan's Salva Kiir with Dr. Anne Itto, the SPLM acting Secretary General on the stage to address a rally in Juba, South Sudan, August 18, 2015(Photo: file)

South Sudan’s Salva Kiir with Dr. Anne Itto, the SPLM acting Secretary General on the stage to address a rally in Juba, South Sudan, August 18, 2015(Photo: file)

April 11, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — To speak directly to an illegal South Sudan President Salva Kiir as he lost legitimacy as a president after committed systematic killings against sole ethnic Nuer community in Juba (2013) for political reason, a repeat of 1991 Torit Nuer massacre that we tend to ignore for the sake of the nation. In a nutshell, Mr. President your onslaught public address had showed the whole world that Nuer in your very dim tiny mind are indifferent people on earth. The premeditated committed genocide, perpetuating prejudices and absolute seething behaviors toward Nuer community are practical evidences.

Nuer, according to your take and exception, are neither sought South Sudanese nor the heavenly father created people and are neither your people nor their president, however, their very dearest votes which they rendered to you in 2010 elections were indeed in vain. Even those of Nuer who are currently dying while fighting in your defend are dying in vain as slaves or mercenaries who have already earned their fabulous title as Nuer Wew.

The most populous public symbolic that your cohorts always carry in public rallies in Juba and home turf Warrap State saying “one people one nation” or vice versa, is just a libelous lie in your daunt heart. Contrarily, your recent public speech that portrayed them (Nuer) vs. us (Dinka) completely contradicted fundamental facts in line with the one people one nation symbolic aspects. It was too polarized public speech ever to be depolarized. It tremendously lacked substances and merely loaded with evil delirious and prospects of ascending delinquent behavioral which the reasonable human beings must deplore.

These derogatory behavioral of yours, are inescapable missions in our society to be dealt with thoroughly as they have created enough havoc which preventing us, the South Sudanese from ascending beyond our ethnical lines. Your bizarre behaviors began with inedible claim that Dinkas were majority in liberation movement, a claim that does not hold water, and therefore, they deserved “Lion’s Share” that indeed made rampant corruption, nepotism and tribalism a divine system of your government. Such insignificant and misfortunate behavioral of yours have gone beyond the realm of ignorant, and that it must be drastically deleted.

Mr. President your current defined frivolous behaviors and extreme cultures of prejudices are highly condescending and vehemently indignant Juba massacred victim families to allow a further continuation of your genocidal regime. Whether you like it or not, you must now begin to prepare yourself for a trip to Hague-Based Court where you will face the International Criminal Court (ICC). It is definitely where you belong as criminal who premeditated an absolute genocide and that, it is only justice in this world, and nothing else, may let you go free once again.

It is you saying, but not me or anyone else that Nuer are Dr. Riek’s people who can get compensated for their horrific loss in terms of human lives and properties if Dr. Riek secures first vice president position. A position that Dr. Riek has never demanded in any peace talks session. It was just an empty unprovocative attack. If I was blessed by Nuer blood brutally spilled out by you on Juba streets to be one of Nuer Wew, I would have defected from your illegal government the very day you had delivered that hateful speech against Nuer people of South Sudan and boldly joined the freedom fighters without any hesitation to liberate my people from illegal totalitarian government of yours. I partially cease it here.

To general public: It was unfortunate to learn about public speech that portrayed South Sudanese as them died in Juba (2013) and us killed in Bor (1991) rendered at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum by South Sudan illegal President Salvatore Kiir Mayardit. Killed (1991) vs. Died (2013). Tit for tat. And I quoted “there were people who supported Riek for first vice president position so that his people who died in Juba are compensated”. “His People Who Died in Juba are Compensated”. “His” (Riek) and “People” (Nuer). He (Salva Kiir) practically meant or referred to those unarmed Nuer civilians which comprised of men, women, children, old, young, fetuses, infants, sick and disables whom he brutally massacred in Juba in the aftermath of December 15, 2013 fabricated coup plot that lively serves as root cause of this devastating conflict. A move that unfolded according to president’s ill-elaboration a revenged to 1991 fake massacred of Bor community that has enormously been the case in South Sudan politics for all these years. Even though, it was just a true nonsensical claim that had never took place under a legitimate command of Dr. Riek Machar, rather a mere complication of what actually surfaced at the expense of utmost victims who were those then had missed in battle field between the two respective rival forces.

He (Salva Kiir) further went ahead and asked a wicked question that, “if it is about compensation, did Riek compensate Dinka he killed in Bor in 1991”? What a weird comparison? Who practically told Salva Kiir that the compensation factor for the deceased’s families is an opposition potential reform agenda over the overhauling the entire centralize tyrant regime in Juba? If the compensation factor will be the case in the peace talks, it will not base on one tribe, but it will apply to all South Sudanese who lost their loved ones and properties in the aftermath of December 15, 2013 conflict. The president had missed it all, but merely desperate to vomiting empty attacks to vocally release vehicles of grave bitterness deeply gored inside his heart.

In fact, these equivocal question and comparison made it abundantly clear beyond reasonable doubts that Salva Kiir knowingly committed genocide against Nuer in revenging to 1991 fabricated massacred of Bor Community. At the onset, one would have first thought it was a presidential joke to distract his audience vivid attention, but eventually ended up with no call back from onslaught president in reassuring his audience of an irrelevant presidential joke. To the contrary, it was a frank and absolute confession in his part concerning intentional killings of innocent Nuer committed in Juba as an ultimate paid back for Dinkas who lost their lives in the aftermath of 1991 military confrontations in Bor town.

It was indeed a bewildered speech that was received with tremendous sorrowed and saddened by vast majority of South Sudan citizens globally. It has no exception with Bona Malwal Dut’s recent irrelevant speech addressed Dinka audience in Kansas City, Kansas in the United States asserted to defeat Nuer in all fronts. Exhorted Dinka youths to go home in South Sudan and defended the Dinka country from Nuer attempts to take it over. Assured them that Nuer are sole obstacle for us to declare a permanent ownership of South Sudan compared to other living 62 tribes in South Sudan. These are dulling and disorienting communication errors that will keep reopening healed wounds for many years to come even after peace time era. Salva Kiir and Bona Malwal are incurable sickness in South Sudan comparing to none, at least.

In addition to Salva Kiir and Bona Malwal Dut’s public hate speeches against Nuer Community with no exception, in terms of comparisons, was a stupid Doctor a PH’D by name Dr. Okuk a Chollo (Shullik) by tribe who cowardly claimed that the Shullik Comunity has long peaceful relations with Dinka of Upper Nile, and that Nuer annexed more Shullik teritories than Dinka did, and that he thanked Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar Civil War that displaced Nuer from New Pangak that would be difficult for them (Nuer) to reocupy. He forgot that General Olony was rebelled against Salva Kiir government in protesting Shulliuk’s territories graping and women rapes by Dinka of Upper Nile after Dinka declared landgraping war against Shullik Kingdom. The war started in Malakal Town as contested communities disagreed on which community possessed the ownership of Malakal Town to open the Third CPA Anniversary Ceremony, and in fact, in present of President Salva Kiir Mayardit, the Dr. Okuk curing medication.

At the very day that Dr. Okuk published a food for thought article in public media while in reacting to one of his colleagues who personally went astray and challenged his educational background that indeed has nothing to do with Nuer being undisciplined community that lacked peaceful negotiations in settling matters, but only to rush for violent in solving problem, the Shullik Kingdom was under severe attack and Patriot Shullik General killed in vain in a planned ambush by the very Dinka people whom he claimed to have a long peaceful relations with them. He lively ended saying that Shullik Community would peacefully negotiate a landgraping issues with Dinka Community. My lamenting is that, are the territories annexed and women rapes along peaceful relations between Shullik Kingdom and neighboring Dinka of Upper Nile? I am carious.

The worst case scenario is that, since the fighting happened in Shullik Kingdom last week, or so I have barely heard Dr. Okuk saying anything in the media. Is he quietly mourning the death of Shullik patriot General who died in vain, or the money is working harder to hold him right on throat like a big brother General Olony to say anything even just pure personal condolences to the family of deceased patriot Shullik General? I have known Dr. Okuk by being a public enlightener. I wondered why he kept quiet in the situation that needed his contribution to heal a harmed community of his.

I love Dr. Wani Tombi a Bari by tribe who went publicly and asked south Sudanese masses to join Nuer brothers and sisters in fighting tyrant regime that will go astray in the near future, if Nuer failed the task to take it out by themselves, to massacre all South Sudanese tribes one by one. The killings were first started with Shullik Kingdom (2008), Non-Dinka tribes in BG and Equatora regions, Murlei and Nuer in Upper Nile. We, the Nuer, doomed other tribes in our country; we know that our Dinka brothers and sisters have no other treatments rather than kicking them right on the bottom, period. Nobody in South Sudan had and will ever negotiate a sucesssful negotiation with Dinka brothers and sisters in anything that deems food situations hoping for an equal share, unless you tie your belts and give it all to them, and come back merely to begging them for the remnants.

I wondered how small Shulluk Community will negotiate hinting landgraping issue that maintains natural resources peacefully with Dinka greedy community and hope to re-vacant their annexed lands without a help from mighty Nuer Community that always exhaust Dinka’s remedies to retreat their previous behaviors to have divided, the said amenities in questions, equally amongst South Sudanese brothers and sisters, as we are now fighting the tyrant centralized regime aiming to bring you federal system that will give Shullik Kingom what its belong, as well as, the rests of South Sudanese, and most importantly no president will ever attempt a systematic murdered against sole community. I am waiting for Dr. Okuk’s acknowledgement of this factual fact when time comes right.

Worse still, a defiant president lost his dim tiny mind by attacking peace lovers upon first vice president proposal, while leaving wrongdoers loose. No single party between warring factions, as well as, the country stakeholders demanded the first vice president position for opposition leader. It was, however, a proposal put forth by IGAD, the regional bloc mediating the peace talks between South Sudan warring factions. It was a “take or leave it proposal” a name that was given to it by its own creature (IGAD). If indeed such a take or leave it proposal by IGAD mediators was blameworthy and should Salva Kiir need to blame someone for it, he would blame IGAD mediators, and not the peace lovers or opposition faction as it was not their political demand to standstill the conflict. One would wonder and dubious should Salva Kiir always aware of peace talk procedural. It was up to each principal in the peace talks to take or leave it, henceforth, we all left it to the owner (IGAD), respectively. Who else rather than IGAD mediators is responsible for its creation to be blamed?

Finally, it was a proposal also met by zealous resistances from opposition supporters and leadership in both political and military wings. Accepted first vice president position under Salva Kiir leadership as head of state regardless of what function in the then expected national unity government the opposition would occupy, a ceremonial or executive power position, yet it seemed as unquestionable willful surrender to an illegal tyrant regime in Juba, and vigorously abandoned the real cause to get rid of tyrant regime from power. Only those stakeholders and peace lovers south Sudanese, for better or worse, who drastically wanted to see stability back to the country supported such uncalled proposal.

For Salva Kiir spent his dear time at Dr. John Garang Mausoleum talking libelous languages against Nuer deceased victim families whom he accepted their loved ones daylight killings in Juba after a manufactured coup plot, and opposition in general. He was perilously fraught, if not hideous his leisure time to spend comfortably while shared Lexus beverages with his notorious boss President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda who is currently serving an actual president of South Sudan, as well as, his plus, ladies (old and Young), respectively.

The Author is rebel situated in Northern Upper Nile State, Mayo County. He is reachable @ dengliem2015@gmail.com.

  21 comments for ““If it is about compensation, did Riek compensate Dinka he killed in Bor in 1991”? What a Weird Comparison?

  1. GatNor
    April 11, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    Thank you Mr Turuk


    • April 11, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      Who had kill Abraham in Juba?


    • April 12, 2015 at 6:20 am

      Dear GatNor,

      Thanks for thanking me. It is a worthwhile to show the barbaric killer of South Sudanese what is awaiting him. Salva Kiir has no other live on earth and only justice will determine his fates. He is ill-killer and that he needs to go to hell along with his cohorts killers such Salva Mathok, Bol Akot, Marial Akol and Paul Maluong Awan. They have no other gods on earth than, the fighters will determine their fates either a live or death. It is fact that ill-regime has run out of resources and begging foreign countries for loans and them. It is just a matter time before we get them, the corrupt and tribal-sect. Once again thank

      Deng Liem


      • April 12, 2015 at 10:06 pm

        Me I cant talk right now let we come to Juba with or Nuer military I believe all Dinka there going to leave South Sudan without question forget about 1991 this we cant forget and we can`t forgive


    • April 12, 2015 at 10:04 pm

      Me I cant talk right now let we come to Juba with or Nuer military I believe all Dinka there going to leave South Sudan with question forget about 1991 this we cant forget and we can`t forgive


  2. April 11, 2015 at 2:10 pm

    This guy is not a leader. He is a disgrace to the people of South Sudan. A good leader does not reflect on the bitter past when the country is in turmoil and needs reconciliation.
    Kir needs to read or be thought Marchar speech during the Pagak conference. Marchar speech has substance and all the ingredients of reconciliation.And Kir speech is an insult to all civilized South Sudanese.
    Soon, the world will know that South Sudan has a leadership problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. April 11, 2015 at 2:51 pm

    Dr.Riek Machar will compensate Nuer,but not the South Sudan because he is the one who had killed his own people. Government will pay non compensations to Nuer never.


  4. Francis Kenyi
    April 11, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    Reik Machar is a, traitor he will sure die like mobutu and Jonas Savimbi,South Sudanese are not stupid,we all know its a tribal conflict its not longer political,those few equatorians are just opportunistic fellows,disgruntled who have looted and enjoying their loot in foreign capitals as South Sudanese wallow in poverty,disease in refugee camps which have created job opportunities for humanitarian personnel all these so called liberators will surely go to the Hague for crimes committed against south sudanese,they busy fucking prostitutes in ethiopian hotels claiming to be liberators,SPLM/IO will never capture power even if they fought for 100 years,they busy wasting time with Sudan not even a regional power,with alot of internal problems…………..reik machar and his old tribalistic generals wil wither away they in their 60s what military strategies do they have,warfare has changed alot………..all we need in south sudan is agovernment free of Kiir,Riek,and all the theives who were in Juiba regime


  5. April 11, 2015 at 5:46 pm

    Actually, the past event is very important in the human history so why not former Nasir leader paying compensation for 30,000 of Dinka Bor massacres because the life of innocents Dinkas is matter too? In reality, there was no genocide in Juba because there were about 664 total deaths in all four days fighting and these 664 lost lives were not only Nuer tribe, there were Dinkas among them, there were Equatorians among them and even some foreign died at that time too. I was making recorded when I was there and the real big numbers starting in Bor fighting and as you all hears the capital of Jonglei State was change hand to hands in between rebels of former vice president and Pro Juba’s government SPLA and in the first fighting, we have received about 560 people were found dead including rebels, government SPLA Troops but the most people got killed in the first fighting were Dinka Bor civilians. The second fighting in Bor town was the deadly one on rebels side and there were few numbers of Pro Juba’s government SPLA got killed however, the majority were rebels. The third fighting which was the last war in between rebels of former vice president and the Pro Juba’s government SPLA, it was been marks the worsen fighting ever in the history of former vice president and currently president Salva Kiir. Before the rebels made attacked on Pro Juba SPLA, the former vice president officially calling 25000 White Army to joins coordination operation with rebels to attacked on government Troops SPLA but the Juba’s government were warning rebels leader not to included civilians in to political conflict and the government took another step to reports it to UN that about 25000 White Army youths from Nuers ethnic have been called by rebel leader and we would like to tells UN these civilians are not trains as a soldiers and there is no need for rebels leader to force civilians to political conflict adding, if the rebels leader failed to stop them then, we are not going to let them invaded government town referred to Bor town, the capital of Jonglei State and immediately more than 25000 young men White Army were seen marching forwarding Bor town and the fighting started evening time and in the morning time, the government Troops were been overruns leaving about 3000 bodies on both sides on the ground in Bor town. In the same day at evening, the Pro Juba’s government returned back with tanks rolling all around Bor and the fighting began again until morning time, the rebels and the White Army were badly killed and people were suggesting maybe 6000 soldiers were left deaths in Bor town on both sides rebels and the government and the rebels abandoned that capital of Jonglei State, because there were human loses left on the ground.

    I failed to get exactly the numbers got killed in two States which are Upper Nile State and Unity State but I was told same thing happening in there and I think there are many reasons why the vast majority of Southern Sudanese people are blaming former vice president just take that example, of calling 25000 White Army Youths to rejoins operation to make attacked on government Troops in Bor town and they were not trains as a soldiers why punishing the civilians. When you hear the rebels proposed the deaths people to be compensations and others are claiming there was a genocide took place in Juba in four days fighting, what they real mean is the White Army who were killed in all three States namely Jonglei State, Upper Nile State and the Unity State. If you are a Nuer to be frank then, ask the communities leaders and many more others parents lost their Sons and they were not trains as a soldier and the communities leaders will tells you about many young people did not come back but the question is, who killed White Army? The answer is former vice president had killed them indirect way. I have been trying very hard to reach educators people from Nuers side, because we want to find the best people to make sure we must end this senseless war in the Young nation.I have tried to reached SPLM members in Juba and what they all telling me is rebels leader is not willing to ink finally deal saying, what have killed peace agreement in Addis Ababa were 1.Too much demanding, 2.Separation of two armies in small nation which is lacking funds.3.Dissolving the current Representatives.4. Dissolved Cabinets and Minister. 5.Dissolving all 10 Governors and the mayors.6.Confusing the government in Power sharing by claiming 7 others States that were not affected in the war. 7. Forcing government to adopted Federalism in Addis Ababa but in government views, they believes this Federal system must be left to citizens to decided. 8 Reforms to be done immediately in Addis Ababa and the government said, there are others Political Parties to participate in reforms. These are the few things that, have become a sticking points and the SPLM leadership says, they have offers different way because even the oppositions Parties were strongly disagrees with rebels proposed so we need to tells rebels leader to change the cost for those mentions and more others and I think each one of us has the role to play in order to stop losing the lives of our people for political issue.


    • GatNor
      April 12, 2015 at 2:32 am



  6. GatNor
    April 11, 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Mawien Magol & AGUMUT,

    I am quoting you here Maggot..

    “The answer is former vice president had killed them indirect way.”

    This is some of South Sudan people’s unbelievable reasoning capacity ofcourse.


    • April 12, 2015 at 1:20 am

      You need to back off because SPLM in general need Toys to play with. Internationally John Garang was very popular,but he was like baby inside South Sudan,it is the same with mr.Fake PHD. SPLM walk from neighbour to Neighbour. Many people said that is how they behave,John Garang Visions,received SPLM with possess.


      • GatNor
        April 12, 2015 at 2:31 am

        Boring & childish comment


        • April 12, 2015 at 4:45 am

          It is up to you if my comments are BORING.


  7. April 11, 2015 at 8:59 pm

    Useless President should therefore hold a responsibility off why his guards carried the massacring one ethnic tribe cleansing.

    The international community should make amicable decision on our behalf why his guards carried tied killed innocent like flied

    However Mr take advantage of gaining but they seriously repulsed back soon by courts and hold a responsibility off his war crimes involving of innocent murdered.


  8. April 11, 2015 at 9:18 pm

    Magol! Can you please tell me where 30,000 Dinka Bor got killed documented? Now Kiir Killed 40,000 Murle, 12,000 Shiluk, 10,000 Belandas, 100,000 Nuer. Dr. John or Kiir Killed 5,000 Gajaak, 20,000 Equatorian etc. This could make sense to you? I think important is how Killing took place. Kiir trained and armed Dinka Militia six Month before war broke out, then brought them to Luri near Juba in November then again brought them before two days in Juba to survey where Nuer live and got order from Kiir himself to kill Nuer. Equatoria are witness of how many people got killed in their watch. In 1991 war broke out between SPLA Nasir Faction and SPLA Torit faction, Dinka killed all Nuer in Dinka land Goerge Athor hung 20 Nuer civilian in Khorfulus. Then white army took revenge on every where including Baliet, Rumbek and Waraf, why complain only about Bor? i think it is because Dr.John was leader by then because you Dinka you side with some one who has food. Now you care a lot about Waraf people because of Kiir, i blame Dr.Riek when he said we should begins reconciliation not knowing that after he begins Dinka will refuse their side and would in turn blame Nuer for that. If i were him Kiir as a president could start apology to all South Sudanese for starting senseless war in 1983 hijacking objective war then all can continue beginning with Gajjak Massacre


    • GatNor
      April 12, 2015 at 12:09 am

      Evidently a capital punishment for Kiir’s crimes of Juba massacres is fitting.


      • April 12, 2015 at 4:56 am

        Kiir is not going nowhere and mr.PHD is not coming back.


      • April 12, 2015 at 8:40 am

        GatNor ,Ngundeng Lou man , Kiir is legitimate president, Nuers Attacked him in Juba , Nuer style then he fought back, Nuer like to attacked Dinka and do not want to be killed, About compensation no body can compensate Nuers, They like to died like flies on the top of food.. we have no peace with you , we capture it from Arab ,capture it from us,


        • April 13, 2015 at 3:14 am

          Lies will take you to nowhere. When and where did you capture it from Arabs? You meant the harder fight we the Nuer fought to make the right to self-determination for the people of South Sudanese a reality or what? Where is the lies that Dinka were killed the South Sudanese so -called the liberation of whole Sudan. Is it the one died a natural death? Refrain from lies, all south Sudanese learned you likes the book. You better cease it.

          The cowardice Dinka were acutely congested themselves in the refuges camps in East Africa countries and left the Nuer and other South Sudanese to fight the enemy. We captured all Nuer towns and cities with exception of Bentiu. While the Cowardice Dinka didn’t even attempt to do nothing to capture their towns.

          You are always brave over food situations and run away when it comes to national defense. We know you now better and nothing will be helping you from suffering. All South Sudanese do not like you the Dinka brothers and sisters because you do not know how to allocate food amongst the tribes in South Sudan. You like having it all. It is system of you as well as you ill-government of Salva Killer, the utmost killer of all times. It is only a greedy that told lies that Dinka captured it from Arabs and nothing else talks. You likes the food severely compared to nothing that suit live on earth.

          You do believe that other human beings live without food to sustain energy to do the tasks. It is not a behavior of leader or brothers and sisters, but a work of selfish individuals who just know how to sing a songs and eating, hence, nothing else thereafter. Songs and eating will not bear you a lives. You better cope with others to carry you with them.

          Learn to share with other, then you will be find amongst your brothers and sisters in the greater nation of ours.

          it a weird fundamental for someone who calls himself a president to say them and us. What a weird statement held by your president. He will die soon in the hands of freedom fighters. We will take it from him, if he is not complied to national call for him to report himself to Hague base court for fair trial. Nothing else will spare him, but only justice may.


      • April 12, 2015 at 9:47 am

        Old man Nuer are not human being ,no body can talk about their death. Dinka and Nuer will not share one government again , you are lazy and like to destroyed other people properties, One day Dinka never went to Nuer villages and burnt it , Nuers do it always to Dinka


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