Africa Is Running Away From Herself

By Dak Buoth Riek Gaaq,

xenophobia-in-south-africa By Umar Muhammad Puma & Lawrence Olaoye

Xenophobia-in-south-africa, Africans turned against Africans, By Umar Muhammad Puma & Lawrence Olaoye

22nd April, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — Workers had a common interest more important than the national loyalties that might otherwise have divided them. Karl Marx

I was told, likewise to you that Africa is NOT ONLY a cradle of mankind BUT ALSO a land of opportunities for her indigenous people, and indigenous I am. That it is crude continent which is endowed with abundant mineral resources such as gas, gold, diamond, platinum, petroleum, fresh water and vast agricultural land NOT forgetting the indefatigable human power that gives it a distinction over others.

Such glowing tributes make me think that Africa is where my brightest dreams and aspirations would flourish notwithstanding my current status or where I hailed from. It is for this reason that we continue to witness unprecedented influx of returnees from other parts of the world, to impart and impact the fledgling democracies as well as upgrading the looming and booming economy in Africa.

Regrettably, after decades of speculation, this notion that Africa is land of opportunity seems to bears no fruits or a dream far-fetched from reality. In any case, considerable number of youth complain why they were born in Africa, a place where leaders step on the youth to ascend to power but stab on them when in need of the same, a place with limited windows of opportunities, a place where the only available job is to carry panga, Riffle or A-K47 to join insurgencies, a place where people who are ideas impotent govern those with important ideas, a place where majority live as squatters, a place where leaders toil and moil to create division where there is none with view to cling on power, a place where national resources are viewed and treated as private properties by those with political might, a place where the policy of whom-you-know and not what you know reign, a place where law become a spider-web that only catches the small insects, a place where the riches get rich every day and the poor men remain one way and they say that is the way he has got to stay et cetera et ceteta.

Living Reggae legendary commonly known as Israel Vibration, said in his song titled Live in Jah Love ‘‘no evil eye against your brothers and sisters, don’t tell lies to the young generation, don’t make them cry because it will bring revolution, you see their faces, but you don’t see their hearts, the things that they says and do shows what is in their hearts’’

The new wave of violence in South Africa epitomizes all the above mention vices, Nelson Mandela boys have run out of patient and began calling spade spade, and we shouldn’t be surprise because the attack was long overdue. Indisputably, this so call xenophobia was precipitated by ANC laxity and ignorance on the people. The South African government has tend to become a replica of the Apartheid regime by failing to heed and address the legitimate demands of despondent youth in Soweto and Marikana areas.

This xenophobia is blatant betrayal to this son of the soil, whom the world respect and hold at pedestal as symbol of zeal, peace and forgiveness. The act doesn’t reflect but rather reject the spirit of Ubuntu and Harambee plus the immense contribution afforded and accorded to them by African countries in their quest for political freedom. In nutshell, it is as if they had exhumed Nelson Mandela’s remains.

In any event, South Africa has always been regarded as the face of African continent and thus, this xenophobia is indeed defacing us. Justifiably, the South African government should shoulder the blame and responsibility for this belligerent and traitorous behavior against Africa. As such, President Jacob Zuma should step down to avert future incidents and to salvage the image of the country and Africa as all.

This is just but an example, as we converse, a boat was reported to have capsized in the Mediterranean sea leaving over 700 migrants dead, majority are said to be young men and women who risked going to Europe via Italian coast in search for better life.When i was discussing this tragedy with Cde Mut Giel aka Moa Tse Sung. He lamented saying, Dak, Africa is in tatters, ‘‘ look, Italy and other European countries were quick to convene an emergency meeting to deal with this repeated calamities while the so call Africa Union remain aloof on the same as if nothing had happen’’ I paused and posed, where does the problem a lie, Africa is running away from itself. No hope in time of despair.

I think we need paradigm shift in the manner we partake our Social, political and economic affairs. If we could get rid of this pathetic ‘‘capitalism mentality’’ and start reviving the ancient ideal of humanity, in other words, ‘‘going left’’ as Dr. Milton Obote referred to and shared by Late Mwalimu Nyerere and Jaramongi Oginga, Africa will again rise to the podium and redeem itself from the current state of economic ruination. Doing so will bring about ‘‘redistributive justice; equality between the different social groups, between men and women, and between the nationalities, thus lead to genuine power exercised for the people and by the people’ based on participation of ordinary citizens.

‘‘Going left’’ mean each of us will have high sense of public duty, honesty and truthfulness; and have uncompromising attitude to injustice, parasitism, sycophantism and would at the same time have a fraternal attitude to the working people of other countries as they would consider themselves workers who have common interest more important than their national loyalties. And we would be working society free from superstition that would find their ultimate goal in the higher world.

In his memoirs, Nelson Mandela recounts a story he had with his Friend call Mr. Nat.One day at about lunch time, Nat removed a sandwich from his pocket, he tell Nelson to take hold of other side of sandwich, Nelson oblige, now pull it, Nat said, Mandela did so and the sandwich split roughly into two. Now eat yours and I will eat mine, he said. As Mandela was chewing without examining what the experiment entails, Nat said to Mandela, what we have just done symbolizes ‘going left’ which mean communism: To share everything we have as brothers and sisters….

The Writer is Leader of an exiled-based students Association in Kenya, he can be reach for comments via

  5 comments for “Africa Is Running Away From Herself

  1. April 22, 2015 at 4:15 am

    African themselves are spoiling African,they are doing bad thing in South Africa. It is like South Sudan when North Sudanese merchants use South Sudan for money only. They leave their wives back home because they know they can use some stupids South’s Women and dumped.
    Where are Equatorians on here,they should comments on here.


  2. April 22, 2015 at 4:24 am

    Dear Dak Buoth
    You should ask Dr.Lam Akol and Equatorians because they have divided South Sudan while they want Unity Sudan,but Xenophobia in North Sudan. They use South for money only.


  3. April 22, 2015 at 5:34 am

    I might be alone on here.
    Those immigrants who are crossing dangerous sea will one day regret because most of them will be illegals or in Detention centres. First of all there is no work in the EU and always no better life either.Social Welfare itself will change because jobless are now doing unpaid work for benefits and i think economical Immigrants need to think twice before they cross that danger sea.Economical Immigrants in general whether they are African or not are very corrupt and need be control because they settle through kickbacks with local officials and they don’t even want to employ local people in their businesses.
    N.B. In a term of Xenophobia,it is growing everywhere in the West. What about Far Right of the EU?


  4. Eli
    April 22, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    It is an unfortunate about the situation in South Africa, but unlike the Xenophobia in S. Africa which is directed towards foreigners eg Zimbabweans, Somalis, Nigerians etc who went there to take jobs and running illigal black market businesses, in S Sudan the government is killing it’s own citizens while giving every opportunities to the foreigners including inviting foreign troops to kill our people on our own soil.
    Majority of black South Africans are still living in squalid conditions and barely meeting the basic standards of living, they were denied educational opportunities during apartheid era and so they can’t compete in the labor force due to lack of skills, the only skill they have is in diamond mine fields which are trying to get out from as diamonds from S. Africa has got bad reputations (part of so called “blood diamond” in the global markets), not to forget diamonds are noe being manufactured in laboratories call synthetic diamonds, so there isn’t as good market as before.
    So when the well educated foreigners arrived they got all the good jobs plus they come with capitals to start up petty businesses in black townships. To make matters worse foreigners are verbally abusing the host citizens, that they are lazy and stupid, those are just few observations I gathered while on my brief visit to S. Africa.
    Hope that gives you a glimpse of the other side of the coin.


  5. kuby Thany
    April 23, 2015 at 4:49 am

    good argument no doubt about that however , I still believe Africa is indeed the Land of end-less-Opportunities, and I still believe too that Capitialism remain the right-path to trek, in fact capitalism is direct reflection of Africanism, enterpreneurship and self reliance..all that Africa needs is only one simple thing” to discover herself ” ….discovering oneself entails doing the right thing no matter the cost for the right reason” thinking and acting that’s free of militias-biases !!


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