The Philosophical Question About Hihoo’s Funding Organizations Has Been Answered.

By Stephen Pajok Kong.

SPLM/SPLA Delegation to SSRA Conference in Omaha Nebraska, 2015. From the far lef to right: Hussein Mar Nyuot, Changson Lew Chang, Gatwech Kulang Chol, Nyaduer Girwath Joak, Chamjock Chung(Photo: Via Bol Brown)

SPLM/SPLA Delegation to SSRA Conference in Omaha Nebraska, 2015. From the far lef to right: Hussein Mar Nyuot, Changson Lew Chang,
Gatwech Kulang Chol,
Nyaduer Girwath Joak,
Chamjock Chung(Photo: Via Bol Brown)

April 22, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — I am writing to expressed my profound thank to Honorable Changson Lew Chang for answering the question that has been heatedly debated since South Sudan Release and Rehabilitations Agency which I am a proud member became active in United States of America a year ago. It is Sunday April 19, 2015.

On this occasion I Pajok Kong Kulang post the question to honorable and former Minister Changson Lew Chang the current minister for Mobilization and finance in SPLM/IO. Here is the question. Is it true that the South Sudan Released and Rehabilitation Agency (SSRRA) cannot asked a donations from its own members? If SSRRA needed funds it leaders can go and asked for funding from wealthy donors as many alluded to? And the second question is: Many people asked the question why we have three entities E.G these are the SPLM/IO, Nuer Community Development Service (NCDS) and South Sudan Release & Rehabilitation Agency (SSRRA) all these organizations are asking funds for the same cause, and from the same people?

I believed Mr. Chang defensively put the question to rest, by a simple but powerful phrases all roads leads to Rome. In references to all roads leads to HI-HOO (IO) please bear with me!! When I heard the phrase all roads leader to (IO) I know IO was the pivotal point and the center. It is the same as saying every segments of Nuer tribes has their own names and they all lead to “Nuer”.

When we face the tyrant of Uganda and cult of Mayardit, it is best to break ourselves and our enemy up into apparatuses and confront each one, when Juba and Kampala are weaken than the operations of the two monsters will become weak too. We are the segments of IO. Whether you are SPLM/IO, Nuer Community Development Service (NCDS)/IO, or SSRRA/IO.

Each and every one of us is an ideals in which we deliberately associated ourselves. To be loyal members to IO mean to operate in certain framework of concerns for the wellbeing of your people and the country. Let be a good steward who carry the messages we received from our leaders and follow the policy of our own chosen organization. From there the only things that matter is our individual contribution, but the funds you raised will reached Hihoo through these three organizations namely SPLM/IO, NCDS/IO and SSRRA/IO.

I am telling you my brothers! Our country’s calls is not for a life of comfort. It’s for life of vigorous struggle. Honorable Minister Chang appeal us when he said “I know hundred dollars is overwhelmed for family, but please increased your working hours by working overtime”.

This is a cried of help! If we sit sluggish than the tyrant of Uganda and the cults of Mayardit will enslaved us all. Let face it, let us face the life of resistance, definite our duty well and manfully, let us serve our highest ideals because we know that at the end we will be rewards with Federal Systems that will reflected our unique diversity. Through resilient and tough decision we shall eventually win the goals of true nationalist is greatness.


Any question or concerned Please do not hesitated to contacted me at Like most of you I am a concerned South Sudanese Citizen.

  5 comments for “The Philosophical Question About Hihoo’s Funding Organizations Has Been Answered.

  1. ater
    April 22, 2015 at 5:38 am

    The most important thing to do,is informing all our brothers and sisters to come out from IDPS’ camps and resume normal live in their respective abodes,rather than soliciting funds from wage paid workers abroad ,hence rendering them financially hopeless. By the way that raised funds would end up as payments for Hotels in Adis Asbaba and Nairobi and not on the intended weaklings.Forming brief case organizations is not a viable solution to this Riek man made crisis but to be boldly confronted by his fellow Nuer to accept peace unconditionally.Now see how innocent Nuer are suffering in upper Nile region just because of Riek’s insatiable appetite for power,since the liberation era. Misery,Misery ……….poor leadership thinking.


    • Lualdit
      April 22, 2015 at 1:56 pm

      You are dealing with reasonable, futuristic and logic people my friend. The fact that nuers in their thousand are living in the IDP inside Juba and across other cities in S.Sudan, should single to you if you are futuristic and concerned Southerner that something is wrong with your system and that there is no other solution, but to desolve your lame reasoning that Nuer are suffering. Yes, they are suffering for a noble cause and for their dignity, but what about all your dinka folks that are suffering now under your esteem government? Doesn’t that concern you, ya dinka man?
      By now, it should be clear to you that your the lame line, that Nuer are suffering and had died because of Dr. Machar is childish and lack of having a capable mind to see, sense, feel and hear well. Wake up from reasoning my friend. I am afraid, if peace don’t come and international communities don’t involved, South Sudan will be splinter countries, just because my dinka people becomes so tribal, shortsighted and has forgotten the reason why we fought Jalaba for over 50 years.


  2. ater
    April 22, 2015 at 10:06 pm

    From the look of things Iam very much concern then any other citizen,that is why i raised this critical point of view.Iam certainly not laughing at them but voicing my true concern,the country belongs to us all without any exception. what really benefits us from creating wars amongst ourselves only suffering and endless death.Again as you have put it “reasonable,futuristic people” if they borne such distinct quality,why rash to war?,such wordings are baseless to my analytical point of view. Go and search for Fig tree fruits as you are prone to eating them.


    • Elijah Samuel
      April 23, 2015 at 5:36 am

      As long as the Dinka lives in denial the way you do, there shall be no end to this war. If Riek has a strong desire for power, what is wrong with his desire? Every South Sudanese is free to desire power and If you, Ater, wants to be a president, that is your right. You and Riek have democratic path to campaign to the Citizens and we decide if we vote for you or not! But that democratic path must be left open, not closed, not blocked! There is no rule that say you must not compaign for power or the time is such date! When you start to campaign, those who feel threatened are those sitting on the chair you want and they do not want to leave it democratically! Beccause if they are doing what they are elected for, then they should careless if you campaign or not! Because the people will still vote for you!

      What Happened here is not only RIek but Rebecca and very many others wantyed power and were compaigning for it democratically, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH WHAT THEY WERE DOING!

      Those os us who lovev democracy were very thrill and happy that the leaders where bringing they case to us, we the people! But guess wht Kiir felt threatened and started to acused them of being power hungry! Why not, they should be power hungry and going about it the right way! It was kirr who is power hungry too but staying in power through the wrong way of closing democratic paths and blackmailing opponents!
      Who is in the right here, NOT KIIR! Who is right here is Riek, Madam Rebecca and their colleagues!

      If Machar, like many DInka Generals eg George Athor etc, went and forms a movement right after he was fired from VP position, then yes, We all will condemn him, but Machar did not fire the first bullet!

      Open your eye nd see that the person destroying South Sudan is Kiir, Machar has not cause probelms in Wau to the Balanda people, not top the Muru people in Mundiri, not to the Kakwa people in Yei, Not to the Bari people in Juba, Not to the Mundari people, not to the Madi people in Nimule etc. So tell me who is detroying South Sudan?

      So if you are power hungry, that is well and good as long as you come to us the people and that is what Riek et al did! STOP BUYING THE TALKING POINTGS OF KIIR ET AL who are much more power hungry and wants to cling to power by all means including killing democracy, preventing others from taking their seats democratically!


  3. Elijah Samuel
    April 23, 2015 at 5:51 am

    SPLA (Anynya II) before it was taken over by Garang and killed all her seperatists, was started by Nuer! That Journey lead to the indepence of South Sudan. Now SPLA-IO is yet again out of necesity to self defence is started by and being shouldered by Nuer will lead to a trely an independent South Sudan ie a Federal South Sudan where all SOuthe Sudanese enjoy being South Sudanese nd tking pride in it not Just Dinka enjoying this nation. in this regards where the Jiengs now boast of being the liberators of South Sudan, the true liberators are the Nuer, BUT NUER MUST NOT COMMIT THE MISTAKE OF THE JIENGS! When God select you for responsibilities, it is to serve others not to be served! Nuer must not after all is done come and want the fruits of their strruggle all for themselves as the jiengs are now doing in JUBA!
    Nuer must continue in this God given responsibility of Saving south Sudan from Kiir as they did from the Arabs! Other will eventually join them no matter how painfully slow it appears! Remember the first SPLA, the equatorians joing slowly but for sure and at the end South Sudan Survived in Equatoira where the last battle was fought!

    This being the case, do not call SPLA-IO a nuer organization!!!!!!!! SPLA-IO IS THE PEOPLE’S MOVEMENTS!


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