Is Juba Regime Delusional or a mere Pretender!!

By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

South Sudanese MPs stand during a parliamentary session in Juba on August 31, 2011(Photo supply)

South Sudanese MPs stand during a parliamentary session in Juba on August 31, 2011(Photo supply)

April 23, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—–First and foremost its undisputable fact that this ravaging conflict was consciously created by the Political-gangsters in Juba with help from devilish Foreign-hands as a mean to escape-goat and stippled the popular processes of reforms and quest for Democracy in the Country, its pre-devised machineries and pre-planned execution Strategies which seemed to have worked to their desired capabilities are but just clear signs and symbolic manifestation that indeed the whole act was cooked long ago !! however since God was not consulted in this dark-ventures, the results came in reverse, far opposite of the doers’ expectations, Generals thought to have been bought off walk-off in rage, total exterminations and cleansing didn’t succeed as survivors flocked the UNMISS-Bases, Leaders ear-marked for cold-blood assassinations Miraculously escaped and the treason case against them later thrown in to coffin by lack of evidences, the Regional Authorities and International Community later sealed -the-Coffin’s fate following the unanimous facts-supported agreement that indeed, there was never a Coup in Juba on the fateful night of December 15th.

Sensing inevitable failure, the government resorted to the unjustifiable draconic a and Ogry-like tactics, dramatic declaration of war against the innocent Populations of the Country, especially those of Upper Nile Region which the genocidal regime continues to inhumanely wipe-out , cooking-up whatever excuse it could find , as a result Since the sudden and ferocious eruption of this painful and costly war, the sorry regime in Juba, the sole architect of this enforced conflict, has intentionally continued to live in its own imaginary world, obsessed with its sustained myths of never existed coup and unjustified Legitimacy while capitalizing on the strength of its Mercenaries, Cluster bombs, Chemicals and all kinds of illicit and Globally banned weaponry, mercilessly taking advantages of custodianship-of-our-Oil-money and unregulated Loans to continuously fund fan this deadly War instead of admitting its undeniable responsibility and seeking realistic ways to bringing peace and stability to the Country by accepting a good and just peace that would save the Young Nation from falling in to a deep-well of irreparable self-destruction.

With all evidences painting the Juba regime as the sole culprit (given the undisputable evidences enumerated in the leaked African Commission-Report on crimes against Humanity in South Sudan) behind the genocide currently in making in our young Nation and as all eyes turned to Juba for immediate and just solution to the conflict, but given the regime’s unchanged arrogant and unrepentant habits , one is left to query whether the doomed-criminal-syndicate in Juba is fatally delusional or just a mere stupid Pretender’ ?

Surely a sensible government of any kind wouldn’t even imagine to joke or gambling with peace process especially with millions of its Citizens queuing by the grave’s entrances? Indeed a truly legitimate Government wouldn’t continue to illegitimately hang-on to power with over eighty percent (80%) of its population facing death as a results of it untenable failure.

Therefore as it keeps evading and turning a deaf-hear to the millions voices around the World calling on it to take responsibility and end the mess it had created, the Satanic set-up in Juba has proven beyond any reasonable doubts that it has as matter of fact lost touch with reality, but an habitat of a delusional fairy tale kind of World unfamiliar with Modernity and Human Society Progressive Model.

But as it continue to doze away in false pretence and ignorantly delusional-state, the murderous, barbarous, illicit and tyranny clowns in Juba need to wake up to the frank-realities that rule the modern-day’s universe, to acknowledge that within this global village, Earth, pain and sufferings of brothers in the east are instantly felt and shared by and with the rest in the West, South, North and Centre, thus the untold misery South Sudanese are going through today are indeed not exceptional. Juba brutes should understand that, the fake-Legitimacy-murder Licenses are long withdrawn and defeated by human-rights-revolution and Democracy; it’s utterly illegal to kill people and hide behind National-Sovereignty (s) and fake legitimacies excuses.

Juba killers therefore should have learnt from the experiences of past Dictators, even mightiest ones who brutally misused their power and dared lay a hand on innocent Human-beings, they were declared enemy (S) of the World, the detractors of civilization and peaceful human progress, and despite their enormous power they did not escaped the wrath of a United Civilized World that was fighting a just cause, to Defend God’s own wills.

The list is centurion and long, from the mighty Adolf Hitler, infamous for the outrageous Holocausts, the Genocide against Jews Nationalities in Germany Controlled Nations at a time, he was forced to eternal-mystic-disappearance, The Mighty Saddam Hussein, was paid in his own coins, the World hanged him, brave Gaddaffi , the Colonel was lynched like a mere theft by mobs of Angry Rebel-Allied-Youth supported of course by NATO-Air-power in his Hometown of Sirte, when he chosen to arrogantly opposed the wills of modern Civilized World, when he turned his guns against his own people.

Therefore President Salva Kiir Kuethpiny Lual, his Dinka Council of Elders, the major decision making organ in Juba and their cohorts must no longer continue to hide behind unsustainable imaginary, illusionary and delusionary Legitimacy claims, to maintain status quo, and hold the Nation ransom at the current States-of-affairs in this terror stricken homeland. No not any longer, if the Internal Forces, especially the current rebellion which has got popular supports and the viability to bring about the desperately needed change sooner, either through Political negotiation or use of force, than the World will be left with no other choice but to mobilize herself to rescue the people of South Sudan. And when that happened, the question shall not be how long it would take to accomplish it but rather which methodology to apply, just remember how brief it took to end the reigns of the mighty Monsters, how long would you even imagine it would take the same saddened world to discipline the loose-collusion of thugs in Juba?.

Therefore the gangs in Juba have a chance to make up their delusional-infested-heads before the mighty-Civilized-World Swing to ferocious and unstoppable action to save the innocent Citizens of South Sudan from the brutal and merciless onslaught by their failed and cursed system. Showing willingness and seriousness in the upcoming Peace-Negotiations would be a good step however there is only one sure way for taking responsibility for crimes, especially the murderous, gruesome and inhumane offences against the innocent South Sudanese, that way is none other than accountability and unbiased Justice.

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  2 comments for “Is Juba Regime Delusional or a mere Pretender!!

  1. April 23, 2015 at 6:50 am

    Nice posts #NYAMILEPEDIA
    I lov this.this is one way of giving people news about ROSS
    I gat some over here
    Gat to follow u


  2. April 23, 2015 at 6:54 am

    What Salva is doin is jus dictatrship
    Der z noway u can keep dodgin around peace yet yo d prsdent ov d country


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