Lou Nuer in Egypt Elected Michael Wal Chimed as Their Chairman.

Michael Wal Chimed the new chairperson of Lou Nuer Community in Egypt and Elizabeth Nyatot Chol (Photo Sirir Gabriel)

Michael Wal Chimed the new chairperson of Lou Nuer Community in Egypt and Elizabeth Nyatot Chol (Photo Sirir Gabriel)

April 25, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — Lou Nuer Community in Arab Republic of Egypt have elected Ustaz Michael Wal Chimed as their new chairperson; Wal had previously served as the secretary general under the outgoing Chairman Mr. Gatkuoth Malou Nyuot.

According to Nyatot Chuol representative of South Sudanese women and member of Lou Nuer electoral board, she said Ustaz wal is gentle young man with qualities to take the responsibilities of leading Borchaar community.

“This young man Wal Chimed, is humble, Genuine, cooperative and ambitious he is the right person in the right place, I hope Ustaz Wal will lead the Borchaar community association in Arabs Republic of Egypt faithfully, honestly, honorably and peacefully without problems” Said Elizabeth Nyatot Chuol Lou Nuer women representatives.

Utaz Wal Chimed who won the election brief the audiences [Lou Nuer] after his declaration.

“I would like to thank all of you who left their works today to come and voted me into this chair, I am happy and very much thankful to the women, Elders and Youths for their colorful participation in today election and for my wining. Thank you all.” He said


Ustaz Wal Chimed the current Chairman of Lou Nuer community in Arab Republic of Egypt was born on 15/2/1983 in Waat, Mr. Wal has pass through the following stages in academic;

  1. He hold a diploma in Bible school in Nasri college in Egypt/Cairo
  2. He also hold bachelor degree of Theology.

Ustaz Michael Wal Chimed had worked with various associations in the pass gone years. He Wal was once a Lou Nuer secretary for finance from 2006-2008, Secretary for administration and organization for South Sudan Student Union in Cairo – Egypt from 2010-2011, Again he was elected to be a general secretary for Greater upper Nile in Egypt from 2014-2015 and he is currently a member of South Sudan Teachers Union in Arab Republic of Egypt.

The Lou Nuer community in Egypt would like to congratulate the newly elected Chairman and also will wish the other associations to recognized Ustaz Wal Chimed globally as the legitimate leader for Lou Nuer in Egypt.

Our Unity is our strength !

  2 comments for “Lou Nuer in Egypt Elected Michael Wal Chimed as Their Chairman.

  1. Abuchook
    April 24, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    Dear Lou Nuer New Elect-Leader in Cairo,
    Please If you could planning and make a trip to our Our Lou Nuer villages and areas and meet the people living there now and see for yourself and make your own conclusion and judgment.

    Please this is only my request to do if you can make as your main goal of this year 2015.
    For that matter, I will appreciate your leadership and responsibilities and courageous if you do that. That trip i advised you will open your eyes on how you see things now and will see things after you come back.
    Please if you arrive in Lou areas tell the youth that in the 21st century aggressiveness, Greedy and illegal invasion and looting and violent are considering as 17th century Mentalities that’s have no place in our society if we needed to be stable and strong community ; otherwise most of our Lou Nuer will just be a Dog ass and dick head on the hot sand ; and most of our Lou Nuer youths will be the things of the past not the future.

    Thank you for your cooperation in advance.


  2. james
    April 24, 2015 at 11:24 pm

    He will do very good job for the nuer community.


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