Africa and The Need For Rediscovery of Oneself

By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

Gatgong Koang Thany ...

Gatgong Koang Thany …

April 26, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—Normally characterized by explosive, storms-waves of civil unrest could be Violent/non-violent. An uprising or rebellion is total or partial refusal of obedience or order by the Citizens or population of particular society; it encompasses a range of behaviors and activities with an aim to destroy or take-over the existing Authority. Whenever people are fed-up and can no longer endure the oppressiveness and brutality of a failed regime and are left with no other avenues to get rid of it, they resort to uprisings and rebellions to topple the Existing Authority.

The world have witnessed countless uprisings and rebellions , examples includes but not limited to ; the Famous French Revolution which usher in the extra-ordinary and exemplary world-wide civil Rights, PEOPLE POWER REVOLUTION in Philippines in 1980s, which deposed Presidents Marcos, Sudanese civil protest which took-away power from General Abuod, the Libyan revolution of 1969 which installed Cole. Muamar Gaddafi Later Turned Dictator! But just to name a few.

Africa Continent in Particular has been the scene of World’s most horrifying and some of the longest civil strives emanating from bad Governance, dictatorship, political and economic corruption and marginalization, the continents witnessed some of the worst human rights violations and destruction, the infamous Rwandan Genocide, Sudan Civil War one of Africa’s longest Civil-War, Sierra Leon conflict, Liberians’, both of which have lead to the deserving life-imprisonment by the Hague Court (ICC) of former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor due to his illicit involvement in that protracted War, this Wars and conflicts have reduced the Continents’ ability to rise-up and thrive.
Wrenched, improvised, weak and Hungry, Africa, potentially the riches Part of the Earth, is but just a mere beggar that defend on aids and hand-outs from other Continents to feed its people, with part of her population feeding a constantly evolving ‘’seem-like-Laboratory-generated disease’’ which suddenly pop-up each and every-other-day, now with HIV-AIDS’S Death tool reducing new ones suddenly emerged (Ebola, Hepatitis) and these are discovered not anywhere else but here in Africa, why always Africa? Indeed the Author would never wish any other Continent ill however it’s almost predictable that even the End-of-the World will begin here in this Continent, while others falls victims to Hunger, guns and Machetes with yet thousands others drowning in Oceans Waters as they make a risky attempt to escape from the never-ending sufferings from their Native Land in to Europe, with hollow-hopes that they might find good life on the-other-side of the Earth oblivious of the deadly Oceans waters and the Slavery that awaits them on the opposite shores.

Indeed with each breaking day, the breaking news in Africa is always’’ the expected one’’ a sad one, its either new War, in yet another Country, or return-to War after a failed peace agreement, a Coup-de-tat, a new disease outbreak or exposed corruption, prominent leader’s assassination, shooting of peaceful protesters, Miners or robbed and exploited laborers, mass execution by terrorist, massacres, unconstitutional term extension, rigged elections, illegal detentions, disappearances, and the likes, only news that brings tears and heartaches why Africa ?.
Despite her fertile Land Africa cannot grow her food (in sufficient quantity) and when it does, it is owned by Foreigners and the products, from Africa is exported to the Foreign-owner’s Native Country where it would be processed for sell or exports to other Continents as product of the Foreigner’s Homeland Products, ironically and usually a brightly packaged and Foreign-ly labeled third grade, unfit for consumption in such Country is shipped in tons to the ‘’Mother-African ‘’ Country in question whose Governments or private enterprises then (mostly foreign-controlled/dominated) bought it at an extremely exorbitant prices, the Enterprises in return retailed it expensively to the very exploited –laborers who produced it . Robert Mugabe Once said ‘’ its Imperialism when a Coffee/Tea is which is grown in Kenya/Ethiopia, processed in London and imported back to the Original Country is marked and fancied as ‘UK-Tea/Coffee’’

Instead of importing Education to eliminate the crowding illiteracy, Africa suffers from massive brain-drain as her few learned Sons and Daughters are painfully alienated, isolated assassinated or ear marked for possible assassinations by the illiterate-Chief and their bully-sycophants who see them as threats to their idiotic, Marxist-Dynasties who rule with blind iron-fist and oppressively heavy-sit their own people . Instead of importing the desperately needed Technology, Africa import ill-intention-ed-Technocrats who collude with the Governing elites and use their tech-know-how to exploit the people and the Continent of its resources, instead of importing farms equipment and technology, African Governments imports Luxurious Automobiles meant for bragging about and show-offs, Dollars our Governments spent Billions importing Liquors and Foreign-life-styles Products , African governments imports chemicals and lifestyles related disease instead of importing Medicines and Medical technology, they colludes with Commercial- Scientists who create and imports medicines for new disease in Africa, giving Licenses for inhuman, most-times-dead medical experiments on African People , why do Europeans, Americans and even Chinese find it only necessary to carry-out their rogue Lab-tests in Africa?, worst of all, Africa Imports all time of weapons, even banned, illicit and Out-lawed Missiles and Weaponry to kill none but themselves, Our governments, spending Billions of Dollars in ’shoddy-defend-budgets’ to build a strong military for defending and maintain Dictatorships, what a shame !! My former School Mate Dak Both, call it, in his article’ Africa running away from herself’ but I call it ‘Africa is killing herself’.

In conclusion, decades after the rest of the World discovered and borrowed civilization from Africa, they made a significant strides forward in as far as their Socio-Political and economic standings are concerned, be it in the West or in the East the Whole World seemed to be progressing on comfortably, meanwhile Africa the cradle of Human-kind, regardless of it richness is speedily regressing, in fact, the state of affairs today is worst contradiction of the good-life African had long before Modernization, indeed our ancestors were far better than we are today, yes they had no fancy-Foreign-technology or civilizations/modernization but they were free and independent.

Therefore how could Africa regain its glory as the land of the freedom and abundant? Is it impossible to build a mighty superior Africa? Indeed is it hard for Africans to discover themselves and use the new founds Africa to define and forge a new Africa? Expert would know better, however as an humble African Son, I feel that, the continuity of the shining of the Sun on us is an enough a sign that God never and does not have any intention to forsake this continent any time soon, thus Africa need to wake-up from its long sleep, straighten and dust herself-up and do something about herself and for herself.

Africa’s curse, which results from the dirty-foreigner’s interference in the latest centuries form the bunk of our problem. It round-down to Governance and governs systems, with our God-father’s heavy-hands tightly on our shoulders we might never walk independently free. Therefore Africa-self-discovery mission must starts-with-jerking-off-the-filthy-grips-of-our-old-Colonialists; we need to break-off-this-suffocating-shell and break free.

Africa self discovery entails’’ vigorous intellectual brainstorming, construction of new politico,Socio and economic paradigm-ship based on African ideals, African-Social-Democracy that’s based on our positive Cultural norms and traditional-African-cultur-acracy’ revisiting of our beautiful pasts, blending our ancestors’ ‘Capitalist-socialism’ with the modern entrepreneurial Technology, capitalizing on our combined Huge Natural-wealth and Human resources . We could build a gigantic, superior, prosperous, self-reliance and truly independent, Free, United and Peaceful.
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  1 comment for “Africa and The Need For Rediscovery of Oneself

  1. GatNor
    April 26, 2015 at 10:28 am

    Influences of foreign powers comes through lack of unfair trade policies as a result Africa is kept as a dependent consumer than a supplier when a good amount of our planet earth’s wealth comes from Africa. Political interferences is a major problem as well, Africa can do better for itself politically had external foreign policies not intrude to dictates the chains of political events in many parts of African countries.

    Take Gaddafi as an example, the world was aware that he was a dictator for many years yet there was no quarrel about what he was doing to his people and the country altogether.

    Suddenly when he Gaddafi started to abandon trading his oil wealth for dollar currency that the Americans, the UK, and the Israeli gangsters simply generates from thin air in front of some laptop computers. and demanded that his oil be traded for a tangible gold as the currency of his choice, the US, UK, & Nazi-Israel propagandist labeled him a dictator overnight and bombed his country to the ground indiscriminately.

    This tells me that the many surviving dictators around the continent of Africa are puppets of some powerful hands and are quite frankly not doing their people’s bidding. How long these dictators violently holds on to power to continue widespread abuses of such powers & their citizens alike is in the hands of these outside colonial powers. The way forward is to cut these old colonial powers off and the real progress can be seen gradually.


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