Juba’s unrealistic Dream for a Military Solution: Greatest Impediment to Peaceful Solution to South Sudan Crisis.

By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

South Sudan's army is building up its tank numbers at a time when tension is growing over a faltering peace deal with the north, the journal Jane's Defence ...

South Sudan’s army is building up its tank numbers at a time when tension is growing over a faltering peace deal with the north, the journal Jane’s Defence …

May 4, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—South Sudanese are waiting with tightly-held breath in heart-breaking anticipation of an eventual implementation of the United Nation Security Council’s (UNSC) Resolution on South Sudan which proposed for punitive measures against party (S) blocking peaceful processes to the young Nation is Man-Made Crisis, the Sanctions which would includes but not limited to; Asset Freezes for either individual (S) or entities, Travel-banns, arms embargo among other measures, once put to work with genuine and serious intent, the Resolution would be a great factor in driving the warring parties toward a negotiating table despite its limitations.

As we watch and wait to see whether the UNSC’s threats would give birth to reality or diffuse in to the thin air like similar adoptions before it, Juba regime is making good its devilish intentions, to see this nation ruined and its people forcefully and brutally subjugated to imminent extinction, on the ground, since the inglorious Collapse of the last peace session in Addis Ababa, as a result of the Government’s inflexible stance on solid position which eventually thwarted and suffocated any meaningful efforts to bridge the gaps between the Warring parties, Salvatore Kiir’s Forces under direct instructions from the State House in Juba Launched a shocking, multi-National-Forces attack on Wedakona, the Head-Quarter of Manyo County, which had been under the rebel throughout the conflict, even before their last Delegates could leave the peace venue, and have continued their offensives against the S.P.L.A/IO’s positions throughout the greater Uppernile region ever since.

Despite its internal fragility, inevitable economic collapse, continuous Military revolts, none-stop in-fighting for instant the Malakal military confrontations between Johnson Olony’s Forces on one hand and Government allied Dinka Afandang and Government’s Forces on the other, general demoralization among its forces and nation-wide lost of confident on its entire structures. The regime in Juba, in its typical and trademark fashion, continues to defy realities opting instead to persistently pursue an ‘illusionary’, unrealistic and impossible dream of battle-field-solution to the Conflict.

In recent weeks, following the President’s shuttled military aids mission that saw him visit among other places Turkey, coupled with the risk-less, risky and random borrowing that has so far seem to be the only mean of survival for Juba, the regime once again like many times in the past felt it have the muscles to strike-out the rebellion, a sudden boldness that seem to expose its own ignorant of the rebellion itself and its own capabilities ; armed with newly acquired weaponry and perhaps few more pounds to pour in to their users’ pockets, the government is once again in an offensive, as we all know, the so called cessation of Hostilities never even existed in the Juba’s Dictionary especially whenever it feel it has got the upper-sides of things, so from Northern Renk to Unity , Kiir’s Forces, its allied Militias and Mercenaries are on an all-out-offensive implementing the ‘’ crashing the rebellion’’ agenda , an impossible dream.

The multi-fronts Military Operation in Unity State is made possible by the involvement of village youth from the Government Controlled Counties and Warrap State who are lured in to mass-participation by promises of various loots including girls/women, cattle among other things they could find in the rebel controlled areas. These latest tactics, introduction of raiding in to the already dangerous war set yet another vicious and tragic trend; it also exposes the government desperation to win the War Militarily at all cost. Therefore in all fronts, the government is in full scaled war status and is committed only to one thing, continuation of fighting, killing and destabilization.

In conclusion, it seem with each new artillery and loans acquisition, the government’s hopes for a military solution to this ravaging war are heightened, and each time the fighting intensified while peace prospects are vanish under carpets only to be retrieved and revived once and only when the government smell defeats at its doors step, some unseen forces are likely playing major part in this dirty and dangerous cat and mouse-game, especially the devilish forces that are backing the monstrous Juba Regime, however what this devil monsters and the World at large fail to understand is this simple fact ;

As the Government continued to seek means to maneuver its way out of this crisis, there is an innocent girls/woman at real-risk of being either killed, rapped or raided, an innocent child to die of hunger or hunger-related diseases, an elderly, waiting to be slaughtered and yet more and more young Men waiting on death-rows, more displacements, more destruction of lives and properties and more instabilities, as the Government and its allied continue to fuel and fan the war, ordinary man and woman within or without this Country continue to suffer untold misery and would love to see nothing more but peace, a good peace now, so that they would have an opportunity to restart their destroyed lives, go back to their destroyed homes and reconstruct their shattered dreams and houses.

It may be hard to accept but the plain truth is that; historically and practically, Military solution are almost, always impossible to attain and where they are, they comes at a huge cost, furthermore the setting of the conflict in South Sudan today make it impossible for the government to secure a Battlefield solution, as a matter of fact the reverse is more likely, thus instead of banking on false hope of military Success, the Government in Juba should brace itself for eventual defeat should it refuse to utilize the negotiation avenues to bring beautiful ending to this horrible situation . With its constitutional mandate legally over, the genocidal regime in Juba should beg for immediate, negotiated peaceful ending to this brutal Conflict. Otherwise it’s high time the world stop watching and waiting as innocent citizens of South Sudan continue to die. It’s time for the World to end the War now. All it takes is getting rid of the menace in Juba.
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  16 comments for “Juba’s unrealistic Dream for a Military Solution: Greatest Impediment to Peaceful Solution to South Sudan Crisis.

  1. GatNor
    May 4, 2015 at 11:06 am

    I wonder if what is termed as a “Man Made Crisis” have its root(s).. Who exactly is this “Man” who made this crisis apart from Kiir and his ruling cliques whom are the #1 suspect. How long will Kiir and his criminal gang hide behind the veil of the so called legitimate government. Hypothetically if Kiir sit in the court of law to explain the death of many thousand of South Sudan citizens would the legitimate government justify the crimes. Never ofcourse. There I rest my case. ICC will have Kiir and his gangs as its first South Sudan clients criminals to ever set foot there. This primitive Kiir is making nasty history everywhere ruining it for the rest of South Sudanese.


    • May 4, 2015 at 3:51 pm

      It seems me your comments are getting weaker and disappointed. You was good,come back.


    • Abuchook
      May 4, 2015 at 7:53 pm

      Dear Readers
      there are many peaceful ways to solving our problems and differences as South Sudanese people

      Therefore Riek Machar is not very patient and smart enough to claim is position and reform and Riek must to pay the heavy price because of his stupidity.

      In Torit I remember what John Garang said to many of us: He said if Riek Rebellion and recruiting many primitive Nuer White Army and back stabbing the SPLA MAINSTREAM TORIT ; THEN HE WILL NOT WIN HIS GOAL AND OBJECTIVES TO DEFEAT THE SPLA MAINSTREAM TORIT.

      THEREFORE NOW FEW WEEKS AGO WHEN I WAS IN PAGAK CONFERENCE, Riek Group were verbally abusing each other only for the position and personal promotion interests but not for objectives and goals of the rebellion. ALL ARE VERY STUPID AND IDIOTS LEADERS THAN KIIR and Juba army government.

      Now in South Africa, Riek Machar is taking out more money from his personal fat and big account than what he puts into his account. In 9 months Riek personal money will run out soon.

      I KNEW RIEK and TABAN PERSONALLY AND Professionally, but they will not win this war whether diplomatically or Politically or socially. These Nuer rebellion leaders are gaining popularity and wealth more than the local communities in the Nuer areas.

      Riek must to be kill or Political isolated.

      God bless our beloved country of South Sudan.


  2. Abuchook
    May 4, 2015 at 11:48 am

    Dear Readers:

    Please Note that Riek Machar rebellion is done and is already been defeated. They are hanging on the in balance structure. Riek and his murderous acts primitive most Nuer are not standing together as one team:

    Here Is the clear message to all Riek Machar rebellio: keep fighting and you have no room to win and stay, please remember the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY has more militarily equipment on the way from Argentina, Pakistan, Cuba and Angola and Uganda. IF needed to be Riek Machar can be crush..for example in Numile and Juba and Bortown and Gadiang and Poktap and Ayod: The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY HAS TOO MANY MODERN WEAPON AND MAN POWER ready to march to Lou Nuer areas and Bentiu. It is just matter of time and effort to bring peace peacefully.

    If decided now by THE SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA – MISSION IS TO: Crush Riek and his idiots leaders if not accept any responsibility of peace loving ideas, then they must be crush and defeated, how to to fight Riek Machar rebellion is not new to many of us. In other words There are many ways to defeated Riek forces: peaceful and Military solution or convincing and buying their idiots leaders because they are fighting for their own personal interest and Greed and power. for example
    The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY IN 1992 TO 1997 stayed in Lou areas as many times as they wanted because Non can not defeat the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY.

    Nothing is new about Riek Machar.



    • GatNor
      May 4, 2015 at 4:04 pm


      Please give it up you suck at propaganda. Get yourself a better sound minded person to blah, blah on your behave. Where are your two stooges in the likes of Buay Malek and Riek koang? Those two are pro at lying and conjoring up sellable stories. You on the other hand your an obsessed waste of space. You see the difference, even the sell out Nuers are more effective in selling your lies than what I consider a typical Jaang kingdom agent like you. Like I say this war would have been over a long time a go had some of the strong men of south Sudan not been bribed and as such they don’t see beyond their tummies.


      • Riek Gai
        May 4, 2015 at 9:35 pm

        Why do you started the rebellion when you know very well that is too dangerous to wage war, Government have got very long hand, recognize all over, now the whole of East African, South African countries and some Arabs countries apart from Sudan are calling Riek forces as negative forces that should be dealt with in order to bring development back to the country.


  3. May 4, 2015 at 3:56 pm

    Hallo GatNor,it seems to me like your comments are getting weaker and disappointed. Why???


  4. May 4, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    Mainstream SPLA is a new terminology to deceive others. Call it JIENG SPLA to be precise. To emphasize even further,name one ethnic tribe that is still in bed with you,just one. Among the 63 tribes of South Sudan,none may at all aspires you backward policies. You have put the last nail on South Sudan coffin. You own the disaster you have created Mr. Abuchok.


  5. May 4, 2015 at 6:18 pm

    Mr.Abuchook, rememer this Yuri M Seveni and his counter part Silva Kirr have been both made promises that they will captured Riek Machar just only in matter of time but never happened. those countries u just named are not new in this conflict so they been already Allies alongside with Silva Kirr helping fighting.


  6. Madong Kuoth
    May 4, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    Did they control any piece of land(Oilfield) in Lich State/Unity State? is oil in above State working? just answered it not beating the bushes. To give you hand you do not say Bentiu and Rubkonia two twins cities have no any oil at all.


  7. May 4, 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Mr. Gatgong Koang Thany.

    I am not going to responding all your rhetoric from the beginning of your thesis however, I would be interesting to talk about few thing particular, the last thesis. Quote, it maybe hard to accept but the plain truth is that, historically and practically, Military solutions are almost, always impossible to attain and where the are they came at a huge cost. Well, this was your strong thesis of statement that, I was interesting to read the theme and I love it, because it is truly reality that, there is no winning war at this point and the only solution right now is reconciliation,reunification and peace healing. The reason why reconciliation and reunification are the best tool in Arusha agreement was because all these SPLM GIO, SPLM Juba and SPLM IO were parts of the problems and they were first ruling Party in the Young nation. The second reason is because the problems wouldn’t get solved if both SPLM goes separately in the nation this is why the CCM leadership brought that smart Idea of reunification and the reconciliation so that, all citizens will have to reconcile and takes forgiveness then,the wounds will gets healing

    In addition to what you have mentions, there is no side from government and the rebels will come clean when we talks about destruction of civilians properties and the lives lost innocently in the war zone. The rebels themselves were the one who have had started in Bor town, the capital of Jonglei State. After chasing out Pro Juba’s government SPLA then, they started immediately burning downs all building that were standing and sadly about 59 Women were found killed by rebels and White Army of Nuers inside their houses this was the first incident happened in Bor town. In Malakal town as you can view the video post online and Mr. Machot went with his friend and they have witness what happened during the time when the rebels took controls of Malakal towns, the shops were loots, the Banks for others business were also loots, the whole towns mainly civilians houses were looting by the White Army in present of their leaders inside Malakal and finally, they burned downs all houses in Malakal and the University was also tear down and they books were burns and cuts up in to pieces making Students wondering what a human being we have in South Sudan and this was the second incidents in Malakal capital of Upper Nile State. In Unity State, it had happened twice when the rebels gains controls many business shops and Banks of others none Southern Sudanese were loots and burning downs. The truth must be tell, the rebels activities have been observed by UN Agency, AU business people and their finding results was stunning to see it was same answer that, the rebels of former vice president Dr. Riek Machar have no objection at all. I wouldn’t blamed the rebels leader because he has no controls on them and they were not taught to respect the foundation in the towns since most of them were formed within communities and each one is seeking to get rich for someone else therefore, it is very likely to blamed that destruction on the rebels side otherwise, there will be no true in the regions of Upper Nile.

    Secondly, it is true that, the government always have a upper hands than rebels or none government organizations. The Juba’s SPLA are getting strong ever even though there is an economic downturn yet, they will use her Local currency to defeated rebels movement and there is no question about, but as you did mention at the last thesis yes, there is no winning Militarily war although the Juba’s government seemingly to have a high morality on the ground thus, there will be no solution if no peace deal to be signs.The SPLA of Juba’s government are really respected the constitutional and their leader for example, all generals at Bilpam HQ were requesting from president to allow them retaking all counties from Lou Nuers including Fangak in recently conference by rebels leaders, but when the civilians learn that, the Pro Juba SPLA are coming to make attacked in their counties immediately, they send people secrete to meet with the president and all Sons of Lou Nuers telling the government not to bring destruction to our communities adding, we people of Lou Nuers have been faces so many problems in the past and we do not wanted war in our communities and the president say okay. Those generals who made requests were told to wait if the rebels attacked Pro Juba SPLA in that side then, we will acts accordingly to their attitudes so the government Troops are not actually too aggressively but the rebels does because they thinks, they will defeated government and take power which is not going to happen it takes 21 years to signed CPA with the Khartoum regime if anyone hoping in winning then, he is joking seriously.

    Finally, although many people have been always making some rhetorically about who should take blamed and who doesn’t take blame on the crisis in South Sudan. We can disagrees on others things such as short cut to power, rewarding tactical, one tribe getting 60% both Military and domestic jobs but we should be agrees to have peaceful coexistence one another than being disagreeable always on the power sharing. The second rebellion has open the chances of others smallest tribes to shares government equally, because they are now wondering why Nuers complains too much while, they were the one being giving a lot of positions from the Top command, chief of staff, Minister of Defense and the vice president and you list up Foreign Minister yet, there have been no appreciation to thanks president but we have seen the result of rebellion. You will see there will be more changes when there any formation of New government after three years later, all 64 tribes are going to gets shares equally both Military promotions, civilians Administrations and Human resources and everything will be shares accordingly to citizens rights and there will check and balance.


  8. kuby Thany
    May 4, 2015 at 9:55 pm

    Kiir and his Gangs have only one slim-way out of their own mess, to accept a good peace that will usher in to our nation total independence, rule of law, Federalism, Democracy and all-out-institutional-reforms, nothing more nothing less. and peace that will ensure that Kiir is out of office and is handed over to the Hague.
    South Sudanese and suffering and kiir and his cousin Malong are sole responsible for it all.


  9. kuby Teny
    May 4, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    south Sudan restoration requires that Gat-kueth-piny is deposed disgracefully


  10. May 5, 2015 at 5:01 am

    You nuer people are making noisy now and then because of Riek Machar who is fighting for his own interest and blind folding you to fighting for him Riek will never be a president in South Sudan.


  11. May 5, 2015 at 5:29 am

    Kiir never know the consequences of this war. Now they run here and there bagging poor countries like Uganda and Rwanda for help. Here in Juba Egyptian bean plat is 15 SSP. 600ml bottled Water is 2SSP. Only some specific individual who are benefiting from this economic collapse, guess who are they?


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