The Government of South Sudan Scorched Earth Policy in Guit and Koch Counties of Unity State!

Press Release

SPLM-Rep-USAMay 12, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — The SPLM Mission to USA condemns in the strongest terms possible the current unprovoked offensives launched by the government of South Sudan and its allied militia against the positions of the SPLM/A Resistance Movement forces in Unity State.

These particular attacks occurred in Koch and Guit counties(Unity state) in the past couple of days.

The government forces engaged in criminal activities such as raping of young girls, killing, and kidnapping of young boys from the age of ten possibly for forceful recruitment into the army.

The attacking government forces and their allied militia have also burned down entire villages in the countryside in both Guit and Koch counties and looted large numbers of livestock from the area after displacing its innocent unarmed inhabitants in a clear scorched earth policy campaign with an intent to drive the inhabitants far away from their ancestral lands.

These premeditated acts of aggression by the government forces and its allies on civilians villages in Unity state and elsewhere in South Sudan is a clear violation of the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement [CoH], signed on January 23rd 2014 between the warring parties in South Sudan, and it also constitute a violation of the international humanitarian law and laws governing the conduct of war.

With these unprovoked attacks on unarmed innocent civilians, it is clear that the government of South Sudan, led by the illegitimate President, Salva Kiir Mayardit, is unwilling to pursue a peaceful settlement to the crisis in the country, and instead it wishes to escalate the war with an intent to resolve disputes by forceful means.

The SPLM/A Resistance Movement is committed to a peaceful resolution to the war in the country. However, it reserves the right to fight back in self-defense if the government continues to attack its defensive positions, especially, attacks on innocent civilians and non-military targets as it is currently doing in Unity state.

Therefore, the SPLM Mission to USA calls on IGAD, AU and the UN as well as the Troika countries [US, UK and Norway] to exert pressure on the government of South Sudan to stop its militaristic advancements, which may consequently protract the conflict, and cause unnecessary destruction of property and loss of innocent lives in the country.

Signed by:
Hon. Reath Muoch Tang
SPLM Representative to USA

  18 comments for “The Government of South Sudan Scorched Earth Policy in Guit and Koch Counties of Unity State!

  1. May 12, 2015 at 8:43 pm

    Unity State has no government just a collected traders to career nonessential businesses toward innocence. I regretted to pronounced them as a government of the people yet they are very much involved in looting, rapper, raiding of cattle and rampant knapping of both teenager girls and boys.
    It’s not new to a cheaper caretaker governor’s family because he had just doctrine his father habitat who experience in soled Bul community to Gogrial when he was a paramount chief of Mayom county, but it maybe new to you once its firs time. However international community should involved in counted whoever does crimes towards civilian.


  2. May 12, 2015 at 8:55 pm

    Why complaining about combustion,while they started senseless conflict.They should joined the heat instead of barking in USA.


    • Abuchook
      May 13, 2015 at 1:51 am

      please remember that in Riek Machar rebellion it Is very easily to rebellion than to achieve and maintain the fight and objectives: at this time on Riek Machar rebellion can not be complaining it Is very early to complain about the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY HEAT WAVE ATTACK AGAINST THEIR POSITION.
      The SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY knows very well all the colors of Riek Machar rebellion: Riek Machar is more Tribalism inside him and more visionless and hopeless and can never win any war if he thinks only Nuer primitive white Army can always be his main forces. These primitive Nuer White Army always fight without main objective and goals in their mind only just to loot rape and destroy and then get defeated as always.
      Marked my point and words: Riek Machar will never never become the president of South Sudan no matter what him and his primitive Nuer White Army bring on the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY. THEY WILL BE DEFEAT AND DESTROY.


  3. May 12, 2015 at 9:25 pm

    Reath Muoch Tang

    First of all, I hate war to continues and also I do not like to see Southern Sudanese people are killing each while, their main enemies are waiting them later on. Second to that, maybe the rebels leader should come forward to explain why his rebels generals seem to have no control on them having say that, because the SPLA Pro Juba did not thoughts about going to attacked rebels in Guit county, Nhialdu Payam, Leer County and Koch county but it was the rebels themselves who came very close to UNMISS compound and laid seriously ambushed killing SPLA Pro Juba near Bentiu Town this is why the generals in the State have orders operations on the rebels because of this incident happened On April/2015, and the UNMISS had reported the killing took place near compound of UNMISS.

    Second to that, the Juba’s government are thinking like rebels too. If the rebels thoughts about attacking them then, they are very likely to do same thing on the rebels. The rebels generals are thinking, if they recapture State’s capital from government then, they are winning war but there is no winning in this war because whoever capture the town, the next morning other will recapture again and the lives is losing double this is why we must not supporting the continues of unnecessary war in the first place but peaceful yes.

    Finally, I’m also blaming IGAD,AU, EU and more others for prolong the process of bringing another round peace talk to see if the rebels leader Dr. Riek Machar and his entire leadership have change the cost of demanding too many things specifically, the separation of two armies is one of the hot point which Juba’s Officials have completely rejected and they will never accepted any word come out separate two armies. They believes the late general Paulino Matip Nhial had made his own personal agreement with the president Salva Kiir and he came with about 50,000 Militias and about 500 Ranks but the president works with him peaceful till he died natural caused. Also Gabriel Tanginya came with 3000 Militiamen and the process was success without any problems so I hope there will be peace deal but my question is why IGAD, AU, EU are delaying process?


  4. May 12, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    It was like that in 2014 but repuls back till Bentiu was capture. Loosing battle is not loosing war, in Malakal SPLA IO is only 10KM away from Malakal Town soon you will hear different story there. This war is Tom and Jery war because it is only one tribe fighting the whole east Africa but God of the land is with them (freedom fighters)


  5. Pawil
    May 12, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    I don’t think government forces are attacking innocent people, does who are claims they are innocent actually they are not because the rest of people over there they are supporting rebels so we can call them rebels too , the war has to continue until rebels finish.


  6. May 12, 2015 at 11:56 pm

    Pawil, Then it is tribal war! even Arab never kill civilian whom live under SPLA controlled areas by then instead of Juba regime who claim to be elected government and legitimate.


    • Lualdit
      May 13, 2015 at 2:36 am

      My message is to the opposition leadership for being too weak and allowing IGAD and the world to dictate their agenda. The nuer civilian are being subjected to suffering and humiliation while the leadership has no clear plan to win this war. They change agenda after agenda to appease international community instead to wage war of freedom. Expand this war to the enemy territory to give them something to worry about, Mobilizes for weapons and ammunition. Please don’t repeat 1991, this war must be fought with full heart not half hearted. Look, the leadership doesn’t even give words of assurance occasionally to the civilians and their supporters. The government is fully on offensive and you the international community, especially that dammed Tony Lanier is not condemning the atrocities in Unity state. Wakeup Naath leader.


  7. chuolkhan
    May 13, 2015 at 2:39 am

    Hello! for those who are laugh at freedom fighters because of burning down of their areas Koch, and Guit plus Leer county which they have been under their control is for you at the moment like you really did it please,please one day one time not faraway i will not tell you exactly when the line of fighters will be turn down like turning down of the earth wait you will hear some things no one will tell you to close your mouths is matter of time to repulse you back laugh at now some of you i know you will gears or annoyance tomorrow this attack is really the food lovers who done that meaning those who run after dollars who did so in order to reach those areas. For sure you will not staying for some week within those areas let me say


  8. GatNor
    May 13, 2015 at 5:10 am

    There are three factions of government in Malakal:

    Juba’s combined mercenaries(South Sudan’s sponsored terrorists)
    Kun Puoc’s gaurds,
    Johnson Olony’s militias(The Child Kidnapping Gangs)

    Dogs of the ethnic regime fighting over an already destroyed town of Malakal, a meatless bone.


  9. Hoiloom
    May 13, 2015 at 5:44 am


    Thanks brother for the warning. The leadership of SPLM-IO is the problem, Riek Machar in particular is not fighting this war fully being naive that the West will come to our rescue. Our civilians are being butchered and Machar has no interest to supply us with weapons. If it’s a question of mortgaging of our oil then be it. Kiir has sold that oil already therefore we all must act the same to protect ourselves. We cannot fight with AK-47s while the enemy is using the latest weapons, this is absolutely rubbish. If Riek is not able to resolve this issue then he needs to step aside and let someone else take over. Nuer is a not sacrifice lamb. Our children and the elderly cannot die helplessly as witnessed Unity State. May the Almighty God rest the souls of the innocents.



  10. Lualdit
    May 13, 2015 at 7:47 am

    Thanks brother Hoi loom for seeing the obvious. That oil should be auction out if he would fail to secure assistant. Weapons and ammunition are our biggest problem. You can’t fight as you said against tanks and Armour weaponry with Ak47. Every one on the ground is complaining about lack of ammunition. The will and the manpower to get the job done is there.


  11. Wad Abuk
    May 13, 2015 at 7:50 am

    Hoiloom as you put it clearly it is Nuer who is fighting with Government, history usually repeat it self, Some Nuers have shortsighted of analysis issues, 1991 upto 2000 Nuer fought prox-war, under many names (Friendly forces, South Sudan defenses forces etc ) with Claim that they are for liberation of South Sudan, from Khartoum givernment, somthing very funny because it’s the same Khartoum who was given them military logistic.
    They had given Khartoum government opportunity to explored our oil 1999, with deception postion that was given to Dr Riek.
    It was because some Nuer leaders thought by cooperation with Khartoum they will defeat SPLA gallant forces, who was fighting for genuine cause for people of South Sudan that has given a birth to our Nation.
    Nuer should learn from previous mistakes, from Anya Nya two and Khartoum agreement 1997, South Sudan Army SPLA can never be defeated by one tribe, what so ever the time, let us agitate for peace.


  12. Hoiloom
    May 13, 2015 at 9:39 am

    Wad Abuk

    No one is interested in the killings but when you see your love ones massacre as the case of Juba in December 2013, you will be forced to act. Kiir is the one who’s against peace and not the arm oppositions as you may allude.
    Nuer will fight this war until we gain our dignity, the humiliation we went through in Juba up to date is unforgettable. Your only luck is that Riek Machar does not seem to take this war seriously but we shall eventually prevail. This is not 1991, please do not fool yourself.



  13. Kammsi
    May 13, 2015 at 10:39 am

    You sound very angered and hateful towards Riek machar yet the govt is the one killing innocent civilians,raping girls,burning villages and forcing its own citizens from their have no love for your fellow countrymen just like your heartless president.what will u gain if riek is defeated like u wish?peace is what is needed not senseless war?


  14. Lualdit
    May 13, 2015 at 11:03 am

    Wad Abuk,
    Nuer are currently not fighting against government but rather a well arm dinka militias, sellout nuer, Uganda, Shilluk, equatorial and Nubian on attempt to humiliate and bring suffering to nuer civilians. Now they’re succeeding, but in the end, victory will be ours. Federalism will be installed and these current dinka thugs in the government will be history. The wheels are already set in motion, no return to dinkaism. Like self determination, federalism will be the end result of this conflict otherwise UN trustee.


  15. May 13, 2015 at 12:15 pm

    They shit on their in laps and say the government shit it over to them.Fight your tribal war which I know you may not achieve.


  16. Peace will come soon in South Sudan
    May 14, 2015 at 8:58 am

    Call for prayer and action:
    Let us all pray that this civil war will come into an end. Our people are finishing themselves, and they are also destroying their resources that God has given to them, they are burning their houses and killing their wives, children, and elderly people who did not things about this civil war. If an elected government is killing a five day old born baby, pregnant women and also killing a woman and cut her stomach and also kills the child, then there is not thing left that would bring truth again toward the existing government. We been fighting with Khartoum government for 21 years, and they never kill vulnerable people like what our government is doing toward his own people.
    We need to be awake and pay attention really to what the future of our new nation is leading us. Do we still have enough time to just watching and waiting that things will get better by themselves?
    We are all citizens of South Sudan and the future of our country is in our hands, in which we need to stand up and preach peace and reconciliation so that the next coming generation will appreciate our time. There is always time for everything, there is time of war like this time now in our country, and there is time for peace and reconciliation. Instead of promoting hatred and violent, we rather promote peace and forgiveness so that we all can test the sweetness of our new nation that we been waiting for so long.
    For those, who are outside of South Sudan, this is our time to advocate for peace and reconciliation and also raise the question of justice and accountability that our people in the country did not see; we must acts now and not wait for the wrong time where we will not do anything to bring an end the current situation in the country.
    I know that, we all put our truth and hope into the hands of IGAD, AU, European, China, US, those countries are there since the beginning of the civil war and they have their embassies in Juba, but never the less, they fail miserable and were blind by the oil of our new nation rather than carrying about the lives our South Sudanese citizens, they are now worried about how to get oil money, that means, our lives is not worse than the oil money from the eyes and the mind our world leaders. Many of them are on oil and not on the people of South Sudan.
    Look!! if they are really worried about the lives our vulnerable people, then they would have done something better that could bring this war into an end, but they are there for their personal gain.
    However, we need to think deeply brothers and sisters of South Sudan and let us lean on each other and also talk among ourselves of what we can do to solve our current crisis in our country.
    Unities, forgiveness, Reconciliation are really needed in South Sudan!!! Consider yourself as peace lover and advocacy for peace and forgiveness.

    Thank you


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