Staging Coups for Self-Re-election is a Baseless Assumption, a Response to a Kenyan Political Analyst!

By Simon Yel Yel, Juba,

Juba, South Sudan,



May 20, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — On 14th May 2015, the Kenyan political scientist turned to be political provocateur, Mutahi Ngunyi, tweeted a very otiose and frivolous aphorism full of intellectual bias and dishonesty.
The content of the tweet is: ”Nkrunziza staged a coup against HIMSELF. The idea was to avoid Elections. Use the Coup to RE-ELECT himself. This is what Salva Kiir did!!”

This pitiful apophthegm full of intellectual knavery caught the attention of many media houses and left people in wonder about how Mutahi sees things.

I will remind Mutahi of the quote he had borrowed from Talmud, an ancient Jewish religious scripture, “We do not see things as they are; we see them as we are”. He used it as a gist in his hypothesis of Tyranny of Numbers and also in his article posted on many Kenyans blogs on 10th Sept. 2008 “Mutahi Ngunyi: Who is the revolutionary,Moi, Kibaki or Raila”?

He accepted that this is what we always do with our leaders and there is a need to change such perception. He went ahead to paraphrased it “We do not judge them (leaders) as they are; we judge them as we are!”. He argued that we should judge our leaders as they are not how we are. Now the questions is, what happened to this sir? Why did you refuse to see things as they are instead of seeing them as you are?

I will also remind you of the story you narrated in the same article about Italian guy who worked for a clinic in Yugoslavia in the early 80s. Every morning, he would cross the border to Yugoslavia by bicycle and be subjected to a thorough search. The authorities at the border believed that he was smuggling stuff into the country.

They would, therefore, undress him and disassemble his bicycle hoping to find something. For years, the routine continued without success. After the liberation of Slovenia from Yugoslavia, one of the border guards saw the man in a cafe and introduced himself.

He said to him: “… I used to check you every morning at the border. We were convinced that you were smuggling something, yet we found nothing when we searched you. So, what exactly were you smuggling?”
The man replied: “The bicycles I rode, of course!” Because they were conditioned to think in a certain way, the border guards missed the point. And this is exactly what we have done with our leaders. We do not judge them as they are; we judge them as we are!

Now the question is, what is the difference between you and the border guard who asked the Italian man? Because you are conditioned to think in a certain way that is why you missed the point to understand that what happened in South Sudan and in Burundi were coups. Please sir try to see things are they.

You have revealed how gullible you are. How a charlatan political scientist, who could predict the elections outcome correctly could display his intellectual prejudice and amentia to the entire world by saying that the President Sava Kiir of South Sudan and Nkrunziza of Burundi have staged coups against themselves and the idea is to avoid elections. Please sir, better stick to elections predictions and leave coups alone, your first trial to analyse coups shows that you are incapable and it is better to call it a quit.

To assume ceteris paribus happened in South Sudan with Burundi is a mental acedia analysis. I can say your skewed analysis and hypothetical way of looking at realities is dead and should be buried and leave its soul to rest in peace. Anyway you have spoken sir!

It portrays the privy view of your friend Uhuru Kenyatta on coup in south Sudan and that is why he didn’t condemn the coup and went ahead to give a tribal rebel leader Riek Machar a red carpet reception in the state house in Nairobi.

What are you smoking Sir if I may ask? Do you want to produce coup hypothesis in South Sudan and Burundi? You need first to mind your political business in Kenya, finish with Raila before venturing into South Sudan.

Did Uhuru Kenyatta indict himself in Hague to win the 2013 presidential election in Kenya? or Did Daniel Arop Moi staged a coup against himself in 1982 when the soldiers loyal to Odinga and his son Riala captured the main radio station “voice of Kenya” and announced that they had overthrown the government?

You are dancing the tune of the rebels and their masters (West) which lacks justifications. Go and ask Kibaki to tell you what the coup is in Kikuyu because if you failed to understand it in English.

Mutahi wants to redefine the coups narratives in Africa and the main ideas behind coups to convince us that all the failed coups were staged by the incumbents against themselves and the rationale is to re-elect themselves. It is a perverted theory and next to impossible to buy the brain of sane people that the incumbent can stage coup against himself to avoid elections.

How do you call the successful coups like in Mali in 2012 and in Madagascar in 2009? Did President Amadou Toumani Touré of Mali de-elect, elect, select or re-elect himself for Captain Amadou Sanogo to take over the presidency?

Or did President Marc Ravalomanana of Madagascar in 2009 de-elect, elect, select or re-elect himself for Andry Rajoelina to take over the presidency? Is it de-election, re-election, selection or election?

If it were a test to define and explain what happened in south Sudan and Burundi, I swear, you would have scored a D. No wonder you once accepted in your tweet that you were always a D student, number 38 out of 39 and now it is being confirmed right by your post for failing to know what happened in South Sudan and in Burundi was a coup.

Your Facebook page bears your name as” Muthai Ngunyi -Wiseman” but I wonder how wise are you when your posts lack intelligence. See another word and use and leave WISE alone because what you think and post are not what the real Wise-man think.

Your column was withdrawn from the leading newspapers in Kenya because your writings don’t meet the set minimum threshold for any cerebral thought. Am afraid if I report this to the twitter management team, your account will be automatically shutdown because what you claimed to be political aphorisms also don’t meet the set standard of epigrams of any political scientist all over the world.

The coup leader in Burundi Major General Godefroid Niyombarerundi would have got it “A” because he knows what a coup is and that is why he accepted that what he did was a coup. Your friend Riek Machar would also be the one following you, number 39 out of 39 with F; and he can still get F though he sits for the open book supplementary exams or retake. He is a dull engineer like you, the quack political scientist suffering from non compos mentis.

You chose a wrong career sir, this field needs a clever person not a dull one like you. You pretend to be a political scientist but sir, your examination of these two specimens (coup in south Sudan and in Burundi) in your political laboratory is erroneous and it indisposes you as a political scientist. If it is parallax error sir, then try to remove your glasses and see clearly what the readings are, whether they read, coups, elections, de-elections, selection; or re-elections. If you were in a deep dream slumber when tweeting this, then wake up and wash your face so that you see the reality of the world and get to know what happened in South and in Burundi was a coup; and if it is analyzing disorder to differentiate elections, re-elections, selections, and coups, then your career as a political scientist should be buried and leave its soul to rest in peace because you can’t be a political scientist who can only predicts elections outcome and fails to know the differences between the coups and re-elections.

Inclusion, if there are no more elections now in Kenya to predict who the winner is , be it by-elections, associations’ elections and traditional chiefs’ elections, then better see what job else can you do. I guess you don’t have the word called COUP in your dictionary otherwise you won’t have not failed to give the correct name to what happened in south Sudan and in Burundi. You mind is conditioned to elections and re-elections. You missed the point sir! Let your mendacious and dubious aphorisms have borders.

The writer is a south Sudanese concerned citizen and can be reached at or 0955246235


  1 comment for “Staging Coups for Self-Re-election is a Baseless Assumption, a Response to a Kenyan Political Analyst!

  1. May 20, 2015 at 11:17 pm

    How can you stage a coup? No leader wants to lead a chaotic nation. At least one should lead a peaceful nation when possible. Coup cannot be staged. There is no smoke without fire. May be response to coups could be exaggerated by killing many people which is wrong in itself. But to say that coups can be staged is only an analysis by someone who has no experience running state affairs. How could you burn a house with you in it?


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