The World is Watching Genocides Committed by the Government of South Sudan in Unity State!

“The work of every government is to ensure the safety, the protection and the well fare of its citizens” Anonymous

“A government which doesn’t take care about its own citizens cannot be glorified” Anonymous

By Daniel Kai Tudel,


A policeman walks past the smouldering remains of a market in Rubkona near Bentiu in South Sudan on Monday. (Michael Onyiego/Associated Press)

A policeman walks past the smouldering remains of a market in Rubkona near Bentiu in South Sudan on Monday. (Michael Onyiego/Associated Press)

May 23, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to the United Nations reports, published recently describing atrocities committed by the government of South Sudan in Unity State, the reports said, on 27 April 2015 the government forces together with their allied militia led by Puljang Top, including JEM, launched offensives against the opposition forces in Mayom, Nhialdiu, and Guit Counties.

The same report said that the government pushed opposition forces led by the former Vice President Riek Machar Teny toward southern areas in Koch and Leer. After the government captured Nhialdiu and Guit counties, the soldier started to burn down almost all the villages and displaced the civilians who were living there. The report also said that the government troops started to rape women, young girls and boys, and kidnapped boys between 10 and 12 years.

They continue their genocidal atrocities, targeting and killing everyone Nuer who is not supporting the regime in Juba. As a result of this targeting from the government forces, thousands of civilians were displaced from their homes and left everything they own behind and fled for their lives toward the southern areas namely, Leer and Koch.

Some of the civilians managed to flee to the UN base camp in Rubkona, and Bentiu for protection. The report stated that the number of civilians who were displaced from their homes in Unity State is over 100 000 people. All these people left behind everything they own and ran for their lives and are in desperate need of humanitarian assistance.

Apart from raping women, girls, abductions of young children and killing of innocent civilians in those counties, the government troops looted the properties, raided herd of hundreds of cattle from Leek and Jikang Nuer. Once the government forces knew that they destroyed and razed villages in Nhial Diew and Guit counties, they took another step and moved to Koch County where they committed others atrocities and displaced thousands of civilians from their homes.

According to reliable sources from the eyewitness, in Koch government soldiers made a dirty tricks and pretended that as they are not targeting the civilians: they summoned the great number of people and said ”we are government and do not kill civilians”. However, when the people came to them they started shooting them and killed them without reason.

In Koch, the government forces burned down many villages to ashes and the destruction is enormous of both houses and properties! From Koch the government forces moved further to Leer County which was also burned down to ashes in January 2014 by the same dinka government.

The dinka government forces are currently in Leer, doing whatever they like according to their tribal interests and revenges. These are pure dinka revenging against their enemies the Nuer at the expense of leveling themselves as “the government of South Sudan”. The International Community knows at this time that South Sudan does not have a government but just one tribe trying very hard to blindful the world and illiterate minorities group that a government exists. Where on earth does government troops rape teenage girls and boys? Where on earth does government troops raid cattle and kill elderly and innocent civilians?

Many eye witnesses have independently confessed that soldiers have razed down major parts of Leer, and many villages around it were also burn down by government forces loyal to Dinka President Kirr. The eye witnesses said that some of government soldiers are stationed in Ghaf and Tai swamp areas looking after the cattle and the civilians who fled for their own lives to hide in swamps areas.

Someone told me in his hiding place by phone saying, the government forces are in Ghaf as we speak and gathered a large number of cows which they will later take with them to Bul community and Warrap states. Currently, there is no one at home in Leer County or Adok as a whole because every family there is displaced and went hiding in the bush or swamps areas.

“As you all know, there is no good place for hiding in Leer County, this is a big problem for us here” a eye witness confess in his hiding place.

“There is no doubt that many civilians are going to die of this barbaric, reckless and inhuman action from Salva Kirr tribal forces” said the witness.

The eye witness emphases that the government forces are currently stationed in Ghaf where they keep the civilians hostage in the swamps areas there they are exposed to mosquito and many dangerous snakes in revenge to 1991 tribal conflict.

They cannot come out of swamp areas because they fear Salva kiir forces that they will be killed. As a result of this ravage war the civilians which were displaced in Leer have no access to humanitarian assistance at all because all the NGOS which work in Leer have already been evacuated and there is no aid organization remaining there.

The situation is extremely worse for the children and elderly people because these are the vulnerable groups which are affected severely by this massive displacement in Unity State. Many children and elderly people are going to die of hunger.

The MSF and the International Red Cross which work in Leer have also evacuated their staffs due to the insecurity in the area. It is therefore difficult for all displaced persons to get lifesaving medicine and food for their survival.

The situation in Unity state is beyond description because many families along with their young ones are suffering too desperately from tribal and clanish revenge. Unity state becomes a war zonem, which makes life difficult for the people of Unity state. The children never go to school like many other children in Lakes States and the Greater Equatoria. The people in Unity state cannot go on doing their daily activities normally because a tribal government force is hunting civilians and destroying their property instead of fighting the armed opposition without involving the civilians.

Based on this report, we appeal to the Speaker of South Sudan parliament Hon. Magok Rundial, the Caretaker of Unity state Josef Nguen Monytuil, Comrade Douth Diew, Comrade Taker Riak Dong and Comrade Wal Yai Gatkuoth and many others in military such as Maj Gen. PulJang Top and the Maj Gen. Baping Monytuil to think critically of what they are defending. You can’t defend someone who will rape your sisters and mother tomorrow. The genocide being carried out by incited Dinka and Bul youth in Unity  State in pretense of “protecting constitution” will affect any Nuer nationality very soon no matter what side they support today. You must think beyond “money” and political hatred. You cannot kill Riek Machar or Taban Deng by killing innocent children and elderly villages who have no blood line with Riek and Taban. This line of pretense reasoning is disgusting and illusive and must be abandon. You can’t help enemy of your tribe cleanse your people and continue to tap their backs. This is dangerous.

You know very well you were all born in Bentiu and you are the native of Nuer origin, your fathers, and mothers are all from Bentiu community in which you are turning your back and now mistreating as if it is not your community.

We belief, without the support of this community in which the government you are serving is now committing genocides in, you would never have been assigned to the positions you are now serving. You are holding those position because there has been a Bentiu community behind you guys.

The civilians which are being massacred by your forces have no involvement in the war and therefore should not be intimidated and humiliated in such brutal manners by a weak enemy that uses you and foreign troops to commit such massacres. The civilians your forces are targeting are not participating in this war, they are not soldiers, and they are just ordinary farmers who depend on cultivation of land and it is unlawful to order your forces to kill, burn down their houses, raping women and girls.

As you also know, this time is a rainy season when the people are coming together and busy preparing their farms for harvest because this cultivation of land is what our people relied on as the only sources of their incomes. But now the soldiers under your command displaced them from their homes and they all fled to the bush for their lives. You must advice all your soldiers to halt such kind of barbaric and demeaning tortures, which do not take into consideration any innocence. Let the soldiers refrain and halt all kind of degrading treatment against civilians. Let them leave the families alone in their homes in peace without touching their properties. Your forces must fight other forces but not children and women.

In every country in this world, soldiers are oriented to protect the civilians against external invasion and not to turn their guns against their own people; their main duty is to protect the country and its people from outside attack. To me, it is unlawful for a government, if legitimate as you claim, to kill and raze the houses of innocent civilians in vain.

You do not know that the families your forces are mistreating are the future of South Sudan and therefore should be treated well with respect and the human dignity. With this background, the government of Salva Kiir will never be proud that it provided a protection for it civilians in Unity states or in Upper Nile as a whole. How does a government claims that it is the one protecting the civilians against violence when its soldiers is their source of fear, violence and intimidation, the ones who commit all atrocities and the grave Human rights abuses against them in Juba, Unity states, Upper Nile, Bor and Rumbek? How are you supporting such a tribal government which kills and displaces your mothers, fathers, siblings, in-laws and relatives?

Your action disappointed us all your friends and relatives. Remember that such kind of violent is illegal and cannot be tolerated or supported by anyone in the modern era we are living in. The world is watching. Also, remember  that you can’t force people to accept and love you by terrorizing and submitting them to violence. Instead they will fight back until you re defeated.

The civilians have ultimatum right to decide who they want to be their leaders to represent their interests no matter what may. They will never accept you as their leaders if you continue mistreating brutally along tribal lines.

If the people forgive you, the history of this country will never forget the atrocities committed by the government soldiers under your command or leadership.

May the Almighty God bless the people of South Sudan!!

I am one of you, Daniel Kaitudel Teny a concern South Sudanese citizen living in Sweden. You can reach me at

  25 comments for “The World is Watching Genocides Committed by the Government of South Sudan in Unity State!

  1. Riek Koang
    May 23, 2015 at 5:43 am

    Please condem fool Riek and kill him if you are to be in total peace in your areas, Government is pursuing rebels and not civilians, these are just fabricated news so that International community will be against Government which will never happen, what did rebels did in Bor, Akobo, Malakal and Bentiu? worse than what you are talking now, Government please go ahead in liberating all areas under tribal rebellion of fool riek.


    • May 23, 2015 at 9:25 am



    • May 23, 2015 at 10:05 pm

      thank you so so much Riak will ran for his life will never get peace for all


      • May 24, 2015 at 11:27 am

        What do you mean by that feace time of year again for your is not bad at all s.sudan Amy cording to the top right hand side of things that are not an easy to find out more about this feace I was just waiting for feace


    • May 24, 2015 at 2:53 am

      Remember, you killed members of bul nuer when riek took over bentiu. You also raped their women, burned and loot their properties. So it is more less a payback time for bul nuer. You also need to sever your ties with riek. He is the one destroying nuer not government. We equally don’t like kiir, but there are peaceful ways of getting rid of kiir.


      • Dantut
        May 25, 2015 at 6:41 am

        Simon, Riek Machar had never killed memebers of Bul Nuer in Unity State. It was Spla-leadership under John Garang that ordered Riek Machar to kill those who left the Movement and became Bergate as it call in Arabic. At that time the deceased Maliny Kaway was among those who were Bergate and joined the Khartoum Government, that is why he was killed. But let us forget these things because they are gone cases. Let the Bentiu community be united and live togather in peace between themselves without killing or fighting with one another.


  2. ater
    May 23, 2015 at 5:52 am

    The world is watching the genocide being committed in S.Sudan,by one ethnic tribe staging a coup against an elected govt and the govt is protecting its legitimacy.Nuer are the liberation era defectors who bear insatiable appetite for unconstitutional power usurping ever since,lead by the evil Riek in particular thereby setting innocent Nuer ethnic against their own govt,hence this current crisis rocking the nation,very disastrous.


    • May 23, 2015 at 7:00 am

      How are you doing there is anything but a few days ago by the end of this this fighting for you to know what you want to talk about how to make sure that the company is not bad at all s.sudan Amy


      • May 23, 2015 at 9:36 am

        Yeah I think it would have been the most important part of my friends and family members and their children to the next couple weeks ago by and say that I can see the full story of my country and how much of the best way for you to know what to expect from the same thing as the best way to get the most important thing is to have to go back to the right place to live in the world of the best of luck with your own home and garden and the rest of your life and the kids to bed at night and day out of my Amy and I will not be able to make sure that you can get the job done in time to do with my Amy and the other day and age of your choice of words and phrases and the same. She. This will help us out with the best of all of the most popular and I am going out to you by phone or email me back and enjoy your stay in touch with the best way to go back and enjoy think


    • Deng II
      May 23, 2015 at 7:17 am

      Daniel Kai Tudel
      The one God we witness, doesn’t show he or she do revenged directed, instead of doing it indirectness.The blood and soul of Ruweng Dinka you Nuer an exterminated in all your Unity State areas such as Nhial Diew will not stop crying on the air. The souls Nuer destroyed while they had no an ideas what is going on between Garang and Machar, now turned the table.
      I think Nuer is lucky because there are so many UN organization on the ground and advocating for lives, unlike when Nuer an exterminated Ruweng Dinka and no body information the world about that genocides, excepted Bor because John Garang was well known to the world, which means if his own people had been killed, it could be heard by all means.
      The same Riek who let that butchering happened, did it again this
      time. The blood of innocence people will not let Riek repeat three time, so he had to be in an exile.


      • Deng II
        May 23, 2015 at 7:19 am

        “The blood and soul of Ruweng Dinka you Nuer an exterminated in all your Unity State areas such as Nhial Diew in 1991 will not stop crying on the air”.


        • May 25, 2015 at 12:42 pm

          Hello Deng II:

          you are laughing because you think we Nuer have been defeated. My friend. we know this before even your father Salva Kiir killed us. This war is planned because Dinka said we have to killed because we Dinka have to rule this country forever. If you are lying that dinka dislike Riek Machar. you are liar us usual. Dinka ideology is to finish Nuer, so that nobody can correct your bullying. Those nuer who fight longside Dinka don’t know what they are doing? they are “blood suckers as usual and Makuey Lueth” said! Owner them to killed their brothers and sisters and help Dinka to kill their fellow country men. Nobody will tell them. they will face it. I know what make you excited because hiring food lover is the advantage of those stupid like Puljaan Top and Nguen Manytuel. Riek Machar does not kill bul community during the struggling it was John Garang who lead the movement. when Riek Join the movement doesn’t know what is going on in the movement until he sees it himself. Let us not pain the picture that is not true. the same thing that has done by salva kiir. he brought in Uganda, and others forigner. my question to is: how long the foreigners will stay in southern sudan? Riek Machar Love the peace too much, that is why you see Nuer are suffering on his hands because he doesn’t sell our country to foriegners. he didn’t go to various country to bring gun to his fellow country men. Salva kiir and his Dinka elders are selling this country to foreigners because Dinkas Don’t care about the Nation at all. Go ahead with our brothers Miltia Puljang, Nguen Manytuel because they are Blood suckers in nature. it is new to us in Bentiu Community. They never think wisely. they all think about foods and that it:


  3. Abuchook
    May 23, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Another objectives of the SPLA MAINSTREAM JUBA ARMY is to Take the modern war fare to Riek Machar Ebola villages and areas so that all his natives can feel the reality of modern war fare…it is very too early please do not crying???


    • GatNor
      May 23, 2015 at 12:26 pm


      You sound like you are the only person in this world that knows the cowardly modern warfare tactics. Everyone knows the so called modern warfare and that is what have been bring down the ferries, the helicopter gunships of your combined forces. Mordern warfare happened in Juba during December of door to door massacre but unfortunately none of those victims were armed or your modern warfare would need another suitable name. weapons of mass destructions with minimal casualties on your side is what modern warfare is. No man to man combat. that’s perfectly fine. bring the weapons of mass destruction and they will be capture and use against you ten times over. Cowards don’t think of the long terms affects and consequences. SO STUPID!


  4. May 23, 2015 at 9:27 am

    Those Militia Nuer Wew will face the heat soon!!! but my problem is that they will denounce Kiir KuethPiny after they made more atrocities like Johnson Olony. Nuer always say Ci wand cie can.


    • May 24, 2015 at 10:59 am

      Yeah is your true bro thank you for your comment about how to do with it and the other side of things that are available in all of your choice but myself i think that is not bad at all s.sudan rebel but it was not able to make a difference between nuer and Dinka I will be able to get the job done in time for me to do with the help of the best way for you to know what I can see that you are looking likely that you can see the full story of a sudden, and I have been the case of an individual or entity named above and may not know what to expect from the list of things to consider when you get the best of luck with that


  5. May 23, 2015 at 11:27 am

    Riek koang and Ater your childish hatret will not satisfy you, never.
    Bloods of innoncent nuer population will not slake your thirsty, never.
    Killing of children, elders, women, and disables nuer people will not secuire your people, but insecuirity to them.
    Your hatret to Dr. Riek Machar will not be cure by bloods of innocent nuer.
    So have you every heard that goverment would kill her citizen to be loved?
    Would you thing that your tribe government will live longer after she killed her citizens?
    So pls think about your future not your interest.
    Think about values of life not huge money.
    Nuer will not give up to fight your tribe government till they defeat it.
    Nuer will never leaver their land for you,unless you finished them.
    Nuer will continue to fight south sudan, uganda, china, egypt yet you will cry for help.
    We all know that dinkas wouldn’t permite to confront to nuer but some one else for them, bcause they know nuer historically.
    And I’m Sure, human nature will jugde your tribe government soon.
    Don’t be blind and stupid not to know what may happen 2moro.
    Mark my words, nuer will be your father not longer but now.


    • Riek Koang
      May 23, 2015 at 9:36 pm

      What about the Masscre carried out by Fool Riek’s illiterate white army in Bor, Akobo, Malakal and Bentiu? you only based your arguement on tribal line because you are master of tribalism in South Sudan like you murderer Fool riek, why only talking onesided? let’s all say people die in South sudan and the killers are both Riek and Salva if the truth is to be told, but now the problem here is Most Nuer are against Salva and they think Riek will be the best to rule this country, please think of different Person and NOT Riek because Salva may not allow coup plotters to hijack the presidency and if fool Riek believe would change the Government by military means, am sorry.

      Riek will not at any cost be a substitute to Salva Kiir, may be Lam Akol, Pagan Amum, Bakasoro, Wani Igga, Malong, Kuol Manyang, Isaac Mamur, current care taker Givernor of Unity state, Rizik Zacharia and Clement Wani Konga and NOT Fool Riek.

      Whenever terrorist are on the upperhand, all Nuer looters started celebrating but when things change the other way round they started crying Government is killing people why? don’t know war is very dangerious when you blindly started it by your self, test the fruits then of what you showed.


  6. Bull nuer/dinka nuer
    May 23, 2015 at 11:39 am

    respect riek people because nothing he did to nobody just talked and talked with out proving what u said,this jackass called him self riek koang a fool is u can u call someone with phd a fool? yet u don’t own a that,i’m from bul and i don’t like what is being conducted in unity by this blind man pujang,there is no goverment in south sudan the right ones are rebel,u can keep on abusing riek man of people and the next president u will not reach where he is!kir suck and gov’t must suck!


  7. May 23, 2015 at 12:53 pm

    Oil everywhere in Dinka land,but not for Dinka, it is a National income.People of South Sudan have to accept 24 hour service in order to survive. I think all of them have to put that in their mind,otherwise Many of them will remain behind bars if that what they think.


    • May 24, 2015 at 11:18 am

      What you are talking about wich land of Dinka there have oil unity state is not Dinka land is our land hey my people


      • May 25, 2015 at 1:45 am

        You are stupid,you will never gain anything gallon if that is in your little mind. Find a job or Defect boy.


  8. May 23, 2015 at 1:23 pm

    There is nothing without end in this world
    The sufferings of innocent civilians is being heard and the culprit of this inhuman acts will face the consequences,


  9. Monica Paul
    May 24, 2015 at 4:36 am

    Past is the killing of civillians in S.Sudan. Upon my view of how thing are going,the worst might come.As the future oriented of S.ssudan,think positively and save the country. Stand up guys and let things happen as you want them to be.


  10. May 25, 2015 at 11:10 am

    hey my dear friends from nuer why are you so proud of riek’s phd huh is it the reason to as you even involved the militia from luo nuer? would you betray your own country for riek interest no no dear fellows wake up before your community population decline


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