By: Gatgong Koang Thany,

President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni share ajoke with the Vice President Hon.. Sekandi (right) the Rt.Hon. Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi (centre) as the chairperson NRM caucus Bahati looks on at the opening of the NRM caucus retreat at the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.12-01-1213.

President Yoweri Museveni and his wife Mrs. Janet Museveni share ajoke with the Vice President Hon.. Sekandi (right) the Rt.Hon. Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi (centre) as the chairperson NRM caucus Bahati looks on at the opening of the NRM caucus retreat at the National Leadership Institute Kyankwanzi.12-01-1213.

May 25, 2015 (Nyamilepedia)—The republic of Uganda our Country’s Neighbor to the South East and one of SPLM/A’s long-time friend and supporter especially Dr. Garang’s Faction, a bleeding Nation herself infested with notorious rebellion , Uganda is among the many African Nations suffocating from a tight-grip of a wild dictator.

It’s notably however one the few African states that stood strongly and openly with the SPLM/A-Torit faction, besides provisions of arms, training and strategic Military assistance, strategic regional and International Diplomatic links and accessibility which was desperately needed to sell-out the Moment’s grievances and objectives to the Continent and the World at large, Uganda also provided the rebellion and her population a safe haven and a home,
Under Mr.Yuweri Kaguta Museveni, Uganda utilized its alliance with the SPLA not only to dismantle the bloody rebellion toward her northern territories (the Lord Resistant Army/L.R.A, but also in collaboration with the then Southern Guerrilla Moment to squander wealth in the vast Equotoria region under the rebel control then, millions worth of wealth stolen in the regions by the allies included but not limited to; Gold, rhino-horns, Elephants tasks, leopards skins among other valuable wealth, in the process the duo-destroyed the region’s ecosystem brutally especially the destruction of the wild life most of which were wiped out through poaching or migrated toward Congo and other safer places.

Given the long strategic relationship between the Southern Sudanese and their Ugandans brothers, both sides simply and commonly referred to each other as either brother or comrade, sadly that beautiful friendship and highly held trust was tainted when Mr.Kaguta, collaborated with unknown evil forces and on 21-06-2005, assassinated his long-time friend, and the Leader of the South Sudanese Struggle Dr. John Garang De Mabior, who brutally died in an Helicopter crash, the World cover-up his visible hands and instead lured Garang’s incompetent and unfortunate Deputy with his Seat, that was the beginning of the conspiracy to hijack the South Sudanese Independence which was foreseeable and place the young-Nation to be under wild-invisible forces under the custodianship of none other the Museveni Himself.

Moreover the President of Uganda is not new to crimes, he is believed to be behind every crying child’s woes through the Eastern and even parts of central Africa, he is believed to be the sole culprit behind the destruction and most conflicts some of which are still raging on throughout the horn of Africa and beyond, in all these Countries namely;

The Rwandan Genocide, Museveni is named by all reports and all accounts, the Congo which he fueled and utilized to annex the Mineral rich province of Congo on the Ugandan-Congo border, the Burundian turmoil, the Sudanese Crisis of Darfur which he personally ran and Managed, the Kenyan Post-election violent of 2007-2008 where he was accused of Collaborating with the incumbent to rigged the democratic process and later crossed the border with his ill-mannered forces to shoot at un armed innocent protesters in Nyanza Province, the Stronghold of Kenyan Opposition Leader, Raila Amolo Odinga, resulting in to high number of death, and lastly our current devastating anarchy which he planned and executed under the direct watch of the Whole-world, based on this enumerated facts its only logical to admit that under its current leader, Uganda is indeed a curse to the Region and the Continent as a whole.

Coming back to the relationship between the Jinubiin and the banana republic, as generous as they are, South Sudanese despite Garang Assassination by Museveni, forgave Ugandans and continued their brotherly links with them, as evidenced by the abnormal influx of Ugandans in to South Sudanese Cities immediately after the inking of the C.P.A, but to figure-up the scales and vitality of this relationship, it is important to revisit the state-of-affairs in Uganda prior to the attainment of self-autonomy in South Sudan.

Until the signing of the Comprehensive peace agreement, between the Southern Rebel and Omer Al-Bashir’s Ingaz Government, Uganda was one of the poorest Nations on Earth, with a decimal Growth Domestic Product/GDP, depending greatly on Foreign Loans and hand-outs from well-wishers to feed its huge and hungry population, the Nation was insignificant and unknown in the World affairs, especially in positive and progressive fronts, it was however infamous for her former notorious dictator Idi Amin Dada, its staggering HIV-AIDS Prevalent and its horrific, highly exaggerated, unclassified and incorrectly reported L.R.A activities.

However with the ink on the papers for Sudanese peace , and the enthusiastic implementation process that follows, Uganda acquired the injection it requires to rejuvenate and accelerate both its economy, social and Political life, money never lie, and that is so true in UG’s Case, taking full-advantage of the naivety of the young-Autonomous region/later young State, coupled with extravagance-corrupt-consumption, the compensatory approach toward Uganda and other brotherly Nations and the absent of trade regulations, the results was miraculous pragmatic economic leap for Uganda, the onetime zero economy suddenly boomed and flourish, arousing jealousies from other neighbors who rightly felt locked out of the abundant wealth from the new land which Uganda Singly dominated and controlled, basically Uganda earned Hundreds of Millions if not billions of Foreign exchange from her-one-traffic trade with South Sudan, its export to South Sudan is the largest compared to any other Country in the Continent ranging from 60-70% , from food items, techno-wares, cheap-labor-force despite the fact that more than 85% of the Country’s Population is Jobless, automobiles (including the corruptly acquired V8s,HUMMERS & other luxurious Fuel-guzzlers),liquors, 2rd-hands clothes , Prostitutions and others. With such a huge stake, the Crane Nation have the greatest interest in South Sudan and stood to gain even more from a democratic, Prosperous South Sudan.

Unfortunately, under the misguidance of her rotten-headed-Leader, Uganda decided to set-fire on the source of the very food she feed-fat-on, in other word the Banana Republic ‘sit on the plate’ containing her food hence spoiling the meal, quite the probable Nuer ‘dog-satisfaction Proverb’ e ni Riang Jiokni te wangke Kuakien, by conspiring and supporting destruction and war in South Sudan, Uganda had indeed bitten the hand that feed it and lifted her out from the deep-well-of-poverty it had suffered from for decades, supposedly Kampala, as a brother and given her huge stake in the Country, should have lead from the fronts in finding a just-means for peaceful resolutions to the brotherly crisis brewing from the SPLM-internal differences by offering herself as an impartial mediator, unfortunately , Museveni took side and the wrong side for that matter, by siding with the perpetrators of genocide, Mr. Kaguta, exposed himself and confirm our long-held suspicion that he was indeed the sole mastermind of the whole thing in South Sudan and those that befall other nations before us,

Dressed in Banana-colored- tie, and his old-fashioned-hat, visibly under influence of whisky, likely bought with our oil money, Museveni hijacked South Sudanese internal feud and declared his allegiance with one side to the conflict before the conflict could even take shape, thus in a televised statement, he promised to arrest the ‘’so called’’ coup plotters, until today the world waiting for him to deliver on that uncalculated outburst, month later, sensing eminent defeat on the March toward Juba he resorted to use of banned weapons to halt a steady advancing freedom fighters, so at Gamiza, they dropped cluster-bombs, chlorine-gases and other lethal weapons, since then Ugandan and dinka’s Gelweng Militias have fought side by side, aided by JEMS & SPLM-North Militias plus the so called Nuer-weuw-Militias, who had since abandoned their course, these ill-allies are responsible for some of the worst atrocities and crimes against humanity committed so far throughout the War, as the war rages on with untold brutalities and suffering the citizens especially those of Greater Uppernile Region, Museveni presented himself as the only obstacle to attainment of peace, optimizing and utilizing the earnings from the Mercenary-pays he received from Juba, he hopes and pray for nothing besides escalation of the war which according to miss-guided assumption would mean sustained incomes to fill empty stomachs back in Uganda.

In conclusion, time is the never a-failing-and-the-greatest- healer of all time, therefore it does not matter how painful and how long this cancerous-illness killing our Nation today may take, time shall eventually triumph, besides the belated disaffection by all quarters with the Juba Regime, namely the Dollar revolution, eminent economic Collapse, wakening International Community that’s finally and lately seeing and accepting that Juba regime is a murderous monster that deserves nothing but quick-disbandment and prosecution at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for its heinous Crimes against Humanity coupled with unfolding local circumstances , like the shift in some allegiances, notably the recent welcome defection of Gen. Johnson Olony, might be the beginning of a critical change in the dimension of War all together, the people of Uppernile whose region is ravaged the most by this conflict might decide to say enough is enough and unite to drive the enemy out of their territories, that would also mean the closure of the only functional oil Facility in the Country , the Paloch Oil Field that would be the last nail needed to sail the Coffin of the Son of Kuethpiny Lual’s Government , also worth noting is the brewing mass uprising throughout the greater Equotoria Region, like the People of greater uppernile and other disadvantaged parts of Country they are saying enough is enough, they could no longer remain silent while their leaders and intellectuals and being continuously selectively targeted and assassinated, in fact the last week defection and eventual Munduri Capture is just a teaser, with Paloch padlocked, soon there shall be no oil Money hence no pay to Museveni, JEM and other Mercenaries, when that happen , I don’t need to tell you what shall follow because that is an obvious guess.

With new, conscious authority in place, a federated state in which people decides their fate, who to be friend with, who to welcome home and who not to , Ugandan having destroyed the UpperNile Mercilessly shall with no doubts be the persona-non-gran ta in that region which is fortunately the Country’s lifeline.

Once the tyranny in Juba is ousted which is likely to happen sooner or later, our long-time friend, Uganda stand to lose greatly and in a long-term, the next government will see Uganda as the enemy it actually is, any diplomatic and commercial relationship shall be freeze or killed all together, the border might be closed at once and once important busy-routes emptied and diverted to other directions , remnants of Ugandans that shall remained within the Country after Salva Kiir’s fall shall be treated as spy for the enemy and shall be smoked out.

Only then will Museveni realize what a stupid blunder he did for his country, and all Ugandans shall all wake-up to the sad realization that they indeed did bombed and blown-up their life time Opportunity.

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  1. May 25, 2015 at 1:44 pm

    There will bee no changes in southern sudan .If Kiir is there ? One IDE Amin is better then Mr Kiir of southern sudan .He can not wright his name ,he wasnot agood spider in Bush there .Theten years isoke for him and nothing he left in southern sudan only greve god will deld with him HeisAthifeof southern sudan

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    • May 25, 2015 at 9:09 pm

      Adam Dudu:

      President Kiir can read, understand and write English language much better than you.Please check your spelling and grammar before you expose your ignorance and stupidity on the social media. By the way, our Country is not Southern Sudan. It is South Sudan. Please live Kiir alone and try to liberate yourself from mental slavery.


    • Okolo T.
      May 25, 2015 at 11:23 pm

      I want to comment on the article written by Mr. Gatgong. True as it may be that Museveni has made mistakes is respect of the South Sudanese issues, we should not be fed on lies about the Ugandan nation and its statistics.
      1. It is not true that before the CPA was signed, Uganda was one of the poorest countries in the World. The writer should provide statistical evidence to prove that. Assuming it is true that Uganda was very poor then, what statistical proof is there that the ‘riches’ that Uganda purportedly has now were got from South Sudan?
      Gatgong mentions about a country that had a ‘hungry’ population. This is very wrong. Even when Uganda was under civil wars in the 1970’s and 1980’s we were never in famine. Uganda for your information is the bread basket of East Africa. There are facts to prove that. We are still feeding South Sudanese, Kenyans, etc.
      2. Museveni sided with ‘evil forces to kill Garang’. Who are these evil forces? For every murder, there is a motive. What was the motive of these ‘evil’ forces. How would Museveni benefit in the murder? Gatgong needs to inform readers with facts not to just avail rumours.
      3. “There is an abnormal influx of Ugandans in South Sudanese cities’ Is it only Ugandans that are flocking South Sudan? Has Gatgong ever cared to know how many millions of South Sudanese are in Uganda? In fact these ones even own full streets and townships. We in fact are learning to speak South Sudanese languages.
      I could go on and on. But I wanted to let readers know that if Bashir, Mahdi, or Tourabi is wrong, it does not mean that all Sudanese Arabs are bad and wrong too. If Machar is wrong, all Nuers are not wrong. If Kiir is ‘stupid’ as this website always insinuates, it does not mean that all Dinkas are stupid.
      Therefore if Museveni made mistakes, it does not mean that all Ugandans are bad. Gatgong and other South Sudanese who think like him MUST stop otherwise they will FORCE we Ugandans to also think like them. When you have a glass house, you MUST never throw stones otherwise you may have all glasses broken.
      Just because Museveni has stopped Machar from accessing power in Juba, it doesn’t mean all Ugandans are thieves and murderers. After all Machar himself is not a SAINT.


      • Eastern
        May 26, 2015 at 1:27 am

        Dear Okolo,

        Thanks for the measured response to Gatgong’s emotive and careless missive.

        Gatgong should know the difference between ordinary Ugandan citizens and President Museveni. Not every single Ugandan is a beneficiary of Museveni’s government just like not every dinka benefits from Kiir’s government in Juba.

        In the second last paragraph of his emotive article, the writer expressed his xenophobia against Ugandans. He goes on to say that the boarder between the two countries will be closed (he forgot that this will greatly affect South Sudan not Uganda). Any Ugandan remaining then in South Sudan will be hunted (the South African way). Is Gatgong leaving on an island somewhere in space?

        Who needs who most, if this question must be asked? Uganda or South Sudan?

        Once again, Okolo thank you so much for your response.


        • Okolo T.
          May 26, 2015 at 9:05 am

          Dear Eastern,
          You are very welcome. I happened to live in Khartoum as the time of the war between North and South. Ugandans, Kenyans and Ethiopians were treated with suspicion. My closest friends were South Sudanese. At that time, I didn’t even care to know who was Nuer, Shilluk or Dinka. These were my brothers. But because of greed for superiority and power, Gatgong has baptised all that don’t think like him as enemies.
          We shall pray for him to think differently.


  2. May 25, 2015 at 8:19 pm

    Good summarry brother, SPLA/M found itself in 1983 by Hijacking Anyanya 2 which was the will and demand of all south Sudanese. This Hijacking result in killing of Samuel Gai Tut who was the key Separatist. Second SPLA/M also Hijacked reform in 2013 which also was the will and demand of all South Sudanese. John Garang failed this country for Hijacking Independent will and demand of all South Sudanese through help of Ethiopian dictator Mangisto and Salva Kiir also Failed this country for hijacking reforms through help of dictator M7. Shame on Dinka who alway depend on selling sovereignty of South Sudan!!!!

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    • May 26, 2015 at 2:59 am

      Thank you, Brother Gatgong,
      These are facts about criminal Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
      President Museveni of Uganda is 100% evil in the entire Africa continent.


  3. Francis Kenyi
    May 26, 2015 at 2:46 am

    Dear Gatgong,
    I dont know to which of journalism you went to but you are so myopic that you hardly understand dimensions of regional politics or international relations you are filled with poision,hatred and xenophobia,like the writers have said you need to provide emperical evidence regarding the development of uganda as anation,M7 may have his own flaws like any other leader but is he worse than Bashir,who has enslaved Darfurians,Nuba Mountain people,he has committed genocide at the worst levels,50 years they enslaved South Sudanese have you have forgotten or you have become a jallaba .Uganda is a regional power,look at Somalia,who set foot first in there after americans failed,Somalis have started enjoying fruits of peace even if Alshabab is still there,the Burundi Peace process was mediated directly by involvement of M7,the problems of South Sudan we cannot entirely blame Uganda its our leaders who will take the blame,its our leaders who have been looting this country since independence,we all know that uganda is directly involved in this conflict they have concerns like any country and am sure they can end this war,we all know how,even if Reik is backed by Bashir,covertly which is happening they can never win the war so is Salva Kiir,the conflict is regional its between Sudan and Uganda……… Gatgong stop being emotional we all know Reik has leadership capabilities but his uncontrollable thirst for power has destroyed and reduced our country to ashes,citizens have become refugees in their own country………….so next time have facts on hand dont write on hearsay or gossip you get from tea places


  4. Gatgong Koang Thany
    May 27, 2015 at 1:23 am

    First and foremost I want to salute you all,especially those who got time to read through this and pass their judgement, ………your criticism are compliments are much welcomed, the purpose of an opinion is always to initiate dialogues.
    but to answer some of you, especially those Uganda-South Sudanese who are seemingly embittered by this expose and condemnation of Uganda’s evil-hands in Africa, firstly I don’t need to attach statistical evident to prove some of the facts listed above,those who live in Africa and follows African issues keenly are aware of all this, its therefore I am seriously surprised to realize that there are still few like Okolo. Francis, and Eastern who are far behind in important African-Political, Economic Scenarios, whatever the case I recommend for you guys to google for some of this information, they will be good for you, true there are thousands of South Sudanese in Uganda today who are displaced by none other than Uganda herself, what do you expect when you support a mad regime that’s effecting genocide ? people have to run for their lives, the cluster bombs and chlorine gases you are dropping in Joglei and Uppernile are displacing people from their areas in to neighboring countries including Uganda for safety,as for those who were there before this conflict began, that was like tourism and their benefits of their stay is huge to Uganda as Nation (do I need to even elaborate on that ? ),
    As for Xenophobia and Hatred, well the words don’t even exist in my personal dictionary, however I don’t think they will be an excuse for Ugandan to escape their unwarranted destructive involvement in South Sudan’s affairs especially as long as M7 remain in Charge, but unlike some people I know, the next govt shall be democratic hence respect human life and dignity, hence Uganda shall not be killed,but they shall surely be lock out of this Nation through procedural, legal processes.
    I am not living in an island if that is what meant, also note that I am well-vast with the Eastern Africa’s Political Affairs as you could see from the things I mentioned, also note that I worked for the Government of South Sudan both at Central and State level , I therefore have more knowledge of the things I am talking about here, not hearsay as you put it, I know you are burned by the truth in this article, I have also noted that there are things you didn’t bothered to query meaning you are in agreement with me to certain extend, I have also observed throughout your comments that you are indeed rebels too since you accept that Juba Government is no good for our nation.
    Finally I insist , that once the deadly regime in Juba is ended which is happening soon, the things I mentioned, including border closure are likely , whatever we will loose we will get from other neutral and Civilized nation which will not conspire to destroy our Nation. we have Khartuom whose cultures and social set-up resemble ours, Ethiopia, Kenya, etc ….so don’t worry about losing Uganda, we have many suitors seeking our hand !!


    • Eastern
      May 27, 2015 at 11:08 pm


      You really have that slave mentality. This is what my dinka friends have been saying of nuers.

      Which cultures and social set-ups do South Sudanese in Equatoria, for instance, share with Jalaba? Are you talking about the wearing of White jalabia (tunics) the Arabs imposed on Nuer and dinka when they first shauntered in their villages eons ago and discovered that you people were moving naked?

      For your information, Gatgong, you have a very large number of Nuer people in East Africa and in Uganda in particular. Your reckless utterances will predispose them to harm. Be careful!

      Where ever you are writing from, know in your mind that the only Nuer locality with access to basic necessities of life is only Akobo town thanks to its proximity to Tiergol of Ethiopia just across Pibor river; you can get supplies from Ethiopia to Akobo market. Places like Lankein, Fangak, Walgak, Pieri, etc are basically starving. Yuai is almost deserted because of the recent attemp to invade it by SPLA-Juba.

      SPLM-IO knows it approach of dealing with Museveni. The last time I checked out was when they were courting the Kampala establishment. They even established a kind of office in that city. Don’t jeopardise their attempt at establishing a working relationship with that country. Again, no rebel organisation works in isolation if they intend to succeed! You require logistics, support of the populace, suitable terrain, etc.

      Stop being myopic and xenophobic or you will fail in almost all of your endeavours.


    • Francis Kenyi
      May 28, 2015 at 2:25 am

      You are avery short sighted am sure you are a student studying history in class,i dont blame you for your own assertions,am not suprised either that Reik has gone back to Khartoum for all the Military Assistance,you can call us whatever your want,South Sudan is not for Nuer or Dinka its for all tribes irrespective of their Location,we could as well as doubt you because i have stayed and worked in Greater Upper Nile for many years so style up.SPLM/IO will never win the War,your a very shallow understanding of the dynamics of regional and international politics of the Great Lakes Region,this war is bigger its revival of the Cold war with USA ,Troika on one side and China,Russia on one side,if you can understand what am talking about then you will understand whether you will win this war,let us stop blaming M7 we have destroyed our own country ourselves,since the 2005 our leaders have been looting coffers of South Sudan,building houses abroad,all those fellows claiming to be fighting liberation war are thieves who have plundered our country to bankruptcy just because they have been denied access to the Cake,they started Grumbling like young children………………. my brother stop leaving in dream land we all claim that its better to deal with Khartoum am sure you are even in Khartoum licking the Asses of Jallaba,worshipping them,we all know u fellows,its not suprising history is repeating itself,i want to asure you that SPLM/IO will never set foot in Juba Militarily if its through a Comprehensive Peace Agreement yes,am In Malakal as a write….


  5. John Jal Kuach
    May 27, 2015 at 2:26 am

    God is great, we need peace in Africa Continent, those who set death of Africa’s children “, time for every things as human being u can cheat but GOD know THE true. GOD will HEAT WOUND of dictatorship. which democratic have more than three teams in office.


  6. Hoiloom
    May 27, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Great article ya Gatgong, M7 has destroyed South Sudan by supporting this semi literate general-Kiir by dropping cluster bombs and chlorine gas on our people.

    Easter and Okelo, yes Uganda was much poorer before CPA was signed, you can look up your own statistics from Central Bank of Uganda (Bank of Uganda) if you will. When I lived in Juba before the current crises I could travel to Kampala as a tourist and spend money there, now tell me how many Ugandan tourists visit Juba to spend money? Instead you see thousands of Uganda economic immigrants who floods South Sudan in search of jobs and a better living for their families back home, which is of course normal. Our children study and live in Uganda and we must pay fees that’s an economic contribution to Ugandans’ GDP. I can go on but opt to stop here.
    Ugandans will definitely face scrutiny in South Sudan if SPLM-IO win this war.


    • Eastern
      May 27, 2015 at 10:49 pm


      I quote ” Ugandans will definitely face scrutiny in South Sudan if SPLM-IO wins this war”.

      Hoiloom, SPLM-IO is not wining this war! There cannot be a winner to this current war. This war could become protracted with disasterous consequences to South Sudanese.

      It’s true that Uganda gained financially when peace returned to South Sudan but that was thanks to the nature of South Sudanese: lazy consumers. Uganda continues to export simple vegetables like tomatoes to the interior of the country as far as Rumbek because South Sudanese are lazy and think tomatoes only grow in Uganda. South Sudanese have failed to set up good schools because they think they have the money to send their kids to Uganda for education. South Sudanese continue to import truckloads of livestock on daily bases because they think theirs are not for sale but for show-off. South Sudanese think it is the Ugandans who can do the dirty jobs in the country because they are poor! All these lazy and reckless nature of South Sudanese created capital flight to the neighbouring countries.

      Hoiloom, come to your senses and think!


    • Francis Kenyi
      May 28, 2015 at 2:37 am

      What ever you called we would have been better than Uganda if our leaders had done good from 2005 but what have their done including educated Reik Machar he has a PHD he was in government looting billions of dollars of Oil Money when our people weere suffering with no hospitals,schools for children,no roads,we could not even grow tomatoes,onions and Ugandans were busy exporting onions for us……..they took opportunities we refused to take,because we want good jobs,doing work in the hotel is against the culture we all wanted to work in GOSS,they give you a job in NGO you want to work 2 times a week and want to be paid fully salary the truth is we at to blame as South Sudanese majority of our people are very lazy,they want good life and not work for it,they want short cuts………… unless we stop being lazy Foreigners will continue carrying all our money to their countries………..get a hoe and go to garden grown tomatoes,onions,cabbage and make the country self reliant.


      • Eastern
        May 28, 2015 at 4:58 am

        Dear Kenyi,

        It’s useless to advise people of Gatgong’s calibre whose views are shaped by the surrounding of their villages.

        I rest my case.


  7. Hoiloom
    May 28, 2015 at 9:21 am


    Let us be sincere when discussing our national issues. I agree that there are many things are people can do but foreigners take advantage of our ignorant. I don’t think name calling will solve our problems either. What angers most of us is the fact that Uganda has take side in this war period. We don’t have any issue with other neighboring countries because they stay neutral.

    Kenyi, Your advise is well taken. I’ve spent five years working and living in Juba and I am aware of our people’s attitude towards work. Most want good life but don’t want to work hard for it. I would conclude it has something to do also with the long struggle against Arabs. During the war most people depended on relief agencies for food and therefore became lazy to cultivate. Growing up in early 1980s to mid 1980s in Nasir our people used to be self sufficient and produced their own food, however on my return to Nasir in 2009 since I left in 1988 as ten years old I was surely disappointed particularly with young people who like to hang out in town whole day doing nothing.

    This needs to be corrected but needs encouragement from community leaders and so forth. I understand the struggle against Khartoum has its side effect on our people. Concerning Riek Machar as a leader, it’s up to South Sudanese to elect him when time comes and not a Nuer issue alone. Some Nuers don’t even like him and are free to do so..He was in the system for 8 good years and did nothing to stop corruption as you eloquently pit it.



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